Jul 31

Your Stars August 2015


In their orbits around the Sun, planets do not go backwards – they merely appear to do so to we Earth dwellers.. The apparent backslide of all the planets – other than the ‘Luminaries” of Sun and Moon – tortured astronomers for centuries, even after Copernicus came to the conclusion (as had others before him – Aristarchus around 350 BC for example) that the Sun was at the centre of the cosmos, not Earth. Now we know ‘retrograde planets’ are an illusion, though no less real to our eyes on planet Earth.

August sees the retrograde of Venus, backsliding through the portion of the sky allotted to Leo. The cycle of Venus as the planet changes from Evening to Morning star has always fascinated and sometimes worried stargazers (the Mayans, especially, didn’t care for its retrograde phase), not least because the points at which Venus apparently stops every 20 months form a perfect five pointed star in the cosmos, as the illustration here shows. You can find exactly the same pattern in some flowers and in the cross-cut of an apple – a sweet example of the astrological maxim, As Above So Below.

The clues that a retrograde of Venus, ‘the relationship planet’, offers individuals are explored in the forecasts below. So are the clues offered by Uranus/Prometheus, ‘The Awakener’, turning retrograde (from July 26) in the skies of Aries. The most commonly known (and most frequent) planetary retrograde is that of Mercury, whose third flip of 2015 is coming up on September 18th, a reminder that even in the depths of summer, best get a move on.


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