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Your Stars November 2015


ScorpioThis is the first birthday since 2011 without Saturn’s stern gaze present in your horoscope, making the Sun’s return to Scorpio skies this year a time of deep renewal, when you can parcel up the trials and successes of the last three years, take their lessons to heart, and consign them to history. Just now you are a phoenix being born from the flames (the legendary creature being one symbol for your noble sign).

Your horoscope is certainly lighter, speedier and more obliging than in recent months. Messenger Mercury zips through your skies until the 20th, making the new Moon of November 11 an important seed moment, perfect for launching any initiative, personal or professional (it also makes for a bonanza year if that’s your birthday). A trio of planets in your zone of co-travellers meanwhile accentuates all enterprises undertaken as a team, and the support you get from people who are friends but not necessarily intimates. The first two weeks of November look like networking frenzy.

Asteroids lurking in your fellow water sign Pisces, along with the mysterious giant planet Neptune, give more personal associations a glamorous gloss tinged with downright deception. Scorpio’s are perspicacious characters, but passion can get the better of them; as well as excitement, you may want to look for a healing touch from your liaisons, which look decidedly hot between November 20th and the 25th.

The money thing? It needs time and a proper plan.


It is, as they remark on radio sports commentaries, a transitional period of play, the transition in your case being to the more self-determined state defined by a Saturn transit. Major decisions already loom, chiefly (but by no means solely) those revolving around getting a job/gaining promotion/leaving a job. However, November grants you space to adjust to the increased demands that the winter will bring to your professional life.

With your ruling celestial body, Jupiter, high up in your solar chart for another nine months, the pressure that opportunity brings is already on you (as opposed to the pressure of no-chance-whatsoever). Put on a good show for your public, no matter how meagre you think your audience (you may get a pleasant surprise). The sociable minor planets of Venus and Mars remain on your side when prising openings from your peer group and network of chums and fellow travellers. Your more off-beat acquaintances may have a special role around the full Moon of the 25th (pretty off-beat given that you are no lazy conformist yourself).

November’s lunations present you with contrasting but interesting agendas. The new Moon of November 11 is in the most reclusive zone of your ‘scope, the place you gather strength when out of the world’s eye. By the time of the full Moon of November 25, however, you are in Saturn’s steely grip, meaning you take full responsibility for your decisions, some of which will surely be heavyweight. You have Saturn’s iron determination, however, and Mercury at hand to put your orders/demands/protests into quick action. Be swift of word. Work aside, the surprisingly fluid nature of your domestic arrangements also comes up for re-examination in the closing phase of the month.

Whether you have time and energy left over to pursue romantic liaisons is doubtful, but with Venus in her favoured sign, and in a favoured place in your ‘scope, the chance of a loaded look across a crowded room is in the air, notably at the 22nd. Your incoming mood in your birthday month, however, is likely to set high standards for anyone interested in yourself.


Contrary to some descriptions of your sign as the province of power crazy CEOs, Capricorns are not uninterested in spiritual pursuits. It’s just that part of Capricorn is always firmly anchored in the tangible, material world.

Your current challenge is to honour both spirit and success (not always a natural fit). Your undisputed ruler, Saturn, is now marching through your solar twelfth house of mystery, karma, seclusion and secrets, a position that gains traction at the full Moon of November 25 when the Sun conjoins the ringed planet. You can expect the run-in to your birthday season to be permeated with such subjects and make space to pursue them. Saturn square to Neptune – an odd, ongoing theme – re-enforces the need to understand intuitively – something you might like to pursue in a meditation class for example.

On the other side of the equation remains the need for public praise and social achievement. Here, too, your current horoscope is strong. Around the new Moon of the 11th first Venus and then mars crests your solar ‘scope, asking you to make skilled public presentations on your behalf and, as mars gets in its martial stride, to take on any who dare to doubt your authority. It doesn’t have to end up in confrontation – November’s Scorpio energy favours networking and co-operating to mutual advantage – a charm offensive after the new Moon of the 11th makes perfect sense. Still, watch out trouble-makers until Christmas!

The twin demands of soul/career don’t drive out relationship issues, but finding time for the intimate, touchy-feely stuff isn’t greatly on your horoscope’s agenda. Playful associations that don’t, ultimately, deliver are notable by their absence. Meaningful, even compulsive relations are a more likely scenario, and one that grows stronger as Christmas draws nearer. The weekend of November 28 is a good time to explore them.


Money, sex and power are not in the usual script for members of your sign, but just now it looks hard to escape them. The Sun and a new Moon at the roof of your ‘scope – signalling a relaunch of your professional life – comes round every year of course, but that of November 11 is a mere prelude to what follows across the winter and way past your birthday. Without getting ahead of ourselves, let’s say that this could be the start of something big, and start getting used to giving rather than receiving orders.

Your ruling planet, Saturn, has been in this commanding position in your ‘scope for the last couple of years, but Saturn here represents bosses rather than being your own boss. The taskmaster planet has moved on and its position over the next coupe of years promises a more accommodating relationship with fellow workers and the organisation/team for which you work or to which you belong. There is strength in numbers, as the full moon of November 25 should make clear.

The most pressing planetary activity as November opens is, however, concerned with sex and money. With Venus, Mars and Jupiter all in clinch, hopefully so are you, if not with a long-term partner then exploring a wild summertime fling (any Leos in sight?). The ‘relationship’ duo of Venus and Mars move on mid-month but Jupiter remains to keep your fire lit…and to stoke your bank account perhaps. Not that the two things, sex and money, are necessarily linked in your instance, though they might be. And it may not actually be your money that’s involved, but that of a partner or a business partner. With foggy Neptune in the mix, you have to have your sensors tuned for anything shonky.

In their new position in your fellow air sign of Libra, Venus and Mars continue to work on your behalf, especially if you are involved with publishing, law, education or anything that involves the humanitarian streak that runs strongly through many Aquarians (there is also the chilly scientific type – and all points between!). The run-in to Christmas is, therefore, a good time to campaign, teach and, if you are the arty type, create.


The month of Scorpio, being a fellow water sign, is broadly obliging for Pisceans, a time when you can/should seek out people with whom you can co-operate, folks who help your imaginative schemes to become reality. Still, as October’s forecast suggested, your one-on-one friendships and partnerships are a mixed bag just now, with a lot of pull-and-push involved, an ongoing scenario in November.

Tough, purposeful womenfolk seem to be a major part of the equation (according to a swarm of asteroids), and if you can forge the right alliances, are helpful to your cause. The new Moon of the 11th brings positive developments here. For some of you, too, notably birthdays circa March 7, the current opposition between your Jupiter ruler and the planetoid Chiron intensifies any healing processes, whether it be of old wounds that are still sore or fresh ones.

Also ongoing is the emphasis on your finances, and if you haven’t sorted them out over the last couple of months, here come Venus and Mars to tweak your tail into action.

As November and December proceed, however, Saturn’s is the force with which you must reckon. The ringed planet sits atop your solar ‘scope, making your long-term career path an issue that cannot be ducked, whether that involve finding a job or accepting more responsibility in the one you have. It is, in short, a time to accomplish great things, albeit by degrees. Saturn obliges you to have a realistic plan and to stick with it, and will test fanciful notions to the point of destruction over the next six months in particular.


Emotionally, the latter half of 2015 may have been something of an epic. Protracted planetary action in the romance zone of your ‘scope certainly implies a degree of heart-searching about one or more relationships, and an on-off quality to them. In November your partnerships come under examination once more, perhaps in a more confrontational way, as Venus and Mars move into opposition from the 8th and 13th respectively.

Venus is much the easier bundle of energies to handle, at best signifying allure and attraction, whether from a new arrival or an established partner. Since Venus is also the planet of diplomacy, you can also bury the hatchet with someone with whom you are on the outs. Mars – the Ram’s totem planet – is a trickier proposition. Lusty encounters come under this transit, but so do rivalries, self-willed people imposing their version of events on you, red-faced rages and all points between come under this transit, asking for a cool head from you and a willingness to take on board someone else’s point of view. Don’t be making enemies unnecessarily.

It may be that November brings a return to issues that were in play (flaring up?) back in March this year, when the same aspects were in place in reverse form. In any case, change of sign by the enigmatic lunar nodes on the 12th, when they complete an 18 month stay across your partnership axis, promises a fresher, less ’stuck’ quality in your dealings with significant others.

Such issues should be clearer by the full Moon of the 25th, when the Sun is in your fellow fire sign of Sagittarius and conjoining Saturn. This Moon and the following month are supportive to the Ram’s cause, impinging less on your personal life than on your ambitions with money, property and career, especially if the last involves education, travel or the digital realm. Your career looks to be re-awakening across autumn, with, inevitably, increased pressure. Start as you mean to continue.


Scorpio being your opposite sign, the presence of the mighty Sun there each autumn can catch you cold – or rather nursing a cold. The energy levels of the Bull are generally consistent (sure and steady does it), but need careful management in November, especially the welfare of your throat/voice, which tradition reckons a weak point in the Bull’s constitution.

Heaven knows you will be doing enough talking. Mercury’s swift three weeks in opposition favours full (if not necessarily frank) discussions with business partners and beloved beaux and belles. The new Moon of the 11th is a time to refresh your outreach. Like last month, matters of the heart are strongly starred, with your totem planet Venus handily placed for romantic excursions in the first week of the month. Jupiter, meanwhile is fine-tuning your passions this autumn, whether they apply to individuals, your creativity or your children, should you have any (it’s a good time to make one!). Even if you don’t, the younger generation remains something of a feature in your present worldview.

All of this chimes with Saturn no longer being in opposition – this is the first birthday since 2011 without the ringed planet’s weight on your shoulders. You are a more agile creature as a result – opportunity rather than necessity governs your ‘scope. Of course, Saturn never goes away completely, and the taskmaster planet’s new position emphasises just how adroit you will have to be when managing your financial affairs. Taurus is often cited as the sign of economics as if that alone might make you wealthy. The full Moon of the 25th, which conjoins Saturn, may bring home a different way of working out what you are worth, and who owes who for their input, not least during the last couple years. Anything resembling an income flow from old work or a regular outgoing payment comes under Saturn’s scrutiny across this winter; get to the paperwork and edit yourself richer.


Duality is at the heart of your sign; being Twins allows you to be in two places at the same time, hold contrary opinions, and multi-task like no other member of the zodiac (Pisces aside). Such abilities will be useful this autumn as you face agendas that veer between the stern and the sublime.

The stern comes chiefly from Saturn, now in long-term opposition and bringing with it tough decisions regarding issues like employment, promotion and property. No to mention committing to/splitting from romantic partners. Take the case of UK chancellor George Osborne (b. 23.5. 71), who is steering his controversial cuts to tax credits through parliament, and who has Saturn opposite his Gemini Sun as he does so. Osborne is being Saturnian in his determination to have his way, and whether he is right or wrong (an ethical, not an astrological question) this is a defining, karmic moment of his political career.

Many Geminis can expect a similarly significant point of reckoning over the next six months, perhaps as soon as the end of November, when the Sun and your Mercury ruler both meet Saturn at the full Moon of the 25th. Said Moon is, of course, in Gemini, so expect to be put on the spot in one way or another, and avoid show-downs with significant others (partners, ex’s etc) until Luna is on the wane.

Push is coming to shove in a less confrontational way elsewhere in your ‘scope. As previously outlined, Jupiter’s new position at the root of your solar chart places emphasis on clan and home, your duties to family (and the delight it brings) and your suddenly overwhelming need to make an extravagant purchase to enhance Gemini Towers (Jupiter is fond of bigger and better).

Home and hearth may supply part of your ‘sublime’ agenda, but more obvious is the mid-month shift of Venus and Mars into the zone of parties and romance, promising rich pickings from the singles bar and the social whirl. The days around the full Moon have an especially charged atmosphere. Pleasure and leisure come easily in November, as does creative inspiration if you are the arty type. It’s a matter of hitting the right balance. The Sun in Scorpio and the new Moon of the 11th are largely tangential, but are a reminder that little is achieved without maintaining yourself in healthy, fighting fit form.


The season of Scorpio, a fellow water sign, smiles broadly on Cancerians, while in solar astrology the waters of Scorpio represent the expression of your talents and creativity and how you seek out pleasure. Romance and children also figure prominently. Your astrologer mentions this not only because November sees a new moon on Scorpio, as it does every year), but because the planetary activity in said sign continues (with some breaks) right through to your birthday in 2016, an unusual state of affairs.

It follows that the new Moon in Scorpio on the 11th is a real seed moment in your emotional and creative life, one deserving of special attention even if it seems that nothing much is happening. In short, affairs begun and projects undertaken in November look to have a long term role. However you express yourself, make a determined start now; paintbox and toolbox to the ready.

There is much planetary activity elsewhere of course. Venus, Mars and Jupiter combine to put some zip into your local and social world in the first phase of the month. If you are in buying/selling/trade, here’s a good time to cut a deal. Venus and Mars move on mid month to highlight a favourite subject – your home – when you can decorate, beautify and purge old possessions to your heart’s content.

The business end of the month comes at the 21st, when the Sun moves into Sagittarius to join Saturn at the potent full Moon of the 25th. Moon activity is always strong for Cancerians, Luna being your ruling celestial body, and this full Moon draws attention to mundane events; work, your health regime – as well as to buried secrets (yours or other people’s). The still fat Moon reaches Cancer’s skies on the weekend of the 28th, a couple of days to push out the boat or float around at the spa – whatever works for you, but make it your choice, not anyone else’s.


Unlike their real, wildlife counterparts, the astrological Lion likes a settled home, something that the last couple of years should have delivered you, albeit with no small effort on your part. November allows you to consolidate your domestic arrangements – or to finally find the right spot – with the new Moon of the 11th obliging in this regard. Money helps, of course, and the current trio of planets in your cash zone promises your money flow can be profuse – it’s holding onto the stuff that is a perennial Leo issue.

Of that planetary trio, Jupiter remains onside to provide resources (or change your outlook on them), while Venus and Mars move on during November to enhance your social life and bring siblings (should you have any) and casual acquaintances into helpful orbit. A social life doesn’t look like your issue of the month. Just where your heart lies on a more enduring basis may be.

In this regard, Saturn in Sagittarius – where the ringed planet remains for the next two years – is a mixed blessing. Saturn is about methodical, material work in part, so its position here smiles on efforts to build up your infrastructure, to make good with your career and those in charge of, or prominent in, your professional life. The latter half of November and, indeed, the entire winter, is ideal for throwing your energies into work, self-expression and creativity, the point being that you must do so in an organised manner. This period is not about inspirational bolts from the blue and then flying by the seat of your pants. You need a plan.

On a personal level Saturn may feel like it’s laying a heavy hand on affairs of the heart, asking you to be ‘grown up’ about relationships (whereas Leo is the perennial child). Better to look on it as fine-tuning your heart strings, and to remember that there is no urgency about the process – Saturn transits take time. The full Moon of the 25th finds Saturn joined by your Sun ruler with an accompanying full Moon – an event that should bring into focus both your romantic outlook and your professional standing.


Stay on the front foot. Keep your intentions sharply focused and – contrary to Virgo’s self-effacing tendencies – big yourself up. You might think such advice is common sense for any month, but the ongoing sweep of Jupiter through the Maiden’s patch of the heavens makes self-confidence and even extravagance the order of the season. Step up and collect your prize (there’s one with your name on somewhere round here).

Adding further sweetness until the 8th to proceedings is Venus, with November 5 and 6 gilded by the waning Moon in your skies; a show-off couple of days. November will doubtless not be cocktails and evening dress for all Virgos, but such is your horoscope’s theme. Issues that may need a more gritty approach include property deals and work promotion, notably for August birthdays and those born in 1986; here, your knack for graft and detail work much in your favour. For all Virgos, the full Moon of November 25, when your Mercury ruler, reaches Saturn, is a crunch point for Saturnian issues – a moment to pump effort into your infrastructure and keep the grey forces of officialdom at bay; complete all paperwork with all ‘i’s dotted and ‘ts’ crossed.

Romance – or at least, relations with significant others – may also be a distraction from public glory. The assorted asteroids swirling in your partnership zone offer few clear-cut messages – more likely is a muddle of demands being pushed onto your shoulders, a scenario also described by Neptune in the same zone. It’s a promising month to have your head turned by someone special, but also to be led, as the saying goes, up the garden path. Even wily old you? Oh yes.


When your totem planet Venus is in your skies – as she is from November 9 -December 4 –Libran delights come easy; affable company, shopping for the just-so frock, playing the mildly outrageous party animal, or initiating charm offensives worthy of a UN diplomat. It’s your world and the rest of the zodiac lives in it.

More complicated is the advent of warrior Mars into Libran skies from November 12- January 3. With nous, you can use this transit to ginger up your love life, get pushy with the object of your fancy and work like a fury on your career, sport, past time or home – Mars is about red-blooded energy. The flip-side of Mars is to bring out your flip-side; the confrontational, competitive streak that is yin to Librans’s peace-loving yang. Have a care, especially when wielding the tools of Mars’ trade; blades, hammers, flames and such like.

As your astrologer has pointed out before, partnerships, romantic or otherwise, are complicated by the opposition of Prometheus, a planet keen on independence, radical solutions to tired (or absent) romances and generally shaking things up. The weekend of November 22, when Venus and Prometheus clash, looks a peak moment for ructions and/or close encounters, while the full Moon of the 25th is a moment to keep your counsel rather than hand out the advice that often gets you in trouble.

Planets elsewhere in your ‘scope are in accommodating mood. The new Moon of November 11 smiles on financial initiatives, the full Moon of November 25 on educational matters (including career developments) and long distance hauls. Add in a renewed interest in your health regime, and you look all set. Enjoy yourself.

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