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Your Stars August ’15

leoIn their orbits around the Sun, planets do not go backwards – they merely appear to do so to we Earth dwellers. The apparent backslide of all the planets – other than the ‘Luminaries” of Sun and Moon – tortured astronomers for centuries, even after Copernicus came to the conclusion (as had others before him – Aristarchus around 350 BC for example) that the Sun was at the centre of the cosmos, not Earth. Now we know ‘retrograde planets’ are an illusion, though no less real to our eyes on planet Earth

August sees the retrograde of Venus, backsliding through the portion of the sky allotted to Leo. The cycle of Venus as the planet changes from Evening to Morning star has always fascinated and sometimes worried stargazers (the Mayans, especially, didn’t care for its retrograde phase), not least because the points at which Venus apparently stops every 20 months form a perfect five pointed star in the cosmos. You can find exactly the same pattern in some flowers and in the crosscut of an apple – a sweet example of the astrological maxim, As Above So Below.

The clues that a retrograde of Venus, ‘the relationship planet’, offers individuals are explored in the forecasts below. So are the clues offered by Uranus/Prometheus, ‘The Awakener’, turning retrograde (from July 26) in the skies of Aries. The most commonly known (and most frequent) planetary retrograde is that of Mercury, whose third flip of 2015 is coming up on September 18th, a reminder that even in the depths of summer, best get a move on.


Whatever your feelings about chalking up another birthday – delight that you’re still on planet Earth, anxiety about getting that bit older – you may as well push out the boat and celebrate while Jupiter completes its year long transit of your skies. The giant planet has a simple enough message – ‘Be Lucky!’ as they say around London town – and with Mercury, Venus and Mars all in the mix as August progresses, you can assume royal command with little fear of contradiction (though the full Moon opposite on July 31/August 1 may have brought a minor ruction). While Jupiter completes its residence in the Lion’s skies, until the 11th, you are Lord or Lady of all you survey.

Yet as usual, terms and conditions apply. The backslide of Venus until September 6 is one. Whether it’s you having second thoughts about a recent romantic development, or a beau/belle getting cold feet, a little heart-searching seems involved, perhaps accompanied by a former lover popping out of the woodwork. Venus is usually equated with attraction, but in her retrograde the Goddess of Love can get awfully picky, seeing faults rather than virtues in both oneself and others. Liaisons may be followed by the notorious ‘Walk of Shame’ afterwards, as ‘Ooh La La’ changes to ‘Oh, what have I done?’. August 28, with a fat Moon opposing Venus, may be a case in point.

Still, while romantic involvements might recall lines from a highly nuanced Leonard Cohen song, at least you are in the game, and Mars’ arrival on August 9 carries no such ambiguities. The red planet is a red-blooded go-getter – act first, repent later – though liable to attract bumps and burns in its haste. As a rough guide, this month Leos born before 7 August are those most under the sway of Mars, those born afterwards most under the sway of Venus.

The new Moon on 14 August holds good for all of your tribe, very much a new chapter given that by then Jupiter has moved on, hopefully to help you improve your cash flow during its transit of your zone of assets. With Saturn squaring Jupiter at the start of the month, big spenders may have been told to apply the brakes. Jupiter in your second solar house has a tart response: ‘Fat chance’. Happy Birthday, Lion King and Queen.


If you fancy advancing your birthday celebrations forwards a few weeks this year, feel free. On 11 August the planet of good fortune, Jupiter, arrives in the Maiden’s skies for a twelve month stay with a promise of easier times, tables groaning with goodies and a break from Virgoan austerity and rectitude, especially between now and the new year. As your Mercury ruler is also in your sign between August 8 -27, you can capitalise accordingly, but hey, no pressure – Jupiter (unlike Mercury) is in no rush.

August looks bright as a button for more business-like matters, given that Mercury is the planet of cognition, messages and deal making. You simply have to prove your sharps (again) and out-administrate any tail-draggers. The powers-that-be look amenable to your cause, not least around the 26th.

More personal, intimate matters are harder to call. Neptune in opposition dislikes boundaries, which are exactly what you must insist upon over the next three months as Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, Mars and Venus successively go head to head with the distant planet. It might be a case of tough love being shown to a wayward partner or close chum, especially one prone to dalliance with drink and the like. Tumbling head over heels for someone new is on the cards but you need to be clear what you are letting yourself in for. There is an element of trust and faith involved (plus secrecy perhaps) especially in the first week of August, as Venus continues its backslide in the enigmatic twelfth house of your solar ‘scope.

However, with the ruler of your seventh house (partners/enemies) in your own first house, it’s you who holds the whip hand, not them, no matter what top/bottom role you like to play. The Piscean full Moon of August 29 is conjunct Neptune, a good weekend for a party of wild abandon (well, you can hope!), but such luna-tic times are not cut out for earnest discussions with you know who. Breeze along a few days. You are in charge.


Being governed by fair Venus, and poised halfway round the zodiac, Libra is reckoned the most relationship-oriented sign of the zodiac, even if, at times, your idea of a relationship is a damn good dust-up. Just now your horoscope is   dominated by relationships of several stripes.

The congregation of planets in Leo smiles upon your extensive (no doubt) network of friendships, colleagues, acquaintances and people whose face you like but whose name eludes you. Here there is work to do in August, firstly to exploit (in the nicest possible way, natch) the opportunities that teamwork and collaboration can deliver, and, further, to reach out to friendships that teeter on being something more. Under Venus retrograde there is no obligation to commit – au contraire, remain infuriatingly ambiguous – but you can circulate, schmooze and do what Smokey Robinson unambiguously termed Shop Around.

The backslide of your Venus godmother further suggests you recall names and numbers, hook up with old friends (even old flames), and treat people you like with your most emollient, rather than confrontational self. Close-up, one-on-one relationships remain a work in progress. Whether single or hitched, freedom and independence are being somewhat forced upon you just now. Your mission is to learn how to embrace them while staying in equilibrium. In some cases a minor adjustment may be enough to set your swinging Scales steady. In others, nothing less than wholesale revolution will suffice, one where conventional ideas of respectability no longer apply. Time to play by your own rules.

Jupiter, slipping into the most secretive zone of your ‘scope for the next twelve months – and with most intensity in the next six – asks you put aside time from your relentless socialising to explore and focus on the little ol’ you that you don’t care to show anyone. Reclusive, hermit-like Libra? It’s been known. Be assured that your downtime is also among your most productive time. The full Moon of August 29 may show you how true that notion might be.


Whatever pursuits Scorpios throw themselves into, they do so with full-on commitment; half measures don’t make it. It follows that the congregation of planets across the roof of your horoscope is asking some searching questions about your career path and where you want it to take you. The Sun in Leo occupies this position every year, but in August 2015 you have a much more powerful alignment in play, as your Mars ruler arrives on the 11th for a six week stay, while Venus is in rewind there and Jupiter, completing its year long residency on the 11th, squares up to Saturn in your own sign.

That last aspect is relevant chiefly to 20-22 October birthdays, who will need all Scorpio’s steely resolve to mount their assault on a promotion, a weighty project or a complete change of course/job. But this final stage of Saturn’s transit marks the end of a two and half year phase for all Scorpions – phew – and you should find your public life running way more smoothly by mid-September.

Meanwhile, the retrograde of Venus may require a little tweaking of your role – and/or some PR spin to make sure you get full credit for your valiant efforts. The new Moon of the 14th is a good time for any kind of relaunch, and may coincide with an unexpected offer of gainful employment.

The season of Virgo, from 23 August, promises a more freewheeling atmosphere, both at work and in your personal life. Where lovers are concerned, the runes are hard to call. Saturn’s completion of its transit may well coincide with the completion of a relationship or its elevation to a more committed level. On the other hand, with Neptune and Chiron in your zone of romance, you could be looking at an affair where boundaries have gotten hopelessly lost, or one that promises the healing of old wounds. The full Moon of August 29 should illuminate what kind of relationship you are dealing with – and. if you’re single, it’s a good weekend for an adventure.


Tick tock. That sound you can hear is old father time marching your way. Saturn arrives in a mere six weeks or so. Not that your astrologer is trying to alarm you, just pointing out that August is there to be enjoyed. The month’s big news is that your ruler, Jupiter, hits the peak of your solar ‘scope on the 11th, for a 12 month stay in the zone where you make your mark in the world, a promising omen for your career and any past-time where you are required to perform and be seen. Jupiter in this position also promises the favours of the high and mighty, a grace you may enjoy as early as the full Moon of 29 August. Look upwards.

Jupiter aside, a potent swathe of planets in your fellow fire sign of Leo promise lift-off for more personal ambitions and for any travel plans. That Venus is in in retrograde all month may ask you to reconsider one recent romantic affair or friendship, but jump to no conclusions, as this particular dalliance has, like Venus in Leo, a couple of months to run its course.

With Venus and Sun in Leo lining up with Prometheus, planet of surprises, it’s a case of wait and see – just don’t doze off, as the fire-sign energy comes in repeated waves, with the 8th, 19th, 23rd and 31st all sparky dates. Alertness is part of August’s agenda – you can put your head down and work like a grunt later this autumn. In August your horoscope has a lively, almost capricious quality that should appeal to the gypsy side of the Sagittarian soul. Until Saturn puts his ‘Must-do’ chokers on your affairs from October onwards (and he will!), it’s your freewheeling nature that is most favoured. Live it up.

Saturn behind the scenes suggests there’s a semi-secret going on (folks have probably guessed), but whatever said mystery is, it’s unlikely to stay undercover much longer. Like it or not, your life is being lived out under public scrutiny for the next few months. Like the old song says, you can run but you can’t hide!


Professionally and even personally, the preferred option of most Capricorns is to be visibly respected. Public praise and approval, bring it on! Alas, the most part of your August horoscope is concerned with more private matters, illicit, romantic affairs included. August and September look sultry, torrid, secretive (and stacked with pleasure), though if you are happily hitched all that may come down to jolly romps on holiday.

An element of retrospective longing may be involved as Venus backslides through your solar 8th house, or a former partner may come busting back into your life. Alternatively, the interest of a recent lover may wane… all scenarios being the kind of rich emotional life you crave, but which alarms you when it actually happens.

Not that all your relationships are going to be conducted in murky circumstances. Mars remains in opposition until the 9th, meaning there is still time for a spat with a significant other, along with a piece of flying crockery. And with Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun all breaking into the skies of your fellow earth sign Virgo, there is an element of liberation in play in the second half of August.

Jupiter is the great liberator, and the giant planet’s new position – for the next year – is conducive to new horizons, both geographical and intellectual. Any educational pursuits – teaching or learning – and any long haul travel and/or international contacts are smiled upon; the run in to the new year looks thrilling. The full Moon of August 29 may give you a taste of what’s to come (en route to being full Luna is in your skies 25/26th, handing you the rub of the green).

In other news, your ruling planet, Saturn, is again moving forwards and until mid September favours your canniest business touch and your undervalued (by most folks) determination to help put humanity on a better course in this crazy world. Just because you achieve in a hard-nosed kind of way, doesn’t mean you don’t care. You deserve a medal – don’t be surprised if something like one comes along in the next six weeks.


You astrologer apologises for banging on about relationships and your one-on-one issues, but the planetary action in your opposite (albeit) complementary sign of Leo is insistent. There’s the usual new Moon there on August 14 (extra significant if your birthday is February 10, in which case you are beginning a new chapter in your love life), but Venus in retrograde here is unusual. Cue a rethink about the one(s) with whom you are holding hands (might be a business partner rather than a lover), and cue also old partners and long lost lovers showing up in your life (the 19th has a glow about it).

As if that wasn’t enough, the advent of fiery Mars from August 11 brings a different energy to proceedings, one that may prove fractious and divisive. A little conflict in life is inevitable, but try to ensure any arguments are about something worth fighting over. The last few days of August look particularly fight-prone,

You have likely had to learn to be more self-reliant over the last twelve months in any case – Jupiter in opposition can signify one swell partnership but as likely is a significant other drifting off. Jupiter completes its opposition on August 10, the close of a chapter for birthdays circa February 18, for whom events six months back (your birthday) have an especial resonance.

Jupiter in Virgo for the next year promises helpful financial developments, one key word being ‘promises’ (Jupiter doesn’t always live up to its hyped reputation), to which can be added, Be damn wary about money issues over late August and all of September, since Jupiter is head to head with vague, deceitful Neptune.

Saturn, the traditional ruler of Aquarius and a planet that likes to get things done rather than merely theorise, is now completing its transit at the roof of your chart, the zone of outward achievement and public acclaim. As you have no doubt been made aware in 2013-14, one usually has to sweat and worry to make your work. In August and early September you are asked to tie off any loose ends in your professional world and hopefully reap the harvest of your labours. With both Saturn and Jupiter in less confrontational mode from September, your working life looks way simpler. Yet both professionally and personally, you’ll need your wits around you on 28 August, a power day but not without challenge.


Let’s get the mundane stuff out the way: the swathe of planets in your solar sixth house has a straightforward message; get your physical and mental health in top shape, work hard and prosper. Easy to say, of course, harder to achieve, but your horoscope is insistent about it, especially given the back and forth motion of Venus through this zone over the next couple of months, and repeated alignments with the zone of your ‘scope where you collect and spend cash.

Besides, you will need to be in top shape given other astrological developments; the opportunity to make your professional mark that presses you throughout the autumn (not quite yet courtesy of Saturn, and the powerful emphasis on partnerships and love affairs from your ruler, Jupiter.

Whether Jupiter is Pisces’ ruler remains contested; many astrologers will name Neptune, but as both planets are in the thick of the action this month and next, perhaps it doesn’t matter. On the other hand, why would you swap Jupiter (optimism, expansion, nobility) for Neptune (delusion and chaos)?

Jupiter arrives in your complimentary sign of Virgo – and therefore your partnership zone – on August 11 for a twelve month stay. It’s a transit with a tricky bundle of meanings; a swanky type from another culture may enter your life and bowl you over, or you may find that a long-lasting liaison just doesn’t cut it anymore. You may discover that your partner has just upped sticks for foreign shores or be approached with a seriously opportune business proposal. You may be pulled into the world of academia, face a spot of legal bother or discover a passion for long distance maritime adventure. All these scenarios fit the planetary imagery.

Which one is for you shouldn’t take too long to discover, as the giant planet will be in opposition to Neptune next month, and at the end of August is part of the giddy Piscean full Moon of the 29th; a nice weekend for a spot of merriment, but best skipped for earnest discussions about your love life. For those, September looks a better bet. Still on the subject of partnerships, a flurry of asteroid activity may require you to bring your empathy and healing touch to a close ally or lover.


Providing you don’t come at the world fists swinging (metaphorically speaking of course) you look pretty invincible just now. Thank the raft of planets in your fellow fire sign of Leo for the aura of protection and inspiration that’s currently coursing through your horoscope, and with your Mars ruler also in Leo from the 8th for six weeks, it seems your good fortune is nailed on for the moment. The more you do in the way of performance and self-advertisement the better.

While you’re at it, take up the past-time/sport of your choice and bag a medal or two and, as suggested last month, seek out all the garden parties you can manage. If you are single and in the dating game, you have full licence to flirt shamelessly and pursue whichever lucky soul is in your sights. A younger lover? Fine.

If you are already in the coils of a love affair, however, you might usefully consider the retrograde of Venus over the next month, and anticipate a few mood swings/changes of heart along the way, whichever side they are coming from. Don’t jump to conclusions, this is like the tide going in and out. Everything remains to play for. Single or hitched, the maverick in your personal life remains planet Prometheus in Aries, especially if you are an April 10 birthday or thereabouts. This is the planet of surprises, electrical shocks (even literally), sudden arrivals and departures, and it’s highly active in August.

While the Sun, Venus, Mars and Prometheus continue to provide thrills, Jupiter moves on at the 11th, emphasising an altogether different side of life; work, health and routine. This is not an in-your-face transit, more a creeping realisation that mens sana in corpore sano is a prerequisite for the adventures the astrological Ram likes so much. The full Moon of August 31st falls across your mind/body/spirit axis with some force (Neptune and Jupiter are in the mix); a fine moment for positive resolutions about how virtuous you are going to be (though maybe no right now), and for secrets to spill, whether yours or a partner’s. .

Money? Saturn is in its final phase in your zone of shared resources, making any outstanding settlements and paperwork urgent but unproblematic. Rattle the cage of any debtors. Cough up on long-standing debts. In August you can get away with a great deal, but flaky finances…nada.


Saturn made life for the astrological Bull something of a challenge during 2013-14, two years when triumphs were hard won and life-changing decisions forced upon you (marriage/divorce/relocation/that kind of thing). The last six weeks of the taskmaster planet in opposition – until mid-September – are about tidying up after the storm, perhaps reaping the harvest from your hard work. It’s a period of completion.

Simultaneously, Jupiter makes August and September a time of fresh beginnings. Good cop to Saturn’s bad cop, Jupiter arrives in your fellow earth sign of Virgo on August 11 for a year long stay when the giant planet is keen to expand your horizons, open your heart to new experiences and lovers, and help your creativity blossom. Good times in short, though you may have to wait until the end of August before this positive, Jupiterian energy stream is fully apparent – the full Moon weekend of the 29th looks like lift-off.

Your ruling planet, fair Venus, is meanwhile on a backslide until early September, perhaps putting on hold a career move you thought was imminent, slowing down a love affair you thought was an opening bud, or delaying a house move or home improvement that seemed all lined-up. Here you have little option but to keep harrying and exercise the patience for which your sign is celebrated. Any delays may yet prove to have unforeseen positive consequences.

Plus, there is a secretive streak in play in your horoscope this month – perhaps not so much you hiding things from others as matters being hidden from you – though your astrologer suspects that any such hidden agendas won’t survive the revelatory powers of the new Moon on the 14th. Planets busting out of your solar fourth house (me and my clan) into the fifth (look at me, I’m wonderful) suggest you are going to be walking open and proud in late August and September.


On the move? Of course you are. Even if you are not undertaking a holiday, your horoscope is abuzz with circulation, bilocation, chatter, nipping out to see friends and the customary restlessness that helps define life as a Gemini. Of course, the Sun and inner planets always occupy your solar third house at this point in the calendar, but this year matters are complicated by the retrograde of Venus until early September. Old friends and lovers re-emerge from the shadows – or your interest in them does – while recent flirtations loop round for reconsideration.

Given the peregrinations of Venus and the advent of re-blooded Mars into the same zone on the 8th, August and September look something of a hotspot in your social life, though actual romance may remain an option rather than a compulsion. The more folks you have around you the better. Siblings may play an especially helpful role during the next two months. Those of you involved in education, whether teaching or learning, can look forwards to an especially auspicious new term next month.

Saturn’s final weeks in your solar sixth house are about completion, specifically of work projects that have preoccupied you in 2013-14.

Jupiter changes sign on August 11, taking up a new position for the next twelve months, placing more emphasis on home and family and the delights to be drawn therefrom. As much is especially true in the last ten days of August when the giant planet is joined by the Sun and lines up for a full Moon on August 29, one that beams from the apex of your ‘scope, asking the performers among you (that’ll be most Geminis, then) to turn on the style for your public, be it a private circle or the impersonal circles you inhabit professionally. If it’s the latter, you can make quite a splash at the end of the month.


One’s birthday month is often a time of empowerment, as the Sun and minor planets pass through one’s sign, yet July also came with an element of confrontation, concerning either a partner/ex, or an individual/institution that holds an uncomfortable amount of power over you. Though you have passed that particular spike, keep in mind any lessons learned/deals cut as you will be facing a similar showdown at the start of 2016, notably if you are a 5-9 July birthday. August 26 2015 may also prove a handful.

In August most of your horoscope is pushing on. Warrior Mars is with you until the 8th to bring va-va voom to your outlook, while Jupiter’s change of sign on the 11th opens a year when communications/media/education/internet can play a more central role in your affairs. Technological savvy obviously helps, but any skills you possess can be passed on (hopefully profitably) over the coming twelve months. Likewise you should be open to learning a new skill/language.

Talking of profits…Jupiter in your cash zone for the last year is meant to have brought you money (don’t laugh) and if not, the giant planet’s final hurrah there may yet conjure up some of the folding stuff. Like Jupiter, Venus can be a money planet, but with the green planet retrograde until September 6, chasing what’s owed, re-evaluating your financial situation and flogging off unwanted items on e-Bay are what your ‘scope has in mind. September proffers a more aggressive outlook for boosting your income.

Another heavyweight planet, Saturn, is also on the move, completing its transit of your zone of romance and creativity. This is very much about completion, signing off on a torrid affair from the last two years, putting the finishing touches to the masterpiece you etched in 2014, and de-toxing emotionally. De-toxing in a more physical sense is what Saturn has in mind from mid-September.

Cancerians move in tandem with their ruler, the Moon, and the full Moon of August 29 in your fellow water sign of Pisces looks top value in terms of pleasure, surprises and bumping into helpful, perhaps powerful folks. With Neptune involved, intuition – which female Cancerians don’t take for granted but which male Cancerians often do – is a powerful ally.

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