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Your Stars December 2015

sagittariusIt’s no accident that Christmas arrives next to the midwinter solstice. Before Christianity’s birth of The Son came the rebirth of The Sun, after which days in the Northern hemisphere grew longer. Both are about light bringing. It’s small wonder that so many Neolithic monuments in Europe – Ireland’s Newgrange is one – are aligned to this point in the annual solar cycle.

Modern Christmas is a pleasant jumble of traditions. In mediaeval times Christmas Day was profoundly holy and given to prayer – festivities came with Three Kings Day in January (the ‘Twelfth Night’). Pagan elements – roaring fires, holly, ivy, yule logs, decorated trees and robins – are also present, along with assorted incarnations of Saint Nicholas aka Santa Claus. The Victorians added cards. Folk and pop added specialised Christmas songs (your astrologer’s favourites include Chuck Berry’s Run Run Rudolph and Frank Sinatra’s Jingle Bells).

December’s astrology suggests we don’t celebrate too soon, at least not until the fat lady or portly gentleman bursts into song. The planets reigning mid-month (technical details: a T-square triangle of Mars, Pluto and Prometheus in cardinal signs aligned to a new Moon in cadent Sagittarius) don’t articulate peace and love, though there’s room (thanks to Sagittarius) for wisdom. Many Sun signs can expect a bump in the road before the festive season proper.

This year the solstice arrives on December 22 at 04.48 GMT. Christmas Day itself is graced by a full Moon, exact at 11. 11am GMT, visible, cloud permitting, all night. Luna is powerful in her own sign of Cancer; we all shine on in accordance.

Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year to all my readers.

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December is in some respects a dress rehearsal for 2016, a year when you will, like it or not, be handling Saturn’s load. The metal associated with Saturn is lead – dense and heavy – so you get the idea. However, in December you have the advantage that comes with the Sun’s return to the Centaur’s skies – i.e. it’s your birthday – meaning you are empowered, and can put Saturn’s weightiness to use by taking difficult decisions now, rather than waiting for them to be forced upon you.

That includes any ‘weighty’ matter – a relationship as much as a job or a relocation. If you can’t bring yourself to a public declaration of intent just now, at least make an inner resolve while you wait for the right moment. As your astrologer pointed out in November’s forecast, Saturn is about patience, self-determination and eventual achievement.

The Sagittarian new Moon arrives on December 11 (at 10.29 GMT), a useful starting point for fresh or renewed ventures and a startling, enriching fresh chapter in the year ahead if you were born close by said date. The incendiary aspect in operation that day – Mars and Prometheus in opposition – aligns precisely with the new Moon, promising to supercharge your social and romantic life over the weekend, and, indeed, right through to Christmas. Don’t fear leaving your comfort zone (as if!).

If your domestic situation seems uncertain, foggy even, it could be time for action. There is, however, nothing wrong with living in two different places.

Your Yuletide gift: A flash diary and a sharp pencil.

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How far below the parapet do you want to duck in the Christmas run-in? As your ruling planet, Saturn, is sunk into the ‘retreat’ zone of your ‘scope, along with the Sun and the mid-month new Moon, you are at liberty to immerse yourself in the red-and-tinsel themed spa of your choice. Early December is certainly time for some deep reflection on your long-term plans (where do you want to be in three years’ time?)

On the other hand, with fair Venus in an agreeably social mood until the new year, you’d be mad not to be glad-handing colleagues and flirting with chums at assorted parties. You will be seeing a great deal more of them and their kind next year, especially any Scorpios. Just keep a gimlet eye open for pushy, ‘I know better’ types around your profession. They are a passing phase.

Mercury in the Goat’s skies – and the messenger planet will be here throughout January, albeit in retrograde – further favours you venting opinions and despatching paperwork (a Capricorn can be relied on to post early for Christmas). If you are jetting off to distant shores, you are in accord with Jupiter‘s position in your zone of travel and exploration. This could be more significant than just a holiday.

The midwinter solstice, as ever, brings a change of mood. As kids, many December-born Capricorns were handed ‘Birthday and Christmas combined’ presents, a minor burden in your impoverished early life in the Victorian orphanage for sure, but a swindle nonetheless. With a full Moon on Christmas Day 2015, you are promised special and substantial rewards. All of you are set to roll into the New Year in good fettle.

Your Yuletide gift: A book of poetry, and a journal for your own verse.

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Friendships are the stuff of life but they can be tricky, especially when they are part of your professional network, where rivalries, feuds, grudges and lies are customarily rife. After a couple of years with Saturn sitting atop your ‘scope, you doubtless won’t need any lessons in workplace politics.

Your ruling planet, Saturn, has just chimed in a fresh and more convivial chapter in your professional life, one given lift-off at the new Moon of December 11, but that doesn’t mean you can be everyone’s friend. Pick your allies with care, measure up to their expectations and you have fellow travellers on whom you can rely. December offers you the chance to launch a charm offensive while sussing out who’s on your side – Mars will be testing your diplomatic skills rigorously in 2016.

December 2015, however, finds Mars in the travel/learning/ far horizons sector of your ‘scope, urging you to travel, study, draw on any international contacts. The opposition between Mars and Prometheus on December 11, concurrent with that new Moon, is intense – your travel plans may need revision or your laptop might meltdown, you could have a ‘Eureka moment’ or discover a new friend, or the whole lot at once. A calmer mood prevails as you sail into the festive season; enjoy while you can as Mars has plans for you come 2016.

Your Yuletide gift: A flask of erotic perfume.

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The sign of the Fishes is often described in terms of dizzy idealism or arty escapism, but while many Pisceans boast enviable levels of intuition and creativity, most can be supremely practical when push comes to shove.

Saturn’s two year transit over the roof of your ‘scope calls for pragmatism first and foremost, especially this December, when the taskmaster planet is joined by the Sun and a new Moon in the zone of your career path. Not only do you need to formulate long term plans that are precise and achievable, you have to engage with people for whom business and money are second nature (though Pisceans come in that guise too). The 17th and 18th, when a quarter Moon is in your skies, is an apposite moment.

It isn’t that you don’t have allies at work – the second half of December and the opening few weeks of 2016 are full of them – while friends on distant shores appear to have an unusually strong influence this month and next year. Academia, whether you are involved as student or teacher, may also play an unexpectedly strong role in your personal and professional lives.

For Pisceans, the new Moon of the 11th is also bound up with money. No cause for alarm, the triangle of Moon/Mars/Prometheus may even supply you with a windfall, but alertness to your cash flow is required. The Christmas/Boxing Day full Moon is about the very opposite – simple joy. Soak up the holiday spirit before heading back to the grindstone.

Your Yuletide gift: tea for two in a high-end hotspot.

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Calm and clear-sighted? Or is steam pouring from your ears? Aries is the fire sign par excellence, and as Mars, your ruling planet, is currently in opposition, there is likely no shortage of events and people to feed your angrier flames. The red planet, however, is only in your face until the New Year, whereas arguments and rifts that might open up between you and a significant other (or favourite enemy) can have more enduring consequences. In other words, let any bursts of righteous anger pass by. At least try.

The mood around the new Moon of December 11 is certainly volatile, as warrior Mars faces off against Prometheus, the latter planet being in long-term residence in your skies. Though this opposition concerns birthdays circa April 6 in particular, it’s a turning point for most Rams, a cue perhaps, for you to siphon off your formidable energies into career, travel, learning or creativity, not forgetting sexual passion, of which there is no shortage in December if your partner planet Venus is to be believed.

In any case the month of your fellow fire sign Sagittarius is helpful, as is Prometheus, planet of surprises (usually welcome ones) drawing to a halt late in December after five months of backslide, promising that January will be less of a slog than usual, despite its retrograde Mercury.

The full Moon at Christmas falls at the root of your ‘scope, the zone of hearth and home – appropriate for most of you, but even if you are sunning yourself elsewhere, a pointer that the new year brings a welcome change of outlook.

Your Yuletide gift: a globe and compass.

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The happy evolution of the last two months – and it should be happy given Saturn’s no longer dogging your steps – continues almost seamlessly into December. In fact, with your totem planet, fair Venus, in your partnership zone from the 5th until New Year, romance is etched large in your stars, a cue to act extra sweet around your other half or, if you’re in the dating game, to pursue any flirtations with zest. The flip side of Venus is jealousy, so don’t indulge the green-eyed monster.

Nor is this merely a passing, Christmas-tinged affair; since Mars and Jupiter play major roles in your love life in 2016, the ties of attraction will be flexing – both tightening and loosening – for months to come. If you are in the flush of a new/recent affair, do so with as much forethought (and joy) as you can muster.

The same goes for money issues. As the last two years may have shown you, Saturn in opposition is rarely conducive to riches (though canny property management may have come to the rescue). With Saturn ensconced in your ‘scope’s zone of shared resources, you should proceed with customary Taurean caution when handling money, property and inheritances, Do due diligence on your deals.

The fortnight following the new Moon of the 11th has a welcome lustre to it, as Luna accentuates the fulfilment you receive from those you hold most dear – kids, partners, friends (however wacky), with the exalted Moon in your own skies over the Midsummer Solstice, before it reaches fullness on Christmas Day. Life is sweet…and full of food. Take it easy on that front.

Your Yuletide gift: a painting/creative writing/pottery/cooking course.

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What is a Gemini without someone else at your side to share the fun? There are, of course two of little old you – you are Twins incarnate – but real and significant others are another matter. Your December horoscope puts relationships of many stripes at the centre of the action. As related in previous forecasts, the presence of Saturn in opposition over the next two years may put associations to the test, showing that some are outworn, or in need radical overhaul and more equality to survive. It’s a slow process but one very much under way.

In December the Sun in opposition ups the ante, with the new Moon of December 11 asking you to rekindle an existing partnership or lay it to rest, or start a brand new fling/nosiness deal. There is freshness to your associations just now. Venus in Libra until the 5th and Mars in the same sign all month promise personal zest and a responsive audience for your social initiatives. Libran parties look lively, but any parties will suffice. If you are the arty type, you have little excuse for not being busy, and even the uncomfortable (for some) clash between Mars and Prometheus at mid-month should serve only to add a madcap dash to what you are up to.

Any drawbacks? Not too many. Your totem planet, Mercury, will go retrograde early in the new year, so you may wish to keep your options open with some plans, especially those concerning finances. What goes around in December comes back around in January. Jupiter at the root of your ‘scope is fundamentally supportive, but between them Jupiter and Saturn do ask you to restrain your more compulsive and undisciplined patterns of behaviour. Be generous by all means, but observe restraint, not least around the folding stuff. With Venus calling from New Year’s Eve, you’ll need some reserves.

Your Yuletide gift: a garden shed.

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The annual full Moon in Cancer arrives on Christmas morning itself, so it will be a surprise if you are not basking in the limelight and soaking up the love of family and partners on the Big Day and Boxing Day. You are empowered. For singletons there may even be a new romance in the mix – Venus passing through your fifth house between December 5-29 certainly gives you an edge during the festive parties – there’s no point in holding back.

For those of you in more settled relationships, a little more strain and ambiguity may be involved, since Mercury is going forwards in your opposite sign during December, then backwards in January; a classic description of someone changing their mind or wriggling out of commitments. Whether it’s a spouse or a business partner, try and nail down detailed agreements before the Xmas madness kicks in – sorting things out next month looks messy. A Plan B might be needed.

Cancerians also have to handle the month’s trickiest planetary configuration, a triangle of Mars-Prometheus-Pluto that arrives mid-month, simultaneous with the new Moon. With Mars in the mix all month, a few scraps and disagreements are to be expected; all you have to do is hold your ground with quiet dignity. Don’t escalate unnecessarily. The full triangle of planets mostly effects birthdays circa July 9, and may shake either your professional or domestic situation. Cancerians incline to small ‘c’ conservatism – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it – but as 2015 turns to 2016 a more radical approach to your professional situation may be needed. Stay alert.

Your Yuletide gift: a new phone.

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The month before the Sun reaches its low point at the midwinter solstice – the season of Sagittarius – is something of a high point for Leos, the Centaur being a fellow fire sign and representing your solar fifth house, the zone where you remind the world that you are alive and roaring. The new Moon of December 11 is especially promising, a fine time to start or renew any long term (two years or less) project you wish to deliver on your unsuspecting public.

Much of your December ‘scope is in tune with the notion of self display, with Mars energising your social and neighbourhood life, and Mercury – until the 10th – ensuring that your message and radiance are acknowledged. The jolly energies fizzing away should carry you clear through to the festive season, when you can briefly tone down the antics for a rest. It won’t last long, however. Just before New Year Venus shifts sign into Sagittarius to restart celebrations.

There are, needless to say, caveats to this rosy picture. Late November’s full Moon asked questions about your commitment to one particular cause, or lover, and as Saturn continues to trundle through your fifth house, the need to compromise with people close to your heart – or express your disillusion with them – may become more apparent. Saturn’s processes are slow and incremental, so it’s a matter of seeing what the passage of time brings, though July born Leos may already have had a taste of Saturn’s medicine.

Then there’s work, of which there seems no shortage either in December or in the opening stretch of 2016. At present it’s a matter of plain graft plus inner inspiration, but come 2016 the need to impress those in high places becomes more pressing. So too may your domestic set-up. Over the last two years there has been continued emphasis on where and with whom you live; in early 2016 you’re invited to complete the process.

December’s more difficult stars are largely out of range for the astrological Lion, but if you hit ructions mid-month (siblings are one possible source of aggravation) let them pass without escalating any conflict. You have more important issues on your plate.

Your Yuletide gift: a fistful of banknotes.

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Jupiter and Saturn are an allied but contrary pair; respectively the Lords of Possibility and Necessity as medieval astrologers put it; extravagance and frugality. In December and for much of 201, you’ll be trying to do justice to both.

Saturn has the major frame for the moment, at least for August birthdays, and the new Moon next to the ringed planet on December 11 increases your responsibilities to home, hearth and family. Being a dutiful Virgo (though mavericks exist) the burden of sorting things out is likely to devolve in your direction; don’t accept more than you can comfortably handle.

Jupiter remains in contention with demands for more optimism and more time off from drudgery to project your charm and talents into the world. Until your birthday, your mission remains to expand your frontiers, however you interpret that imperative.

The more challenging planetary aspects of December (Mars/Prometheus/Pluto) fall outside Virgo’s skies, though your ability with small type and financial contracts can be gainfully employed at mid-month. Your Mercury ruler is rattling around obligingly in a fellow earth sign, Capricorn, but be aware that the communications planet goes into retrograde in January. For missives, the sooner the better.

The midwinter solstice, being in a fellow earth sign and your solar fifth house of pleasure, is a welcome annual event, while the Christmas full Moon illuminates the popularity and honour due to you. Romance is where you find it – Venus insists you have options (especially on the 17th/18th). If you’re in a problematic relationship, rather than endlessly trying to figure out others’ motives, throw your scarf over your shoulder and get on with enjoying yourself.

Your yuletide gift: a new hat (to be noticed).

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In many depictions of Libra’s symbol, the Scales are perfectly balanced, likewise descriptions of the Libran character as pleasant and well-judged to a fault. Such Librans exist, but most often those Scales are rocking one way or another. Moodswings? They have been known!

Venus may have granted you tranquillity and poise overt the last three weeks, at least between the frantic shopping trips, and your ruling planet reminds onside for you until December 5. Mars is another matter. The red planet marches through Libra’s skies until the New Year, promising you zest and an up-and-at-‘em attitude, but may set the Scales swinging. The key date here is December 11th, when Mars hits opposition to Prometheus. Given that a new Moon simultaneously arrives, and that Pluto is also in the mix, the days around the 11th look volatile, not necessarily in a bad way but you will need all your powers of equilibrium to stay centred.

That applies especially to relationships/friendships/partnerships. December is a classic moment for sudden disruptions in your personal life, be it lightning-bolt attractions or been-waiting-for-it separations. The long term (another three and a half year) opposition of Prometheus sets you a near impossible equation; how to be in a couple while both parties maintain their independence, a question that will preoccupy many of you in 2016.

Other elements of December’s planetary picture are less challenging. That new Moon of the 11th asks for a re-calibration of your digital infrastructure and how you project your ideas to the world, whether by print, tweet, vlog or academic paper – an issue that has legs. Any changes you can make or despatches you can send before the New Year, when Mercury turns retrograde, are apposite.

The midwinter solstice always sounds the chimes for Libra, especially for September birthdays. This year the festive season looks benign – though a meditation on home and family may be needed. On New Year’s Eve ruler Venus breaks new ground to stir up travel plans.

Your Yuletide gift: a purple purse or wallet.

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There is a big difference between this December and last; the absence of Saturn from Scorpio’s skies and a consequent lightness of being, as one famous novelist put it, though there’s hopefully nothing ‘unbearable’ about it just now. Au contraire, with Venus sashaying through your skies from December 10-29, you should be the life and soul of every party, that and a demon shopper, should you have the money.

As miserly Saturn is now in your cash zone, you may not yet be living in the land of plenty. Whether so or not, the new Moon of the 11th is a good moment to set out some medium term financial plans and initiatives – say for the next four months, until Saturn rolls to a halt. Proceed by patient degrees.

Returning to that Venus transit – en route, the green planet makes contacts to helpful points elsewhere in your horoscope, notably Neptune on the 11th, making this as good a weekend as any to tumble into a romance, should you be in the dating game. The same weekend sees a clash between your totem planet, Mars, and the uncompromising planet Prometheus, so there is an element of harum-scarum in play on the wider stage – say at work. Venus is also in happy play over the festive season, allying with a full Moon in kindred water sign Cancer to pour joy on your personal Christmas feast.

You may as well live it up in December, or bask in Venusian luxury – whatever restores your spirits – not because anything awful is heading down the turnpike come 2016, but with your ruling planet, Mars, arriving for an unusually protracted stay in the New Year, you are going to be very, very busy.

Your Yuletide gift: a piece of ruby red jewellery.

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