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Your Stars April 2015


Being combative sorts, Rams expect a little rough and tumble along life’s highway, but March may have delivered more turbulence than is comfortable. Warrior Mars in Aries, mixed up with Prometheus, the planet of revolutions, can signify as much. Consider the case of your fellow Aries Jeremy Clarkson. The motor-mouthed petrolhead has (no surprise) expressed his scorn for astrology, yet if he’d read his forecast for March he might still be in a job. “Head down and charge is unlikely to provide the desired results; a case of too much force …right is important as might.”

With Mars now moved on, April looks calmer. Somewhat. A total lunar eclipse opposite you at full Moon on April 4/5 is not a moment for precipitate action, more a case of wait-and-see. Likewise the meeting of the Sun and Prometheus on April 9; a cue for unexpected encounters and departures. It’s not quite cruise control thereafter, but with Mercury zipping through your skies, news arrives swiftly and your own despatches are promptly received.

The second half of the month looks suspiciously like a new chapter. Jupiter moving forwards in your fellow fire sign of Leo pushes on your emotional life, perhaps in a more significant way than is apparent until a month or two down the line. If you fancy a personal relaunch (ever thought of becoming a redhead?) your stars are gung-ho for it, with the new Moon of April 18 a useful staging post. Good company, long haul travel and creative fulfilment promise to roll along easily over the coming months; your task is not to take such manifestations of good fortune for granted. Happy birthday.


Slow but steady is one thing, being stuck quite another. Your chances of staying an obstinate foot-dragger don’t look high in April. With warrior Mars traversing your skies until mid-May, the charging Bull is a more likely mode. In short, it’s time to get a move on.

The necessity to pick up speed may not be immediately apparent. The month’s lunar eclipse (April 4) emphasises unavoidable duty, and the new Moon (April 18) is in the reclusive zone of your ‘scope, the place of inner rumination and quiet scheming. Meanwhile, until the 11th, ruler Venus is in your skies to encourage your role as bon viveur and lover; duty calls! Nonetheless,

The forward motion of Jupiter from April 8 is a none too subtle nudge that there are places to go, career to be won, and even a new wing of Taurus mansions to be built in the months ahead…or another allotment to bring into bloom…or the family to tend. Even if you are not a horticulturalist, this is growing season, personally, professionally, materially. Messenger Mercury in your skies in the last two weeks of the month adds zip to proceedings. Taureans, rarely short of a word, will have even more to say than usual.

Downsides? Too few to mention, though the opposition of Venus and Saturn on April 15 looks like a reality check with financial issues; amend your plans accordingly.

The Sun opens your birthday season on April 20, and although that new Moon on the 18th is, as said, behind the scenes, Luna’s presence in your skies on the 19th and 20th lends you a serendipitous touch. Alignments over the last ten days of April allow you to nail down even the most slippery people you have been obliged to deal with in early 2015.


A Gemini is, as the saying goes, a ‘people person’, and your horoscope in April is jammed with folks and, if you are on the prowl, potential lovers. A total lunar eclipse (on April 4) in your fellow sign of Libra is a moment to contemplate rather than force the pace. See who arrives and who is, uh, eclipsed. Planets crowding the most convivial zone of your ‘scope, including your Mercury ruler, favour outreach, the company of fellow travellers (not necessarily intimates) and enough bustle to satisfy even your appetite for novelty and distraction. The 8th looks especially promising

The social whirl is intensified once Venus reaches the Twins’ skies on the 12th for a three week sojourn; time for a more self-centred approach, a dashing style makeover, a preposterously early birthday party (hey, any excuse, right), and a renewal of any designs you have on a romantic partner (Venus equals social magnetism). However, Venus’s passing opposition to Saturn on the 15th is something of a party pooper, and if your playmate of choice isn’t playing you may have to settle for a session of home decoration. For those of you struggling with a partner, probably a long term fixture, this is a moment of potential confrontation.

A new Moon on April 18 renews your social life; cram in all the diary dates you can, and inbetween times you might usefully get all your admin out the way, bearing in mind that a Mercury retrograde in your sign is heading in during May. Forewarned is forearmed.


Having the distinction of being the only sign ruled by the Moon, Cancerians are reckoned especially in tune to the lunar tides. What, then, to expect from the total lunar eclipse of April 4? Since it takes place in the zone of your ‘scope concerned with family and home, a shake-up of your domestic arrangements is on the cards, especially for birthdays circa July 6, but the is eclipse is perhaps best reckoned alongside any changes of twelve months back, whether home or career oriented.

April is certainly a month much concerned with where you are heading professionally, and how you can squeeze every last drop of credit (and therefore income) from your work. Here the omens are encouraging. Planet Prometheus is a wayward bundle of energies – equally prone to disruption and opportunity – but with a little canniness you can surf any changes thrown your way in April, with the new Moon of the 18th a promising jumping off point into the future (and Prometheus is always future-oriented). Mars, on a six-week stomp through Taurus, promises plenty of support from fellow travellers and colleagues. Network accordingly.

Jupiter also has a helpful role to play – the giant planet moves forwards from mid-month through your zone promising more income but also urging consolidation of what you already have (Jupiter is a planet of over spending as well as acquisition).

Relationships? At mid-month Pluto halts bang in the centre of your seventh house of relating/ marriage/open warfare. A good time for re-evaluation, for drawing firm boundaries, perhaps for termination or re-commitment, but neither accept nor attempt underhand methods.


Steady as she goes Tigger! The profusion of planets and assorted asteroids in the zodiac’s three fire signs (Leo, Aries, Sag) make for a dynamic April, a month of wonders even. The celestial bodies doing most of the shouting are your ruler, the mighty Sun, the planet of revolution, Prometheus, and expansive Jupiter. All three are urging you to bust a few boundaries (break shackles even), and to move out of your comfort zone. Travel is one way of doing so, but your journeys may be as much of mind and spirit as of mere geography. If you are in academia, publishing, or the digital racket, this looks a promising spell.

You can, however, expect to have to fight for your rightful position as king or queen of the professional jungle. Mars spends the next six weeks in your zone of career path, a position that often calls for heads to be knocked together, and, if necessary, for you to work solo. The clash of Mars and Jupiter on the 17th is a date to note in this regard. It’s followed immediately by a new Moon and then by the Sun cresting your ‘scope on the 20th. This looks like the start of a new chapter with your work, especially given that Jupiter will by then be rolling forwards, adding gusto (foolish bravado even) to your actions

Relationships? The omens are mixed. Under these stars you can carve your own path even in matters of the heart, yet Saturn in your romance zone is no easy romp, but the taskmaster planet is backsliding for now, asking to evaluate events this year with steely detachment, especially around the 15th, when Venus opposes Saturn; conversations then tend to be of a serious nature, after which Venus reasserts her light touch. Enjoy.


True to its name, your ruling planet, Mercury, varies its speed far more than any other planet (an optical illusion, of course, there to amuse we earth dwellers), and in April it’s in a hurry, dashing through two entire signs of the zodiac. You might usefully follow suit.

Until the 15th Mercury is wrapped up in the planetary activity concerning your assets, not just money incoming but arrangements concerning mortgages, debts, legacies, ISAs and other such contractual matters. Since there is a degree of turbulence involved (a Sun/Prometheus conjunction fact fans), the application of crisp, Virgoan administrative powers is called for – not least since the lunar eclipse of the 4th and the new Moon of the 18th likewise suggest you have a peek to ensure everything in the filing cabinet is tickety-boo.

Mercury spends the second half of April in Taurus, where Mars is ensconced until mid-May – this is the zone of far horizons, not least geographical, pulling your attention to any international contacts, a theme further pressed during the month of Taurus, starting on the 20th. Keep your passport up to date, just in case.

The planet at the other end of the solar system, Pluto, also has a role to play, for the opposite reason – it’s stationary, turning backwards on the 17th. In your solar fifth, the distant speck is calling for refinement of your feelings (not mental powers) towards those close to your heart, most particularly for birthdays circa September 6. This has been an on-going theme over the last two years, but April represents something of a summary point, maybe a terminal point. Dig deep.

Your romantic life otherwise looks pleasingly intense (if you’re hitched) and pleasantly flighty (if you’re single), not least around 18th and the 29th. The ascent of Venus to the peak of your ‘scope on the 12th suggests new contenders for your affections may come via your workplace and further suggests you milk your impeccable professional reputation for all you can get. At the very close of the month Mercury also reaches the apex of your chart, ready for May’s plunge into the minor glitches of its retrograde in May – another reason to be in a hurry now.


A full Moon in one’s sign brings alternative strategies; do you embrace the limelight with a song and dance act, or keep your head down until Luna-cy is out the way? Perhaps the choice is less important than realising it’s a volatile day or couple of days – April 4/5- especially when a total lunar eclipse is involved.

The Libran full Moon heightens the dominant issues in your ‘scope, which remain how you handle Significant Others of every guise; old flames, poison ex’s,

dazzling newcomers and trustworthy partners alike. As planet Prometheus is strong in the early part of April, the accent is on arrivals and departures, and if you would like to uncouple yourself from an unsatisfactory relationship here’s your moment. Or you can question why – without beating yourself up – certain individuals have uncoupled themselves from you, especially those that did so twelve months back. The emphasis over the last couple of years is for Librans to beat a less dependant, path.

That doesn’t mean becoming a lone wolf. The second half of April, as Jupiter rumbles forwards in Leo once more and your Venus ruler skips through Gemini, is about embracing a rich social life, especially among members of those two simpatico signs. Lofty, intellectual projects and clubs all get a tick. That Libran salon you always dreamed of is ripe for instigation.


As previous springs may have shown you, when you have a congregation of planets in your ‘scope’s zone of work and duty, you don’t get many days off. At least this year you have Jupiter to promise you reward for your graft. The giant planet sits atop your scope and in April moves forwards after several months of (apparent) backsliding, with its most ringing endorsement of your savvy and brilliance arriving over the summer months. Your professional status is meanwhile on the move.

Perhaps more evidently, so is a major relationship, or chance of one. Your totem planet, Mars, remain opposition until mid-May, a transit that can deliver incoming flak from friends, ex’s and outright rivals (especially the last), but which also pushes new contenders for your affection to the fore. In all cases your dealings with Significant Others are energised and subject to greater scrutiny, dissatisfactions and pleasures alike brought to the surface. With the Sun arriving for its annual month of opposition on April 20, the process is further intensified. It looks like quite a dance. The full Moon eclipse of April 4 lies behind the scenes in your ‘scope, but with Luna arriving in your skies immediately afterwards, on the 6th and 7th, you are promised a taste of what’s in store over the coming weeks.

Pluto, a planet sometimes touted as your ruler ahead of the more cavalier Mars, is also strong in your ‘scope this month, favouring all intellectual, educational and creative pursuits, professional or otherwise. Pluto’s energies are slow but powerful, and especially for birthdays circa November 8, this may prove a transformational month.


Onwards and upwards…though perhaps by degrees. With the other two fire signs of the zodiac in combustible mood during April, you shouldn’t lack for excitement, travel, good company and even a twirl on the romantic roundabout. Yes, many Sagittarians, especially November birthdays and those born in 1985, remain in Deadly Serious mode, but Saturn is now retreating in your sign. You all have a breather. It may not seem so with Mars marching through your six the house of hard graft and health improvement – in both instances, best bite the bullet – but socially, you have options.

Just what those are is best delayed until after the lunar eclipse of the 4th – a moment of potential confusion – but with the Sun, Prometheus and ruler Jupiter all hyper-active for the rest of the month, take every opportunity to get the heck out the house and circulate. Jupiter’s return to forward motion on the 9th is especially important, as the giant planet will be bossing your ‘scope until August; far horizons, the sort Centaurs love, beckon forcibly. Put some plans in motion.

Personal relationships come under examination with the move of fair Venus into a brief, three-week opposition from the 12th. At best this puts partnerships onto a just and equable footing, or brings a potential playmate into view. That said, the opposition of Venus and Saturn on the 15th can bring demands for commitment that one of you can’t fulfil, or simply a sour couple of days. Everything remains to play for during the rest of the month.

Talking of partnerships, not necessarily the romantic variety, any contracts you need to sign are best inked in April – in May Mercury moves into prolonged (nine week) opposition, including a sticky three retrograde spell. Not a time to be making promises of any sort, let alone formal ones. The last ten days of the month, the season of Taurus, bring a lighter touch.


Talk about the need to accentuate the positive. A lunar eclipse atop your ‘scope (April 4), an unruly combination of Sun and Prometheus at its root, and in the middle little ol’ you, with spooky Pluto at the centre of your skies; this is challenge writ large, at least for early January birthdays. Being built of stern, Saturnian stuff, you will of course prevail, but perhaps not without having to confront a few unpredictable people or situations. When doing so, resist the temptation to play it rough (Pluto is the planet of gangsterism among other things); a principled stand will serve you better, whether handling tiresome members of the clan, erratic bosses or even troubled partnerships.

Relationships, however, are marvellously starred. Venus and Mars in your fellow earth sign of Taurus spell swell times for romance, and a fertile patch for wider passions; creative enterprises, gardening mania, anything that moves you beyond your cherished professional status. You can exhale loudly at the new Moon of the 18th, after which the season of Taurus takes over in earnest.

Also on your side is Jupiter. The giant planet’s move onwards from the 12th plunges you deeper into the good stuff with partnerships (you look like hot stuff this spring and summer), and allows you tinker with and accrue more of those Capricorn fixations, money and assets. Another bar of bullion in the cellar? Go ahead.


One of the more difficult combinations of astrology concerns your sign. Aquarius belongs to the trio of air signs, along with Gemini and Libra, yet you are also one of the four ‘fixed’ signs, meaning resolute. ‘Fixed air’ is an awkward concept, but it does describe the stubborn streak that runs through Aquarians.

In April your obstinacy is challenged by the presence of Mars at the root of your ‘scope, passing through the equally dogged sign of Taurus; a recipe for an unproductive power struggle unless you are prepared to compromise with whoever is trying to push you about. Your family or your profession are the most likely arenas for this battle (partnerships we’ll come to), and one tack is to disengage as much as possible; put your energy into more productive endeavours.

Happily, they abound during April. The whirl of fire energy currently active in the zodiac favours creativity, communications (not least teaching and other educational concerns), and reaching out to your circle of friends, allies and fellow travellers (wacky siblings may also feature). It’s a month to see and be seen, especially after the 12th, when Venus shifts into your kindred air sign of Gemini for three weeks. For the romantics among you, this is an opportune spell.

Jupiter, which turns back to forward motion after several months of backsliding, underscores the message. Jupiter remains in (hopefully fruitful) opposition for another four months, shining from your seventh house of partnerships and rivalries. Don’t bother trying to outstrip anyone who falls into the latter category, they’re likely to fall victim of their own excess. Forging camaraderie with a significant other is a better option, whether in an existing relationship or a new one (Jupiter can introduce to some swell types, even if they incline to the gaudy). There is a huge amount of exploration to be undertaken in your one-on-ones; keep an open heart and mind.

The Moon of the 18th (in Aries) is a further breeze through your social life, though the season of Taurus that follows from the 20th returns you to the necessity of compromise. Aquarians are always right, even when they are the ones out of step; you don’t have to ram the point home.


The sign of Taurus is usually good news for Pisceans – earth for your water – and involves a relatively unpressured zone of your solar ‘scope; the third house of communications, neighbours, siblings, bright ideas and education. All those subjects are under major emphasis in April and may, as Venus, Mars, Mercury and the mighty Sun traverse its skies. The brighter and more urgent you attitude towards them, the more reward you get. Writing, teaching, circulating and calling up your second cousin are duly in the frame.

The return of your ruling planet, Jupiter, to active life after several months in rewind is also good news, especially if you are seeking profitable work. There may be nothing glamorous about it – more duty than promotion in fact – but as the giant planet spends the next four months being highly active here on your behalf, roll up your sleeves gladly. If you are born 20-24 February, you’ll already be in hardcore professional mode or looking frantically for a break – Saturn’s retreat takes the heat out of professional issues, though you might circle the 15th for a potential, short-lived problem

Money is something of a wild card this month, as the planetary action in Aries is volatile, and there’s the oo-er factor of a total lunar eclipse on April 4 also in play. Nothing to get alarmed about providing you take nothing for granted. Stay on top of the accounts, let nothing drift.

That may be easier said than done for birthdays around the end of February, who remain in the grip of Neptune, a planet sometimes advanced as your ruler. It may have the right name, but Neptune is no smiling benefactor, unlike Jupiter, more a bundle of energies that encourages you float downstream when, as a good Piscean, you should be kicking against the current. Other celestial bodies floating through skies include the asteroids Vesta and Pholus, and, more importantly, the maverick planetoid Chiron. Astrologers argue about the meaning of Chiron (as about much else) but most agree that it involves acknowledging wounds, old or new, and finding the capacity to heal them. If you have a birthday circa March 9, the healing process may have special resonance for you over the next three months.

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