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Your Stars July 2015

cancerJupiter is the planet of Presidents, and a politician with a Jupiter transit is a formidable animal. Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron a Libran who has Moon and Jupiter in Leo ) just won an election on his Jupiter return. Barack Obama, a Leo, has also been at his most formidable in recent weeks and months, while Greek President Alexis Tsipras, another Leo (b.28.7.74) has shown himself a tough, charismatic leader. Whether Jupiter has tempted Tsipras into a gamble too far with the so-called Troika remains to be seen, but his chart and that of Greece are closely allied, so your astrologer’s hunch is that he will prevail. Even if he does not, Tsipras will depart having upset the European apple cart.

What the current Jupiter/Venus conjunction in Leo means for individual birthdays is detailed below. July‘s planetary action is split between Cancer and Leo, however, so there appears to be something positive afoot for everyone, though it is not a month for the faint-hearted. Think big and bold.

Mercury is no longer retrograde so you astrologer cannot blame the wing-footed communications deity for the lateness of these forecasts. Alas, other factors have prevailed. Sorry for the tardiness. A happy summer to all my readers.


It’s your month in the Sun, Cancer, and therefore time to put yourself and your reputation firmly first. Much of your horoscope this month involves a Significant Other, and how you handle this person (current beau/belle, spouse, ex or sworn enemy). Recent months may have found it easier to let things drift along inconclusively. The array of planets in your skies in July urges you to be more definite about terms and conditions; to retrieve and exercise your power in short. With a full Moon opposite as July opens, you can usefully evade any ultimatums for a few days. Thereafter, it’s time to confront boldly and to compromise as little as you can. The new Moon of July 16 (an awesome new start if that’s your birthday) looks like High Noon for relationship tussles; with Mars in your skies, tough it out!

Something similar applies to your professional situation. With planet Prometheus atop your ‘scope for several months, opportunity and chaos have applied in equal measure but July’s planetary picture gets clearer as the month progresses. As your astrologer has remarked before, an unorthodox approach is likely the best option.

As May and June should have proved, anxieties about financial extinction are misplaced; indeed, the current Venus/Jupiter conjunction promises something suspiciously like a windfall, even if you have to wait a month (or two) for the dosh to actually land. Easy money aside, that Cancerian new Moon of the 16th is the right and proper time to reapply yourself to matters concerning finances and property. Time to make a move. Happy Birthday.


No-one gets things on their terms all the time, not even a Leo with Venus and Jupiter in their skies. Nevertheless, in July, you have a good chance of having your cake, eating it and going back for a second portion. These are exceptionally auspicious times for most of your tribe, so you may as well ride your luck and live up to your reputation as the zodiac’s big-hearted big-spender (if you can afford it). Birthdays 14-22 August are especially favoured, though the same birthdays are also those most affected by the brief return of Saturn to ensure that your domestic arrangements are tickety-boo.

The month is not all Jupiterian radiance. The season of Cancer involves the most secretive part of your horoscope, and whatever private plans you are hatching require detailed planning at the new Moon of 16 July, also a good time to refine all mind/body/spirit pursuits, ready for a fresh burst of Leo power at your birthday month, opening on July 23. Here too there is a small caveat as the Sun immediately opposes Ceres; any issues involving partners, especially females d’une age certaine, are likely to require a fix during the last week of the month, especially given the full Moon opposite on Friday July 31, not the time to make long term pledges; better to kick issues into the long grass for a month or two.

Venus’s brief foray into Virgo during late July underscores that message – when the relationship planet retrogrades through your skies next month, you can reassess the intricacies of your love life at your leisure, while counting the (possibly considerable) cost of your Jupiter transit. Meanwhile adopt your usual strategy; live now, pay later.


The season of Cancer promises that the folks at work look almost as busy as you and the schedules run smoothly. Stay on your professional case relentlessly; the new moon of July 16 is an ideal time to reboot your projects and get demanding with tail draggers – Monday/Tuesday the 20/21st are power days, assuming you are not reclined on a sun bed by some heath-enhancing spa.

Your personal life is also active. Here, a time frame is helpful. In mid August Jupiter arrives in the Maiden’s skies for a twelve month stay; highly auspicious for all branches of your life, not least your dealings with lovers, partners and the like. However, with asteroid Juno (Jupiter’s consort) already in your skies, you have a green light for the pursuit of all such relationships and to insist on the boundaries that you are prone to let slip in your desire to be obliging and help less fortunate individuals.

That said, romances may be a tad confusing in the second half of July, when Venus makes a brief appearance in Virgo, only to vanish again into your twelfth house (seclusion/ meditation) – a cue for what may seem like a false start in any affairs, though patience may prove otherwise – the relating planet returns in October. Venus behind the scenes, as she has been for the last month, suggests secrecy and a downbeat approach are better than trying to force the pace. Keep the emphasis on little old you; what you want, your plans for the future, how you present yourself, and let others follow your lead.


Under pressure or on cruise control? Your horoscope offers both scenarios in equal measure in July. The season of Cancer highlights your ambitions, and the energy and combative situations that are required in your inexorable scramble to the top of the heap (or something like it). All your powers of diplomacy may be called on when handling troublesome individuals (likely male) in your profession, where isolation (theirs) may prove a better policy than confrontation. The new Moon of July 16 highlights power struggles; you simply have to be as ruthless (if more tactful) as any opponents; if it’s you or them it has to be them, right?

However, other, more complex relationships also vie for your attention. The conjunction of your Venus ruler with Jupiter as the month opens is auspicious for all efforts at work, and for finding accord and even romance among your fellow professionals. This is an ongoing theme throughout summer and early autumn, asking you to maintain your public profile and show yourself a willing team player, despite the unusual retrograde of Venus in August. Needless to say, money is likely involved, and with Saturn revisiting your resources zone until your birthday month, a resumption of the fiscal rectitude required earlier in 2015 may be called for.

The most exciting and perplexing issue remains your one-on-one relationships – all of ‘em, friends, lovers and foes. Prometheus, the planet that has signalled bust-ups, rifts and the arrival of assorted oddities, draws to a halt this month, but in doing so promises a few more nerve-jangling scenarios. While your usual diplomacy may avoid outright scraps, there is no escaping a profound re-assessment of partnership issues. With Venus retrograde for the rest of the summer, your relationships look like a hot potato for the foreseeable future, not least around July 7. Look upon it as an adventure and try to enjoy the ride.


Cancer being a fellow water sign, its season is a positive month for Scorpions, especially given that your Mars ruler is also cruising through the Crab’s skies. Holidaying abroad or not, international connections have a beneficial flavour to them this summer, along with anything that involves your ‘higher mind’; principles, ideals, even politics with large or small p.

Workplace politics are certainly heavily starred this month and afterwards, and with Jupiter and Venus dominating your career path, you should be able to slot in comfortably with those in charge. The biggest challenge comes at the end of the month when Jupiter aligns with steely Saturn in your own sign and a major decision may be put in front of you. While you are not one to duck a challenge, do stay flexible, as what’s on offer doesn’t have the ring of finality to it until early in August.

Romance is where you find it for the time being – as last month’s forecast suggested, the workplace looks a good prospect. Those of you under Saturn’s reign (birthdays 20-22 October and anytime 1985) are the ones who have the hardest decisions to make, otherwise you can freewheel, remembering that hard-nosed realism (not always the thing for passionate Scorpios) is called for, especially around July 25 when Neptune and Juno align appealingly with Luna in your skies.


As the zodiac’s other two fire signs, Leo and Aries, are currently lit up with heavyweight planets, your situation has a rare dynamism. Whether it’s love, creativity or the noble idealism for which your sign is celebrated, you have everything to play for and little to lose. As we astrologers are prone to declare, Carpe Diem! (Seize the day). To give you a little perspective on July, keep in mind that once Saturn returns to the Centaur’s skies in in late September, seizing any day will be subject to far more onerous terms and conditions; in fact, this autumn promises a demanding march (though not without major rewards).

With that in mind, quest forwards with an optimistic heart. Venus and Jupiter in LO are keen on exploration – perhaps literally, in the sense of travel, otherwise in terms of your mind-set and professional ambitions (academe and publishing especially), the latter coming to the fore in a mere six weeks. The wayward but thrilling energies of planet Prometheus are also strong in the mix in July, not least for birthdays circa December 12; there is no better time than now to paint your masterpiece and re-imagine your place in the world, or simply to enjoy yourself on an existential basis. Romantics among you can loosen your heartstrings and explore (July 27/28 are favoured). Committed relationships are more circumscribed this month, with shared resources highlighted at the new Moon of July 16, when an equable and just settlement can/must be reached.

Downsides? Too few to mention. Though any confusion about your home cannot be dodged indefinitely, it’s best postponed until your hand is forced later in August.


Planets in opposition are not always so bad – after all, you endure a month of the Sun in opposition every summer when Sol passes through your complimentary sign of Cancer. However, when it is red-blooded Mars that’s opposite, a little care is called for, if only because the red planet is fond of grazes and burns and the like, It’s also a six week spell (until 8 August) when contretemps between you and friend/foe/ex/spouse tend to occur, asking you to avoid rash moves and unnecessary challenge. Give way without giving in. As Mars reaches opposition to Pluto in your skies at the new Moon of the 16th, all that goes double. In astrological terms, Pluto is something of an unstoppable force, but any initiatives on your part at this point are likely to be met with resistance, hostility even.

The picture with significant others is heavily nuanced, however. Jupiter and Venus, conjoined in your solar eighth house, describe both sexual passion – fifty shades of something – and a joint plot to maximise your financial gains as a couple. A lump sum bequeathed from your great Aunt Bertha is another possible scenario. Whatever the particulars, that money is involved is sure to interest a Capricorn.

In other news, your Saturn ruler remains in a backslide into the zone of your ‘scope concerned with fellow travellers, asking you to ensure you have the goodwill of colleagues; be a team player. The remainder of summer allows you to put right any misunderstandings from earlier in the year. Old business is good business.

If it sounds a somewhat sticky, steamy picture, you’re not wrong, but Venus putting her tow into your fellow earth sign of Virgo in the last week of the month should illuminate the new vistas that open in earnest in August. The almost full Moon in the Goat’s skies on July 29/30 may put you on the spot but in a good way – grab your share of the limelight.


Yearning for a dream lover, mourning for the departure of the same or in the thrall of a happy partnership? As pointed out in last month’s forecast, the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in your partnership zone can describe any of these scenarios, maybe all at once!) but the pair put your one-on-one relationships centre stage for now and for the rest of the summer. One message from these two planets (‘the greater and lesser benefics’ in traditional astrology) is seek and ye shall find, however unappreciated you may feel. Another, since Venus pops out of opposition for the last 12 days of July, only to return in August, is that lovers come in and go out of focus, and there’s many a twist to the tale of true love (or what passes for it). Hang in there.

Even if it isn’t romance that pre-occupying you, partnerships of all kinds remain an on-going issue. You may, for example, wish to bury the hatchet with you and an ex, or to forge a powerful business alliance under these stars. Things come to a giddy climax at the Aquarian full Moon of July 31, which ism, nonetheless, not the moment to make declarations of your long term intentions – give it a few days’ breathing space.

The traditional ruler of your sign, Saturn, has other things on his mind, notably, how you secure the professional advances you have made during 2013-15 and if there is something gone awry in your working life, how you might put things back on track, something that applies especially to birthdays 16-19 February. As Mars and a new Moon are lighting up your zone of everyday working (not necessarily the headline grabbing career moves), stay busy. Polish your halo.

The other planet touted as your guv’nor, Prometheus, is also strong in your ‘scope in July as the maverick planet draws to an apparent halt. Siblings and chums may have an unusually assertive role now; if so, welcome it. If you are in the media, education or the internet game, you look like a hot prospect. Unorthodox, but hot.


‘What’s love got to do with it?’ as a great Sagittarian singer once asked. Currently, quite a lot. The season of Cancer, a fellow water sign, is invariably positive for matters of the heart and this summer the presence of warrior Mars there gives you a hungry heart, if not for the romantic stuff then for people and past-times that feed your passion; follow your bliss, as the sage said. If you are longing for some one-on-one action, Mars urges you hunt your quarry, with the new Moon of July 16 the perfect time to relaunch your quest. Asteroid Juno – the marrying kind of goddess – in your complimentary sign of Virgo further adds to the sense that partnerships carry a particular weight this summer.

So too does the fact that Venus, the relating planet, also makes a brief but telling appearance in your opposite sign during the last two weeks of the month, a prelude to the arrival o9f your Jupiter ruler there in August. One way or another, keeping your chosen beau or belle onside looks a high priority, and if you are single, get the heck out the house and search.

That new moon has other messages, notably that if you are carrying wounds from old relationships (or more literal scars), here is the chance to heal them. Chiron is an enigmatic presence in the astrological set-up, half healer, half mover and shaker, but its presence in Piscean skies has particular resonance now, especially for birthdays circa March 14. Action in the fire sign of Leo, which governs your healthiest habits (and most dissolute ways!) also suggests that you are mission to tune up your heath regime.

Profession? As pointed out last month, you’re currently between times, mid-2015 having shown you just how far you can climb up the ladder. Any preparations for the more demanding cycle that arrives in the autumn is time and energy well invested.


On fire in an angry or an inspirational way? Cancer may not be your favourite astrological month, and this summer you have your ruling planet, Mars, alongside the Sun to make life if not difficult, then awkward, especially where home and family are concerned,. Even if you are flying high in other respects, it’s unlikely you can get everything on your own terms just now. Troublesome members of the clan have to be treated with a spirit of compromise (even the wretched builders). The new Moon of the 16th promises a new start, but Mars in opposition to Pluto on July 23 – an uncompromising combination – askes you not to blow a fuse, whether at home in your workplace.

Turning to inspiration, the presence of Jupiter and Venus in your solar fifth house is an excuse for some major summer party action. Look to your Leo chums, and if they don’t deliver, consider throwing your own bash. The alignment of Jupiter and planet Prometheus in your own skies is exact on July 23 though this one-in-a lifetime alignment is active all month, asking you to dig deep into your psyche for what truly animates and thrills you. Venus is also in Leo – handy for romantics – but dips into Virgo over the last twelve days of the month; job offers that appear and then vanish shouldn’t be abandoned as Venus returns to this point in October, when the offer may be renewed. The full Moon of July 23 may also cast some light on professional prospects; at the last it promises a social weekend.

There isn’t much shadow in your stars, but mean Saturn’s retrograde into your solar eighth house is there to ensure that amid all the excitement, you still have to grapple with the tiresome issue of finances, and since your lifestyle looks high-rolling just now, dig out some forgotten treasure from the vaults, of from your foiling cabinet.


If your line of work involves the media, entertainment, education or the internet, you have a live wire of a month in store. Mars, Mercury and the Sun moving through your solar third house – plus a new Moon there on July 16 – lend your efforts extra ‘oomph’ and favour you talking the hind leg off whomever is in a position to assist your enterprise. Anyone with corporate muscle who is in the frame circa July 23 deserves extra attention and a willingness to meet him/her halfway.

Aside from which your ‘scope is firmly focused on home and family and the comfort and advantages they deliver (and if you want to move home, it’s not too late). Jupiter in its final weeks in Leo is in many ways a summary of the path you have pursued over the past twelve months, asking for completion of not just domestic but career strategies, especially those that have given you the most trouble. That note is emphasised by the return of Saturn into opposition – mercifully, inly until mid-September. Saturn always sets the bar high and then makes you struggle to surmount it, but the effort that you put in pays back long term. The ringed planet’s last gasp in Scorpio is there for you to tie up loose ends and ensure you have been as through as possible. Though this applies particularly to birthdays 17-20 May, all Taureans are asked to run the slide rule over your achievements during 2013-15.

What’s in store is given a sneak preview by the shift of your ruling planet, Venus, into a fellow earth sign, Virgo, during the last two weeks of July. Your godmother drops back for a couple of months thereafter, but openings glimpsed now may be back on the table once summer is past. In any case, the second half of the month looks a genial time for the traditional Taurean pursuits of eating, drinking and making merry. For the romantics among you, it’s also a favoured stretch, with asteroid Juno already offering a preview of what might become more committed picture in a few short weeks time.

The full Moon of July 31st is at the very peak of your ‘scope, the place where you are most on display. This most obviously concerns your career, but its more general message is See and Be seen.


If you want a sticky issue into which to sink your teeth then money is probably the one. Mar, your ruler mercury and a new Moon (on the 16th) all revolve around short-term cash flow and how you lay hands on the folding stuff. Fretting is not obligatory, but with Mars making an uncompromising opposition to Pluto on July 23, be prepared for any showdowns and haggles with the powers that be before they come calling.

These are, however, passing clouds. More insistent in the current planetary picture are the heavyweight planets of Saturn and Prometheus. The former is now out of opposition, albeit only until mid-September, after which the basis on which you run both your professional and personal life will be put under sterner examination (birthdays at the beginning of the Gemini season have already had a taste of as much). Best, then, to treat the summer as a time when you can calmly prepare for the rigours of autumn – any problems with authority, bosses and partnerships are best thought through now. Immediate action is not called for, just a plan. Don’t drift.

In the here and now both Prometheus and Jupiter are about enjoying the joys of friendship, the company of colleagues, the support of siblings and chums, and the merry circus of fellow humanity in which members of your sign revel. Those of you in the media, internet, education and the like are under highly favourable ‘influences’ when putting your name out there and dallying with colleagues are hugely advantageous – one contact leads to another, you know how it works. Your under-valued idealism (The Twins is a deeply humanitarian sig) works in your favour.

Since Venus in powerful in the mix during the first half of the month, singletons have every reason to mix and mingle. The relating planet moves into the zone concerning home and career during the last two weeks but only briefly, showing you a glimpse of what to expect/look for once summer is over. Everything, then, to play for, and play should be your watchword during high summer. Enjoy.

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