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Your Stars September 2015

It’s always encouraging to see the mass media get animated about astronomy, to watch newspapers and broadcasters become excited about Supermoons and explain to their readers and viewers just why the full Moon looks so blinking BIG this month (answer, elliptical lunar orbit).

Call these close-to-earth lunations ‘Blood Moons’ (red thanks to atmospheric muck), chuck in some visible eclipses and you have a bit of instant folklore. Reports London’s Daily Mail “Some Christians are concerned that celestial events could mark terrible events, based on a passage from The Bible that says: ‘The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the Lord comes.’

Heaven forfend! This month even sees, cannily enough, the release of a new (and rather fine) werewolf western called Blood Moon,that uses a Native American ‘shapeshifter’ myth.

Astronomers don’t much care for astrologers – they feel unscienced by them – but they are stuck with us. Outside of the telescope class, astrologers are the biggest fans of the cosmos – of, for example, the recent Explorer photographs of Pluto and its twin Moon Charon, that so confounded expectations. Pluto, though small, looks no ‘dwarf planet’ as astronomers insist (schismatically) on calling it.

Astronomers attach no meaning to the events that fascinate them, or to to a series of Supermoons, and their planetary aspects. For hardhat science, that idea perished around 1650 AD. For ancient astrologers, this month’s total lunar eclipse (exact at 2.50 am on the 28th, and visible justabout if you’re a lucky European) would be Big News. For modern astrologers, who know about Prometheus, Neptune and Pluto, not to mention a gaggle of asteroids, September’s planetary events loom even bigger.


The rest of the zodiac truly appreciates Virgo’s saintly patience, selfless devotion to duty and your modesty when successful. However, you can only push the ‘little old me/glad to help’ schtick so far; and some people do see the glint of ambition and pride beneath your humility. With mighty Jupiter in your skies for the next twelve months, you may as well big yourself up, revel in your achievements and be a bit more selfish. Jupiter is presidential and regal, and enjoys a slap up dinner and a new set of clothes. Avail yourself accordingly.

September is a good month to start, this being your birthday season, with a potent new Moon (a partial solar eclipse) in your skies on the 13th. This is very much a ‘seed moment’ of your personal year and deserves a symbolic declaration of intent; it’s your birthday resolution. Immediate, practical plans also prosper this month, providing you factor in the retrograde of your Mercury ruler; after the 18th, old business is as good as new, plus it’s a fine time to chase debts.

The disconcerting factor in Virgoan lives remains Neptune, which is in long term opposition but especially active now, as planets successively oppose it. Neptune can be inspiration or muddle, or both at the same time, especially where partnerships are involved. Here, as your astrologer urged last month; boundaries are needed. Birthdays late August/early September are those most under Neptune’s misty gaze, but the super rare opposition of Jupiter in Virgo to Neptune in Pisces is a moment for all Virgoans to ponder on major relationships and assess their worth. If you have no issues in that direction, consider how you, project yourself onto the public stage; you have the planets to do so.

Partnerships and brand new romance both get a fillip once Mars arrives in the Maiden’s skies on the 25th, to be followed by Venus next month (a very busy October). The total lunar eclipse on the 28th could be a trigger point for any dispute. Let matters run their course – you have more clarity once September’s gone. Happy Birthday.


You are on several count-downs in September, most obviously the one to your birthday – the season of Libra begins at dawn on the 23rd – and then another five day count to a fiery full Moon in opposition on 28th (a tricky start to the week).


But taking precedent is the countdown to Mercury turning retrograde in your skies on the 18th. Nine weeks of Mercury in your fair, balanced Libran skies is a welcome omen, granting you mental inspiration, silver tongued oratory and Instagram magic, yet its three weeks in retrograde can feel like trudging through treacle. Flat phones, lost data, errant keys – until October 10 you can expect life’s little niggles to be more apparent. Yet these three weeks allow you catch up time. Fine tune words, revise manuscripts, chase money – anything retrospective is favoured.

Both Mercury and, post-Equinox, the mighty Sun, invite you to self-advertise. That your wayward ruler Venus turns to forwards motion on the 6th also helps here. Your network of chums and colleagues (including the occasional romantic interest) is humming this month and is a major asset. Awkward relations with a colleague or friend can be resolved. Ease your foot off the party pedal as the month progresses- as August may have shown you, health routines are necessary and in its new position, Jupiter insists on down time throughout autumn and winter.

Partnerships remain under more stringent stars. It’s no simple thing to find a just balance between independence and commitment, but as an even-handed Libra, that’s your current quest. The super-rare, super-saturated full Moon eclipse on the 28th is in your partnership zone, bringing a change of outlook at least, possibly a sudden departure, or a flare-up with an old flame/outright enemy. One suspects the real test of partnership issues comes with October’s new Moon, but this eclipse carries plenty of drama; calm called for.


Like Scorpio’s symbolic creature, your sign is known for wielding a sting in the tail, a point to bear in mind as you regard the exit of Saturn from your skies on September 17 for, oh, another 27 years. Does Saturn have a final sting in the tail for you? If you have paid your dues and faced up to big decisions over the last couple of years then it’s more likely to be a pay-off than a sting. Just dot the i’s and cross the ts on any contracts before you wave sayonara to the taskmaster planet. And congratulations, you have shed another skin.

You have plenty on your plate elsewhere in your ‘scope. Ruler Mars is in commanding but demanding mood; try to dance around difficult workfolk rather than confront them. By the end of September Mars has joined Jupiter in the zone of your ‘scope concerned with networking, diplomacy, fellow travellers. With a new Moon her on 13 September, you are promised maximum returns from networking.

Jupiter is in a major opposition to Neptune, precise on the 17th though active all month. Neptune can be hope and glamour, or delusion and downfall (think of those famous Neptunians Marilyn Monroe and Lady Diana), so with the planet inflated in your romance zone, you are surely owed a few wet kisses, even if they are a tad tainted. As a red-blooded Scorpio you just have to trust your instincts (adventure versus constancy, good luck with that one). The 17th and 18th, with Luna in your skies, look pivotal.

The other major celestial moment of the month is the supermoon eclipse f the 28th. This opposition (which all full Moons are, natch) falls across your ‘scope’s mind/body/spirit axis, asking you to tune into your considerable intuition. With Mercury in retrograde next to the Sun there’s an element of secrecy involved in what’s unfolding, or an echo from way back (1996, should you have the years). You may get revelation as soon as the 30th, when the still fat Moon opposes you.


Standing back to look to the medium term, you are under the ‘influence’ (or should one say ‘instructions’) of Jupiter and Saturn, respectively the Lord of Possibility and the Lord of Necessity. Honouring both those agendas will require your best shot over the next eight months. It’s no time to be on cruise control.

In the short term ie September, it’s Jupiter – your ruler – that holds sway, asking you to renew and perhaps revolutionise your career situation. What’s expected is sagacity and idealism (your speciality) as well as hard work and an earnest desire to impress. You are in the business of broadcasting your name and talents after all. With a new Moon next to Jupiter on the 13th, and a mighty opposition between Jupiter and Neptune shortly afterwards, things could get giddy (and surprisingly posh) very quickly (both these planets like a swell time).

You have other reasons to live it up just now, namely Mars and Venus completing their transit of fiery Leo. Venus finally gets her skirts straight on the 6th, an end to her retrograde, hopefully untangling any tortuous romances and easing your path through a transitional phase of your work/academic career. If you’re the creative stripe of Centaur, you should be on fire.

If your love life has been blowing hot and cold this year (your ‘scope certainly has), then the total lunar eclipse of the 23rd should wipe the slate clean ready for you to start over. This eclipse is in your romance zone, and implies a rethink, if not immediately, then soon. This is not, however, the time to try talking things through with a significant other; leave it a few days. All planetary events this autumn have to be set against the presence of Saturn, which moves into residence in your skies on the 18th, although the ringed planet doesn’t fully make its mark until November. Meanwhile, enjoy your opportunities, clear the decks (Mercury is retrograde btw) and roll right along.


It may feel like you are crashing through the gears in September, such is the steady arrival of significant planetary events. Already nailed on is the new position of Jupiter for the next year, in the fellow earth sign of Virgo, favouring your most intellectual, scholarly, and somewhat aloof self (think Oxbridge don) and/or your most adventurous self (jungle ravines call). If these seem unlikely roles, give it time. Writing and broadcasting beckon. The new Moon of the 13th, a partial eclipse, is a helpful uplift into a busy autumn.

Jupiter’s function – to undo a few laces and make you more Sagittarian – is amplified in September thanks to the planet’s major opposition to the tricky energies of Neptune, precise on the 17th. Unusually for a Capricorn, you may find yourself given to over-optimism, and seeing events, offers and people for more than they are. Don’t rush to judgment, especially given the retrograde of Mercury until mid October.

There are other reasons for sitting on your hands for much of the month. Firstly, Venus is not out of retrograde for the first week of the month, requiting patience should any financial deal be stalled, let alone a well-guarded love affair. What’s more, the second eclipse of the month – a total shadowing of the full Moon on the 18th, may herald an important development, especially where your family or your job is concerned. Eclipses are wild cards over which one has relatively little control but which need to be monitored, not least, on this occasion, if you are a 26 December birthday.

Saturn, your ruler and mentor, has been in obliging mood for the last two and half years, oiling the wheels of your all-important business and commerce circle. Let’s hope a further pay-off comes along as Saturn shifts into Sagittarius and to a behind-the-scenes role over the next couple of years. No problem, except that for every Jupiterian hurrah you’ll need a spot of Saturnine seclusion.


Flush, bankrupt or somewhere inbetween? The month’s major planetary aspect – an opposition between Jupiter and Neptune – falls across your financial axis, and highlights the chance to land a life-enhancing lump of money or to see the same vanish before your eyes. Jupiter, a money planet, promises the former, while Neptune, the deceiver, knows how to flatter and cheat. The exact confrontation is exact on September 17, but consider it active all month and act accordingly; give any gift horses a damn good dental check.

Jupiter is one planet moving you through a month of transition. Another is Mercury, in retrograde from the 18th, asking you to go slow and revise plans, artworks and manuscripts, overhaul your internet set-up, and to have a plan B where travel plans are concerned (give yourself acres of time).

Since the total lunar eclipse of the 28th activates the same area, there seem to be major adjustments imminent where your role in education, internet, or international relations is concerned.

Partnership issues are also in transition (as they have been all summer), as Venus finally turns round, come the 6th, in your opposing sign of Leo, which represents Significant Others of all hues. It’s been a long and hopefully happy story with Venus this year, in September you get the resolution of what’s gone down over the previous six.

Then there is the new position of Aquarius’ traditional ruler, Saturn, which moves into Sagittarius on the 18th; a welcome de-escalation of professional stakes for you, with a less exacting two years ahead, when you can work with people rather than endure them browbeating you. Give it a little time; remember September is transitional, and October more productive.


Hold tight – Pisces is deeply involved in September’s planetary developments, which frame not just this month but the autumn and winter ahead. The equations are simple enough on one level: ruler Jupiter moves into opposition (as it does every 12 years), emphasising partnerships, Saturn moves into a square aspect at the very apex of your ‘scope, emphasising career.

However, both those stories come heavily nuanced. Jupiter is not merely in opposition but part of a new Moon cum partial eclipse on 13 September, an event particularly relevant to 11March birthdays. Yet almost all of you can expect a few shakes in your major relationships (friends, business folk, enemies as well as lovers). Things may get positively steamy late in the month when Mars arrives in opposition (translation, feisty folk confront you), followed by Venus in October (translation, head-turners arrive).

Complicating things still further is the presence of Neptune in Pisces, which makes a precise opposition to Neptune on the 17th, but whose imprint sprawls across early autumn. Though many astrologers will tell you why Neptune is a fit for your sign – it’s dreamy and spiritual and arty – your current writer is unconvinced you should yoke yourself to a planet associated with delusion and dissolution. Besides, many Pisceans are far from dreamy, and make tough, tricky opponents – exactly the role that can help you through Neptune’s possible melt-down of your psyche (the Labour Party, b. 27.2.1900 is having just such a melt-down).

However you like to divvy up Jupiter and Neptune, their opposition arrives only every 12 years, and the last time it happened in Pisces was a century and a half back. So do keep your senses alert and hitch your intuition to more calibrated, detailed, common-sensical thoughts (the Virgo end of the lollipop).

Saturn arrives at the peak of your ‘scope on the 18th, to put major emphasis on your career path/property status. Over springtime those of you born 19-24 February already had a taste of Saturn’s agenda (basically, gotta do it whether you like it or not), over the next eight months it’s the turn of the plupart of the Fish clan. Self-reliance and self-starting are Saturn’s demand – take command of your own destiny. Stay real (exactly what Neptune doesn’t want).

Even without developments elsewhere in your horoscope, you don’t appear to have much wiggle room. Like every other sign you have to endure the minor annoyances of Mercury in retrograde) and ponder what a total lunar eclipse might bring on the 28th. Both events concern money; hard to imagine a more fruitful month for overhauling your accounts. A demon addressed is a demon diminished.

You want music, dancing, art galleries, fresh creps and a vibrant social circle? It’s out there somewhere for sure – Neptune has the contacts and the weekend of the 26th looks hot (Pisces Moon!) – but your horoscope has other things in mind.


It’s well known that an astrological Ram in his or her pomp likes to act first and ask questions later, and you have good reason to be riding high just now. Your Mars ruler remains brilliantly sited in fellow fire sign Leo, while Venus is also finishing her long residence in the Lion, a combination that puts entertainment and creativity at the heart of your horoscope – whether you are playing entertainer/artist or simply soaking up culture. Bring on the band and the dancing!

Mars passing Venus here also signals the resolution of any baffling love affairs that have occupied you over the summer. With Venus moving forwards you can get some straight answers…maybe. You are obliged to proceed by degrees. The emphasis on Significant Others in September’s ‘scope also comes from your opposite sign of Libra, where Mercury goes into a retrograde phase from the 18th, then retracing the steps it took in the first 18 days of September. You too are likely to find yourself dragged back over agreements (and arguments) you thought settled. Keep in mind that ‘significant others’ includes open foes as well as intimate partners.

Throwing an element of uncertainty into proceedings is the total lunar eclipse in your skies on September 23, an event highly pertinent to birthdays circa March 24, but relevant to all Rams. Eclipses are game-changers, deal-breakers and deal makers – an interruption in the normal flow of light/energy – and while part of you has to just sit on your hands and See What Happens, you can also intervene when things have calmed down post-eclipse.

How much energy you want to devote to other people is a moot point. Jupiter’s new position signals an expanded workload and the need for a health-fuelling regime so you can complete it. Make precision and skill are your watchwords.


Just as the season of the Bull is associated with springtime fertility, so that of the Corn Goddess (a fellow earth sign) brings harvest. This notion holds doubly true this year, when Jupiter in Virgo equals fulfilment and provision, while Saturn finally moves out of opposition, not to return for many years. In short, your ‘scope looks pretty pukka.

That said, until Saturn actually changes sign of the 18th, you are obliged to work extra hard to sign off on, and get pay-off from, projects you have undertaken this last couple of years, whether they are career or property related. Saturn is a planet of karma, and you need to be paid in full. It’s a good time to settle debts.

Simultaneously there are new undertakings to make. The new Moon of the 13th, which is also a partial solar eclipse, calls for Jupiterian vision over the next year –deep philosophy, outstanding artistry, far away places, stirring adventures, all the charisma you can summon. In many ways the slate is being wiped clean ready for the creation of your next masterpiece. If the issue that’s preoccupied you/laid you low has been a relationship, here is where you bury the body and the hatchet with it. That Mars joins Jupiter towards the end of the month adds to the sense of exploration at work.

Your ruler, fair Venus, adds to the sense of restart. The green planet ends it backslide at the start of September and one ‘stuck’ aspect of your career or home life now unlocks; a helpful colleague or the finishing touch to your lovely new home.

Any drawbacks? Of course. With Mercury in one of its irksome retrograde cycles; you’ll need to be scrupulous with your admin and infrastructure (maybe rip it up and start again?), while the total lunar eclipse of the 28th falls in a highly secretive zone of your scope, perhaps unprising a secret previously hidden in your personal Batcave.


Ah, the joys of home and neighbourhood – your horoscope is almost overloaded with them in September, and if you fancy a change of scenery, a domestic make-over or a relocation, the new Moon of the 13th marks a helpful staging post. Jupiter remains highly obliging for any such plans right through to January 2016, while the giant planet’s super-rare opposition to Neptune on the 17th can provide a moment of vision (or delusion) in how you organise your domestic set-up,

There are two sides to all oppositions, however, and opposite your zone of hearth and clan is your most public self, your own small slice of celebrity if you like. This usually arrives from diligent work in your chosen profession, but in September is as likely to materialise from a Bake-Off final or a Twitter storm – Neptune can be visionary but also shallow. By all means play your own spin-doctor, but don’t go believing your own hype.

Picking your way through September should be a lot of fun, but do be aware that your Mercury ruler is in no hurry – quite the contrary – and that many of your plans are in flux. Fortunately, a Gemini can be relied on to have a Plan B, and the scramble of Mercury retrograde can play well for you.

The social whirl looks an obliging matrix of friends, crushes and colleagues, thanks to Mars and Venus mixing things up in your solar third house. The weekend of the 5th looks handy. Then there is the matter of a total lunar eclipse in your zone of fellow-travellers and friends at the full moon of the 28th; a good moment to shake things up socially. Someone in the gang may do a disappearing trick, but if there’s a ‘man overboard’, make sure it isn’t you.

Set against that is the arrival of the mighty Sun in your house of romance for its annual visit at the equinox; keep an eye open for Libran parties. Are you ready to fret about two years of Saturn in opposition? Thought not. Suffice to say that the taskmaster arrives in Sagittarius on the 18th. Looks like quite an autumn ahead!


Circulating socially? Learning new tricks? Jupiter in its fresh position in your ‘scope has its sights on a richer social life and the acquisition of skills. The giant planet has a helpful role to play for the next year, but is especially active this month, mixed up in the new Moon of the 13th and making a potent aspect to watery Neptune a few days later. All education and travel projects are endorsed and may even involve extra income.Apart from an unexpected long haul flight dropping into your lap – well, you can hope -, t’s a time for quiet earnest industry in short. Mercury ‘s imminent retrograde doesn’t promise a quick resolution to problems concerning home or career, so you may as well ‘Chop wood, carry water’ as the Buddhist saying has it. Though that may sound less than thrilling, you have the support of fellow travellers, and you are promised fireworks later in the month, when a total eclipse of your ruling celestial body, Luna, arrives at the very peak of your ‘scope. This is something of an earth-shaker, especially for June birthdays, promising a breakthrough in (or break from) your career. At the least you are released from a long spell of restriction.

The departure of Saturn from your solar fifth will likewise lighten the mood music, not least with your intimate partnerships. Saturn and romance don’t much belong together, and the ringed planet’s new position, from the 18th, better suits Saturnine seriousness, signalling a time to get to grips with your infrastructure and routines.

Actual romance may be a work in progress as you await the attentions of Mars and Venus. The duo are chugging through your cash zone for most of September, at best solving a snuggle in your cash flow (ie you can make peace with the bank) and bringing more of the folding stuff your way.


One piece of folk wisdom holds that money makes the world go round, another insists that it’s love that does the job. As both cash and romance are flagged up big time in your September horoscope, here’s a month when you can decide for yourself.

The mood of your romantic life revolves around the Love Queen herself, Venus. The relationship planet has been forth and back in your skies for months, and completes her current backslide on September 6, after which you can stop blowing hot and cold about a recent crush or a former lover who has made a re-appearance. That the other relationship planet, no-messing Mars, is passing Venus as the month opens, sounds the same signal; stop prevaricating. With both planets in your sign for the short term, recent fevered events (dating, mating, flirting, arguing, consummating etc) require contemplation and resolution. There’s still time (say a month) for an electric encounter to re-spark. Birthdays 7-14 August take especial note.

In any case your love life is likely to acquire a less frantic, more serious hue over autumn as Saturn moves back into long term residence in your fifth house of   lovers and suitors, a process that starts (or rather resumes from spring) on the 18th. Might a bit more commitment be in order, from either or both sides?

Meanwhile Saturn is leaning hard on issues around property and securities, just to ensure you did proper administration over spring and summer, between spells on the tennis court and ice cream parlour. If not, get on the case pronto, preferably winding up business before the 18th, when Mercury turns retrograde.

Assets, whether cash money or mortgages/debts/ investments/ pensions etc – have an animated quality this month. Animated as in they are likely to move around even without your help (or knowledge). The Sun and Jupiter opposing Neptune across your financial axis can do that; pour in pennies from heaven or drain your account with a scam and all points between – either way, best be resolute and super aware. To be kept in the leonine luxury to which you have become accustomed requires funds.

Got a new term looming? Involved in education, lecturing, publishing or law? If so expect delays, reshuffles and rethinks once Mercury turns backwards on the 18th. Something more extreme may be involved at the end of the month, since the total lunar eclipse of the 28th activates the same axis of your scope. Eclipses break patterns, sometimes ending a cycle (or in this case vanishing a big trip), sometimes ushering in opportunities. Eyes peeled, then.



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