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Your Stars May 2015


Birthday months don’t always measure up to expectations but this one looks to be a moment of satisfaction, completion, triumph even. Milk it for all you can; every savoury morsel plucked from your allotment, every sweet crumb of chocolate birthday cake, every hard-earned penny and hard-won medal of professional honour.

Comparison to a mere twelve months ago should show you how far you have come, the big astrological difference being that you no longer have Saturn in opposition, and although the taskmaster planet hasn’t quite finished with some of you (late May birthdays in particular), you’re basically home free.

Home is, indeed, part of May’s equation. Jupiter’s presence in your fourth house of home and clan is keen on more space, brighter décor and a renewal of family ties; an influence that remains powerful throughout summer. Property and money are inevitably tied–in. Here the omens are favourable but call for a sharp eye on accounts and the calendar. Mercury in its own sign of Gemini and your house of assets encourages a healthy cash flow, in-depth research into money matters and astute deals. Mercury’s retrograde for three weeks on May 19 is something of a deadline for signing off documents, however. You get a major heads-up about monies and their allocation over the full Moon of May 4, and another when Mars and Saturn clash on May 15. Once Mercury’s turned backwards, you can reconsider on a grand scale, ready for June.

Socially you’re also set up. Venus is in serendipitous mood, where casual encounters around the ‘hood can be as rewarding as pre-arranged events. Actual romance may require more effort on your part. The full Moon of May 4 and the fertile new Moon of May 18 should both find you radiant; shine on. Happy Birthday.


The first stretch of 2015 should have shown you that maintaining your self-directed independence is currently no pushover. The astrological name for this condition is Saturn in Opposition, and it’s a theme that will be playing more loudly in the autumn months of 2015.

May, however, gives you a very useful illustration of what you are up against. That your ruler Mercury is lodged in your skies for nine long weeks gives you something of a whip hand in all your dealings, tricksy twists and turns, and self-promotion. Mercury’s three week retrograde from May 19 is a go-slow zone, time to ponder and adjust.

From May 12 you also have warrior Mars in your skies for six weeks, a time to hone your athletic skills and be prepared for the odd scrap. The oppositions of Mercury, Mars and the Sun to Saturn – on May 3, 15 and 23 respectively – are all heads-up moments in your brave fight for self-determination. Whether your ‘opponent’ is a major partner or the powers-that-be makes no difference; you have to cry tough, stand your ground, compromise only when necessary. Just now, though, you are on the front foot. Push your luck.

In other news, the Sun behind the scenes in Taurus calls for a little seclusion while you gather the energy you will need to celebrate your birthday month from May 21. Your social life also has its zings (birthdays 9/10 June take note). Romance? All to play for, but Saturn’s terms and conditions apply. Keep it real.


Given the mixed bag your horoscope has presented in 2015, it may have been hard to know quite where to direct your energy. Cancer is a Luna-ruled water sign, but let’s not forget it is also Cardinal (i.e. a pushy self-starter) and planets in fellow Cardinal signs have likely had reacting to events rather than initiating.

May presents a more agreeable picture. There’s the radiance of Taurus for starters, earth for your water, making the full Moon of May 4 and the new Moon of May 18 helpful staging posts in all social relations; friendships, fellow travellers, acquaintances. Luna in the Crab’s skies make May 21/22 power days.

Fair Venus, bright in the west as an evening star, is also on your side for a month after May 8, putting further emphasis on social relations and offering some (say birthdays July 6-9) the chance to make peace with foes and rivals. Other Venusian themes are poise, make-over, jealousy, artistic expression and romantic allure – take your pick. For dreamboat romance Venus’ alignment with Neptune looks good (May 16), while the green planet’s opposition to Pluto a week later looks a hot, lusty but maybe confrontational moment.

Professional commitments remain a difficult call (blame planet Prometheus), but with April out the way, less chaotic prospects lie ahead; unconventional options are likely also the best. You may have to wait another month before you feel fully in control, especially given a three-week spell of Mercury retrograde from May 19. Plans that you hatch now, however, can be implemented soon enough. Pinning people down and expecting a straight answer looks a big ask in the closing ten days of the month.


Boundless optimism may not seem the best strategy as May opens, with the full Moon of the 4th cranking up professional pressures and obligations on you. Yet with upbeat Jupiter the dominant force in Leo lives through to your birthday, stay on the front foot. It’s time for a touch of world domination (international affairs are promisingly starred) and if this spring and summer are not the moment to write your script as you want it written, when is?

It’s true that three weeks of Mercury in retrograde (from the 19th) call for patience, but the communications planet remains helpfully aligned for the next two months; excellent for wheeling and dealing. Merc Ret notwithstanding, the new Moon of May 18 offers real professional and personal momentum. Money is hopefully part of the equation, the trick being to balance your incoming and outgoing flows with some rigour (not Leo’s default position).

Perhaps the biggest questions this month involve affairs of the heart. Keep in mind these are a work in progress, with the arrival of Venus in the Lion’s skies next month changing the outlook significantly, or at least putting you in a stronger position. Meanwhile planets passing opposite Saturn on May 3, 15 and 23 should all keep your expectations in perspective. No-one gets their way all the time, even a Leo with Jupiter onside; find a halfway point that keeps everyone happy.


Far from home or wrestling with your living arrangements? Your horoscope holds both scenes firmly in prospect. The month of Taurus, a fellow earth sign, is certainly a congenial moment to be taking a trip, whether for business or pleasure, and to enjoy any international connections you have – the new Moon of May 18 is the time for renewal.

At the same time, Saturn at the root of your chart means developments – whether they involve property or professional kudos – must be promptly addressed, notably at May 3, 15 and 23, when ruler Mercury, Mars and the Sun emphasise the ‘life path’ zone of your ‘scope. Sensible to a fault, Virgoans rarely need reality checks but here they are just in case. The irksome but unavoidable delays that arise when your Mercury ruler slides backwards (three weeks from May 19) likewise ask you to stay vigilant and be in ‘mend, amend, revise and reconsider’ mode. If you are looking to sign documentation, get the deal done soon or prevaricate until June 12.

Your social realm enjoys Venus’s smile after the first week of the month; easy runnings for group involvements, for seeing and being seen. If you are looking for romance, or tussling with one, then the key dates are May 16 and 22. The former has Venus in a soppy embrace with Neptune, the latter in confrontation with Pluto – dreamy escapism and ruthless power play if you like, though ideally, you are searching for something between such extremes.


In happy equilibrium or struggling with the old mood swings? Your horoscope is nicely poised for the most part, offering opportunities to polish your professional halo – ruler Venus sails high in your career skies all month – while working feverishly at your personal and social worlds. An element of fever is likely to be involved. Prometheus, planet of abrupt arrivals and splits, remains in uncompromising opposition, and your hand may be forced by a circumstance or by a particular individual. Birthdays 9-13 October can expect developments, be it a hostile shove or a smiling embrace. Alliances that require you to compromise your independence or principles are unlikely to survive for long, likewise partnerships that have turned into a personal Groundhog Day. Change of one sort or another is needed.

That said, your social realm looks flourishing. Jupiter, marching in time with asteroid Juno, suggests a lot of networking, palm-pressing and air kissing will be called for over spring and summer. Take advantage. International jaunts and contacts are also a hot ticket, if compromised by Mercury’s three week rewind after May 19, when double-checking your tickets, your passport’s expiry date and your baggage quota are necessary precautions. On the other hand, if you have been meaning catch up with old friends, revise your latest academic paper or remix your hit tune, here’s the time.


Having had the whole of April with your ruling planet, red-blooded Mars, in opposition, you should know what to expect from the first 12 days of May, be it allure or provocation. Either way much of May looks like something of a dual with a significant other (or more than one); rival, enemy, spouse. The full Moon of May 3/4 is in your skies, so do expect to be put on the spot and have your answers or evasion prepared.

Battle eases once Mars moves on and Venus becomes a more forceful player in your ‘scope, favouring a more romantic, sentimental approach, with May 16 a promising weekend for a hot date. Although the season of Sun in Taurus – your opposite sign – puts you somewhat on the back foot (not least energy wise), other planets remain obligingly sited. Jupiter and asteroid Juno continue to offer a high (if not unprovocative) profile in your profession – struggles for professional supremacy are winnable this spring and summer, but ensure that justice, Jupiter’s watchword, is on your side, not just power.

Nine weeks of Mercury in its own sign of Gemini, with three weeks of retrograde from May 19, is a planetary programme that applies to all signs, but in your instance it involves both close relationships and money. You should be able to handle the former without too much fuss (be prepared for whomever to have a few changes of heart). Financial checks are currently being checked regularly by your horoscope, and you should follow suit, especially since Saturn will be revisiting your skies for a couple of months over summer. Keep in mind that emotions don’t work where money is concerned; just cold numbers.


Uh-oh. Without wishing to alarm you, the month of May looks like one full-on and possibly confusing ride. One major strand in your affairs is whatever has been going on in March and April, when your Jupiter ruler returned to forwards motion in Leo, simultaneously connecting to the energising but disruptive planet Prometheus in Aries. That is a lot of fire energy, the Centaur being the third fire sign in the zodiac pack.

Wild romances, long haul travel, deep study and multimedia platforms all fold favourably into this planetary scenario, which remains in place across the summer. May brings further complications, with Mercury (all month), Mars (from the 12th) and the Sun (from the 21st)  all moving into opposition. The emphasis on your partnership sign of Gemini naturally involves partners (not just romantic ones). Here you have to be a tad wary, since mars can spell both passion and fights/rivalries, while Mercury’s move into its backsliding three week phase from May 19 may leave you guessing on other people’s motives, misinformed, or simply with a dead phone. Forewarned, as ever is forearmed.

The positive side of Mercury in retrograde is that it helps you catch up with old chums, catch up with your work and catch up even with yourself during what looks like an otherwise breathless stretch of the year.

As each of these three planets move into Gemini they pass Saturn in your own skies. The full implications of Saturn in Sagittarius can wait until after summer, but the ringed planet is a stern force, and while Sagittarians will always, ultimately go their own sweet way, you have to keep your serious hat on at least some of the time.


Taurus being a fellow earth sign, its month in the Sun is genial for the Sea Goat, emphasising your lush creativity, your tender feelings, your romantic spirit – all the qualities that Capricorns are reckoned to lack! In reality, of course, there is no lack, just a tendency to prioritise the demands of work, money and playing things by the system’s rules.

A little de-prioritising of official duties will serve you well in May. The full Moon of May 4 and the new Moon of May 18 are both aligned in your favour. In between comes the weekend of May 8/9, when the Moon passes through your skies just as Venus moves into opposition, to soothe any troubled waters in your personal life, or, if you are looking, to introduce you to a simpatico friend or exciting partner; here, an alignment with Neptune makes the 16th a hot weekend for either scenario.

Work doesn’t go away, however (‘Thank heavens for that,’ comes a cry from the crowd), and here the picture is more complicated. Mars and the Sun in Gemini, from May 12 and 21 respectively, spell plenty of workload, but the real signifier here is Mercury, which spends none weeks going forwards and backwards in this, your zone of duty and daily toil. That, broadly, is a good thing, except that three of mercury backsliding from may 19 call for a circumspect view by yourself, as important papers are flung in wastebaskets, calls go awry and you are better served going over old business than trying to initiate new. Remember, no-one keeps perspective like a Capricorn.


Stick or twist? Stuck or on the move? Your horoscope holds a fine balance during May. As pointed out last month, the Bull is a sign just as obstinate as your own, and with a full Moon (May 4) and a new Moon (may 18) in said sign, it would be easy to get caught up in a battle of wills, especially if it involves something as central as your home or living arrangements. Given that the Sun moves on to the more amenable sign of Gemini on May 21, either compromise or duck any problems for now.

The planetary action ion Gemini is strong throughout May and June is easier to handle – it’s an air sign like your own, and one likely to get you inspired and passionate rather than digging in your heels. Little problem, then, that the talk-talk planet Mercury will be there (from May 1st) along with Mars (from May 12th). This looks like party time, the only glitch being that the three weeks of Mercury backsliding (from the 19th) brings the usual demand to ease up and reconsider rather than try to force the pace. A fine time to catch up with old chums and former belles and beaux.

Gemini is also your zone of offspring, and given that the odd asteroid Ceres is in in your skies for the rest of 2015, a mothering/mentoring role may be thrust upon you, one that demands a stern attitude to wayward youth rather than teaching kids to dance round the maypole. Bear it in mind.

You may be too preoccupied with your current partner for any reunions. Jupiter’s opposition to your Aquarius Sun this summer is a major astrological indicator, the question being of what? A rip-roaring new arrival, a glorious partnership or a parting of the ways? Jupiter’s free and easy character makes all three scenarios possible, the unifying principle being the yearning for freedom and where you find it.


Serious-minded Saturn continues to perch on the apex of your horoscope, reminding you – as if you needed telling – that career is currently the key issue with which you have to contend. Bang opposite, at the nadir of your ‘scope, come planets emphasising another major issue, your home. It is hard enough to keep one of those two issues in fruitful play – juggling both simultaneously, as you may be asked to do just now, is simply exhausting.

Saturn is, in fact, in retreat, meaning that the efforts you have pumped into your profession in this early part of 2015 will pay you back in the autumn, when the taskmaster planet exerts a more insistent agenda. For now, it’s enough to maintain your input. As planets oppose Saturn, however, you might expect a sticky day or two – notably May 3 (Mercury), May 15 (Mars) and May 23 (Sun), and be sure to factor into your schedule the three week retrograde of mercury from May 19, which will ensure that everyone (not just you) gets the usual mixture of slow-down and screw-up.

However, the emphasis on your home and domestic set-up means that if you have the builders in, for example, the tendency for things to rumble on with no clear result is exacerbated. You might wish to consider postponing until June 12 for any huge jobs.

Much more accommodating is Venus, which will spend a month in your fellow water sign of Cancer from May 12. This is a time for crooning love’s tune, for getting out the house and finding easy times, great art and good parties – all of which are wildly favoured at the weekend of May 16, when Venus lines up with dreamy (and dodgy) Neptune in your own skies. With Venus in play until June 6, however, there is always another party, another gallery, another girl/boy, another planet…..


Not every Aries is a fire starter (metaphorically speaking), but it would be surprising if you were not in frisky, even belligerent form just now. The chief suspect in your horoscope remains planet Prometheus, whose taste for compromise is limited, while the more accommodating energies of Jupiter are in control of your romantic and creative life. It’s an incendiary mix, and one that will get stronger over the course of the summer, asking just how long you can put up with any individuals or situations that feel like a burden on your heart. Birthdays around 5-9 April may feel this question most keenly.

If you’re saddled up with the right partner, or in the right profession, then you can take your passion and success to a new level now. Pump in the energy, bearing in mind that communications planet Mercury is about to enter one of its thrice annual retrogrades – for three weeks after May 19 – and that thereafter deals are provisional and subject to revision and overhaul.

That your ruler Mars enters Gemini on May 12 will also help keep the momentum of events high (yes, despite Merc Ret!) and assist any work involving writing, speaking, education and media. This looks like a busy, productive time, one with pay-off at that, since the new moon of May 18n has links to your career path. Even your home is part of the action, with Venus, planet of the finishing touch, passing through your domestic zone until early June.

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