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Your Stars March 2015

piscesMarch is always an important month in the astrological calendar. The Spring Equinox is considered the starting point of the annual round, with Aries being the first sign of the zodiac. This year the Equinox arrives at 10.45 PM GMT on March 20th; celebrate the first day of spring accordingly.

This March comes loaded with extra significance. There is the none too small matter of a total eclipse of the Sun, one that will be visible across most of the northern hemisphere, which arrives with the new Moon on March 20th at 9.36 AM GMT in Pisces, at the very last of the zodiac’s 360 degrees (all circles have 360 degrees, right, with each zodiacal sign getting 30).

An eclipse in the final degree of the final sign shrieks completion, an ‘end’ moment. That thought may be especially significant for the United Kingdom. The chart for the coronation of William 1 on Christmas Day 1066 – usually taken as the birth chart for England – has its Moon in the same degree. So – a big change for old England, perhaps signalling the end of its dominance over the rest of the UK, and the devolution of the country’s constituent parts. The political situation tells much the same story, as does the chart for the UK itself (usually taken as January 1, 1801) where the transformational powers of Pluto are at work.

On a more global scale, March also sees the final clash between the distant planets of Pluto (in Capricorn) and Uranus aka Prometheus (in Aries). The ‘hard’ aspects between these two planets invariably spell political upheaval, and this column has written several times about the synchronicity of this planetary cycle with the upheavals of the ‘Arab Spring’ and protests elsewhere.

For the current enactment of this clash, look no further than the stand-off between the newly elected government of Greece and the ‘troika’ of the EU, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund. The anti-austerity government of Greece represents the Promethean spirit of protest, while Plutocratic power is symbolised by the hardline stance of the banks/German government. You can find a comedic commentary on the showdown here:–lJqVqZhWpe

Anyone with a birthday around April 5, July 7. October 9 and January 6 might expect a similar upheaval on a personal, micro-level. Contrary to allegations that astrology is fatalistic and about pre-determined events, it’s all to play for.


In several respects you have already done much of the emotional heavy-lifting the cosmos asks of you, when Venus and Mars passed through your skies in late January and February. Coming to terms with your feelings and instincts is one thing, however, acting upon them another (especially with Mercury in retrograde behind the scenes). With the Sun now making its annual visit to your skies, it’s a perfect time to press the ‘go’ button, and to make a superhuman effort to get what , or even who, you want.

The full Moon of March 5 is certainly a time to face up to any relationship problems and to take on board the concerns of your beloved other half, even though full Moons are not the best time for any intimate tete-a-tetes; leave it a few days. Apart from which your horoscope is not terribly interested in the lovey-dovey stuff. More pressing are practical concerns, with your Jupiter ruler powerfully aligned in the work-and-routine sector of your ‘scope and Saturn stationary at the peak of your chart also pushing career concerns to the fore. There isn’t much mystery involved here; you simply have to buckle down and prove your worth on a relentless, day-by-day basis. The good news is that the Sun grants you the energy and chutzpah to do so.

Furthermore, with the cash-flow zone pumped up by a slew of planets all month, there looks to be extra funds involved; you won’t just be working for the glory involved. Pluto suggests you won’t be short of powerful allies in your efforts to get ahead. Mercury’s arrival for a brief three week dash through Pisces from March 13-31 allows your voice to be he heard, brings overdue news and keeps your affairs ticking over sweetly.

The most spectacular event of the month is, of course, the total solar eclipse of March 20, and if that’s your birthday, you’re staring at major change over the next six months. An eclipse is, on one level, like having the slate swept clean ready to start again, and all Pisceans are being offered a fresh start at this eclipse, whether you are simply asking your stylist to give you a make-over or digging deep for a resolution about your deepest, most authentic identity. Wish upon a star. Happy birthday.


Mars, your ruling celestial body, has a mixed reputation. It is, after all, the planet of hard knocks (literally), cuts and burns, and of bold but possibly foolhardy decisions. As the red planet is at super strength in your skies all month, the challenge if to balance your ‘go get’ impulses with a little forethought. Head down and charge – default position for some Rams – is unlikely to provide the desired results; a case of too much force and, very likely, too little information.

A wary advance and a principled stand are nearer the mark just now. The righteousness of one’s cause is always important when in warrior mode – and, heaven knows, that’s your stance in March – especially as the justice planet Jupiter is on your side. Whether you are haggling with the powers-that-be or locked into a turbulent relationship, right is as important as might, especially for early April birthdays – winning people over rather than trampling them underfoot.

That said, if you feel you have to cut a few personal cords to maintain your integrity, go right ahead. The energies of Prometheus/Uranus are not much given to compromise, and with said planet rampant at mid-month, you may well have reached the end of one life-chapter. In relationship terms, the weekend of March 7/8, with a fat Moon in opposition, could be pivotal (promising time for singletons, however).

If you have life on an even keel, or some approximation thereof, March and April and beautifully aligned months when you can push boldly onwards, play the dashing knight or charming (ie she-who-shall-not-be denied) princess, or show foot-dragging bores the élan they lack. Whatever happens this side of the solar eclipse of March 20, you have a chance to make your point all over again during late March and April, when your birthday Sun renews your power. It’s your world, the rest of us just live in it.


The public Bull and the private Bull are not quite moving in tandem in the first half of March, asking you to give each their rightful, but probably separate due.

Your dealings in the outer realm are the easier to handle. The communications planet Mercury is only now emerging from its protracted retrograde cycle, meaning your public, however you define it, is finally ready to receive your message. March is perfect for wheeler-dealing activities, for back-slapping business handshakes, and profile-raising spin-doctoring. The weekend of the 21/22 and the following days, pursuant on the new Moon/solar eclipse of the 20th, are gilded. Stay doggedly super-active. If you have international connections, exploit them.

Issues closer to home are another matter. With so much planetary activity in the most personal and secretive sector of your solar ‘scope, inner changes and activities that are no-one’s business but your own (whether clandestine romances or gladly-performed duties) are also paramount but not for public consumption.

Somewhere between public and private are your plans for your home and living quarters. Jupiter in the zone of your ‘scope concerned with your domestic set-up is a positive omen, but the giant planet remains retrograde, perhaps asking for another few weeks’ patience before you can bring any plans into reality. Still, its links this month are strong, and deserve at least your medium term plans if not an immediate move.

Once your ruling planet, Venus, arrives in your skies on the 17th, for a brief but telling three week stay, you are empowered personally (frocks, food, flirtation!) but also to nail down more of the folding stuff – slowly but surely does it.


Any go-slow from early 2015 is now in the past. Your ruling planet, quicksilver Mercury, is now accelerating forwards and you should follow suit, yacking, scribbling, and deal-making until you wear out the rest of the zodiac. The days preceding the solar eclipse of the 20th are there for you to spin your stories, just as long as you don’t start believing your own hype….or anyone else’s.

Your focus is best reserved for the outer world of work, contacts and fellow travellers in any case. Most of the month’s major aspects concern your place in the world and your fight for recognition rather than deeply personal matters. That includes the eclipse of the 20th, which encourages a shake up in your career path, especially if you are a May 21/June 21 baby.

If you are looking for lovers, they are likely right under your nose or in the swirl of work and education (the latter is an ongoing and rewarding theme). Get out the house, especially on the 25th/26th, when the waxing Moon traverses Gemini’s skies. Long-term relationships are at a pretty point (meaning none too pretty in some cases, notably for late May birthdays). Saturn in opposition is not the easiest of transits to negotiate, but the planet of cold hard facts turns to retreat mid-March, granting you a few months of respite until its more forceful return in autumn. Here’s a point of assessment.

The full Moon of March 5 is in your domestic zone, marking a point of completion about living arrangements for many Twins (June 2-5 birthdays for example). For those of you still contemplating a change in your home life, six months is a useful time frame for the upheaval.


Whatever your favourite ‘work song’ may be, best be humming it from sun-up every day throughout March. Your ‘scope remains focussed principally on both the hard graft by which you earn your trade – your skills set and daily routine – and the less tangible but no less real advantages that accrue through your professional reputation. With taskmaster Saturn accentuating the former   and a slew of planets emphasising the latter, for now you look a slave to the job (if you are fortunate enough to have one) or to your efforts to polish your professional credentials. Likely you have to attend to both ends of the equation.

Is there any way out? Your ‘scope doesn’t offer much wiggle room in the first half of March, when a potent blend of Mars/Prometheus favours acts of professional bravado (not foolhardiness). You are being pushed into making a change, and maintaining the status quo may prove difficult with folks higher up the professional food chain making unpredictable moves. The total solar eclipse of the 20th marks a transition point for many Cancerians, especially birthdays circa July 6/7, who find themselves in the crossfire of the Prometheus-Pluto clash. If a long-standing relationship is also in crisis, best not be tempted into the emotional equivalent of a nuclear showdown.

You are in a better position to steer your own course in the second half of the month, when Venus moves onside and allies are easier to find. The Sun, in your fellow water sign of Pisces until the Equinox, and Mercury not far behind, both favour an international perspective to professional (and maybe love) affairs. The new Moon born at that eclipse reaches the Crab’s skies – Luna’s favourite patch – on Match 27/28, a weekend for a special occasion.


If February was largely a case of consolidation, and drumming your fingers impatiently as significant others sorted themselves out, March is about expansion and action. Planets in your fellow fire sign of Aries are in incendiary mood, whether than means an upheaval in your mind-set, a push into new professional frontiers or even relocation.

Which direction you leap is largely up to you; Leos are at a rare point of self determination in March and April, largely unopposed and with Jupiter, planet of possibility, splendidly aligned with the action in your kindred sign of Aries. Many members of the Leo tribe are now catching up with scenarios that unfolded in the latter half of 2014, when the giant planet moved forwards through your skies, pausing to backtrack at Christmas. Jupiter doesn’t roll onwards again until April, but March looks more than a case of getting ready for that, such is the insistence of planets elsewhere, not least your celestial rule, the Sun, which moves decisively onside at the Equinox eclipse.

Creativity, romance, educational and media activities, and ocean-hopping travel are among the smorgasbord offered by these stars, while once Venus crests your ‘scope on the 17th, performance and profile will be requested. If there is a downside it is likely in the area of finances, where the slippery energies of Neptune remain highlighted, calling for exactitude (there is also restraint, one of your less favoured virtues). Savings and assets, rather than income, are the issue here. Romantic passion also comes under Neptune’s aegis just now; a fine omen to lose yourself in another’s arms, as long as you remember you have to come back.


Many kinds of relationship are covered by that phrase ‘Significant Others’ – romantic partners, spouses, ex’s, friends, professional colleagues and more – but given the activity in your horoscope you are going to be wrangling at least one variety during March.

The full Moon of March 5 in your skies is good for a spin in the limelight but may also bring a touch of lunacy to your dealings with others. Your ruler, Mercury, moves into opposition from the 13th until the end of the month – normally the cue for full and frank exchange but with the fogs of Neptune swirling around the 17th, a more complex scenario may apply in which someone is deliberately deceiving you or their ‘message’ is getting lost. Directly afterwards comes the solar eclipse of the 20th, at the very last point of your opposite sign of Pisces – quite an omen for 22 September birthdays. If one particular Significant Other does a vanishing trick – perhaps at your behest – don’t be too surprised.

Not all relationships are so indeterminate. For birthdays circa September 8 grand passion beckons, deepens or combusts, and the though the sign of Virgin is associated with chasteness, you would appear as susceptible to sexual allure as any other sign just now.

Perhaps most challenged of all your tribe are those born early in its reign ie August 23-29, for whom 2015 has brought a taste of Saturn’s sometimes bitter medicine. The ringed planet always spells challenge, if not necessarily of a negative kind; folks get promoted and make their name under Saturn’s sway, but such success is rarely won without sweat, and with the planet stationary all month, some tough calls about major issues (property, family, work) may prove unavoidable.


Like the two pans of the Scales, Libra is reckoned to be all about partnerships and relationships. That may cause something of a wry laugh given the ongoing opposition of Prometheus over the last three years, a planet well known for its habit of tearing down the existing order of things, precipitating sudden departures and unexpected arrivals. The Scales, so often depicted in equilibrium, have likely been anything but.

March and April promise more of the same. You have not only Prometheus to contend with but also Mars and the Sun; a fierce trio to be sure. Your totem planet, Venus, is also in opposition until the 17th. That line-up looks scarier than it’s likely to prove; in fact it could be the start of a beautiful friendship, as Casablanca has it, or a heart-captivating encounter that arrives out of the blue – the kind of nourishment all Libran romantics crave.

Best to accentuate that positive thought while keeping your antennae on high alert for incoming flak from a partner or a so-called pal. Though Librans usually give as good as they get, you are likely outgunned by Mars for now. What Prometheus wants is not necessarily a dust-up but liberation, and under this transit, especially this month, you can usefully explore the freedom that you have either sought or which has been thrust upon you. You have probably grown fonder of your own company in any case. As Pluto, the planet at the other end of that infamous square with Prometheus is in your zone of home, there may well have been upheavals on the domestic front. Here’s a good time to consolidate.

The activity in the other two fire signs, Leo and Sag, bring less intimate but helpful fellow travellers on board, as does Mercury until the 17th. Circulate madly.


There is dull work and exciting work, work that is undertaken from duty, for kudos or simply for money. All varieties of the four letter word are on offer in March – you simply have to be clear what you are doing and why.

Kudos is, surprisingly, the simplest. Jupiter at the peak of your chart is keen to promote your profile to your audience, be that the general public or those in your profession, and although Jupiter remains in retrograde until mid-April, said planet (highly visible in the evening sky) is very much in the thick of this month’s planetary action, asking you to milk your efforts for every scrap of glory you can muster.

It’s unlikely to come without effort from the everyday grind, however. The congregation of planets in your solar sixth house, ruler Mars included, isn’t about to let you off the hook. That said, Mars and Prometheus in canny alignment with Jupiter and Pluto suggests every scrap of sweat adds to your reputation and your bank account. As for the truly rewarding work, that undertaken out of love and devotion, that too is in favour thanks to the Sun’s passage through your fellow water sign of Pisces. The solar eclipse of the 20th, in this same sign, suggests you may have pause for thought about what you do from your heart. Perhaps you will decide to move to a more creative, individual way of working. See how you feel after witnessing the celestial spectacle, wither about work or about an esisting or potential romance; either way, it looks a game-changer.

Turning one’s attention to relationships, the advent of the luurve planet Venus in your house of relationships at the 17th, for an all too brief three week stay, is a positive omen for wither existing partnerships or for a new affair., Your boss planet mars shows up at the same point at the every end of the month for a more protracted stay. April looks…eventful.


Saturn in your skies for (ulp) the next two and a half years may demand a certain sobriety, sternness even, from you, but with a little luck (it’s in the air) you can skip the ringed planet’s severity in March and April for a far more entertaining and creative couple of months.

The dominant planetary energy in your fellow fire sign of Aries is the first reason why. Mars in Aries (its own sign) can be a daunting prospect, an over enthusiastic force, especially as it’s joining Prometheus there at mid-month. For you, however, this combination – renewed by the Sun after the equinox – spells adventure, easy-going times with friends, hot romances and, if you’re the type, the acquisition of sporting garlands. Creatives can pen or paint their masterpiece and all of you can terrify your social circle with your indomitable enthusiasm.

Your ruling celestial body, Jupiter, in the fire sign of Leo spells much the same story, especially as the giant planet is sweetly aligned to the action in Aries. Your restless spirit is rewarded with new frontiers of learning (and teaching), and a globe-spanning perspective (perhaps travel itself).

The central point about such aspects is not to take them for granted. This isn’t business as usual but opportunity writ large, Jupiter ensures that this freewheeling, outward-going mood isn’t about to vanish, not until later in the year anyway, but whatever your agenda, pursue it with vigour now. You are unopposed.

Almost. Saturn is still in your skies, and as the ringed planet is stationary all month, has extra force, asking you to keep the longer term in mind. Develop a clear idea of where you want to be in six months and 24 months time. If you were born in the first few days of your noble sign, ie November 23-28, or in 1985, you will already have had a taste of the demands that Saturn brings, and the big decisions involved (commitment, promotion, responsibility and the like) . They aren’t about to disappear, but meanwhile, live it up.

The other zone of your ‘scope active this month is that concerning your home and domestic set-up. If all is settled there, fine, but both the full Moon of the 5th and the total solar eclipse of March 20 ask questions about your living arrangements and their sustainability. Eclipses rarely spell crises when they occur – six months down the line is more usual – but, nonetheless, watch this space.


Like its physical counterpart, the astrological Goat is a tough customer, a survivor at all costs, which is just as well given the somewhat challenging planetary picture that March and April presents you. Mars, Prometheus and the Sun are all in feisty form at the root of your horoscope, asking you to be at your most adroit and political (with a small ‘p’) when dealing with either or both career matters and family disputes. You can expect one or two folks keen to upset the apple cart in either instance, calling for you to dig in your heels and play little Mr or Ms Reliable.

The clash between Pluto – now exactly halfway through Capricorn’s skies – and Prometheus (in Aries) principally affects birthdays circa January 5, who may have to make a tough call whether to commit or quit. You are not one to throw in the towel, no matter how hard the going, but compromise may be necessary, especially if matters you’d rather stay un-noticed spill into the open (Pluto tends to bring things into the open, as do eclipses like that of March 20).

All of you get a touch of Mars and the Sun ruffling your feathers over the next couple of months, so do streamline your priorities and seek out possible solutions in readiness. Your carefully accrued assets – the bulging chest of silver salted away in the attic – are, as ever, one source of your strength, quite aside from your formidable willpower, although, as even the flintiest Capricorn knows, money can’t buy you love.

Happily, planets elsewhere offer quite contrary scenarios. The Sun and Mercury in your third house of communications and education keeps bright ideas and smart people in orbit. Even better is the prospect of Venus in your fellow earth sign of Taurus for three weeks from the 17th. Here, Venus is in excelsis, asking you to put aside the career grind for La Dolce Vita, an all too brief season of fun, flirtation, earthy romance and foody heaven…should any of those things appeal. The weekend of the 28th has an especially rosy glow.


Unlike sluggish February, things happen quickly in March. That Mercury, the planet of cognition and communication, spends the first 12 days of the month in your skies, completing an epic nine week stay, allows you to despatch previously mired tasks- sign things off! The same planet may also help you resolve differences with your other half or a close friend. Thanks to Jupiter in opposition, partners (and ex’s) loom large in your ‘scope right through to autumn so mutual accord is important. Birthdays around February 5 are in the thick of Jupiter’s transit just now, and if you are uncertain about the future a relationship, you might stall and wait for the giant planet to return to forwards motion in April, a point of resolution. If you are single and searching, it’s a case of seek and you shall find.

Planets in the other two fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius, also put friends, siblings and colleagues very much in the frame, there to surprise you in come instances, to offer support in others. Either way your social network deserves close and ongoing attention. This isn’t a time to be a recluse.

The month’s only tricky subject is finances, which are put in the frame both by the full Moon of March 5 and the solar eclipse of March 20. Dogged to a fault, you are not the type to let hard won fortunes lip through your fingers, but with Neptune and an eclipse involved, it could be a case of ‘now you see it now you don’t. Concentration called for.

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