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Your Stars June 2015

GeminiWhether or not ‘Flaming June’ lives up to its reputation weather-wise, the month is certainly a perfect storm of astrological activity.

How so? Three events dominate the celestial realm.

Firstly there’s Mercury in Retrograde. This is one of the few pieces of astro-jargon that has entered popular parlance – there are several pop songs about it – hence many people know that the communications planet’s apparent backslide spells slow-downs, foul-ups, dying phones and missing luggage. The three weeks of Merc. Ret. are usually talked up as worse than they are – patience and revision are its principal imperatives – but the May/June retrograde is a more substantial affair. That Mercury is strong in its own sign of Gemini amplifies the usual cautionary message, plus the tiny planet is also making three provocative aspects to Neptune, the planet of duplicity, scandal and glamour.

The ructions surrounding world football’s governing body FIFA and the exposure of its corrupt practices fit this scenario perfectly. Will FIFA President Sepp Blatter (b.10.3.36) survive? Blatter (b. 10/3/36) is a slippery Piscean and has already squirmed through the net one, but heavyweight transits to his horoscope over the next two years (transit Pluto opposite natal Pluto, fact fans) make it highly unlikely that he will survive for long.FIFA itself will surely not continue in its present form. Founded on 21 May 1904, the world’s football body has Saturn trundling back and forwards opposite its Taurus Sun for the next three months. A rigorous examination is promised, with the FBI cast as a relentless Saturnian force.

What this Mercury Retrograde means for individual Sun signs is addressed in the forecasts below.

The second major event in June is Venus meeting Jupiter in the sign of Leo, aligning to Prometheus in another fire sign, Aries, promising a romantic, sexy and creative summer, especially for fire signs (Leo, Sagittarius, Aries). With revolutionary Prometheus much involved in this rare conjunction, art in all its guises may acquire a fresh invention and importance this summer.

Thirdly comes the reversal of Saturn from Sagittarian skies into those of Scorpio, which dredges up business from late 2014 for resolution, not least for Scorpios and Taureans.

Add in a volatile new Moon on June 16 – Gemini air to fan all that fire – and June looks like a case of Flame On! Then there’s the Midsummer Solstice, exact at 16.37.55 GMT on June 21. Sound the druid horns!


Your horoscope has a Janus-like quality just now, marching forwards while looking backwards, making the first three weeks of June a decidedly ambiguous affair. There being two Twins in every Gemini equation, you can manage to follow suit.

The retrograde of Mercury ruler in your skies calls for a careful revision of your strategy for self-promotion, not least in your profession. You are the classic unreliable narrator this month, and though you may drive others to distraction with your refusal to commit or explain yourself, that’s their problem, not yours. Change your mind as often as you like and stay flexible. ‘Making-it-up-as-you-go-along’ may be a charge levelled against you, but with the Sun and Mars on your side, you’re in charge. Neptune in your career skies is ideal for playing your own spin-doctor, as long as you aren’t telling whoppers. The trickiest moment is at the Full Moon of June 2, when getting into a scrap is too easily done.

Otherwise, be forceful, not least if you are a sporting Gemini (Mars is the planet of the athlete). Mercury turns to forward motion on June 11, but the new Moon of June 16 is a better time to climb off the fence, and put all your carefully re-thought plans into dazzling action.

By then, Saturn has slipped out of opposition for three valuable months. It would be easy to coast through the summer but a mistake. Fix the roof while the Sun is shining, as the saying goes. As much applies not only to your physical habitat and to your work (expect to be put to the test come autumn) but to relationships. You gain enormously from a rich social life this summer (thanks to Venus and Jupiter) and if you are single and on the look-out, then you have possibilities. If you are stuck in an unsatisfactory relationship, you have a period of relief before Saturn asks difficult, probably un-dodgeable questions later in the year. Meanwhile, Happy Birthday.


Money may be the root of all evil, as the old saying goes, yet it’s invariably better to have some than to be without. Your horoscope is certainly in favour of acquisition; rarely are both Venus and Jupiter together in your cash zone as they are this summer. Can you anticipate pennies raining from heaven, therefore? You can hope! Better to visualise a sudden shower of bank notes, and to plot a fresh source of income – very likely, as your astrologer has pointed out before, from a new, unorthodox line of work. Cash aside, this confluence of two ‘money planets’ does ask you to overhaul your value system in a more general sense. to assess exactly how much you need and for what purpose and prioritise accordingly,

Venus starts the month in your own skies until June 5, reason enough to get out the house, be among convivial company and flirt shamelessly. After all, with Mercury in rewind until mid-month, it looks hard to force the pace. Planets in your twelfth house, including the Sun, favour reflection rather than action, though a waxing Moon in your skies on June 17/18 lends you a canny touch. Once midsummer comes on June 21, you are in business, and with warrior Mars arriving on June 24 for six weeks, it is time to take on the toughest assignments, and grapple with your fiercest critics. With Saturn back in a fellow water sign (Scorpio) for the summer, affairs of the heart call for fearless examination, not least if you are a July birthday – unfinished business from 2014 may well be back on the agenda.


Oh joy. While Venus visits you every two years, and Jupiter every twelve, rarely do these two ‘lucky’ planets occupy the Lion’s skies for an entire summer, a cue for you to be at your most Tiggerish – noisy, attention-seeking, lavish, resplendent. There has to be a catch . . .doesn’t there?

Of course. Venus will be going backwards during your birthday month, meaning you’ll be held accountable for all the wild promises and broken hearts that you leave in your wake during June and July. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Venus sailing through your sign from June 5 is a cue to give yourself a make-over, splash the cash (steady!) and put on a dinner party or three. If you’re the creative kind, your masterpiece now calls with urgency. If you are in the game of romance, then be a little more outlandish.

Love affairs and relationships are flavour of the month (maybe something more jarring than ‘ flavour’ implies). Jupiter and asteroid Juno (Jupiter’s wife) in your skies give those of you who are already hitched the chance to renew your vows and find a way to march in tandem rather than out of step. Since you have a minor planet in opposition (Ceres), there is bound to be push and shove involved, a need to find the right balance of power. With the wayward planet Prometheus also in the mix, a third party may be involved – someone radical and possibly from distant shores fits the frame. Even if the attachment is not romantic, you are something of a magnet for mavericks who open doors to new interests. Explore. Leo is a ‘Fixed” sign, meaning not comfortable with change, but this is not the time for the same-old same-old.

Of course, you are operating under the same Mercury retrograde as every other sign, in your case suggesting a reunion with old chums and fellow travellers. By the time of the new Moon on June 16 Mercury is back on track – this is an ideal time to initiate any team work and grab your position as committee Chair. Remember Jupiter is the planet of Presidents. It is also the moneybags planet par excellence but with Neptune occupying your zone of mutual assets, do take a peak to make sure your ex hasn’t cleaned out your savings account.


Though there are rogue Virgos – the ones who think not doing the washing-up is an act of rebellion – most members of your tribe are fussy perfectionists who like the reports they have requested to be double-spaced, in triplicate, and handed in on time. Clear? You won’t be, not during the messy retrograde of your ruler, Mercury. The backslide of the communications planet is not a super-demanding transit – unlike, say, that of Saturn – but it is irksome, and with this and the bulk of June’s planetary action taking place in your career zone, may drive you to distraction. However, providing you are flexible, patient (not a strong point, let’s face it), you can use Mercury’s backslide to revise your plans, resharpen the contents of your pencil case, and refine your professional plans.

On that particular point the new Moon of June 16, by which time Mercury is behaving normally, makes a perfect time to launch your plans for global/office domination. With Mars involved until June 24, a pushy attitude to rivals and troublemakers may be called for – people who simply have to be out-administrated. For any such fights, June 22 and 23, when the quarter moon is in you skies, are ideal.

It’s an odd month in other respects. Many Virgoans have planets in your adjacent sign of Leo, so the long sojourn of Venus and Jupiter behind the scenes until your birthday season is no disaster, but you may nonetheless like to keep your counsel until late August– very much a new chapter in your working and personal life. Until then, a steady rather than a frantic pace is called for.

Professional stresses ease in the last week of June, as the mighty Sun and warrior Mars move into Cancer, a more accommodating position for you, and one when you can find allies with ease.

More intimate relationships look a perplexing scenario. Neptune, in long-term opposition, is accentuated this month, making your expectations of significant others unrealistic, especially for early September birthdays. The picture becomes clearer after the midsummer solstice, meanwhile put in boundaries when handling waifs, strays and time-wasters. The action between you and that certain someone appears to have its most significant expression not in public but in secret and/or in the bedroom.


As the old joke has it, a Libran’s indecision is final, but in the first stretch of June your wont to prevaricate is entirely appropriate. Mercury ‘s backslide in your fellow air sign Gemini is perfect for a major – yes major – rethink about projects and ambitions, high flying notions and deep philosophical resolution. If humanitarian causes are part of your brief, so much the better. You can think on a grand scale but the devil as ever is in the detail and you need to fine tune as well.

The new Moon of June 16 is the time to stop procrastinating and push boldly ahead with whatever bugs you most, be it unfinished creative endeavour, a career switch, or even relationship issues, more of which shortly. You can anticipate the last week of June and all of July presenting you with challenges career wise, as the Sun and Mars both crest your solar horoscope, when your pre-planning will serve you well. Pushy rivals can be confronted – that’s what Librans do – but also isolated. June 24/25 are power days, as the Moon passes through the Scales’ skies.

You don’t have to fly solo. The move of your ruler, Venus, into the fire sign of Leo for a four month stay is all about fellow-travellers and helpful associates – though terms and conditions apply during August, you can prosper as a team player across summer, and especially over the next six weeks. Circulate.

Venus being the planet of romance, its ongoing presence should suit those of you in the dating game. With assorted asteroids in opposition and the minor planet Ceres in the mix, things look busy on the relationship front (June 15-ish looks promising). Options, options! As your astrologer has pointed out previously, the major player in your personal life remains the maverick planet Prometheus, harbinger of sudden arrivals and departures, but whether you have had your life gate-crashed by a maverick or seen a partner unexpectedly wave sayonara, the message is that you, a paid-up member of the partnership sign, are having to behave more independently.


Talking about money is properly considered somewhat rude, while mention of house prices is a dreary national obsession. Still, with the planetary ruler of your sign, Mars, halfway through its trawl of your ‘scope’s zone of assets and shared resources, where a full Moon (June 2), a new Moon (June 16) and a retrograde Mercury (until June 16) are also active, an unflinching gaze at your financial situation seems advisable, even inevitable. Retrograde Mercury can be a dog, but revisiting your accounts makes perfect astrological sense, not least because Saturn is revisiting your sign for the next three months, more of which anon.

Get your spread sheet humming sweetly before that new Moon, after which the focus of your ‘scope shifts, along with Mars, to loftier pursuits; creativity, career, travel. Truly intimate matters – like what you get up to in the bedroom – are already in play, and while Mars promises some torrid moments, especially at the start of the month, Neptune’s involvement asks for honesty rather than fantasy when addressing your romantic associations.

How much time you can spare for matters of the heart is a moot point. Jupiter in your career zone for the next six weeks, now joined by Venus until October, call for extra energy to be pumped into your professional life, where how you present yourself to the powers that be looks especially important. Plus when the ruler of your seventh house (Venus) is in your tenth, those of you looking for romance are tipped to find it in the boardroom, or wherever it is you ply your trade.

The return of Saturn into your skies may make some Scorpios shudder – the taskmaster planet has doubtless put some of you through the wringer in 2013-14 – but its presence is there to ensure you have tied off all the loose ends from that testing transit, especially unresolved issues from the last couple of months of 2014. If your birthday is November 19-21, that goes double. And if you were born anytime in 1985, you are facing the momentous decisions that accompany one’s Saturn Return; a time when everybody sheds a skin and makes a bold move into the future, whether the issue is commitment/abandonment or promotion/change of job. Maybe you have already confronted this transition; if not, the next three months are all about doing so.


And the hits just keep on coming! The question is, are they the hits of battle or the hits that set you whistling merrily? Your horoscope has both varieties in mind during June. The bruising variety come courtesy of Mars, which is in opposition until June. Planets in opposition mean just that – an opposing force or person, a rival or enemy, or simply a difficult customer. Given that the full Moon in your skies on June 2 is directly opposite Mars, best keep your head below the parapet for now.

Relations with significant others – not just spouses and partners but friends, whoever you play doubles with at tennis and the like – are likely to be tricky during the retrograde of Mercury opposite you. Folks on whom you usually rely turn flaky or suddenly have their hands full. There’s an ‘up in the air’ quality to life, obliging you to go with the flow and exercise saintly patience.

Such scenarios straighten out once Mercury moves forwards, with the new Moon of June 16 making a return to normal service, or something like it. You do, after all, have the wayward energies of planet Prometheus in operation via your fellow fire sign of Aries, implying mood swings, sudden changes of heart, perhaps even the advent of a liberating lover.

Add to that the ongoing alignment of your ruler Jupiter from fiery Leo, and the arrival, from June 6, of Venus in the same sign, and you have a dynamic scenario across summer when your questing Sag spirit must be given reign to gallop across strange lands, be they physical or in the mind. Grab your share of adventure, as you’ll be back in harness come autumn.


That the Mountain Goat is an earth sign, and most of June’s planetary action is in fire and air signs makes for something of a rum mix. Planets in Gemini, your solar sixth house, call for mens sana in corpore sano, a healthy mind in a healthy body, while the pesky retrograde of Mercury there suggests the filing system going amok. As ever in Capricorn lives, duty calls.

The fire sign action is less irksome but more intense. The meeting of Venus and Jupiter for a hot encounter in Leo falls in the ambiguous eighth house, a place where passion and money meet, a place that’s both bedroom and counting house. You may be intensifying an existing relationship (bedroom) or overhauling (even revolutionising) joint financial responsibilities via legal contracts, mortgages and the rest of the fiscal paperwork that Capricorns are so good at. Either way, this summer looks a staging post in your intimate relationships.

Previous summers, if you have the years, should have shown you what to expect from the month of Cancer. This is your complimentary sign, that starts at the solstice and with the Sun joined there by Mars this year, you’re lined up for more one-on-one action, though whether Mars is a dashing military type or a thin-skinned aggressor is never quite clear. Conflict with declared rivals and opponents may be incoming. Terms and conditions apply in all partnership scenarios and, no doubt, you’ll be enforcing them.

Here you have a helping hand from your Saturn ruler rolling backwards into Scorpio’s skies on June 14; a more accommodating position, signalling help from associates and fellow travellers. It’s a three month window of opportunity, especially if business from late 2014 is involved.

You also get a couple of power days on June 4/5 when Luna passes through your skies, and the Capricorn Mountain Goat becomes the Sea Goat Capricornus.


If your horoscope was a movie scene it would have a curt Hollywood stage manager barking ‘You’re on, kid!’ while pushing little old you into the spotlight. Already onstage would be a leading man or lady, calling for an elaborate Ginger’n’ Fred dance routine. Well, you can hope!

The Sun and Mars in your fifth house demand attention, performance, applause and after-show parties, while Mercury in retrograde brings old friends and flames into your orbit. The Gemini new Moon of June 16 relaunches your romantic life and smiles on artists, poets and the non-conformist types that are so often born under your sign. Your heart strings are being strummed.

The full Moon of June 2 is also useful, emphasising help available from fellow-travellers. Though Aquarians are happy to march out of step and be a solo act, just now your horoscope is friend and team oriented, a theme conformed by both Saturn, the traditional ruler of your sign, and Prometheus, its modern competitor.

The ongoing issue in your horoscope is partnerships. This summer you are visited by a truly dizzy series of oppositions from Jupiter and Juno (right now), Venus (imminent), Mercury (July), and Sun and Mars (August). Don’t worry, you’ll live to tell the tale, but it will be surprising if you are without challenge, proposition or plain, corny romantic love (remember that leading lady or man?). Even true love can go wrong of course – there would be no such thing as romantic tragedy, otherwise – and since Jupiter equals freedom, that screen heart throb may well elope with someone different.

Your seventh house of partnerships is not only romantic attachment; it’s business buddy, evil twin, co-conspirator, pushy ex, brazen foe and all points between. If you have Leos in your life, keep them calm. If you have someone generous and loving, hold them close and appreciate them. If you are in a fight, keep your distance. Live it up, but with Neptune in your cash zone, maintain the usual iron grip on your purse.


As pointed out in last month’s forecast, when Saturn is hovering over the apex of your solar ‘scope, you are unlikely to get much peace in your profession. You are being asked to step up a rung on that slippery career ladder, and while Saturn’s mid-month retreat into the skies of Scorpio (fellow water sign), gives you three months to catch your breath, being a winning, hard-nosed pro will be back on the agenda, big time, come autumn.

The squall of planets in Gemini also doesn’t give you much rest, more likely bickering over unresolved details with managers and wayward builders. Mercury in Retrograde re-asserts the priorities of family ties and scribbles over your timetables. Your Piscean ingenuity is your helper in the latter case. If you are trying to rebuild your home base, things become easier after the new Moon of June 16. Be prepared.

This summer’s activity surrounding Pisces’ traditional ruler, Jupiter, falls across your mind/body/spirit axis, with the emphasis on body; clean living, exercise, scrupulous daily routines.

By contrast, the solstice brings enrichment of your social and romantic life, as the Sun and Mars move into your fellow water sign of Cancer, a month more to escape the house, circulate, and, if you’re single, go hunting (Mars is the warrior planet). Both planets will be making connections to Neptune in your skies as June turns to July, accentuating opportunities for the artists among you, and stirring up emotions. Good news, if you don’t turn soppy.


You are entering one of the most inflammable phases of your year, when the major planet in your skies – Prometheus the Awakener – aligns with Jupiter and Venus. The major thing ablaze is your personal passion, be it for a cause, an individual, acts of creativity or your offspring. This is a passion that refuses to go unanswered, and if turmoil is the only way to square with your best self, then so be it. Aries folk can be rash to a fault, but just now, indeed for the rest of the summer, action and change (maybe revolution) are where it’s at. World beware.

That doesn’t mean you can ignore the timing imposed on you by Mercury retrograde. The communications planet in mischievous may have already left you fuming, though the opening fortnight of the month is ideal for revision of contracts/your book but once you arrive at the new Moon of June 16, you are in the clear. With ruler mars coursing through your third house of travel and messages, you appear to have multiple agendas to pursue.

Once the Sun and Mars reach the nadir of your ‘scope at the solstice, you may be obliged to pay more attention to home and hearth and the security that underpins your adventures. Saturn’s retreat into your zone of shared resources likewise insists that you straighten out all financial contracts over the next three months, most notably any matters left dangling at the end of 2014. Weighty love affairs may also fit this particular picture; some karma you can’t escape.

Career looks largely a matter of will power now, though if your job and your passion are a close fit, you should be able to pull something special out of the hat this summer; another name for Prometheus is The Magician (similar to the tarot card of the same name). Go ahead and conjure.


Mercury Retrograde in your cash zone has a simple enough message; go back to your accounts and spreadsheets and recalibrate. If you are owed money, chase it hard. If you are in negotiations with the bank, expect a lot of haggling until mid month, when the new Moon in the same zone of your ‘scope allows you to sign off a deal.

The good news is that with your financial planets aligning to Jupiter, which is ensconced in the family/home zone of your solar chart, deals can be done, accommodations made, plus there are many delights to be had from the clan and from the aesthetic overhaul of Taurus Towers that you appear to be undertaking. The Bull’s ruler, Venus, spends almost four months of this summer in your family and home zone, and if that doesn’t involve either of those subjects, then it will be career where you find the key to another level. The minor planet Ceres at the apex of your chart is tweaked at the end of June, when a commanding female presence in your professional life is indicated; commanding but hopefully not too bossy.

On the subject of bosses, Saturn, the planet that has asked you to make searching changes in your professional or personal life these last two years, creeps back into opposition for three months at mid-June. Though this leans chiefly on birthdays 18-20 May, you are all asked to return to matters from the close of 2014 for resolution. If the issue is a friend or lover who feels slighted, keep them at arm’s length while you settle disputes. Here there are likely no quick fixes, apart from which late June is a time for lightning deals and trades.

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