Your Stars 2015 Report

Your Stars 2015 ReportThis 17,000 word Your Stars 2015 Astrology Report covers all 12 Sun signs and gives an overview of your year ahead.

It’s at the bargain price of £5.99.

Like politics and economics, predictive astrology veers between doom-mongering and blithe assurances that things can and will work out well. Just as warnings of market crashes and social disintegration are met with counter claims of growth and happy times ahead, astrologers likewise swing between alarm at planetary omens and misty claims that the Age of Aquarius is riding to our rescue. On all sides there is a reluctance to predict dark skies – don’t invite trouble!

Certain planetary cycles, however, put the willies up even bright-eyed astrologers – that of Pluto and Uranus/Prometheus for example. The clash of the two distant planets (unknown until 1930 and1781 respectively) coincides cannily with periods of political and cultural foment*, the mid-1960s being a case in point.

The years 2012-14 have maintained the pattern in the ongoing face-off between the corporate plutocracy (Pluto in conservative Capricorn) and angry crowds (Prometheus in youthful Aries). 2014 saw two other chilling geopolitical developments; a new ‘cold war’ between Russia and the West, and the ascent of so-called Islamic State. In 2015 Pluto and Prometheus make their final 90 degree aspect on March 17, a reminder that 2014’s troubles aren’t about to vanish**.

2015- A Lighter Picture

However, 2015 otherwise paints a lighter, more optimistic planetary picture. A high-octane activation of the three fire signs (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius) promises technical innovation and a special role for the younger generation. Then there’s the total eclipse of the Sun on March 20, as the new Moon casts its shadow on Earth. You’ll need to be in Iceland to see eclipse totality, but large parts of Northern Africa, Europe and northern Asia will witness a partial blackout.

That this new Moon is at 29.27 degrees of Pisces, the last degree of the zodiac (circles have 360 degrees, and astrology allots 30 to each of its dozen constellations) makes it a time of revelation, both end point and fresh beginning. As this eclipse is in all-encompassing, oceanic Pisces, we could be at a tipping point in environmental consciousness. After all, the only thing hardhat scientists and New Agers agree upon is that Earth’s ecology is going to hell in a handcart.

Total Lunar Eclipse

Six months later comes a total eclipse of the Moon on September 28 (at 4.40 degrees Aries fact fans), which will be 100 per cent visible in much of Western Europe, West Africa, eastern North America and all of South America. Because it’s a so-called Supermoon (when the Moon is closest to earth), it looks larger. It’s also a ‘Blood Moon’, a non-astronomical concept that has recently become popular (there is even a new werewolf western called Blood Moon).

Between these two eclipses comes Venus’s lengthy stay in Leo, alongside Jupiter, as the green planet changes from evening to morning star and in doing so completes a perfect pentangle across the cosmos (the pattern that over excited Dan Brown in The Da Vinci Code). The mid-year dance of Venus and Jupiter, the ‘lucky’ planets, promises a genial summer (winter for the southern hemisphere).

The timetable for each Sun sign (you can also read for your rising sign if you know it), are given in Your Stars 2015, whose price has been held at an austerity-aware £5.99.

It remains to thank my readership for their loyalty and to wish you all a joyous and prosperous year ahead.



*See Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas for a grand exposition of the cycle.

** Pluto and Uranus next clash, in opposition, in 2048)

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