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your stars 2017This 17,000 word Your Stars 2017 Astrology Report covers all 12 Sun signs and gives an overview of your year ahead.

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 Your Stars 2017 Introduction

For many folks, 2016 was a miserable year, a real annus horribilis. Not everyone thought political developments were grim – supporters of Donald Trump Vladimir Putin and Nigel Farage had plenty to celebrate, and astrology is not meant to take sides – but the carnage of the middle eastern wars and European terror attacks provided a grim backdrop, and the loss of some much-loved public figures – David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Leonard Cohen, Sir Terry Wogan, Victoria Wood, Mohammed Ali, George Michael – added to the gloom.

Will 2017 be different?

The astrology suggests not. The slow-moving outer planets of Prometheus (aka Uranus), Neptune and Pluto, which provide the principal way-markers for historical events and epochs, remain in much the same place.  In particular, Pluto in the midst of its crawl through Capricorn, tells us that the dominance of the plutocracy and corporate power is not yet on the wane.

Still, let’s look on the bright side, which is the job of Jupiter, planet of optimism. The giant of the solar system spends the first nine months of the year in the sign of Libra – the planet of justice in the sign of justice – promising that the battle for fair play (and fair pay) will be vigorously waged. Libra is very much the sign of the ‘peace warrior’, and its clashes with Pluto and Prometheus both speak of a fight between soft and hard power.

As always, one has to note what Saturn is up to. The planet of patriarchy and rules is on the sidelines of the main battles this year, as it spends its final twelve months in the skies of the Centaur. One notes that Sagittarius is associated with large and wild animals (not pets), and that the plight of the animal kingdom is now acute, with several species (giraffes, cheetahs) facing extinction, while I 2016 saw a series of high profile escapes and revolts by zoo-bound creatures. Sagittarius is also linked to science fiction, currently enjoying a major cinematic revival. These themes look ongoing.

The most high profile celestial event of 2017 is the total solar eclipse of August 21, whose path cuts across 14 states of the USA, from Oregon to South Carolina; surely a heaven-sent boon to the end-of-the-world brigades (who come in many guises), and the manufacturers of fake news.  That almost all the states in the eclipse’s shadow voted for Donald Trump should add to speculation about its meaning; perhaps the Commander in Chief will tweet that he personally arranged it.

What these planetary patterns imply for members of each Sun sign is detailed in Your Stars 2017, while you can find some early pointers in the free January forecasts.


The interruption of the Sun’s light (and that of the Moon, which borrows the Sun’s light) represents an interruption in the energy flow, a flux point.  Whether they are visible depends on where you are on planet earth – NASA have an excellent website that shows eclipse paths. Though some daring souls choose eclipses for big events, say a marriage, most astrologers suggest a lower profile for a couple of days. They are especially relevant to birthdays on said dates. Further thoughts are in the forecasts.

  • February 10 – Penumbral lunar eclipse of the full Moon in Leo
  • February 26  – Annular solar eclipse at the new Moon in Pisces
  • August 7 – Partial lunar eclipse of the full Moon in Aquarius
  • August 21 – Total solar eclipse at the new Moon in Leo

Mercury Retrograde

The planet of communication goes into reverse gear four times in 2017. Mercury’s retrograde is bothersome, but doesn’t always match its fearsome reputation: we all need to slow down sometimes.  Do double check your tickets, look after your phone and retrieve your keys from the waste bin.

Prometheus versus Uranus

My forecasts refer to the planet widely known as Uranus as Prometheus, firstly because the myth of Prometheus, who gave fire to humanity, is a much better fit for its astrological meaning of liberation than the myth of Uranus, the tyrannical father of Saturn. And secondly because it means you can read out the forecasts without some smartass making that tiresome schoolboy joke.

 A Note on “I’m on the cusp”

The precise date on which the Sun changes signs varies from year to year, leaving some uncertain whether they are, say, Taurus or Gemini.

You can find out easily by visiting this website

Some folks entertain the notion that because their birthday falls early or late in a sign, they are ‘on the cusp’ and have something of the adjacent sign as well.

This can be the case, since Mercury and Venus are never far from the Sun and are likely occupants of an adjacent sign (plus you have a one in twelve chance with the Moon). But your Sun is never ambiguous; it’s either in one sign or another. Check it out.

The timetable for each Sun sign (you can also read for your rising sign if you know it), are given in Your Stars 2017, whose price is just £8.99.

The New Year has something going on for all twelve signs of the zodiac, however.  I hope that Your Stars 2017 helps explain the timetable for each.

Many thanks and a joyous, productive year to my readers.


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