Your Stars February 2016

Your Stars February 2016

The second new Moon after the Solstice means a New year in Chinese astrology.

The new Moon of February 8 opens the Year of the Fire Monkey; an ingenious, problem-solving creature by all accounts; just what we all need. The Chinese system uses five elements rather than Western astrology’s four, and goes by year (and assorted sub-divisions), meaning it has a 60 year cycle (12 x 5).

Eastern astrology (Vedic and Chinese) doesn’t bother with the ‘outer’ planets of modern astrology (Pluto, Neptune, Prometheus) let alone the assorted asteroids at our disposal.  In February, all three are trundling forwards and highly active, the implications for individual signs sketched below.

Valentine’s Day started out as a Christian martyr’s day, but in mediaeval times was co-opted by Courtly Lovers for flowers, cards, billing, cooing and ‘the unlocking of hearts’. Thanks Courtly Lovers, that’ll do nicely.


‘Poor Capricorn’. Your astrologer received a couple of complaints about the lack of a January horoscope, seeing as this is the Goat’s birthday month. But then having your birthday mixed up with all the brouhaha of Christmas and New Year is just one burden among many that Capricorns must bear from a tender age, along with your years in Bleak House.  Poor Capricorn!

And yet members of your sign so rarely are poor. Most are hard workers and steady acquirers. Acquisition is important not for its own sake (though it might seem that way to some) but for security, not just for you but for the clan. Capricorns expect to get leant on for funds.

January’s new Moon, which was conjunct Pluto, was in part about the power that you wield through ownership, as well as the power you wield through family position, work status and personal charisma. The super-rich and super-powerful aren’t called ‘plutocrats’ for nothing.

On a micro level, this call for the kind of behaviour you might hope to witness in the real world plutocracy; responsibility, foresight, moral rectitude, generosity (as opposed to greed, corruption and ego-driven power grabbing). Someone has to set an example, and just now that’s you.

January was also something of a holding pattern, thanks to Mercury retrograde in your skies. As February begins, Mercury is conjunct Pluto, and you should be frantically playing catch-up with workload and paperwork (though it’s hardly ever on paper nowadays). Venus meets the distant planet on February 6, good moment for sexual allure and compulsive behaviour (yours or someone else’s).

Venus is with you until February 16, and with the green planet lining up sweetly with Jupiter, Mars and Moon on February 14, you appear to be the day’s Valentine of choice.  Play your hand accordingly.

The Aquarian new Moon (February 8) is, as ever, in your cash zone, but this year falls midway between Pluto and Prometheus, again highlighting power and possessions. If you need a radical solution to property/possessions problems, this opening phase of the year is accommodating, at the least for plans. The full Moon of February 22, next to Jupiter, may also bring financial issues into the open.

The month of Pisces is accommodating in less dramatic ways, ushering in helpful people, neighbours and siblings. You also have assistance from another water sign, Scorpio, where Mars presence signals a possible new ally and powerful with it. Watch this space.

Your Valentine: Your choice. Be bold.

aquarius Aquarius

Slow start to the new year? With Mercury in retrograde for most of January, one issue in your schemes or psyche has doubtless been mired in mud, perhaps the sort that dredges up old and deeply personal issues. Early February, as Pluto is highlighted, is an apposite to lay demons to rest.

Your birthday month signals a period of re-emergence. The new Moon of February 8 aligns with mars to show you just what you are dealing with in terms of a recent incomer at work, possibly hostile. If someone is transgressing, best mark out your boundaries with firmness now, as this Martian scenario has legs (as outlined in Your Stars 2016). This new Moon also brings allies into the open, some old and reliable, others just as, uh, unusual as you.

It’s a people month, and the pace quickens once Mercury and Venus arrive in your skies – on February 14 and 16 respectively – to put you in social orbit until early March. Those in the dating game, especially, might want to milk their chance of a little action, given that romance currently favours a pro-active approach. Long term affairs look sanguine, though the full Moon of February 22 may wake a few sleeping dogs – issues are best negotiated in the brings the bedroom (though Mars enjoys a bit of cup-throwing).

The same full Moon prompts a speedy re-appraisal of your financial situation, to ensure Neptune hasn’t drained your current account.

Your Valentine: a deep dark secret


How is it so far, the new year that is? Since the major planets aren’t doing much in the way of changing positions just now, the picture in January is pretty much what you can expect in February and, indeed for a few months to come, making persistence a vital ally as you hack your way through the professional jungle. With Saturn on your case, sheer doggedness pays off; perspiration counts as much as inspiration.

At least, as February opens, Mercury is out of its retrograde cycle and one particular misunderstanding or obstacle course at work can be put behind you. Venus in your networking zone through to February 17 allows you to play mediator and peace-bringer.

Until your birthday month – it starts at dawn on February 19 – behind-the-scenes action is as important as what takes place on the surface. Give rest and contemplation their due. The new Moon of February 8 calls for a fortnight devoted to mind-body-spirit exercises and rituals.

The full Moon opposite you on February 22 (perfect at 6.20 pm GMT) will stir things up, hopefully in a good way. Consider the full Moon operative until midnight on February 24 and you have an intense few days, not for instant action but for a measured appreciation of issues. The keyword here is ‘measured’ – full Moons are too chaotic to act on impulse

If a major one-on-one relationship is involved, that would be no surprise, since Luna is conjunct Jupiter in your complimentary sign of Virgo. The giant planet has recently turned to retrograde (until May), so there would seem to be a few more twists and turns to the tale; the implications of this cycle are more fully discussed in Your Stars 2016.

Roll with any punches at the full Moon and get centred ready for the major celestial action waiting for you just down the road at the new Moon of March 9, which is accompanied by a total solar eclipse, more of which next month.

February ends with the Sun conjunct Neptune, something of a big deal if your birthday is February 27-March 1. Neptune inspires but also dissolves, and the very last thing any Pisces, should do, let alone those with birthdays close to the far-out planet, is to turn into the weepy puddle of Piscean legend.

Fortitude is the key to professional success and personal equilibrium. You have help in the shape of Mars; February finds the warrior planet still ploughing through your fellow water sign of Scorpio, urging you towards education and wisdom, and adding an acute sense of raw survival, nature red in tooth and claw and all that; a Scorpio speciality.

 Your Valentine: Right opposite you


Work looks, well, like a piece of work as February begins, and if you haven’t had more than your share of workplace politics during January, then give thanks. An ultra-sticky Mercury retrograde conjunct Pluto is the planetary scenario responsible, one that involves words being said, regretted and retracted. You are busting loose of any such scenario as February opens, though a little forgiving spirit may not come amiss.

February is a more obliging month, though you might have to sit on your hands until the new Moon of February 8 gets things rolling. After that time is well spent oiling the wheels of your professional/social network and all the happy overlaps between strictly-colleagues, fellow conspirators and potential lovers. February 12 is a minor power point for you.

On February 17 Venus changes sign to your advantage – unconventional women are a source of support with the spark of romance in the air at the close of the month. The asteroid Ceres in your skies all month also ticks the box for radical feminism and modern motherhood.

Planet Prometheus is catching up with its position in April ’15, and birthdays circa April 6 may be mulling over a major upheaval. February isn’t quite the time to go into full upheaval mode. The month of Pisces is in a downbeat, health oriented sector of your solar ‘scope, and the coming solar eclipse in March is also best allowed to pass by before you seize your moment.

Besides, with your totem planet deep into Scorpio, which is likewise ruled by Mars, there’s a visceral streak to your state of mind; a bloody-minded determination to survive perhaps, or an embrace of physical pleasures. Emotionally, you look in the deep end.

Your Valentine: somewhere abroad


Do you want the long argument, the short argument or would you rather settle for the peace and love option? With warrior Mars in opposition, an element of confrontation is perhaps unavoidable in partnerships, the trick being to let outright provocation pass and respond with measured poise. Good luck with that mission. Mars is opposite you until early March and is back later in the year, so maintain your position with clarity. Pushy men and Scorpios can, of course, also spell allure and excitement – first impressions aren’t always reliable.

Elsewhere in your horoscope, love is all around. Jupiter’s year long occupation of your fifth house of pleasure, parties and romance needs to be given full honour. Ongoingly! Until the 17th Venus in Capricorn is a mediating force (especially at February 9/10) and perhaps a love call from afar. The season of Pisces further emphases people with whom you share accord, be they healers, growers, conceptual artists or plain good folk you know from your network. Give the social stew a good stir at the full Moon of February 22.

The sign of Aquarius, representing your career path, is active throughout February, with the new Moon of the 8th being followed by Mercury and Venus, all cues to acknowledge any nudges from bosses and people who are/could be helping you make a project happen (your ‘scope is packed with creative projectry in ’16).

Long term romances? Aside from a Martian outburst or two, Saturn favours the steady Eddies and Edwinas among you. Short term romance? With an exalted Luna in your skies on Valentine’s Day, your charms are there to wield. Making…

 Your Valentine: Easy to find


Grab your downtime when and where you find it. Saturn, now ensconced in opposition, is the planet that doesn’t offer teabreaks, while, as February opens, you are also playing catch-up from the ghastly mire of January’s Mercury retrograde.

You come up for air in February but it’s a gradual process. The Aquarian new Moon of the 8th is a re-animator, with ruler Mercury arriving on Valentine’s day to speed your hand-crafted card to lucky hands.  Though Mercury and Venus are onside until March, the month of Pisces, from the 19th, presents you with fresh demands on career time. That much is fine, but clear mission statements and roles are called for. Neptune and an imminent eclipse make this an ongoing theme through springtime.

The full Moon of February 22 also calls attention to your domestic set-up. Evacuations, new flat mate permutations, extra rooms and, who knows, Air b’n’b are the kind of issues floating around this and next month. There’s no rush, but with Jupiter and North Node here for much of the year, you need a medium term plan.

With Saturn in opposition relationships come with a serious streak – not necessarily rocky, but serious; issues of commitment may dominate discussions/feelings.  For the free-at-heart February 7/ 8, and 16/17 have a rosy tinge. Planet Prometheus, an increasing player in Gemini lives this spring and summer, is keen to introduce you to folks as unorthodox and alert as you, making

 Your Valentine: A surprise choice


Tangled-up? You are unlikely to have got through January without a few conflicts of priorities and interests; Mercury retrograde is here to laugh at our plans and schedules and, in your case, to protract discussions with ex’s and partners. With Pluto involved, these may have been of a profound kind.

Organisationally, you are not back to speed until mid-February. Meanwhile, Venus in opposition until 17th is a chance to bury hatchets and, if you are looking, to have your head turned. If you are in the dating game, February looks hot stuff – maybe hot water – with promising moments at the 8th, when Mars and Venus line up, the 19th and the 29th.

The new Moon of February 8 highlights money issues you share with your partner – not necessarily a romantic or current partner – and the just allocation of resources. Pluto’s current strength calls for an accept-no-bullying approach, no matter how well endowed the other party might be.

Things move quickly through mid-February, with your Moon ruler lighting up February 19, just as the Sun moves into watery Pisces to give the rest of the month a touchy-feely quality, when your instincts are fully operative.

Some of those should already be roaring away, given Mars is only halfway through its two-month transit of Scorpio, the third water sign. Grab yourself a whirlwind romance or upsize your creative production line, but undertake a project close to your heart.

Career wise, everything is to play for, though you may have to wait until early April before full lift-off. Meanwhile, Saturn favours industry and good health practice.

Your Valentine: Looking right at you.


In shining form? Thanks to your Sun ruler travelling through Capricorn, a mundane spot in your ‘scope, the first stretch of every new year is apt to find Leo’s radiance reduced, 2016 included. In January the gears of industry turned particularly slowly, thanks to a pesky retrograde of Mercury, while Mars in fighting form is likely to have put a flea or two in your ear either at work or home (the latter looks pretty noisy).

Part of February’s mission is to hold your nerve and tough out any disputes. or simply delay fighting them until you feel stronger. The month of your complimentary sign Aquarius is always likely to put you on the back foot – your Sun ruler is in opposition – and the new Moon of February 8 and the subsequent opposition of Mercury and Venus all ask questions about your partnerships (though not serious ones). Keep dialogue flowing.

In work, or even in relationships, you gain traction through formal procedures and due diligence.  Saturn is onside, you just need to show up and not slack, especially where self-motivating projects are concerned. A little at a time approach  delivers.

Turbulence in your emotional life looks a minor issue on this side of the solar eclipse in March, but be prepared for a waxing Moon in your skies on February 22/23, which may provide a bumpy start to the week. For singletons, love is where you find it – Venus provides interest from the three weeks following February 17. Actual torrid passion may have to wait a few weeks until Mars comes onside. Long distance affairs look promising

Your Valentine: Has a boss got an eye on you?


Jupiter, a guiding star until your birthday, turned to backward motion (illusory of course) in January, signalling three months to assess progress since your last birthday, accentuating the positive (as one must with Jupiter). Count your blessings.  While you’re at it, mop up any backlog. Your personal planet, Mercury, was also in retrograde in January, asking for saintly patience and a few excursions down Memory Lane.

You are still playing catch-up as February opens, but only until Mercury exits its ‘shadow zone’ on Valentine’s Day, which for other reasons is a peachy day for Virgo, all flowers and hearts. You could do with a soppy moment, given the recent (and ongoing) emphasis on Pluto in your fifth house of romance. Pluto always digs deep, so secrets tend to tumble out, insights come piercing. A deranged crush, though not really your style, is also on offer.

Work, as ever, cures just about everything and the new Moon of February 8 urges you to get to it. Work is also the conduit for fresh faces in the latter half of the month. Just as you have found your groove along comes the year’s annual Virgo full Moon on February 22/23; something of a midweek super bundle for you, providing you don’t go for any big, unrealistic decisions. You don’t need to be making any radical moves until you are the other side of March’s eclipse.

Your Valentine; a Hollywood love affair with a big orchestral score


Peace, love and harmony are a noble ideal that is one part of The Scales’ mission on planet earth (even if it seems that you go round picking arguments half the time), but one that didn’t much interest your January stars. A new Moon conjunct Pluto and a retrograde Mercury are more likely to signal an extra burden being placed on your professional shoulders or a re-examination of your domestic set-up and family line; deep stuff with a retrospective twist. Birthdays October 8-12 take note.

February offers the chance to regain equilibrium and locate the g-spots in the leisure and pleasure zone of your horoscope. The Aquarian new Moon of February 8 signals a month when me-time and down-time come first, social obligations simply have to be met darling, and parties attended whatever the taxi fare. Venus’ change of signs on February 17 opens three weeks of sexy possibility.  You look especially appealing with the Moon in your skies on February 25.

By then the month of Pisces is under way, one that questions working practice, management skills and the ongoing struggle to find harmony across your personal mind-body-spirit axis. Here there is work to be done, more of which next month.

Prometheus, the planet whose energy matrix is so controversial it has two names (Uranus anyone?), remains the maverick presence in your ‘scope. The Awakener, as Holst called it in his Planets Suite, favours the unconventional and the independent, qualities that apply especially to your one-on-one relationships. It looks a bright moment for singletons. Librans can’t flourish without significant others, but sometimes it’s a case of can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em: your favourite kind of indecision. Which makes…

 Your Valentine: not who you suspected


When your Mars ruler is coursing through your skies you don’t have much option but to get up and get at it, whether ‘it’ is your work, your pet project or your love life. January’s retrograde Mercury may have put a stick in your wheel and a lock on your phone, but you are back up and running as February opens.  Almost – any weighty family issues from January may need time to digest.

A rampant Mars puts you at the centre of the planetary action in February. Stay pro-active, on the front foot, while keeping in mind that rash actions – as opposed to considered muscle – can come back to bite you in spring when Mars retrogrades.  Just now, however, it looks like your world. January’s communication snags can be straightened, siblings and friends pacified.

The Aquarian new Moon of February 8 is at odds with Mars, so a battle of wills may be involved this month. As any squalls are short term, compromise where necessary.

The month of Pisces arrives with a full Moon on February 22; a perfect time to refresh your social circle, not least on the weekend of 27/28 when the waning Moon is in your sign. Neptune figures large at this point, so you’re excused a weekend in your cups, sporting your rose-tinted glasses.  Be the party-starter.

 Your Valentine: one with healing hands.


Regarding the ongoing transit of Saturn through the Centaur’s skies, the great Sagittarian author Mark Twain (b. 30.11. 1835) has some pertinent advice, best imagined in Twain’s deep southern drawl:

“If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.”

What he meant was that the task you least want to do is undoubtedly the one you should tackle. Get the tricky jobs done and the rest seem easy. It’s good psychology, and good time management, and there is perhaps inevitably, a best-selling self-help book  (Eat That Frog!) based on Twain’s nostrum.

Saturn will be feeding you a sackful of frogs over coming months, so best get into good habits now. Whether you are inching forwards in your work, landing a better gig or walking off the shopfloor, you need to have your credentials and paperwork neatly up to date. It should come way easier now that Mercury is behaving.

The pace of events picks up with the new Moon of February 8. Airy Aquarius is happy news for your fires, and Mercury and Venus dashing through the Urn Bearer until month’s end sharpens up your social circle. Circulate.

The month of Pisces pushes you back workwards, beginning promptly on Monday Feb 22 when a full Moon at the peak of your ‘scope may catch out the unprepared and frog-averse. For some Sags, Pisces also activates the soggy issue of where and how you live; here, too, detailed research helps.

 Your Valentine: Wild and ambiguous.