Your Stars July 2016

cancerAstrology predicted the outcome of the UK’s Brexit Poll rather better than the pundits and pollsters. Although opinion was split, a clear majority of star-gazers reckoned the result would be Out. Assorted techniques were applied to national charts, politicians’ charts and that of election day itself. The estimable site The Oxford Astrologer has full details of who forecast what.

Australian astro queen Jessica Adams called it right by noting that Prometheus and Ceres were conjunct in Aries on election day – rebellion in the motherland in short – and that the assorted charts for the UK – 1066, 1801, 1922 and more –had many significant planets at 23 degrees of assorted signs.

One thing the referendum made clear (one of the few) is that David Cameron doesn’t bother with astrology. His horoscope was buoyed up by Jupiter when he won re-election in 2015, and will be again this coming autumn. But not this summer.

Talking of timing, in Your Stars June 2016, your astrologer noted that five prominent Gemini politicians were all under acute pressure – with Saturn in opposition at a Grand Cross that tends to happen. One month later the picture is this:

Boris Johnson – leadership aspirations dashed

George Osborne – leadership aspirations dashed

Jeremy Corbyn – leadership aspirations dashed

Ken Livingstone – last remaining aspirations dashed

Donald Trump – last Gemini politician standing

What’s handy for a politician is a Jupiter transit, and Michael Gove, a Virgo with five planets in said sign (b. 26/8/67) has surfed his own with skill. It may even be enough to stop Theresa May becoming the new Tory leader, but May, a Libra (b. 1/10/56) is a far better astro-fit for the Tories than Gove. The last Virgo Tory leader is a long long way back, and May has her own Jupiter transit in September.

Time and space don’t allow much speculation on the outcome of the USA presidential election, but your astrologer notes that the new Moon of July 4 is almost precisely conjunct the USA’s Cancerian Sun, and that a new Moon in its own, female- oriented sign, looks suspiciously like the nation’s first female president.

July’s lunation is potent and its implications are considered for individual signs below.


The astrological Crab is a child of Luna, and the new Moon of July 4 comes loaded with promise, most obviously for those with birthdays on that date (like the USA – see above). July’s stars hold a dash of adventure for the entire Cancer tribe, however. That new Moon is a seed moment, with Mercury and Venus playing in your favour until mid-month. This can be a time of rapid advance, but calls for initiative, along with self-exposure – the Crab’s shell has to be shed just now. A makeover of yourself and/or your brand is smiled upon; go ahead and launch your new collection.

Plus, when you have supportive allies and siblings, and a communications zone powered by Jupiter, you appear to be pushing at an opening door in terms of self-advancement. Arty friends in far-off places, courtesy Neptune, may also be in the mix.

By the time of the full Moon on July 19, your ‘scope is humming with different currents, namely those of Mars and Prometheus. With Mars finally out of retrograde and Prometheus finally halting, this looks like a moment of culmination in your personal affairs; long term relationships and short term romances alike. Mars has been highlighting affairs of the heart, albeit intermittently, for much of 2016. Now comes the resolution of passions kindled earlier in the year – or some entirely fresh association. Either way, there appears to be some serious ‘fessing up involved, perhaps only giving yourself a good talking-to, or the acknowledging that any worthwhile romance or creative act carries an element of risk.

In short, the second half of July could generate some high ol’ drama; the weekend of the 16th looks sparky. A shake-up in your career may come around the same time. Planet Prometheus slowing to stationary marks a point of potential breakthrough, but you may have to accept more chaos than you care for in the short term; it’s a promising if disorderly passage of play.

As Mercury and Venus dash through Leo, you are returned to financial issues, where, perhaps surprisingly, generating cash looks none too difficult. You can carry that theme through to August, along with the brownie points you stacked up early in July. Go for it. Happy Birthday.


Oh good, we’re on a short countdown to all things Leo come mid-month, when romantic Venus and communicator Mercury arrive (on July 12 an d 14 respectively), followed by your mighty ruler The Sun on July 22 and an ensuing month of royal rule by you know who. The chance to establish your authority, personal and professional, is strong in late July and August.

But you begin June in a different place, with the new Moon of July 4 emphasising areas of your life you care to/are obliged to keep secret. Beaver away on private projects, engage with the mind-body-spirit matrix and relocate your mojo ready for the second half of the month.

Home, and the security it provides, may well be part of your deliberation. As discussed in previous forecasts, Mars may have turned domestic arrangements awry, but you reach a tipping point at the full Moon of July 19, when you can finally ally your sense of self with your physical environment, or sign off on a troubled item of family history. With Mars moving on at month’s end, best make peace and finalise your feng shui scheme now, ready for a different, more outward-looking phase in August.

The progress of Venus through your skies from the 12th provides the excuse (not that you need it) to bling your wardrobe afresh, and make romantic advances on your chosen prey. Decisions and events that shape long term relationships are best addressed next month, when Saturn draws to a halt, and engaging with issues becomes a more appealing prospect than evading them. Charm and quiet deliberation rule for the moment.

Planet Prometheus may have other idea. The maverick of the solar system is potent this month as it draws to a halt in a fellow fire sign, Aries. For many Leos, mid-August birthday especially, it’s a moment of rare opportunity – a surprise romantic call, an unexpected job offer, any opportunity that involves the IT world, digital realm, TV, radio and social media. It’s a recurring theme in your ‘scope this year, but one strong in July.

You are seriously into self-promotion once your Sun ruler arrives on July 22. You know by now how you like to spend your summers – your stars suggest you follow your desires, for once there seems to be enough in the kitty to underwrite them.


When your horoscope is lined up as sweetly as it currently is, you have options. You can embrace all the joys of life and simply coast through the next month or so, or you can use your momentum to propel yourself into a new phase (as Virgo Michael Gove has just done). As discussed in the introduction, Jupiter brings a sense of liberation, and it can do so in a number of ways – freeing yourself from an oppressive job or relationship, even against your will, or enabling you to take the scary, ambitious step you always promised you would,

July is a good time for either approach, but make good while the Sun metaphorically) shines. The season of Cancer and its accompanying new and full Moons on July 4 and July 19 respectively, is wildly in your favour. The new Moon allies with Jupiter then conjoins the giant planet in the skies of the Corn Maiden on July 9, promising a bonzer weekend.

You may have to slow down after the full Moon of the 19th, which is in your fellow earth sign of Capricorn and highlights long term issues in matters of the heart, It may be an ‘ouch’ moment, though said Moon works brilliantly on behalf of singles and party animals (though a rare creature, Virgo party animals exist). The season of Leo, with planets behind the scenes, is a cue to engage with the mind-body-spirit matrix before your own birthday season hoves into view.

If you feel the need to fret about something – we are talking Virgo here – consider your home/house/co-habitee situation and how you want it set up from your birthday onwards. With Saturn’s help (and insistence), you can achieve a lot in this department over autumn.


Expect a bit of pressure now. The new Moon of July 4 arrives at the top of your solar ‘scope, alongside Mercury and your Venus ruler; the public arena calls, most likely in the form of your career. Here you must step up to the plate, as they say in baseball, and deliver. A high profile, however you generate it, perhaps by social media, is de rigeur.

Venus moving into fiery Leo on July 12 allows you to network with ease. You should treat this summer, or at least until late August, as a time to circulate and build Team Libra. Friends, fellow travellers, business contacts and serendipitous contacts, even romance, overlap bountifully during this phase of your year.

At the same time you are under pressure, perhaps benign, from planet Prometheus, which this month draws to a halt in your ‘scope’s zone of significant others. This includes all one-on-ones, partnerships, exs, open enemies and rivals. Prometheus can represent electric attraction or sudden rupture – it’s often a lightning bolt from the blue – and lends all your one-on-ones added edge, whether it’s attraction or aversion. Prometheus can also spring you from jail, release you from a binding situation.

July’s lunation ties into Promethean energies, with the quarter Moon of July in your skies on July 12 and the full Moon at the root of your ‘scope on July 19. The waning quarter Moon of July is then conjunct Prometheus (and opposite you) on July 26; peak dates for a spike in your personal graph. Full Moon in Capricorn and the presence of planet Ceres in the mix suggests powerful women play a big part in your life just now, whatever your personal gender.

A busy life must be properly funded and here Mars hands you a dangerous double blade. The red planet in your cash zone is prone to spend but also urges you to earn extra. Be canny and balance the books.


The game is resolution rather than revolution in July. The retrograde cycle of your ruler, Mars, has given the first half of the year an on-off quality. A final month of Mars in your skies now asks you to tie off decisions you made earlier in the year, be they professional or personal. Your aim is to leave July with personal relations, in particular, on a smooth upward curve. All the water signs are active this month – Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces – giving you rare momentum where ‘emotional intelligence;’ is concerned.

Naturally that concerns love and romance, and the new Moon of July 4 in Cancer is all in favour. Links to Mars and Neptune bring a glow of intimacy, not least as the Moon joins them on July 14 and 23 respectively. If you are single, go hunting with warrior Mars, if you want to spoon with your main squeeze, go with droopy Neptune.

Your professional agenda is less accommodating. Venus and Mercury crest your ‘scope mid month to bring a few sharp elbows down at the mill where you toil, and the Sun topping your ‘scope on July 22 spells the boss getting involved, so keep a clean nose. Planet Prometheus in your zone of daily graft suggests there are unorthodox solutions to be had, not least in your infrastructure.

Most importantly, Jupiter remains strong in the zone representing teamwork and professional allies; the rest of the summer looks like a monster schmooze.


Just like your noble symbol, The Centaur, your horoscope is currently a creature of two very different qualities. Your ruler, Jupiter, and the wayward planet Prometheus are both highly active and are respectively nudging you into achievement and adventure.

On the other hand this month’s lunation happens in your eighth house of secrecy, desire and resources. Plus, you remain tied principally to Saturn, still backsliding through the Centaur’s skies. Saturn is certainly in no hurry to make any binding decisions this month. The real crunch point with Saturn comes in late August/September, when Mars and the Sun join the ringed planet, which has by then resumed forward motion.

One message is therefore to bide your time and ensure that you are complying with Saturn’s demands for clear decks, tidy accounts, and a well-researched sense of long-term purpose (not least about property).

The new Moon of July 4 brings some clarity to financial issues in any case, and calls for a shrewd Saturnine eye on your assets. Those you share with a partner may come under particular scrutiny. The full Moon of July 19 carries the same message.

Late July is more obliging, as planets reach your fellow fire sign of Leo – a holiday fits the bill nicely. All educational activities return to favour. Ruler Jupiter in your career path represents reward for nobility in your chosen profession – the big-hearted, highly principled stuff that Sagittarians excel at pumping out.

The joker in the pack remains Prometheus, drawing to a halt in your fifth house of heartstrings and partying. You appear to be something of a magnet for the second of those topics, especially if you are a birthday circa December 15. Prometheus parachuting a new love affair into your life comes with larger odds, but you are in with a shout, especially since go-getter Mars returns to your skies in August. Pip Pip.


Each and every year the season of Cancer brings a lunation across the axis of significant others. The July’s looks especially significant, with the new Moon and Venus falling opposite Pluto in your own skies. Another far-out planet, Prometheus, is involved at the Capricorn full Moon of July 19, adding to the sense that your one-on-one relationships come supercharged in July. That includes belles, beaus, spouses, ex’s enemies, rivals and bridge partners. Best behaviour and an open heart required, even if you find yourself at a parting of the ways. One thing this month’s stars are not about is clinging on pointlessly.

Your wider social circle looks easy by comparison. Jupiter in a fellow earth sign gives you an international, perhaps educational reach. Rich important folk come through for you. Mars, now moving forwards once more, allows you to straighten out disputes among your fellow professionals/the minions in your workforce (delete as appropriate). These may date back to the opening months of the year. The Age of Peace Love and Understanding is not always Capricorn’s thing – the Goat is mindful of reality being in the way – but just now it’s in the air.

Saturn, your undisputed ruler, remains quiet beyond calling you to meditation and self-reflection – a theme that gets stronger this autumn. One planet that isn’t quiet is Prometheus, which squares you with some attitude in July, not least if you are a January 15 birthday or thereabouts. Providing your home is built on solid ground and you are on top of any need for sudden change in your domestic arrangements, you don’t need to fret too much. But be on your toes for people more eccentric and provocative than your; unconventional solutions may be the best ones.


Work to be done, bills to be paid, your July ‘scope has something of the mundane about it – chop wood and carry water as the Buddhists say – and if you have chiselled out any kind of holiday for yourself then well done.

The new Moon of July 4 and its full moon counterpart on July 19 highlight the work axis of your ‘scope, and how you regulate your body and routine in order to function fully. Good resolutions to the fore, then, and a nod to some solo retreat. There should be too much of that – your relationship axis wakes up mid month when Venus crosses into Leo along with Mercury, and the connections you have and make with significant others are easy and frequent. That theme grows once the Sun moves into Leo on July 22, marking six months from and since your birthday.

A good moment to consider what remains to be achieved, especially in your career, where Mars has been blowing hot and cold all of 2016. Now the res planet is moving forwards you can resolve unanswered issues from early in the year and refresh your assault on any pinnacles of power to which you aspire. Ruler Saturn remains onside to assure you that aspiration is a good thing, but that persistence is all.

Last month’s forecast explored the issues at work in your financial axis in some detail; suffice to now that with Jupiter powering forwards, this is an excellent time to be settling financial/legal affairs, contracts with partners and mortgages and suchlike. You appear to be a win-win situation this summer.

The sparkliest star in your firmament remains Prometheus, a planet often touted as belonging to Aquarius. The planet of surprise is well sited all month as it slows to a halt, handy especially for birthdays circa February 12. Mad inventors and crazy cineastes, crusading politicos and gender-free folk all fit the Promethean frame; people at least as kooky as you in short. Your inner Space Cadet is calling.


A horoscope dominated by planets in water signs has to be a good thing for the zodiac’s Fishes. The Cancerian new Moon of July 4 aligns neatly with Neptune in your skies, and the full Moon of July 14 picks out Mars, now finishing up its protracted business in Scorpio.

The former makes July an obliging time for lovers, creators and parents, and eases your path to Crab birthday bashes and other summer fun. Venus and Mercury leave Cancer’s skies midmonth but the Sun shines for you until it passes into the Lion on July 22.

More ambiguous is Mars, stationary for much in July and especially relevant for birthdays circa March 16, for whom it may performing a healing role. Certainly with Chiron involved mid-March birthdays will be all too aware of their weaknesses and the scars from old campaigns, so to speak. Mars may bring new passion to help you forget the past and also emphasises any international connections – if these have been blinking on and off in recent weeks, you should find resolution now.

The full Moon of July 19 questions, perhaps briefly, love affairs, while the Moon-in-Pisces weekend of July 22/23 allows you either to wallow pleasantly with friends and lovers or to understand and accommodate relationships that have troubled you this year, and to turn inwards, come to terms with what you perceive as personal failings (the outside world may have a different opinion).

You can’t linger with such emotional issues for too long, as planets in Leo spell work, and Mars moving to the crest of your scope at month’s end suggests August may be more of a reckoning point in career and/or property terms than you bargained for.

One special relationship may also be proving overwhelming – even if that’s in a good way. As discussed in Your Stars June ’16, your ruler Jupiter is on the move in your complimentary sign of Virgo, another reason that twosomes are currently big news in your world, whether they are arriving or leaving. Whatever is going, destiny (lunar nodes) is part of it.

Finally, planet Prometheus will for some of you be evoking the upside-down years of 2009/10. Those mid-March birthdays are, again, those in most focus.


There’s an impressive dynamism about your ‘scope this summer – as you will know from previous years, Leo is invariably a tonic of a season for the Ram – but the timing is tricky.

You begin the month with the new Moon of July 4 returning you to matters of home, hearth and family, where there may be sticky questions to resolve – if so, they will already have an airing in February and again last month. The theme of healing and acceptance applies to deep-set grudges in particular. The period of the full Moon on July 19 sets positive feelings in motion and they stay in circulation for the rest of the month, not least on 24/25 July, when the waning quarter Moon sits in your skies.

This emotional matrix may apply to a partner rather than family members, but the deep-set feeling is the same. We are talking about your ruler Mars in its other ruled sign Scorpio, and Scorpio’s waters always run deep.

Fire is, of course, Aries’ element, and there is plenty of that in August. Venus and Mercury in Leo from mid-month ginger up your invitations on the social front, and the Sun’s arrival in Leo brings further promise of high summer jinks and personal satisfaction. Kids are an especial source of support. Those in the dating game need to get busy. Very busy.

The third fire sign, Sagittarius, remains host to Saturn, but will be lit up by your mars governor next month. At which time you can consider the merry dance the red planet has led you in the first half of 2016 to be over.

In your own skies planet Prometheus and Ceres are a magnetic presence working on your behalf, especially for mid-April birthdays. These are new and pleasantly challenging times for many Rams, for some they may even feel revolutionary. Trading in a dull spouse for a more vibrant future, throwing over being a desk jockey for a life on an eco project, – these are the kind of changes that come along under this transit. Promethean energies can be uncompromising but carry an air of inevitability; if you want to make a change, however abrupt, this is an opportune moment.

The maverick planet draws to a halt later in July but will receive significant aspects from other planets (including Mars) throughout the remainder of the year, so you may find yourself revisiting decisions you made this month. Be bold.


July is very much about the lunar tides. The sweep of Luna from the new Moon in Cancer on July 4 to fullness in Capricorn on July 19, then onto your own skies on July 27 highlights all the issues, positive and difficult, that you currently face. You’ll have to multi-task.

Communications and travel are the first issues highlighted by the Moon, and here you can quietly upgrade your infrastructure and increase/improve the quality of your output, whether you are writing, talking, hustling or going loopy on social media. You appear to have a receptive audience.

Jupiter in your fifth is a transit featured in last month’s forecast, and the giant planet remains resolutely on your side – under this ‘influence’ you get the run of the green, the lucky break, the helping hand from someone with money. Don’t be passive. You can trundle along happily this summer but opportunity is there for the taking. The 29th has a rosy quality.

Mars in opposition is also a process also under discussion in previous forecasts. Instead of having the red planet in your face for the usual six weeks, you have had to go through four months or so of the testing warrior.

This may have arrived in the shape of an almighty tussle with you know who, or an on-off romance, but Mars in your seventh covers all manner of significant others; ex’s, golf partners, creative duos, and it would be surprising if there have not been a few ructions along the way. Mars remains powerful in July but it is inching away out of opposition, so be patient, especially around the 14th.

The earthy full Moon of the 19th, aligns nicely with Taurus and with Jupiter in earthy Virgo; a moment to reach out, geographically, socially, creatively. Thereafter Luna passes through Pisces to jangle your professional realm before reaching Taurus on July 27/28, almost ready to be reborn but with enough juice in the tank to make those favoured days.

Behind the scenes like maverick Prometheus, currently cooking up a radical scheme, probably creative, though perhaps technological, or perhaps to do with your hearth and home, the subject of August’s stars.


You can draw breath in July after what may have been a tumultuous birthday month (work challenges and/or hard partying), but you don’t get long to do so, as Mars will be back in opposition next month to stir up interest/trouble/romance (delete as required). More of which anon.

Meanwhile the lunation that begins with the new Moon of July 4 and reaches full Moon on July 19 concerns your financial set-up, is keen to generate extra readies but inquisitive about whether you have the long-term plan in good shape. If you have the security of property in hand, fine. If you wish to add a wing to your domain or move somewhere larger, your horoscope is all in favour; things can be expedited swiftly in July.

Planets moving into Leo from mid month, to be joined by the mighty Sun on July 22, stir up your pool of social contacts and neighbourhood chums in a positive way. As an air sign, fire sign planets represent opportunity, and the oddball planet Prometheus in Aries offers exactly that to mid-June birthdays especially. An out-of-the-blue offer from a professional colleague would fit the frame, but you may also have reached a point where you initiate a brave new course of action with your career, going solo for example.

Planets in your career path stress that there is everything to play for…unless, like the hapless Gemini politicians mentioned in the introduction – you have been laid low by Saturn. Your karma, however, is not theirs, and Saturn is the planet of karma; something to bear in mind for September, when the taskmaster gets back on your case.

Mars in your sixth, meanwhile is no push-over either; stick to an improving regime in health and infrastructure, you have to behave like a dutiful Virgo just now. Mars changes sign at the end of July, after which you can expect a revisit to romantic issues earlier this year, and last month. The outlook for romantic associations and for long term partnerships, changes in September – more benign but more searching. Meanwhile, get in shape and circulate.