Your Stars February 2017

After a period of non-co-operation over the festivities, the communications planet Mercury is now back up to speed, so your astrologer cannot blame its retrograde cycle for the late arrival of this month’s stars. Alas, pressing work commitments from other areas of what is known as a ‘portfolio career’ have had to be honoured first. Apologies for the delay.

Many people are concerned to know what 2017 might bring in the wake of the presidency of He Who Shall Not Be Named. At this point your astrologer can only say that firstly we seem to be stuck in the square between Pluto in Capricorn –unrestrained establishment power – and Prometheus in Aries – revolutionary discontent among the people, a pattern prevailing since 2008’s financial crisis.

Whether 2017 will change the balance from the former to the latter looks doubtful, though there are encouraging signs like the zillion women’s march, while the Dark Lord himself faces a total eclipse in August of this year.

February sees a couple of eclipses – a lunar eclipse at the full Moon in Leo on the 11th and an annular solar eclipse at the new Moon in Pisces on the 26th, whose implications for each sign are touched on below. Late February looks pretty bumpy for all. If you wish to see the longer picture, My Stars 2017 offers an overview of the year ahead.

February is also the month for Valentines, and with Mars and Venus side by side on the 14th, it looks quite the amorous love-in, one on which I will be offering a playful commentary in ten days’ time. Stay tuned.


Despite the humanitarian streak in your sign, not all Aquarians are ‘people persons’ as that ugly phrase puts it. There’s also a streak of chilly detachment in the make-up of many Urn Bearers. Currently, however, other people are where your advantage lies this spring; fellow travellers in the professional sphere, and your network of chums, siblings and acquaintances. Ruler Saturn currently bosses the former, and if you aspire to the presidency of the Bridge Club/Football Club/local Trade Union, go ahead and claim your prize. Mars, Venus and co-ruler Prometheus boss the latter, and there is not better time to be in circulation, feeling good in your neighbourhood and glad-handing surprised strangers. That Mercury is zipping through your skies from February 7th to the 25th underscores the message.

More intimate associations – partners, ex’s – come up for examination at the full Moon weekend of February 11. This is an eclipse, so you are right to be wary when engaging with you know who – it is not the time for ultimatums or ‘Where is this relationship going’ conversations. – the lunar currents are too awry. Give yourself some space, at least until Valentine’s Day.

The month’s other eclipse is at the new Moon of February 26 and falls in the cash and resources zone of your solar ‘scope. You might like to pop down to the vault to ensure that no-one has cracked the code on your deposit box or bank account – slippery Neptune is involved. The asteroid Pallas Athene is also here, however; she is a goddess of strategy, and over the month of Pisces you should be able to locate extra funds.

Got a major trip in store this month? Jupiter is all in favour, and even if you remain securely at home, someone from afar seems to have you in mind. Happy birthday.


Many of you are sweating under Saturn’s work agenda – not necessarily in a difficult way, Saturn is about reward as well as graft – and at all costs the professional show must be kept on the road until spring. This winter is a time when you really earn your spurs in the outer world.

By way of compensation you have had a month of Venus in Pisces – you have surely seen her in the early evening sky – which should have gingered up your social life, perhaps even your romantic life, and if recent developments in that department have turned flat, remember Venus returns in April.

Your birthday season begins with a solar eclipse on February 26, a game-changer if that’s your birthday (or close to it) but give it a few days before you make any drastic calls, especially about large sums of money. Financially you can emerge ahead in 2017, thanks to ruler Jupiter, but speculation just now should be cautious.


Uh-oh, look out world! Mars is in Aries throughout February and on to March 10. This transit happens every couple of years but this time Mars is in powerful, confrontation with Jupiter and Pluto, while also allying with Prometheus. That is one combustible piece of planetary chemistry.

The good news is that Aries’ ruler Mars brings empowerment; within reason you can get your way – ‘within reason’ meaning that you want alliances not enemies, justice not tempter tantrums. If you push too hard, others will push right back. The last week of the month is the most inflammable period of the month. More good news: Venus is also in your skies, enabling you to access your inner Libran peace-maker (she is in there somewhere), and use charm as well as directness. Romantically, you look a hot ticket, a sensual powerhouse.

The impersonal world of work is also in obliging mood, providing you aren’t up against an overbearing billionaire. You are at liberty to declare yourself leader of the pack, just don’t do it around the full Moon eclipse of February 11.


Sometimes one has to stand alone amid a storm, striking a suitably heroic pose…but not now. Although you are being to maintain a high professional profile, flying solo is the last thing on your horoscope’s mind. Au contraire, as January should have shown you, your network of fellow travellers, trusted chums and random strangers is currently of immense value.

Venus and Mars, which have been active in the sector of your ‘scope concerned with collective action, have moved on, but asteroid Pallas – a canny, strategic goddess – and, from the 18th, the Sun, ask you to circulate and bond. The only caveat is that with Neptune in the mix, so are flake-outs. Another caveat – with mind-body-spirit under so much emphasis, maintaining mens sana in corpore sano is essential to your progress. That Ceres – mother nature – is in your skies for the next three months should help keep you on the organic straight and narrow.


Even if you are not the most political of creatures, idealism is etched strongly in your chart just now and requires some kind of outlet. Events in the last week of February may be the trigger for action. There is increasing desire, too, for more freedom in your personal life, and with Mars, Venus, Prometheus, Jupiter and a lunar eclipse all in play this month, any shackles are there to be broken.

That may be easier to say than do. Saturn in your ‘scope’s relationship is in part about duty and commitment, but a bond that has become a deadweight cannot be endured indefinitely.

The solar eclipse near the peak of your ‘scope on February 26 concerns your professional outlook. Good time to survey the way ahead, but don’t make big calls until March, and don’t add to your workload.


Your stars spell opportunity in no uncertain fashion, though little drops into your lap without effort on your part. On the contrary, many of you are going to feel under pressure as the zodiac’s other three cardinal signs – Aries, Libra, Capricorn – are all highly active in February, with the last week of the month especially turbulent. Issues surrounding home and family are the easiest to handle and those most open to instant improvement; Jupiter invariably opens possibilities.

More pressing are questions about employment, profile, and waspish co-workers/bosses. Again, there is much to be gained, but you’ll need your Crab claws to the fore at the end of the month! The season of fellow water sign Pisces, beginning February 18, is, as ever, obliging, though the solar eclipse at the new Moon of February 26 is a wait-and-see, even before-and-after, moment, especially for birthdays in late June.


Being a ‘fixed’ sign is all very well if you want to simply sit on your throne and radiate Leonine majesty, but it means change can be a challenge. And at present, your horoscope is very keen on change, a massive adventure even. An ongoing pile of planets in fellow fire sign Aries is the chief culprit, but on February 11 you also have an eclipsed full Moon in your skies – something of a chapter ending for August 14/15 birthdays. Looks like a wild weekend for all of you, but handle partnerships with kid gloves.

If your personal adventure doesn’t involve actual buccaneering across the planet, then big ideas and high ideals may do the trick. Leo isn’t often thought of as a sign of intellectual endeavour, but just now your bright ideas (and big heart) look a ticket to a bigger future. And more money? Let’s see, but don’t gamble with your security around the eclipse of your Sun ruler on February 26. Otherwise, shine on.


The situation just now is less about little old you than about your partnerships and enmities. Your opposite sign, Pisces, remains filled with planets and asteroids, and therefore relationships and open foes. January provided much clarity about both – February presents a more confused picture because with Neptune featured strongly at a new Moon that is also a solar eclipse (on February 26), the boundaries are blurred until a full Moon in your own skies in mid-March. What’s more, Venus will be back in position April, making romances subject to revision.

Meanwhile Venus has joined Mars and Prometheus in the zone of your ‘scope concerning sex and money (the two are often entwined). There is hopefully plenty of both around – late February’s interactions look intense, even taboo. The money arrives both from your own graft and diligence, and via other people; a bequest perhaps, or a legality of some sort. It appears you are owed.


The Scales can be a very contradictory sign; one that loves peace but doesn’t shy away from confrontation, one that hates to be alone but can’t always stomach the compromises of partnership. Those two particular threads of the Libran character (not saying anything about the dithering) are amplified in February, when ruler Venus joins Mars and Prometheus in your zone of alliances and enmities. Meanwhile Jupiter, which has been keen to shake your world up since your birthday, is going retrograde for a few months.

Normally that would let you catch breath, but not now. Heck, no. Your cage is being rattled, and if you look closely, you’ll find that its door is wide open anyway. How to use your freedom remains an issue. At the very least you might grant yourself a make-over (if you didn’t do so at your birthday), while an ongoing emphasis on your lifestyle – where there is a solar eclipse on February 26 – is urging you to become a leaner Libran.

As for the relationships. With Mars in opposition until mid-March don’t be making enemies of friends, and be lairy around your declared foes (they are empowered). Venus in Aries gives you permission to be enchanted and for you to offer something in return, but when the chips are down – quite a likely scenario just now – no-one owns anyone.


Moving right along? Your horoscope certainly is. Some of February’s astrology is pretty mundane – for example, ruler Mars and your partnership planet Venus are both in the humdrum sixth house, where you perfect your diet and yoga schedule – but a month with a solar eclipse in your fifth house of joy is unlikely to be dull. That eclipse, on February 26, signals a pleasant shake-up in your social scene, and maybe a plunge into a new love affair (especially if you like women).

Whoever you fancy, any stasis or confusion about romances isn’t going to endure for long, certainly not beyond the spring, when the lunar nodes – eclipse points – change sign. Meanwhile the skies of Pisces are busy, and ask you to take every invitation to get out the house and circulate.

February’s other eclipse is at the full Moon on the 11th, in the most public zone of your ‘scope, where your profile is highest – career, most likely. Whether someone is about to do a disappearing act at work is a matter of wait and see, but avoid making any big calls on your career until said eclipse is on its way. The 16t/17th, when Luna is in your skies, is a good time to make a move.


As long as Saturn is on your case – and he so is if you have a birthday around December 16 – there is going to be an element of trudge trudge to life. Steady application, however, is usually how things happen, how jobs are completed.

Your horoscope currently has a couple of rather different strands to it, however. Your Jupiter ruler is stationary in your house of politics and networking, making who you know as important as what you know, while three planets in fiery Aries ask you to get the heck out the house and find a party. If you are in the dating game, this spring looks a hot prospect, and whether you are searching for romance or not, friendships and new people (the more unconventional the better) are the stuff of life just now.

The solar eclipse at the new Moon of February 26 magnifies any uncertainties regarding your home, flat or living arrangements. No need for panic, just a little cold analysis and no decisions until March.


There are two hotspots in your current horoscope. The first is Jupiter up near the summit, in the zone where you etch your formidable reputation as a professional operator. The giant planet is currently stationary (hence more powerful) and making multiple aspects to other planets, so your ‘luck’ (for which you can read, all your hard work) is in, your opportunities plentiful. Jupiter rules legal matters, publishing, philosophy, religion and philanthropy, so if you are mixed up in any of those areas, so much the better.

The other end of your ‘scope, the place where you find security, retreat and living space, looks busy. Mars and Venus have just arrived here, so the builders may have done the same, or a new lodger or two. Nothing to get alarmed about but with Mars meeting Prometheus here at the end of the month, things could get chaotic and/or stroppy.

The cold spot in your solar chart is the solar eclipse at the new Moon of February 26; a passing cloud, but not the time to launch a project (give it a few days) or to make grand pronouncements. Mum’s the word.