Your Stars May 2017


This is the merry month of May, and the astrological Bull will gambol in the meadow and chew the sweet new grass, but you will have to exercise patience and take your pleasures and business opportunities where you find them. Thanks to an annoying retrograde Mercury, you don’t have all motors running until mid-month, when the messenger planet returns to your skies.

As importantly, your ruling planet, Venus, is – thanks to its own retrograde – not in your skies until early in June.

These stars have their upside – you can spread your willpower, smarts and charm across spring – but with Venus patrolling the lonesome twelfth house of your solar ‘scope, you may like to start by fixing up yourself in mind, body and spirit. Who knows what issues you confront alone in your meditation yurt, but you can bet your personal demons will need special attention in May.

Nevertheless, the Taurus new Moon of April 26 asks you to be industrious and quietly assertive. There are birthdays to celebrate, chocolate cake to be baked. The full Moon of May 10 is good for enjoying moment of lunacy, but not for decisions about partners.

One place you can press on is with money matters. Mars in your cash zone is open to deals, trades and adjusting the overheads, and you can instil a new regime with some ease once the new Moon of May 25 arrives (by which time Mercury is strong in your skies).

Romance may be hard to fit in with the schedule, though there would seem to be offers on the table for birthdays in the first few days of May, for whom Neptune is a force to be reckoned with (a little background checking is in order by the way). Your Venus ruler, governor of romance, doesn’t reach your skies until June 7, however, so you may have to be patient. Happy Birthday. .


Your stars re in ‘Go ahead, what’s the problem?” mode. April was necessarily a tad sticky, thanks to your Mercury ruler doing one of its thrice annual retrogrades, but with the messenger planet whirring forwards, you’re empowered.

Double and triply so actually. Venus’s return to forwards motion in a highly congenial zone of your ‘scope means your social life looks spruce and ready for some fresh faces. The weekend of May 20, hen Venus lines up with Jupiter deserves your best shot. Singletons take note.

Then there is Mars, planet of red-blood and flushed face; having the warrior planet in your skies all May is undoubtedly a plus, especially if you are the athletic sort, but means you are prone to shoot first and ask questions afterwards, so to speak. This is the planet of the go-getter but your customary finesse is called for. Especially avoid a scrap in the last few days of the month, when Saturn is involved; some contests are simply no-win.

Mars makes an important square to Neptune at the full Moon of may 10; a moment when you can gain glory without doing a great deal; bask in whatever achievements you have to hand. There is no point in being backward about coming forward. The new Moon of May 25 opens your personal year in some style (a fresh chapter if that’s your birthday). All you have to do for the following month is blaze on.


April may not have been quite Groundhog Day, but with both Mercury and Venus in retrograde in April, doing things twice over has likely been the rule, along with the need to prove yourself to sceptics at work and home. Planets opposing and squaring you describe people who come with needs and demands. Where’s the room for little old you?

In May impasses resolve as Mercury and Venus move forwards again. The Sun in Taurus signals assistance from fellow travellers and security about your place among the office in-crowd. Circulate.

Having the Moon as your celestial ruler, lunations matter to The Crab, and the full Moon of May 10 has a helpful, sensuous quality; a good moment to be out the house. The new Moon of May 25 is more enigmatic, but the silver crescent you may spy over the weekend of May 27 is in your skies; a sweet power point.

Take your pleasures where you find them, since your public profile and life path have first claims on your energy just now. The Aries planets and asteroid at the peak of your chart call for as big a how as you can manage to put on, with inspirational, perhaps shocking people involved, especially at month’s end. People from distant shores may also feature strongly this month, whether socially or in business terms.

Reserve a little space for yourself around that new Moon of May 25; you won’t be getting much repose in June.


The congestion/confusion at the peak of your ‘scope – the place where you are on view to the world, chiefly via your job, finally clears in mid-May, when Mercury gets back to where it started in early April. It’s catch-up meanwhile, plus with your Sun ruler high in your skies at this time of year, being honoured for your professional prowess is part of the mission. Grab your glory, especially around the full Moon of May 10.

Mars, active in your networking zone, blurs the line between work and play, friendship and romance, and a new Moon in the is same place on May 25 further extends your hand for deal-making, arm-twisting and mutual help. Your reach to helpful people looks quite something this month. Venus, having completed its elaborate retrograde, is onside for contacts, especially if you have any business in the educational sector, or with the digital realm of the internet (including old school media like TV and radio). Any think-tank sessions promise inspiration; the further ‘out the box’ the solutions the better.

For singletons, Venus may play her habitual role as romancer. The third fire sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius, continues to house Saturn. Said planet has put your emotional life on something of a test this last nine months or so; you have a few months to resolve matters, but the last couple of days of May could provide a short, sharp test of your feelings.


Until your ruling planet, silver-winged Mercury, completes its retrograde at mid-month, you are playing catch-up on at least one project. April may have required you to break off from normal business to tie up a financial matter, one that receives more attention in May, thanks to Venus traversing the zone where you tie up contracts and pore over a spreadsheet. Money and partnerships come intertwined. Sexually, it’s a hot moment.

That aside, your ‘scope looks in extrovert, exploratory mode. Taurus is an earth sign like yours – trade, bright ideas and travel are all in the frame throughout May, with the weekend of May 5 (when the waxing Moon is in your skies) and the full Moon of May 10 both standouts.

Up in your career zone, warrior Mars marches onwards all month, obliging you to deal with some waspish characters at work perhaps, but requiring a dashing profile from you, a message repeated by the new Moon of May 25. If you have been pre-occupied with a property issue, the pressure reached peak stress last month, but with Mars opposing Saturn at the every end of May, you may have to return to tweak details.

Romance? An open-ended story just now, one that blooms over the next month or two, though if you are head-over-heels and your birthday is circa September 6, you might like to ask a friend for a reality check.


Planets in opposition can spell just that – opposition – or they can indicate fascination, especially when it’s your Venus ruler that’s doing the opposing. In May Venus completes her tricky retrograde cycle and spends all month provoking and enticing you. Recent spats and splits (or plain ol’ missed dates) are up for renegotiation, and although you are in some ways on the back foot, the eternal fascination (for Librans) of significant others is strong in the mix. Emotional intensity is pretty much guaranteed; it’s how you handle it that counts. Venus’s opposition to Jupiter on May 19 – a weekend – deserves a joyous response.

Mercury is another body completing its retrograde cycle, again in opposition, and it will no doubt be a relief when the Messenger planet finally gets out your hair on the 16th, and the 11th, when Mercury meets Prometheus, and may 30, when Venus hits the same point, could raise sparks one way or another.

You do have release valves from partnerships pressures and hot dates (the two are hard to extricate just now). Do return to the good resolutions you made back at your birthday and new year and gause how far you have some since. In June, Jupiter returns to action and there are few excuses not to give your chosen ambitions full reign – this summer is very much a case of if not now, when?

To get you in the mood for summer’s adventures comes action in your fellow air sign Gemini, where Mars is romping all month, to be joined on May 25 by a new Moon. The message here is pretty simple; there’s a roaming gypsy in even the most urbane, spruced-up Libran.


The centre piece of the month’s celestial action is the full Moon in Scorpio’s skies on May 10; sometimes a tricky moment when Luna’s giddier moods prevail, at other times a high point in your personal affairs. Full Moons represent completion, usually of a short term cycle, though if you are a November 12 birthday, you could be looking at a twist in a relationship of many years standing.

Apart from which the cosmos is not especially on your case. The Sun in opposition means your normally reliable batteries may be running a little flat, and the retrograde cycle of Mercury means you have to wait until mid-month before you get answers that seemed imminent a month or so back. There may have been some flakiness on the part of a friend or associate.

Mostly, however, the cosmos is running at an oblique angle to your sign, the upside of which is that you have space to crack on with your agenda, especially if it involves wealth creation – your Mars ruler is traversing the zone of contracts and commitments, and is joined there by the new Moon of May 25. The full Moon aside, mundane matters (work, money) dominate your solar ‘scope, though the opposition of Jupiter and Venus on May 19 lights up your zone of health and well being; a handy omen from the two ‘benefic’ plants.

June, on the other hand, presents a more adventurous, pleasure-oriented prospect, though if your birthday is circa November 6, Neptune remains perfectly sited to deliver whatever fantasy you have in mind. The better your choice – nothing too daft, then – the better the outcome.


April’s frustrations can be quickly left behind in a month dominated by the pleasure planet Venus, which spends all of May cruising through your fellow fire sign of Aries. Good company, posh invitations, a flurry of artistic creativity and the odd crush are all par for the course under this transit. Seek accordingly; the weekend of May 20, when Venus meets your Jupiter ruler, has a happy, purple-tinted glow. Mercury in Aries until mid-month is a similarly upbeat omen.

Needless to say, your ‘scope isn’t all dance parties and inspiration. Mars is in opposition until June, meaning you can expect a few jabs in the ribs from competitors and even pals. While there is nothing wrong with the competitive spirit, avoid rash responses and harsh words. You have plenty else to occupy you; work for starters, and, if you were born December 17-20, the demands of Saturn to tidy up. Mars passing by Saturn at the very end of May, is an alert about any issue not fixed to Saturn’s satisfaction; probably that’s something official, though a long-term relationship may also figure.

The full Moon of May 10 also touches on workaday matters, along with issues from the deep past; probably no big thing; the days following, when the moon is in the centaur’s skies, is more likely to bring issues to a head.

The new Moon of May 25 launches the season of your opposite and complimentary sign of Gemini – a cue to measure your energies carefully and to respond to friendly overtures from significant others (as opposed to Mars’ provocations). Well-balanced, equal opportunity partnerships are what you are striving for, a goal that will be tested further in June.


Rather than throw yourself all-or–nothing into one or other enterprise, spread your formidable energies across activities and people. The Sun in the Bull’s skies spells a sumptuous few weeks for Capricorns, a time to radiate your more playful, less saturnine side. Those of you in the creative industries (including show business) can make hay.

The full Moon of May 10 is a case in point for circulating, mixing business with pleasure and generally reminding people you remain a force to be reckoned with, a mood you can extend into the following week (when the Moon reaches the Goat’s patch of the heavens). Then there’s the opposition between lucky Jupiter and almost-as-lucky Venus on the 20th,, which lights up your career axis in a big way. A good moment to be on stage. Venus is also keen that you spruce up Capricorn Towers while you are it. If you have been experiencing delays and cock-ups with property matters (or contracts generally), this month’s stars help you despatch things pronto.

Actual hard graft, as opposed to the showboating that comes after you’ve done the heavy lifting, is also in the frame, with Mars and the new Moon of May 25 facilitating your cause. But recall the old saying; all work and no play makes Capricorn a dull girl or boy.


This looks more like it. With the retrogrades of Venus and Mercury over, you can crack on at some pace with admin, with issuing orders (don’t laugh), upgrading your internet capabilities (the planets insist), and making your voice heard one way or another.

You should also be in the business of circulating among friends and siblings and greeting strangers with the hand-shaking determination of a politician (it is, indeed, a good time to be an Aquarian politician).

As much derives from the agitated state of planets in the skies of Aries. You also have warrior Mars ripping through your fifth house of hungry pleasures and unfettered romance, whether that applies to a steady squeeze or someone completely new – surprise arrivals and attractive mavericks are very much the flavour of the season. The new Moon of May 25 re-invigorates your social life and your physical up-and-at-’em stamina. The last week of the month looks a gilded few days.

Before then comes the annual full Moon in Scorpio on May 10, sitting atop your scope in the place where you woo your audience (and drop the occasional public clanger). It’s a passing moment, but potentially provocative; maximum cool called for.


Full speed ahead…well almost. The elaborate dance of Venus through your skies this spring – forwards, backwards, forwards – is now complete. Any emotional machinations can be brought to happy equilibrium or assigned to hard-won experience. Either way you are out of an annoying loop.

One reason why not everything is steaming ahead this month is that your ruler Jupiter is still backsliding in the zone of assets (especially shared assets), and with Venus and Mercury also transiting your cash zone, all money matters are up for a useful make-over. How you support yourself has been a recurring issue in 2017; this looks like the moment you gain equilibrium.

As obligingly comes the backslide of Saturn, giving you a few months release from pressing officialdom, especially if your birthday is circa March 18 (and it is, be prepared for a possible problem at the very end of May).

The season of Taurus, supplying earth for your Piscean water is always broadly supportive, and as much remains true this year; all craft skills. With Mercury also making it back to Taurus at mid-month, your communication skills (and anything educational) are enhanced. The new Moon of May 25, near the root of your chart, shifts the accent to domestic security, and having Mars in this same zone all month suggests a few noisy days getting the property in order. Here, the biggest peril comes from the planet sometimes touted as your ruler, Neptune. The planet of water and confusion is sitting on birthdays circa March 3-4, for whom actual water (drains, floods) may currently be an issue – locating the problem is no small matter.

However, Neptune is among the most slippery and ambiguous omens astrology has; it also spells charisma and acclaim, and with said planet in repeated emphasis in May and June, banging your drum and showing off your talents is a promising ticket to ride.


Venus certainly has business with you this spring. Having spent all of February and March in the Ram’s skies, then skipping April due to its retrograde, the planet of charm, relating and romance is back with you until early June. Venus transits are by reputation a bunch of sensual delights, heavy shopping and devil-may-care flirtation. Such happy themes echo through May.

Life as one half of a partnership may not have been so effortless.   You can’t ignore the ties that bind or the siren voices of intimacy, yet nor can you just tag along with the status quo. Independence has been a strong theme in early 2017 – at least, getting the balance right with your main squeeze – while planet Prometheus has not finished with taking some of you on a ride you weren’t expecting. Birthdays circa April 13-18 take note. At this point, it’s the future that counts, not the past.

You start May on the front foot, with Mercury in your skies now finished its retrograde, hallelujah. Venus’s mwah-mwah socialising is at full volume, its opposition to Jupiter over the weekend of May 20 a turning point in a relationship issue for many of you, one way or another. Venus is also a money planet, so aim to gather as much as you spend (you will spend).

Your totem planet, Mars, is in enterprising mood where deals are concerned. Fresh ideas and linguistic skills – the stuff of Gemini – are supportive of your projects and causes. The new Moon in the Twins on May 26 finds you in a very sweet spot, freshly in command of your mission, however you like to define it. If you want to unleash a surprise or two of your own (as opposed to being on the receiving end), the last week of the month is in full support.