Your Stars July 2017

cancer 2017The rhythm of life on planet Earth is provided primarily by the interaction of Sun and Moon, and July’s stars are dominated by the full Moon of July 9 and the new Moon of July 23. That the full Moon in Capricorn is next to Pluto gives it a slightly spooky quality, and the involvement of Mars in opposition adds a further hint that events both public and private, could become intense mid-month. If you were looking for an astrological chart that describes a scene from The Godfather, this would fit, Pluto representing sinister power, Mars aggression and ballistics. Cue Marlon Brando shopping for fruit in the street market.

The new Moon is very different. It arrives at the very start of Leo, again accompanied by Mars, with another new Moon coming in Leo in August – next month also sees two eclipses (and forewarned is forearmed – a Mercury retrograde). Fire sign energy is currently strong in the celestial mix; making this a busy, fertile period for folks with the Sun or other planets in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. There is, however, something positive for all signs in this month’s forecast. Enjoy your summer.


Cancerians do not vaunt their will power the way some other signs do – they often prefer deeds to fine promises – but that doesn’t mean strength and determination are lacking. As a cardinal sign, the Crab wants to make its mark.

Just now your will power is being put to the test. You have planets squaring and opposing you, not least a mega full Moon on July 9, more of which later. On the other hand, it’s your birthday, and the return of the Sun is self-evidently a time of renewal. Plus, you have spiky Mars travelling through your skies, meaning opponents will be confronted with the Crab’s armour and sharp claws.

You can, of course, scuttle away from any conflicts – the Crab’s sideways shuffle – but the planets around you represent issues as well as people, and your issues are going no place unless you deal with them.

The opposition of Mars to scary Pluto on the opening weekend of July may give you a taste of what’s going on. As many Cancerians will attest, a Pluto opposition can spell a gruelling time (July 8-11 birthdays are a case in point) but it can also be a point of transition, when you unload psychic baggage you have been hauling round since way back. With the full Moon of July 9 conjunct Pluto, emotions run deep and one-on-one relationships are in the spotlight. As your astrologer advised you last month, don’t get into any ‘payback scenarios.

Simultaneously you are being squared by Jupiter, a benign transit that is a prod in your ribs to buck up and moves things on without delay, especially property and domestic matters.

The planet Prometheus is a far trickier proposition, an awakening but often disruptive force, spelling fragmented friendships and the arrival of oddball folk and unconventional, possibly taboo, relationships. Here, birthdays circa July 21 are in the frame throughout the summer. With Venus in your twelfth, there’s a covert quality to romances in any case.

Once past that full Moon, however, the metaphorical heat dies down. The new Moon of July 23 signals a new start in your financial set-up one on which you can successfully build throughout the year. Here, the thing you most need is will power. Make it happen. Happy Birthday.


With the heavyweight planetary oppositions of July’s opening nine days laying obliquely to your mighty Leo Sun, the battles they represent are the conflicting demands of the 9-to-5 and a spiritual life. Rest is crucial. You are going to be unusually busy this summer.

Mercury arrives in your skies on July 6 to help you get going. Refine your communications infrastructure, clear your desk of duties, especially financial ones. Venus in your networking zone provides all the business contacts and convivial colleagues you need. Be purposeful.

The new Moon in your skies on July 21 brings a wave of fresh energy to the Leo cause. This year the Lion gets two new Moons, the second, on August 21, being another corker. All of you, but birthdays on those two dates especially. can surf the solar and lunar tides to forge a new chapter this summer. Where you direct your energies is up to you, but with Saturn in unusually obliging form, property and business affairs are open to resolution before the year’s end. The same for long-term projects; finish your book, complete your thesis.

The New Moon of July 21 comes conjunct Mars, and the red planet is with you until the start of September. Mars is a noble warrior and athlete at best, so keep that role in mind rather than Mars the fight-picker. Avoid red mists, don’t get over-confident around machinery. Mars does, however, signify an energy boost of major proportions. Keep your motor running.

The planet Prometheus is also a big player in your solar ‘scope. Promethean energies come as electric jolts, flashes of lightning and illumination. Unusual fields of study open up – hey, there’s always astrology – and intriguing, unorthodox people show up, as do taboo sexual frissons. No sleep until September? Remember, rest is crucial.


If you are a show-off stripe of Virgo – yes, even your humble sign likes to get noticed – then July should be a good fit. Venus spends the entire month crossing the roof of your ‘scope, the place where you meet your public and dress up for the crowds. A high profile is the least your hard work deserves.

The month’s biggest celestial event also points towards a degree of display, even if it’s you partying like it’s 2017. The opposition between Sun/Mars and the full Moon/Pluto on July 9 falls across the romance/friendship axis of your ‘scope. This flags up an intense emotional involvement, either new or existing. Old grudges may surface to be exorcised, confessions of devotion/obsession might arrive, or a compulsive new relationship start – whatever the form, this is a potentially transformational moment.

If the issue is not with a person (or two) then your creativity or hobby comes up for prioritising. Since there is an element of ending to the full Moon/Pluto combination, this might be as simple as completing a long-cherished project.

In general, the weeks of Sun in Cancer are obliging, however. A different tone is struck by the new Moon in Leo on July 23 – the first of two new Moons in the Lion, both in the secretive twelfth house of your solar ‘scope. Some deep relaxation/retreat/remedy looks both available and required prior to your approaching birthday season. Talking of which, bear in mind that your Mercury ruler will shortly be doing one of its thrice yearly back-flips, starting August 13. Mercury reaches your skies on July 26, making the last week of the month an important time for getting your practical affairs, including communications infrastructure, tickety-boo.

For that reason, Virgo finances also deserved a look. Besides with Jupiter so active in your cash zone, attracting more of the folding stuff looks surprisingly straightforward.


As you of all signs know, it’s all a matter of balance, and July is full of situations and people that require you to be at your most diplomatic. The Sun and Mars at the top of your ‘scope are pushy enough, but the full Moon at the root of your ‘scope makes for one intense opposition at the full Moon weekend of July 8/9.

With that crowd of planets squaring you, you could be running into serious opposition at work or in the homestead. Librans can be confrontational, but they can also adopt an ‘anything to keep the peace’ attitude. Your astrologer’s advice is to adopt a medial position, standing your ground in a dignified way without getting into scraps and retaliatory tactics. Jupiter in your sign calls for a wise, perhaps legalistic approach to problems – the sword and scales of justice are your weapons.

Jupiter’s ongoing progress through your skies makes you unsinkable in any case, so you may be able to sail any troubled waters in serene fashion. Any tension fades as July progresses. The new Moon in Leo on July 23 opens a hugely favourable six weeks for you, when friends and colleagues are onside. The weekend of July 28/29, with a waxing Moon in Libra lighting your way, deserves special treatment.

Romance, if you’re interested, comes sweet and easy in July, thanks to your ruler, fair Venus, beaming from your fellow air sign Gemini. Circulate. Plus, planet Prometheus remains in powerful opposition, a transit that will shake cosy-gone-stale relationships and make new encounters a live wire. Go with the flow, however unlikely.


Modern astrology often makes Pluto the ruler or co-ruler of Scorpio, whereas by tradition Mars has that honour (and the advantage of moving around the zodiac rather than staying in one sign for years on end). Both planets are heavily involved in July’s celestial pattern, so take your pick.

Mars in a fellow water sign, Cancer, certainly has a swashbuckling flavour to it, and, as noted last month, brings an international perspective to your affairs. At the full Moon of July 9 Mars and the Sun oppose the Moon and Pluto, a promising aspect if you are prepared to search your motives and be frank about your failings. It’s a good moment to dump overboard illusions and toxic baggage and, on a mundane level, to discover that your communications infrastructure ain’t what it could be!

Mars is also a big player at the new Moon in Leo on July 23. Very rarely do you have a new Moon exactly on the pinnacle of your solar ‘scope, and to have one’s ruler also present suggests a bold new chapter in your professional life. The six weeks that follow offer the chance to build your reputation – this could be a rapid ascent, even though you will be handling people, or one particular person, who are vain and stubborn. Still, when it comes to digging in your heels, you are no pushover yourself.

With so much going on, your emotional and romantic life is unlikely to be placid. Intense feelings – Scorpio’s speciality – are a more likely outcome of Mars-Pluto, while Venus in your secretive eighth house (another Scorpio favourite) looks like a well-appointed boudoir. In cases where you are unsure of what is going on between you and another individual, Mars hitting the peak of your ‘scope on July 21 looks like a time of resolution, one way or another.


2017 was always going to be a year of some reckoning – blame the usual suspect, Saturn – but if you play your cards right you can coast through summer before Saturn re-exerts its more cold-blooded demands in September.

The biggest bump in the road is around the full Moon of July 9, when Mars and the Sun oppose Pluto and Luna. This falls across the financial axis of your solar ‘scope, indicating a need for dry facts about money matters, not least jointly held assets, contracts, legacies and similar official arrangements.

On the other hand, there is the array of planets scattered around in fire and air signs, oiling your wheels and pulling simpatico folks into your orbit. Venus in opposition all month represents attractive others crossing your path, plus the chance to make peace with anyone with whom you’re on the outs. On the flip side lurks the green monster; keep things sweet, not sour. If your birthday is December 19-21, where romance is concerned, you appear to be pushing at an open door. Jump in.

Perhaps most striking are the comings and goings in your kindred fire sign of Leo. In your solar ‘scope Leo represents affairs of a Sagittarian hue; questing, philosophy, long haul travel and, of course, centaurs and other equine matters. The new Moon there on July 23 is a way-opener for you, a message that’s repeated in August with the second new Moon in Leo. Mars, also in Leo, turns up the heat nicely. This is a time to throw your energies into your best projects and most determinedly held beliefs- things will be less accommodating with the new term in September


Capricorns are celebrated for their realism and, ahem, bluntness, and your horoscope in July certainly has a blunt, realistic quality about it. With planets opposing you and squaring you, it is unlikely to be your strongest moment – it’s six months since your birthday and the Sun is in opposition. So is Mars, a planet that, as pointed last month, is always keen on a squabble. Meanwhile Jupiter and Prometheus at square spell exciting but challenging new openings, not least professionally.

The full Moon in Capricorn’s skies on July 9 is a climactic moment. It arrives next to Pluto, which is in long (oh so long) residence in the Goat, so this could be the finale of a long-term project or relationship. It certainly turns up the heat in your one-on-ones, be they amorous or business-like or open warfare. Pluto-Mars is a pretty toxic mixture, so avoid any power plays, any manipulative or even criminal scenes. If anything, you want to unburden yourself of a few anxieties and regrets; an emotional detox fits the frame.

There is plenty to play for in your chosen profession; Jupiter’s march across the roof of your scope until October is a cue to mix it with those even higher up the totem pole than yourself; a good omen for the ambitious.

The new Moon of July 23 is in Leo, the sign that represents wealth and money in your ‘scope. With a further new Moon to come in Leo, and a couple of eclipses, this looks like a nudge to revisit your personal Aladdin’s cave to make sure no-one has made off with the family silver, and to restock your portfolio. At the least check your documentation and contracts are in satisfyingly good order.

Since Leo also represents hot sex and secret kicks in your solar ‘scope, those new Moons might also be ushering in a very sensual summer. Enjoy.


July is a month to be a lover, not a fighter. Planetary aspects don’t come any sweeter than Venus in your fifth house and Jupiter in your ninth. The former asks you to celebrate matters and people closest to your heart, to gate-crash a party or two and to produce some of the finest etchings of your creative career. Jupiter occupies a more questing, out-reaching zone of your ‘scope, one that favours matters educational and legal, as well as long haul travel.

The month’s potential trouble spot – the full Moon of July 9, when Mars and Pluto are involved, lies obliquely to your Aquarian self; those of you involved in mind-body-spirit can make a breakthrough under this challenging transit. There is no better time to be unloading emotional and psychic baggage.

The new Moon in Leo on July 23 represents a very different challenge; that of handling your one-on-one relationships; be it spouse, steady squeeze, bridge partner, ex or open enemy. As that new Moon has alongside, the opportunity for a dust-up or falling-out rises to the surface. You are likely dealing with someone just as stubborn as you and remain somewhat on the back foot in late July and all of August. With a couple of eclipses upcoming in August across this axis, keep your head down and present a moving target in any hostilities.

On the other hand, a new Moon on the cusp of your seventh house also represents a fresh start, a new partner even. Any Leo chums you have look a handful – in a good way.

Prometheus, a planet often touted as the modern ruler of Aquarius, remains in vibrant, even electrifying form, and if your birthday is around February 16, you have a window of rare opportunity to exploit; your most unorthodox is likely the card to play. Space cadets step forward. All of you are being asked to harness the power of the digital realm to your ends.


The mighty Sun alongside Mars in the zone of pleasure and recreation is a very positive omen for Pisceans, not least the athletes and sailors among you, but when the pair oppose the full Moon on July 9, you may hit an emotional hotspot. Steady as she goes. Duck confrontations, embrace surprise new associations. Your instincts and touchy-feely antennae are vibrant over July 13/14, when Luna occupies your skies.

Though you should be to sail through most of July without much bother, the new Moon of July 23 does sound a somewhat harsh tone of ‘work’, as in the four-letter kind. If you are en vacance, the two new Moons in Leo this year may offer you some rare insights in the mind/body/spirit realm, but it seems many of you are being asked to graft, to ‘put in a shift’ as they say in football-land. To your astrologer’s eyes, this looks like preparation for the more official recognition you must gain over autumn, when Saturn completes a challenging cycle.

The details of your daily life and the glories of your beautiful home are another feature of July’s stars; with Venus in your fourth, bring your good taste touch to the fore. Then there is money. Planet Prometheus in your cash zone suggests new ways of pulling in the folding stuff are available. Think outside the box.


Mars being the Ram’s ruling planet, its adventures across the zodiac are always a key rune for you. In July, the red planet is at the heart of the planetary action, being involved at both the full Moon of July 9 and the new Moon of July 23, although the pair press very different buttons in your ‘scope.

The full Moon finds Mars next to the Sun with Luna conjunct scary ol’ Pluto; a potentially incendiary combination, and something of a way-marker in both your professional and domestic lives. Pluto is in your career zone for years, but full Moons mark turning points, and Pluto is a planet of transformation. Keep your ambitions high, avid any deals that smell of naked power and corruption.

The new Moon of July 23 is a different story. It falls at the very beginning of your fellow fire sign Leo, and is accompanied by Mars. What’s more, you get a second new Moon in the Lion next month. Something fresh is beginning – birthdays March 21 and April 18/19 take especial note – and all you have to do is throw your heart and soul into it. What is it? Anything creative, arty, recreational, athletic, a hot romance or simply a bright idea – the unifying theme is that it comes from the heart. You are being asked to be Leonine.

The Ram isn’t going away, however. Venus in ambiguous, freewheeling Gemini promises a light, refreshing touch in your social life (including siblings, cousins and Twins). Jupiter in opposition remains something of a challenge/gift where one-on-ones are concerned. Either way you are being stretched, hopefully in a good way.

Then there is planet Prometheus, still marching forwards to the end of the Ram’s patch of the heavens. Prometheus means innovation, technically as well as inspirationally; could be time to bump up your tech. If you are a crusading kind of Ram, you look like the one brandishing a placard at the cameras. As your astrologer remarked in last month’s forecast- ‘bold exploration – making it up as you go along so to speak’ –is there to enjoy.


All things must pass, and you bid adios to your ruler, fair Venus, on July 5, though after her month-long stay in the Bull you should be sparkling with fresh fairy dust. A renewed sense of purpose certainly fits July’s stars. Even the potentially tricky full Moon of July 9 doesn’t look too problematical. The Sun and Mars in Cancer put oomph into your daily runnings and local network. Ruler Venus in your second promises an upturn on the money front. July Deals are there to be done.

The full Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto is a more searching aspect, a time of truth-telling, or talking truth to power as the current phrase has it. However, it’s at an easy angle to your Taurus Sun, suggesting you can negotiate difficulties with individuals or, indeed corporate interests. You may need to be a little cold-blooded.

The new Moon of July 23 arrives at the very root of your ‘scope, a place of home and ancestry, though one that also has a strong bearing on your career. A new Moon here is rare enough, but you get something of a repeat performance next month with the second Leo new Moon. If you want to turn the page, start a new life chapter, change location, honour the ancestral heritage or seed a project – you get the idea – it’s worth turning it into a conscious affirmation at this new Moon. Sorry to go new age, but this is gem of an omen.

Throughout July, indeed throughout summer, you have the asteroid Pallas Athene. As Jupiter’s daughter, she is a powerful figure, something of a warrior but also a smart strategist and politician- useful talents!


As a Gemini, you always have options – there are two Twins after all – and in July your hand is not being forced (except, perhaps, over money), and you can write your own script to taste. Option one is to move right along, to push hard for a prize – athletic, professional, creative – and to explore new avenues in education or communications. Jupiter will gift you the prize, two new Moons in Leo will put you in a fresh digital realm or on a lecture tour.

Option two is to slow down, smell the flowers and sport your best frock to a buzzing garden party. Venus shows up in your skies on July 5 and is with you for the rest of the month. Venus governs art, social gatherings, flirtatious glances across a crowded room, dressing up and indulging yourself. Her alignment with Jupiter is exact on July 18, but the weekend of the 14/15 also looks promising.

The planetary action in Leo can be accessed for either option. In your solar chart Leo represents matters Geminian – short journeys, talking, education, bi-locating – and with ruler Mercury here between July 5-25 you are flying with ideas and surrounded by people. The new moon in Leo on July 23, alongside Mars, keeps this sector of your chart humming until September, albeit with a pesky Mercury retrograde thrown in.

The full Moon of July 9 is a trickier prospect, being alongside Pluto; a reminder that finances need to be scrupulously organised and the baggage that comes with money – the contracts, the sharing of wealth with partners, the moral obligations – are handled appropriately.