Your Stars June 2018

gemini 2018The longest day of the year, for those of us in northern climes, arrives on June 21 at 10.07 GMT. The midsummer solstice comes with some interesting celestial accompaniment this year. Mars in Aquarius and Venus in Leo greet each other across the cosmos, quite a kiss between the two ‘relationship planets’.

Jupiter in Scorpio aligned with Neptune in Pisces is, furthermore, quite the signature for a ‘Summer of Love’. We’ll see; the iron rule of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn remains the abiding signature of the times, though both planets are somewhat dormant until autumn, and while astrologers have given Prometheus’ arrival in Taurus a warm reception, the last transit of the uncompromising planet through the Bull was 1934-41, seven years not noted for peace and love.

For followers of the England football team comes the following information: Virgo Gareth Southgate has chosen a lot of ‘mutable’ Sun signs for his 23 man squad: Sagittarians (5), Pisceans (4) and Geminis (3). Adaptability in short. There is only one Leo, only one Harry Kane, and with Venus in Leo, a chance for the captain to shine.


If you flip back to your 2017 and 2016 birthdays you should find yourself in a less pressured environment by comparison (those born 1989/90 may justly disagree). With Saturn out of opposition, your hand is no longer being forced and major decisions from the last two years should now be paying off.

As much applies quite literally to your cash and assets, where across the summer Saturn lets you adjust where your loot is invested, and allows resources held in common to be more justly split.

June is a good month to put your house in order and fix the roof before the autumn rains. The Sun in one’s sign is always empowering – footballers like to score goals on their birthday – and other celestial bodies are helpfully aligned. Until the pivotal new Moon of June 13 you have your ruling planet, quicksilver Mercury, dashing through your skies, favouring quick decisions, intellectual work and, of course, your unique ability to be in two places simultaneously. It’s Twins Time!

The new Moon is a big deal for those of you born on the 13th – a promising new chapter opens – and a nudge to the rest of you to kick on and up the pace. Helping you do so is Venus, which moves into the fiery skies of the Lion on the 13th, stirring the social stew and spicing summer romance. Mars in fellow air sign Aquarius favours your contacts abroad and your campaigning, humanitarian ideals.

Drawbacks? Neptune spends the month static in Pisces, making June a month when the scales may fall from your eyes regarding one particular involvement (not necessarily romantic). Like fame, with which its energies are much involved, Neptune promises a lot more than it usually delivers. It can be lonely at the top! Birthdays 6-8 June, who are most in the frame, should seek clarity. Boundaries must be respected on both sides – something that may apply to an intimate relationship. Take control. Happy Birthday.


Play your hand right and you can extend your birthday celebrations over a couple of months. The crucial date, of course, is the midsummer solstice on June 21, when the Sun reaches the Crab’s skies. However, social and romantic queen Venus is already with you until June 13, asking you to play the bon viveur from the off – on June 1st and 2nd the green planet makes a perfect triangle with Jupiter and Neptune, the cue for a giddy weekend.

On June 13 Mercury takes over from Venus in your skies to ensure you have the ears of others – weigh your words with extra care – and forms the same cosmic triangle on June 20. New friendships and flings in June look promising and are under further consideration early in July. The other water signs – Scorpio and Pisces – may figure among your playmates.

Your one-on-one relationships, new or old, are under super emphasis this month, thanks to Venus, Mercury and the Sun all passing by Saturn, which is opposite you in Capricorn. The full Moon of June 28, furthermore, sits alongside Saturn. At its worst, Saturn is the planet of gloom, but at best it shows you what’s working and what isn’t, and especially this month which relationships are/aren’t working. Balance those deep flowing Cancerian emotions with Saturn’s steel and boundaries – seek settlement (say, with an ex), acknowledge termination and closure or find a brand new partnership that offers justice. You may be juggling more than one association.

As much applies particularly to June birthdays, who also have planet Prometheus in the mix, promising a new role as head honcho of a sports team, committee or other collective. Alternatively you may find yourself inducted into a fellowship of kindred spirits. Enjoy.


The season of airy Gemini is always one to savour for the fiery Lion, promising support from fellow travellers and your network of associates. The new Moon of June 13 is a doubly useful moment for a restart as it coincides with Venus moving into your skies until early July.

The planet of poise, harmony, art and pleasure favours a charm offensive and, if you’re interested, a touch of romance and flirtation. You’re in the spotlight where you belong, no doubt sporting some colourful bling to lighten up the drab lives of non-Leos.

So much for the easy stuff. One-on-one relationships, romantic or not, continue to look a handful. As detailed in May’s forecast, you are dealing with Mars in opposition for weeks and months at a time across this summer, and June is the time to establish some rules, perhaps not by overt pronouncements (though it may come to that) but by the way you handle yourself around others, the signals you give off.

At best Mars is a rush of energy, a welcome challenge or a dashing lover – in the last regard the opposition of Mars and Venus at the June 21 solstice looks promising – and at worst a self-willed, thin-skinned rival or estranged friend. Stay inwardly resolute but outwardly flexible. Deflect rather than confront. Much of what goes down in June gets a replay in July and again in September.

With Neptune also in play this month, albeit obliquely in your case, you need clarity and full information about others’ intentions and should a project/association crash and burn, remember that it may spring back to life come autumn. Your birthday month promises quite a shake-up, not just of partnerships but of your professional life.

The month of Cancer, from the solstice onwards, calls for a portion of rest to balance the outgoing quality of June’s stars, and in preparation for your birthday month. Sleep is in fashion!


An unproductive Virgo is a hapless creature but fortunately your horoscope currently brims with the chance to Get Things Done. All you have to do is be at your bustling best, and juggle competing agendas. Your ruling planet, busy Mercury, traverses the signs of Gemini and Cancer in June, both favouring encounters with fellow travellers and those further up the professional totem pole; the new Moon of June 13 offers you a step upwards in the hierarchy.

Long term projects also repay an investment of time and energy. With Saturn in retreat until your birthday, you have the chance to catch-up with yourself, ready for an autumn push. Mars is also banging the drum for a burst of focused work. Push on.

You will, of course, need some rest and recreation as well, and here your ‘scope is similarly obliging, with Venus onside until June 13, and the mighty Sun encouraging playful pursuits after the midsummer solstice. The full Moon of June 28, in fellow earth sign Capricorn, is an important reality check on both your creative output and on matters of the heart and its commitments.

Romantic and business partnerships are perhaps the most difficult issues of the moment. Certainly with slippery Neptune static in your house of significant others, pinning someone down, uncovering their intentions, may be necessary. Be as persistent as only a Virgo can be if required.


Last month’s forecast advised you to locate your passion and follow it without compromise. That is still the case throughout June as Mars continues its residency of your fifth house of creativity, romance and self-display. Creativity comes in many forms – it isn’t just about art – but it’s always personal, as the business of lu-u-rve, a subject likely to be pre-occupying many Librans this month and next. If you are on the lookout for a lover, the days around the solstice are promising, when ruler Venus opposes Mars, a transit that can spark up a disagreement in more established relationships.

Your partnerships remain in question from other planets. Prometheus has temporarily moved out of opposition, but a sense of disruption continues and the arrival of the planetoid Chiron in opposition suggests a few tender spots in your psyche (or that of your partner) being pulled to the surface.

Alongside passion you are asked to locate your ambition – the two aren’t synonymous…your passion might be your garden or music but your ambition to become a managing director. Then revise your ambition into achievable form. This has been the case since Saturn’s arrival at New Year, but the full Moon next to Saturn on June 28 re-asks questions about your life path, where you fit into the matrix of your career.

Alternatively Saturn may be asking to take a very pragmatic look at your home and property, to fix the heating before the cold weather. Late July looks pretty sticky. Fortunately, ruler Venus is onside from June 13 to help rally your allies and network with gusto. Libra’s inbuilt charm beam should be turned up to 11.

Earlier in the month looks way less problematic. The Gemini Sun and the new Moon of June 13 offer solutions to practical problems but from the solstice onwards, indecision is your enemy.


Your stars are playing good cop/bad cop with you across summertime, the challenge is to decide which one you are dealing with. Jupiter is good cop incarnate, and the giant planet in your skies until your birthday should have put you in expansive mood this year. Furthermore, Jupiter is at one corner of a triangle of water signs – Neptune in Pisces, Venus in Cancer – that promises ease and enchantment, not least during the first week of the month.

You may be getting too much of a good thing, however, since Neptune is often misleading, not least where other’s intentions are concerned…druggy, boozy types fall under Neptune’s domain.

The bad cop is your ruling planet Mars. Not that your totem celestial body is necessarily malevolent, but with the red planet forwards this month and backwards in July, some reverses and changes of plans are implied, especially when handling home improvements and/or the clan. Some things may be better left to September.

Who knows whether Prometheus in Taurus is good cop or bad? Sometimes the planet coincides with disruption, at other times it brings excitement. Birthdays circa October 24 may already know which. What Prometheus rarely favours is the maintenance of the status quo, and trying to cling onto situations or partnerships that call out for a mercy killing.

At mid-month Venus moves to the peak of your ‘scope, the place where you are most on public view, and may grant you favourable encounters with the great and good of your profession. Since the sign of Leo sees a lot of planetary action this summer, this is an ongoing theme. Outgoing and unabashed, you? Over coming months, definitely.

The waxing Moon passes through your skies over the weekend of June 23 on its way to a full Moon on June 28; ideal for some Saturday Night Fever.


It’s six months since your birthday and the Sun in opposition may be finding your characteristic vigour being tested, not least by lively partnerships. The new Moon in Gemini on June 13 is a point of renewal for your alliances, however, while on the same day romance queen Venus moves into fellow fire sign Leo to encourage a roving eye among singletons.

A slew of planets across the Cancer-Capricorn axis throughout the month may also refer to partnerships, in particular how you divide up your outgoings as a couple and who pays for what. The full Moon of June 28 may bring a simmering discontent to the surface; be at your most diplomatic.

With the cosmos dominated by a triangle of water signs, however, one strand in your ‘scope is about what is going on behind the scenes, whether that’s just you dreaming up plans you don’t yet wish to reveal, a hush-hush affair or a holiday that’s also part retreat. Ruler Jupiter has in mind a more decisive period opening around your birthday, when the solar system’s big feller reaches the centaur.

The hardest omen to call is Neptune. The planet of mystery and magic remains in Pisces in your zone of home and hearth (oh, for years yet!), but the planet’s prominence in June asks questions about where you live and under what conditions. Providing the precise location of your home, or where you intend to live, is not a mystery, then all is well. Over summer, however, you may have to make a decision on where you are going to be happiest.

Mars is also prominent, and as described in last month’s forecast, very eager to upgrade your skills set and keep you in touch globally; an ongoing theme across summer and autumn.


As many Capricorns will be aware (December birthdays for sure), you are in the process of rebuilding your role in the world over the next two years, a process that began six months ago. Saturn in your (and its own) sign goes about its work surely and diligently, but the ringed planet is retreat until autumn, allowing you time to tend to matters other than career advancement

Partnerships for starters. Venus in opposition until June 13 should be a sweet start to the month, though Venus opposite Pluto on June 6 might prove weighty, while the Capricorn full Moon of June 28, which nestles next to Saturn, may likewise bring disputes to a head (or even, ulp, termination). You are the one holding the cards, however. Full moons in one’s sign are ambiguous; you might want to make it into a celebration, or you might find yourself having a funny turn. The 28th and 29th look eventful.

Disruption or thrills in your romantic life are also promised by the new siting of Prometheus in your solar fifth house, the zone where you like to startle rather than soothe, though the oddball planet is only at the beginning of a seven year transit, and focused chiefly on Christmas birthdays, for whom the summer may well bring a sense of ‘Phoenix from the flames’ in your personal life.

The emphasis on water signs – compatible with your earth – should mainly be a joyous thing, however. Jupiter and Neptune in perfect alignment spell a busy, possibly expensive social life but one well worth any investment. Money remains in the frame of June’s stars, thanks to Mars in your cash zone and planets passing opposite in your zone of shared resources. As mentioned last month, Mars turns retrograde at the end of July, when your impulse purchases may not seem so inspired. As ever, pragmatism rules.


You might have picked up the message by now, that while the cosmos is prepared to grant you an adventurous 2018, it isn’t promising an easy life. Mars is the lightning conductor or in your ‘scope for the next two months – and a couple more later in the year – and the red planet is a pushy, at times oafish bundle of energies. It’s easy to blunder into conflict under Mars; the Warrior is not one for diplomatic touches.

At the same time, especially in June, Mars represents vim and vigour, the beach-honed body and the go-get attitude. Be tenacious and pro-active, but keep your emotional sensors fine-tuned. That is especially important from June 13, when Venus moves into opposition, clashing – or kissing – with Mars over the days of the solstice; could be a bit of A Moment for the lovers among you. One enchanted evening and all that…

 Significant Others in all their guises are at the heart of your ‘scope across summer. There are always planets in Leo (and opposite you) in summertime, but with Mercury retrograde in Leo and eclipses also on this axis, not forgetting red-blooded Mars, well, you are juggling at least one friendship/ alliance/ partnership/ date/ex/ declared foe (delete as appropriate). Proceed with sensors turned up to eleven.

Then there are all the other fish you have to fry (no offence to Pisceans). Jupiter up high in your ‘scope is insistent on a bold career path. Prometheus at the roots looks like you are establishing a new dynasty, or a new career. And you look quite the social crusader. Finally there’s the full Moon of June 28 in Capricorn, and behind the scenes, the place where it’s just Me and Myself. June 30 is a different story; a powerful Luna transit across Mars in the urn Bearer. Looks like quite a Saturday night.


The dispute over which planet ‘rules’ Pisces, whether modernist Neptune or traditional Jupiter is your totem and guide, remains just that, a dispute. Personally, your astrologer cannot imagine why Pisceans would forsake benevolent Jupiter for capricious Neptune, but the pair are in cahoots in June, and are joined in the first week of the month by sociable, arty Venus in a sweet cosmic triangle.

This is an estimable omen, not least for romance, though it also has the ring of adventure and exploration to it. For the creative among you, inspiration should be easy to locate. Venus moves on at mid-month Neptune is at a standstill in your skies all month, at best lending you a flurry of limelight and stardust, at worst leaving you bamboozled by what’s going on; birthdays circa March 7 take note.

Your ‘scope has a multiple agenda, however. The Sun in Gemini and the new Moon there on June 13 accentuate home, hearth and family; the cue, perhaps for a late spring clean. Be swift, as the Sun in Cancer from June 21 onwards is an invigorating force, and one that asks you to honour passions other than dusting – think hobbies rather than work, think poolside parties and scented gardens.

The full Moon of June 28 picks up another ongoing theme in your ‘scope, where you fit in with any collectives to which you belong; work teams obviously, but also committees, societies and suchlike. Saturn here makes you an easy fit with the status quo while Neptune allows you to be true to your idealism. ‘Change the system from with’ night be pushing it, but you get the gist. Not just this month but over the next couple of years, your ability to straddle two horses, so to speak, is greatly in your favour.


The astrological Ram is celebrated for its dynamism and courage, qualities that look freely available in June. Ruler Mars maintains a prominent position throughout, and together with the Sun in Gemini (until June 21) favours a something of a social whirl. People – professional colleagues, acquaintances, siblings, neighbours – look central to your projects(s) this month and next.

The Ram may be known for its willingness to strike out alone, but currently opportunity lies with your team. You may find yourself overstretched by incoming calls for help. The new Moon of June 13 quickens the pace, not least because Venus moves into fellow fire sign Leo for three weeks when getting out the house and into your favourite pastures of plenty is de rigeur. Be seen.

Venus is the planet of romance – especially, for you, in Leo, – and its opposition to Mars across the solstice is a cue for passion and flirtation. It’s not an uncommon pairing of the two ‘relationship planets’ but to find the two at the same position in the zodiac you have to go back more than a few decades, and with the pair so close to the lunar nodes (eclipse points), it may be a case of kismet.

You can largely avoid the feeling that work is a slog in the first few weeks of June. The Capricorn full Moon of June 28 promises to return you to mundane, practical issues however. As pointed out last month, with Saturn in retreat until autumn, you have time to set your affairs in good order across summer, but the full Moon next to the ringed planet may bring a short term crisis, not least where bricks and mortar are involved.


Steady as she goes is the Bull’s customary credo, but not one much shared by your current stars. If you get the feeling that they are coming at you from all sides, you may not be wrong, they being everyone from your partner to your boss to casual but needy acquaintances.

Chief suspect in any upheaval is Mars, which is sat at the peak of your scope all of June and July, signifying authority figures (or uppity minions) giving you something of an ear-bashing. That Mars is square to Prometheus, recently arrived in your skies for the first time in 80 years, raises the stakes. If you exercise patience, at which Bulls excel, then you can see off your challenger but some of you – say birthdays April 20-23 – may find yourself walking off your steady job for a place where your talents are appreciated.

That ruler Venus opposes Mars across the solstice may show you a way to win over people with charm rather than Bullishness. For others among you, this pairing might bring a flare of romantic passion. One quality that Prometheus brings to the party is surprise.

Partnerships, if you are in one (and it might be a business association rather then amour), remain favourably starred, with ‘lucky’ Jupiter bossing the zone of significant others. A mentor or teacher may also be involved. Again, the solstice is a time of potential developments, arrivals, departures and all points between. Jupiter’s alignment with Neptune has a whiff of fairy dust about it – you may need an objective voice to decide if you are, in fact, a little too deep in the fairy glen with one association.

The Capricorn full Moon of June 28 is another potential flashpoint. This being a fellow earth sign Luna grants favours rather then poses problems, but as Saturn and Prometheus closely involved, major league decisions may come hotfoot for your attention.

The new Moon in Gemini on June 13 is a cue to reassess your financial situation and adjust your bulging portfolio –yours is mean to be the sign of economics, after all – but just now money looks secondary to where your career and life in general is taking you.