Your Stars September 2018

Ava Gardner shows how to do Venus in Scorpio
Ava Gardner shows how to do Venus in Scorpio

In the Northern hemisphere, the season of Virgo and the autumn equinox coincide with the start of a new school year, and September’s stars have a strong feel of a new term about them. Principally that is down to Saturn resuming forward motion in Capricorn, the sign the ringed giant rules, on September 6.

Saturn has always been considered, ‘the great chronocrator’, the ruler and marker of time. In the modern era, we have more far-flung planets to provide eras – whereas Saturn takes 29.5 years to orbit the Sun, Prometheus takes 84 years, Neptune 164 and Pluto 245. However, Saturn remains the most important measure in individual lives.

Saturn has been in apparent backslide since mid-April, now returning to its position in mid-January. Some of the issues we face this autumn are therefore connected to the early part of 2018. Saturn often provides a ‘triple whammy’, going forward and back over the same points in the zodiac. This is the planet not only of time but of tough, no-nonsense decisions. This month’s forecasts are skewed accordingly.

The month’s other notable planetary movements are Mars – which has likewise been in retrograde over summer – returning to Aquarius on September 11, the Virgo new Moon of September 9 at 18.01 GMT, and, of course, the autumn equinox – when the day and night are of equal length – on September 23 at 01.54 GMT.

Apologies for the late arrival of my forecasts this month, which is entirely down to not writing them before the holidays. Now it’s back to school – a happy, productive new term to all.


For his Planets Suite the composer Gustav Holst – a Virgo, like yourself (b. 21/9/1874) – called Mercury ‘The Winged Messenger’. The elusive little planet is certainly winging it this month, moving at top speed, flashing through the Corn Maiden’s skies between 6 and 22 September and making multiple helpful aspects to other celestial bodies as it does so.

This, then, is an optimum period for you to get news, make decisions, pin down deals and put people on the spot. The fleeting couple of weeks after the Virgo new Moon of September 9 are especially potent. Yes, Virgos like to be of service and help others along life’s weary highway, but just now you can demand a few favours back and assert your cause with your customary exactitude. Kick a few backsides! If deals are involved, get them in writing and in triplicate.

You can extend this attitude to pleasure and your romantic life. Those of you in the dating game can scurry around meeting likely candidates, those going steady can demand clarity from evasive partners – the weekend of September 15 is ideal on both counts, or for your birthday knees-up.

A hyper-active month doesn’t stop once Mercury and the Sun have moved on. Saturn and Jupiter – planets that like to Get Things Done – remain forceful throughout autumn, while the move of Venus into Scorpio for an extended stay hands you a brimming address book and reasons to scurry round the ‘hood on vital errands. From September 4 Virgo’s skies host the asteroid Pallas Athene, named after the Greek warrior goddess, super capable and the embodiment of heroic endeavour. All you have to do is follow suit. Happy Birthday.


Only you know what social and/or romantic adventures have gone down during August, while your Venus ruler has been in your skies. Some of said adventures have likely taken place in your heart as much as in external reality. Your astrologer suggests you keep a diary over the remaining days of Venus-in-Libra – until September 10 – since Venus retrogrades back to the same stretch of the zodiac throughout November, when the same issues and people may make a comeback.

Venus is not the only reason why the opening spell of September is intriguing. On the 10th Mars – very much your complimentary/partnership planet – moves back into your friendship/romance zone after a month’s absence to rekindle affairs of the heart and put you back to work on your latest canvas/soundtrack. You look quite the Byronic lover/poet this autumn.

Give yourself a little time for the fires to spark, however. With the mighty Sun behind the scenes until it reaches the Scales on September 23, you also need time for reflection. Thereafter it’s all action. With both Sun and messenger Mercury in your skies, you are in charge of your destiny. The full Moon of September 25 in your complimentary sign of Aries is pivotal – a crazy couple of days is a given, not least with you-know-who, but with both Sun and Moon keenly aligned to a reawakened Saturn, issues about property/home and career become more urgent and demanding. You have had the summer to dwell on such major concerns, now you have to put in motion decisions that affect your long term survival and prosperity.

Libra is often portrayed as a gentle sign, with ‘anything for a peaceful life’ its preferred mode of conduct, but this year your birthday month is full of challenges that you have little choice but to contest, when charm must give way to the pushy, bloody-minded side of your character. Sounds unfamiliar? Just ask those who know you better than perhaps you know yourself.


While ‘lucky’ Jupiter is in your skies, until early November, you have what sports types term ’the rub of the green’, i.e. the canny ability to come out on top even when the odds seem stacked against you. The greatest threat to your well-being is likely your own excesses, be they financial or a belief in your own hype. An appreciation of what are comparatively easy times is in order.

Furthermore, the arrival of another genial planetary omen, Venus, from September 11 is another cause for (measured) celebration, urging you to turn on your hypnotic charms to full beam during the rest of the month. Venus is with you for an unusually long time as it changes from evening to morning star – until the new year, with November off. Woolly bully for you, especially if you are a romantic looking for action. Keep searching.

However, astrology, like life itself, rarely lets you off the hook completely. The combination of Saturn turning forwards in Capricorn, ruler Mars returning to the root of your ‘scope and a new Moon in Virgo all ask you to remain grounded. What’s practical and what isn’t? All three celestial events arrive around September 10, when events and associations that have been simmering over summer acquire more urgent attention.

Returning to romance, October birthdays are those whose love lives look most turbulent – albeit promising – and who may have to sit out any storms until late October, when the complex gyrations of Venus and Prometheus come into sharper focus.

On September 23 the Sun moves into Libra’s skies and the most secretive zone of your ‘scope, as it does every year. However, there is a continuing emphasis on the Scales this autumn, and with Venus dipping back into Libra during November, don’t be letting out any Scorpio secrets out the bag just yet.


Delays and prevarication have likely been the order of the day during August, but summer’s slumber is over and with messenger Mercury atop your ‘scope, where it joins the Virgo new Moon of September 9, it’s back to work with some urgency. Imprinting your mark on your chosen career is the first call of duty, and here brisk decisions and clarity about what you are getting into (should you be making a move) are called for.

More problematic, unless you are happily settled, is your domestic life; where you live and with whom you share your lovely home. Neptune, taking forever to crawl through your fourth house, is disinclined to transparency (though good for a life on the ocean wave), and since said planet is mixed up with that New Moon, read the terms an conditions of any new deal with care.

In other respects the next two months find you somewhat between times as you await the arrival of your benevolent Jupiter ruler in your (and its) skies. A full and rewarding social life is, however, freely available throughout September, as planets pass through Libra (air for your unquenchable fire), with the full Moon of September 25 a potential hotspot. Mars in Aquarius, another air sign, from September 11 is likewise a bonus, not least in shaping ideas/ and putting them across; handy for those of you in education, the media and administration.

Romance appears to be where you find it. Venus is in the process of changing from evening to morning star and moves into the secretive twelfth house on September 9, only to return to a more amenable position across November. You may have to be patient.


Buckle up. From hereon, right through to next spring, you are in the iron grip of your planetary ruler, Saturn. Being a child of the ringed giant, you shouldn’t need to ask what that means – relentless (for which read ‘steady’) application to your career, along with the satisfactions that come from patience and prudence. For reference, look back to the first three and a half months of 2018, especially of you are a December birthday or were born 1988/89, when Saturn was last in your skies.

Saturn is demanding, but rewards effort; keep your eyes on your chosen prize and keep grafting. Rome, along with any great edifice, was not built in a day. Saturn’s return to forward motion coincides with a canny set of aspects at the Virgo new Moon of September 9, aligning with said Moon along with the asteroid Pallas (competence), and the maverick planet Prometheus and fair Venus. That’s a line-up that should get you off to a flying start while promising that there’s time off from hewing stone to enjoy the social whirl.

The first challenge to your plans comes with the autumn equinox and the full Moon of September 25, when you can usefully assess what plans are working and make changes accordingly.

Although Saturn is principally about graft and property, relationships also come under its aegis – not frivolous romance (though as much is on tap if you are looking), but partnerships that require commitment and compromise…or, if you can’t hack as much, termination. It becomes hard to keep just muddling along. Since Prometheus is involved over the next two months, the cosmos may throw you a curve ball in the shape of an unexpected but irresistible crush.

In other news, Mars is finally out of your skies come September 11 (for another two years), suggesting birthdays January 17-19 have an issue or two to tidy up, ideally in a diplomatic rather than heavy-handed way. Mars back in Aquarius has a simple enough message; earn more, save more. Business as usual then.


Change, churn, dissatisfaction and inspiration have come oddly jumbled this year. You can blame a trio of eclipses if you like, or the wayward motion of Mars which has spent several months of the summer going forwards and backwards in your skies, and the last time that happened was way back in 1971.

The air should be far clearer by the end of September. The new Moon of the 9th challenges you to resolve fretful partnership issues (if you have them), with especial reference to matters financial and sexual and the curious intertwining of those two areas. Your astrologer is no great fan of the imaginary body called Black Moon Lilith, but she (and it’s very much a she, a wild one at that) is in your skies and in the mix at this time.

Warrior Mars returns to Aquarius on September 11 to further stir the pot, and some of you, notably January birthdays, may find yourself going over old ground yet again, especially where relationships are concerned, the difference being that this time Mars won’t be backsliding, and will be passing through your skies until mid November. A keen mind and a skilful blade (speaking metaphorically) are very useful when carving your way through the world, but Mars can also be a clumsy brute – deftness is better than mere anger to get what you want. Compromise and fudging the issues are difficult under these stars, not least around the 20th.

The month isn’t isn’t all about relationships. Venus in Scorpio crests your ‘scope at the new Moon to help maintain profile in your profession (especially if you’re in show business), while the Equinox ushers in the mighty Sun to your fellow air sign of Libra to keep your loftier ambitions and ideas alive. If you fancy reinventing yourself in some way, even if’s just a physical make-over, your stars are on side.


The annual new Moon in your opposite but complimentary sign of Virgo is always a moment to assess your one-on-one dealings, not just with partners and spouses but old flames and sworn foes. The new Moon of September 9 falls opposite Neptune in your own skies, and while that may spell enchantment for some of you, it can also mean seeing relationships through rose-tinted glasses, whereas what’s called for is an element of cold-blooded realism. Don’t be kidded along.

The Sun in opposition, as experience may show you, puts you on the back foot, asking you to nurse your energy levels with care. Happily, you have strong support from elsewhere in the zodiac. Ruler Jupiter in Scorpio should keep you afloat no matter what, and throw in a freebie or two for good luck. Travel and teaching are two themes with which the giant planet is especially associated.

The arrival of Venus in Scorpio’s skies on September 9 is another promising omen, especially as the planet stays here until the new year, with a month off in November to retreat into Libra’s skies, where she spends the early part of September.

Then there is Saturn, a taskmaster planet for sure, though one apparent keen to assist you across wintertime, when the ringed giant will march through Capricorn in your eleventh house of politics and fellow travellers. The message is simple; network like crazy, bearing in mind that you have to help others as well as accepting their assistance. That’s politics with a small ‘p’, though it also applies to any of you in the serious kind. If so, plan your leadership bid for the autumn, when ruler Jupiter reaches the peak of your ‘scope.


Providing you are not in too much haste, you can assume your rightful position as leader of the pack in September. Your Mars ruler is one key to your tactics. The red planet’s move back into Aquarius on September 11 opens a couple of months when your support network – friends, acquaintances, fellow travellers – is there to enjoy and, in the nicest possible way, exploited.

You have some devilish detail to work through, however. The Virgo new Moon of September 9 comes accompanied by Mercury, master of cognition, and the asteroid Pallas, representing thoroughness and leaving nothing to chance, a message repeated by Saturn atop your ‘scope. Saturn represents authority – implacable bosses at worst, your own sense of confidence and assurance at best. Attempts to simply wing it when presenting your case to the big bad world will be called into doubt, with the Aries full Moon of September 25 a likely point for awkward questions. Not everyone shares the Ram’s gung-ho spirit.

Personal relationships may also be uncomfortably ambiguous. Venus in opposition until September 9 may provide delightful temptations, as she has during August, and the planet’s move into Scorpio on September 9 may intensify love affairs while also asking what terms and conditions apply – especially, who’s paying for cohabitation, or even that posh supper. Venus lingers here for six weeks, then is back in Libra for another bout of reckoning – think vengeful ex’s as much as delightful newcomers.

Hey ho, despite any possible trips and snags, you are at least no longer stuck in the mire of mire of Mars and Mercury retrogrades. The autumn equinox sees, as ever, the Sun’s move into opposition for a month – no great terrors here other than running out of energy. On September 25 comes the annual full Moon in Aries, an excuse to put yourself at the front of the karaoke queue or other wise be in the limelight. Enjoy.


Planets in fellow earth signs usually ease the path of the celestial Bull, and the new Moon in Virgo on September 9 is a case in point. It comes with messenger Mercury travelling at top speed, allowing, nay urging you to absorb news and fresh developments and act upon them without prevarication. That applies to creative projects and to personal relations in equal measure.

Your one-on-one relationships – friends, lovers, enemies, ex’s – are under emphasis throughout September and beyond. Here, the good news is that with ruler Venus moving into opposition, where ‘lucky’ Jupiter already resides, those in the dating game can anticipate some contenders for your affection, while those going steady can rekindle the flame of romance. Yet even promising omens have their flip side, in this case the possibility of jealousy and intrigue. Tread lightly around significant others and be prepared to compromise with people who can be just as stubborn as you. Venus goes into retrograde next month, so factor in that people sometimes change their mind.

Simultaneous with that new Moon are two other significant developments. Mars moves back to the apex of your ‘scope, which it has been criss-crossing this summer, and makes a provocative aspect to Prometheus in your skies around September 18. An annoying presence at work or a seething member of the family call for a cool response – don’t inflame an already volatile situation.

Then there is Saturn, an uncompromising energy but one whose presence in earthy Capricorn suggests you can work with the establishment/patriarchy rather than be at loggerheads. Saturn is about the medium to long term, and your next birthday makes a useful deadline for your professional ambitions and any property deals that you have in mind.

The Sun’s shift into Libra on September 23, alongside Mercury, reminds you (not that you need it) that there is always work to be done. The full Moon of September 25 is in Aries and behind the scenes, but Luna then moves into the Bull’s skies to make the weekend of the 28th a potentially wild one. Find a party!


Your horoscope is quite the mixed bag during September – just the job for keeping you on your toes and savouring every turn and change. Your ruling planet, Mercury, takes much of the responsibility. The quicksilver messenger is now back to full speed after the doldrums of August and shifts signs rapidly; in Leo until the 6th, Virgo until the 21st, then Libra for the remainder of the month.

Mercury’s stay in Virgo coincides with the new Moon of the 9th, which puts domestic arrangements in the spotlight, especially as asteroid Pallas is in the same zone of home and hearth. A shakedown of routine is in order, a change of flatmate, a new set of curtains, anything to keep the energy at home fresh.

More intriguing is the quickstep of planets in your fellow air sign of Libra. Venus here over the first nine days favours entertainment, creative power and, if you are looking, romance. If it’s the last you are chasing bear in mind that Venus will reverse into this same patch of the zodiac in November, perhaps allowing you a second bite of the apple.

You may not have to wait that long, as Mercury arrives in Libra on September 22, followed by the Sun a day later. As much happens every year, yet the on-going emphasis on Libra (Ceres, the planet of fertility and care, is also present) suggests that your latest best-seller is writing itself and that there is flirtation to spare. The full Moon of September 25 looks a potential hotspot.

Further help comes from warrior Mars in the third air sign of Aquarius. Mars has been back and forth this summer, now the red planet pushes on to help with matters educational, and to help with travel plans.

Finally there is Saturn. The planet of austerity and long term planning is lodged in the zone of shared financial resources for another 18 months and resumes forward motion early in September; the perfect cue to milk income from your delightful home (a spot of air b’n’b perhaps) or to straighten out who pays for what. Sometimes less (as in you shelling out less) really is more.


There is good news and challenging news in your September stars. The challenging part – Saturn in opposition – has been with you since last Christmas, especially for June birthdays, so many Cancerians have already processed the ringed planet’s demands (not always considerable but always relentless!). Since April Saturn has rewound and on September 6 begins a long haul through to next spring that will involve many more of you.

Oppositions often involve partnerships, and with Saturn you tend to either commit or quit. What becomes difficult is pretending everything is right when it clearly isn’t. There is only so much compromise you can take. Saturn exposes your weak points in other areas too, financial or professional disappointment for example. Again, what you can’t do is fudge the issues, you have to take action.

So much for the challenge. It helps that feisty Mars, a planet that been in and out of opposition for much of 2018, finally gets out of your hair come the 11th, perhaps coinciding with an antagonistic person moving on.

The good news comes in assorted guise. The Virgo new Moon on September 9 is a fillip to your social life and for any of you involved with education, the digital realm, think tanks, the media and communications in general.

On the same day Venus moves into fellow water sign for an extended stay. The planet of social justice, refined aesthetics and, of course, romance, spends the rest of September and all of October here, takes November off for a retreat into Libra, then returns to Scorpio until early in 2019. For you Scorpio represents leisure and play, creativity, friendship and romantic associations; a nice package that should ensure a fruitful and passionate finale to the year.

What’s more, Venus is potent from the get-go, making a supercharged aspect to Prometheus on the 12th and another to the full Moon on September 25. Explore your options.


Although your birthday month always brings its blessings – your Sun ruler in its own sign reaffirms the Tiggerish wonder of being a Leo – this year’s may also have presented you with uncertainty, what with a retrograde mercury and a couple of eclipses.

September straightens out a lot of issues. Mercury, back up to speed, finishes its transit of your skies and then joins the Virgo new moon on September 9. This lunation is very much about your financial health. This is rarely Leo’s favourite subject (if you are royalty you spend!) but with with foggy Neptune in the mix you can’t take risks. You need detail (the more the better), clarity and common sense.

Those virtues are emphasised by Saturn in your sixth house of routine and practical endeavour. the ringed planet returns to forwards motion in Capricorn on September 6, and if you get a tea break between then and next April, when the taskmaster comes to a halt, consider yourself blessed.

Mars has also been in Capricorn for the last few weeks, but returns to Aquarius – and opposition to Leo – come September 11. Events in May and June, when the red planet was last here, should tell you what to expect, especially of you are a July birthday. Mars can be a spiky force when in opposition, but providing you keep a cool head when the red mist descends on significant others, you can sail through its six week transit.

Ruler Sun’s shift into Libra on September 25 provides air for your fire, assisted by messenger Mercury, urging you to circulate freely and share your upbeat self with a deserving world. More intriguing is the move of Venus into Scorpio, where the green planet will linger off and on until the new year. Venus in your domestic zone is in part about sprucing up the Leo palace, but also about bringing peace and reconciliation among the family, should you be fortunate to have one.