Your Stars March 2019

The most enigmatic planet of the solar system, Neptune, is at the centre of the astrological action in March.

Discovered in 1846, the remote body caused astrologers problems from the beginning; what were its meanings and to what sign might it be assigned? It took half a century before a consensus was reached; the name astronomy had given the planet clearly meant it must be the ‘ruler’ of Pisces, while its meanings were likewise aqueous – boundless oceans, impressionability, formlessness.

Moreover the planet’s discovery coincided with the era of gas lighting, the arrival of ether, and the invention of photography; all a good fit. The twentieth century added a host of other associations; plastic, oil, escapism, mediumship, drugs, film star glamour…Neptune’s list of symbolism is long.

March is Neptune’s season for several reasons.

Firstly, it is entering a stretch of the zodiac it hasn’t occupied for 164 years (the time it takes to orbit the Sun). Secondly, since Neptune is crawling through Pisces (starting 2011, finishing 2025) this month it is conjunct the new Moon of March 6. Thirdly, communicator Mercury finishes its three week retrograde in The Fishes stock still next to Neptune on March 29.

Is there anything familiar about that date?

Your astrologer is loathe to bring up the ‘B’ word, Brexit being such an all-consuming, toxic topic in the UK’s political life, but 11 pm on March 29 is meant to be when the UK bids auf wiedersehn and adieu to the European Community. What might happen?

Astrologers are frequently in accord on the likely outcome of political events, but on Brexit they have been as divided as the British public, some predicting a ‘glorious’ Brexit in 2019, others offering doom and gloom, and a surprising number admitting they cannot read the cosmic runes clearly enough to say.

However, the astrology of March 29 seems clear enough – or rather, it is glaringly confused.

The late Reinhart Ebertin in his handbook, The Combination of Stellar influences (aka COSI aka to some ‘the book of doom’) describes Neptune-Mercury as ‘the power of imagination’ at best, and ‘faulty judgment’ and ‘insincerity’ at worst. He associates it with ‘deceitful people and liars’.

Prior to March 29 we have three weeks of Mercury retrograde, never a time for clear cut decisions and outcomes, especially when Mercury is in ‘fall’ i.e. occupying the opposite sign to the one it rules. Mercury in Virgo: sharp analysis, crisp decisions. Mercury in Pisces: impressionable but vague, better for poets than politics. One anticipates a lot of heat but precious little clarity. Delay looks inevitable. March 29 itself finds Mercury at its slippiest; accept the word of the so-called great and good at your peril.

March sees another major celestial event; the move of planet Prometheus into the skies of Taurus.

The planet of revolution was here for a few months last year, but now begins a seven year stay in The Bull, an earth sign associated with agriculture and environment, banking and baking (food and Taurus belong together).

Then there is the annual Spring Equinox, which arrives at 1.40 GMT on March 21, when the newborn Sun immediately lights up a full Moon. The new year (which for western astrology starts at 0 degrees Aries) is up and running, or rather, given Mercury’s backslide, ambling. Keep a spring in your step.


Much of your horoscope remains in brisk marching order this month and next. With your Jupiter ruler assertive in the zone of professional advancement, and backed by ‘get the job done’ Saturn, you are urged to keep your eye on the major prizes. Ambition is your ally, competence your modus operandi, plus you have the mighty Sun in your skies, with a new Moon on March 6. What can go wrong?

The short answer is plenty. For three weeks between March 6 and March 29 Mercury’s retrograde puts you on something of a go-slow. Arrangements need double-checking, phones need cosseting, and big budget purchases are best postponed. You can’t just sit around and wait for Mercury to behave of course (well you could) but progress is likely to be fitful rather than rapid. On the other hand, Merc Ret is ideal for catching up with old and postponed business, renegotiations, and work that has no particular deadline.

That brings us on to Neptune; a potted history of the planet’s astrological meanings is given in the introduction. But is this really Pisces’ planet? It sometimes seems that modern astrology wants to turn Pisceans into drippy dreamers rather than the resourceful, active individuals described by your traditional governor, Jupiter. Neptune has its good points –  the all-singing, all-dancing, all-imagination side – but the lost-in-the-fog stuff is to be guarded against, unless, that is, you are trying to mislead others. Worse still is the victimhood sometimes associated with Neptune. Jupiter, on the other hand, doesn’t do martyrdom.

The powers of glamoury, to use an antique term, are certainly at hand this month and next, enabling romantics among you to cast a few spells. Your capacity to do so rises exponentially once an exalted Venus arrives in your skies on March 27, after which fine company, a new frock and clear skies beckon. Good moment for a party. Happy birthday.


The astrological Ram is not always the head-down-and-charge creature described in textbooks, but patience is not the Aries virtue that first springs to mind. Nonetheless the countdown to your birthday season may require composure. The planetary action is in Pisces and therefore behind the scenes for most of you (though some Rams will have planets in the Fishes). Plus there is the annoyance of a Mercury Retrograde to endure (March 6-29), all of which is a recipe for downtime and recharging your energy cells.

However, keep perspective. Your horoscope remains in fundamentally buoyant mood – Jupiter in fiery Sagittarius ensures that  (and favours international, contacts) – and there is work to be done; the kind of tough but rewarding work that Saturn likes. Mercury retrograde or not, you have to inch your plans forward, a task that gets way easier next month. By way of encouragement, your Mars ruler is this month promising extra cash for your efforts.

In some respects, notably with relationships (not necessarily romantic), March is about tying off loose ends, whether agreeing the terms of a divorce or settling into a new association after a period of turbulence, scenarios that apply especially to birthdays 17-19 April. Venus is in sociable mood, passing through the zone of networking and mutual back-scratching until March 27, also the place where friendships can teeter on something more intimate.

All one-on-one relationships are flagged up at the full Moon of March 21-22, which is in opposition from Libra. Given that emotions tend to run high at full Moon (albeit not always in a bad way), a little diplomacy may be in order.


On the war path? The march of warrior Mars through one’s sign often flags up feelings of hostility and anger, whether they are emanating from you or another party, and with the red planet with you until the close of the month, the red mist descending is something to guard against, however justified your outrage. No one operates well under such a condition.

The energy of Mars can be channelled in more constructive ways than, say, a Bull in a china shop; on the sports field, for example, or motoring through a pile of tasks. Best not expect delay-free progress in the latter instance since you, like every other sign, are operating under a Mercury retrograde for most of March (6-29), though the communications planet is obligingly sited in Pisces alongside the Sun and Neptune, ideal for networking and catching up with swell people you haven’t met in an age.

Work matters remain well starred. Saturn is no-one’s idea of easy-going, but sited in Capricorn, an earth sign like your own, it suggests you can meet authority half way. Never has there been less point in idling; this year is about working hard, playing hard and piling up the green stuff (money, not compost).

The big news for many Taureans – particularly but exclusively April birthdays –  is the arrival, or rather re-arrival, of planet Prometheus in your stretch of the cosmos.  This is the planet of innovation and revolution; “The Awakener” as composer Gustav Holst called it in his astrological symphony. Prometheus visited Taurus for a few months in 2018, now it returns for the long haul (until 2025). The energy associated with the planet is not about placidity or continuity but about change, sometimes abrupt change; a lightning divorce, a bolt from the blue arrival of a new person into your life, an unexpected offer, the stirring of new passions, interests and skills. The astrological Bull often struggles with change, but over coming years it is actually your friend.


gemini 2018When it suits them, Geminis are masters at ambiguity – there are two of you, right?  – a talent that should come in handy during a month when your ruling planet, Mercury, is at its most imprecise. Three weeks of Mercury retrograde isn’t the toughest transit that the cosmos can throw at you – it’s an irritant that happens three times a year – but with the arch communicator in soggy Pisces and foggy Neptune in command, you are likely facing contradictory signals and misleading messages from those in high places, if not actual deception. Take it all with a scoop of salt, postpone what you can and catch up with work you were meant to complete a few weeks or months back. That’s one thing Merc Ret is for – catch-up.

You can also use March to re-prioritise your career options, discarding unnecessary baggage (and people) to focus on what is most precious to you; this isn’t a bad time to change job, though wait until the end of the month if you can. You can also, as last month’s forecast suggested, use Neptune’s impressionist tendencies to burnish your own reputation – no actual fibs, just a bit of positive spin.

You have some potentially important allies. Most obvious is Jupiter, in your zone of significant others, hopefully signifying a recentlyu acquired mentor or a super supportive partner, but since this is also the zone of open enemies, you may  find yourself in a fierce rivalry or needing to jettison a burnt-out relationship.

Less ambiguous is the passage of Venus through fellow air sign Aquarius, promising support from friends, not least those in far-off places. Then there is the change that accompanies the spring equinox on March 21, when the Sun moves into fiery Aries to likewise re-invigorate your friendship group. This year the equinox comes accompanied by a full Moon in airy Libra, setting you up for a dreamy couple of days with a jolt of passion thrown in – schedule something romantic and/or arty.

On the last day of the month warrior Mars arrives in Gemini’s sky’s for a six week stay when, with ruler Mercury now flying right, you can fly too.


Cancer FotoliaSaturn in opposition is a transit that keeps you at it. At what you may ask: mix’n’match from the old folks at home taking a poorly turn, dental work, admin and repairs on Castle Crab, running to keep up with the demands of work, or trouble with you-know-who. Saturn’s demands come in various guises but they are always demands and they invariably have implications for the long term. The only solution is to buckle down and deal with them.

In March you are at least promised some light relief from the hard work. The season of Pisces, especially after the new Moon of the 6th, has its enchantments, though with Mercury backsliding until the 29th, a little frustration may be involved if travelling, or trying to pin someone down. For imaginative, creative work, however, this is a top season, and for meeting people who put a zing in your heartstrings.

One-on-one relationships, notably those with a long history, may prove testing, however.  Weary and exhausted is one description of an association under Saturn’s karmic examination (think 29,15 or 7 years back for reference). Who is actually worth your time and trouble? Consider the words of the bard: ‘If something ain’t right, it’s wrong.’

From a less fraught perspective, the passage of romantic Venus through your eighth solar house of hot sex and secretive associations has, clearly, much to commend it. This is also a cool transit for extra funds.

There is plenty of action elsewhere in your ‘scope: Mars trundling through Taurus keeps your social circle kicking; positive month for the politicians among you (large or small ‘p’). Networking moves up a gear this spring…

Then there is the spring equinox to consider. Always something of A Moment for Cancerians but super significant this year since it is accompanied by a full Moon; a climactic moment with regard to a family or property issue, or for a relationship in trouble. Events over the weekend of March 15/16, when Luna is in the Crab’s skies, may give you an inkling about outcomes.


Leo by FotoliaWork is always important, if not for its own sake then simply to earn a crust. But work is not everything; even if you are a workaholic movie star, it doesn’t define your worth as a human being.

Such considerations are etched into your solar ‘scope just now. On one hand come Saturn and Pluto insisting you show up on time and  salute the company flag (even though they are closing the factory next year), and on the other Jupiter resplendent in fellow fire sign Sagittarius, reminding you that freedom and associations of the heart are really where it’s at.

Your astrologer has no magic formulae how to settle such conundrums, only to point out that they are likely to be keenly felt just now, and that as a Leo, concerns of the heart must come first, especially this year…once Saturn moves into Aquarius in 2019, things may change.

You have other reasons to be thinking about your intimate associations. Venus in opposition until the 27th is a transit of head-turning enticement and romantic courtship, good for renewing bonds with your other half and for burying the hatchet with anyone with whom you are on the outs.

The aggregation of your Sun ruler, soppy Neptune and a retrograde Mercury in Pisces is also conducive to intimate (if furtive) relationships, providing you are not expecting declarations of undying love. At present, your love life is a journey of discovery, perhaps even from week to week.

Besides, the sticky end of the lollipop, the one called work and professional advancement, must also be given its due. Mars trundling across the roof of your ‘scope suggests a few (or even a plethora) of sharp words on the factory/office floor. More significant in the long run is the arrival of Prometheus at the peak of your ‘scope on March 6, after which the planet of revolution will be  challenging you for the next seven years. Not all day everyday for sure, but July birthdays may become restless, urging you not to compromise principles for a peaceful life.


Oops, here we go, three weeks of your ruling planet Mercury in retrograde and in opposition at that. By now you should know the form: back up your computer and don’t mistakenly leave your priceless possessions in the back of a taxi. With Sun, Mercury and Neptune all in opposition this month, you should also expect a little turbulence in your relationships; not necessarily a bust-up with you know who but misunderstandings, arrangements gone awry, and folks changing their mind. You too are allowed to change your mind of course; the point of Merc Ret is RE-evaluate matters in hand and revise your decisions.

For some of you the combo of Neptune/Mercury/New Moon (the last on March 6) may also introduce a welcome shot of glamour into your world, but bear in mind that what you see and what you get are often two different things where Neptune is concerned. Relationships that reek of sacrifice and dependency (perhaps on booze or drugs) are to be avoided.

There is plenty of action elsewhere in your horoscope. Saturn’s presence in fellow earth sign Capricorn is a stabilising factor for both your emotional life and for business and work. Engage with the powers-that-be; they are likely more amenable to your approach than you might assume.

Mars in earthy Taurus throughout March is another positive factor, boosting any international contacts that you may have, and generally furthering your outreach. March is also a good time to play mentor and teacher.

The end of the month brings a change of gear. Mercury moving forwards resumes something like normal service, while Venus arriving in opposition from the 27th brightens your romantic prospects. On the last day of March Mars moves to the peak of your horoscope to raise your professional profile in coming weeks. The full Moon in Libra on March 21 is slightly to one side of your concerns but Luna in virgo’s skies over the previous two days is an intense, perhaps over-emotional hot spot.


Congratulations, your sign arguably enjoys the zodiac’s ‘most favoured’ status in March. Sure, you remain under interrogation by Saturn, asking you to account for poor decisions from  the past and the odd indiscretion, but when your ruling planet, Venus, is so beautifully sited – in fellow air sign Aquarius and your fifth house of romance and parties – the negatives are greatly outweighed.

The month’s major planetary action – in Pisces – happily lies obliquely to your Libran Sun, and the slow-down and confusion implied by Mercury Retrograde and Neptune (see introduction) is likely to be most keenly felt in mundane matters; the everyday routines of workaday life. Even so you can minimise them by taking time to review your infrastucture and to invest in downtime and the mind-body-spirit axis.

You may need to monitor your energy to handle the hot potato of your romantic and social life. Venus in your fifth – from March 2-26 – favours an outgoing attitude, the acceptance of every last invitation to the ball, and some shameless flirtation. Libra at its most superficial others may complain, but just now this is, uh,  your mission. Anything arty and creative – whether you are visiting the gallery or in your studio dripping paint – is in tune with Venus. Downsides? Too few to mention.

You do, however, face challenges elsewhere. Prometheus finally leaves your complimentary sign of Aries come March 6, perhaps with a sting in its tail where relationships are concerned, perhaps with a gift – an arrival rather than a departure.

More certain is the annual challenge of the spring equinox on March 21. Always an uncomfortable change of gear, not least for Librans, the equinox this year comes with a full Moon in your skies, one directly opposite the planetoid Chiron in Aries. The 21st and 22nd therefore need careful handling, being days when you or a partner become over excited, or when you absent mindedly blunder. Tread carefully.

The season of Aries, as ever, puts you somewhat on the back foot, especially once Venus moves on at the 27th, but Mars, a planet that is not always your friend, shifts into airy Gemini on the last day of the month, to help maintain your va-va-voom.


The four ‘fixed’ signs of the zodiac, of which Scorpio is one (along with Taurus, Leo and Aquarius) are stalwart but stubborn…intransigent even. However, since your ruling planet, Mars, spends the next month in opposition, you might like to loosen up a little and realise that no-one, not even a Scorpio, has control all the time.

Frankly, you look somewhat on the back foot when dealing with significant others, the expedient thing to do being to yield and listen before you take action. Digging in your heels and antagonising a friend, a partner, an ex or even a blatant enemy, is unlikely to work just now or, given the incoming planetary traffic, through this spring, more of which shortly.

Of course, Mars is not the only planet making its presence felt, and the complicated transits in your fellow water sign of Pisces make for more encouraging reading. For you, the Fishes represents romance, creativity, good company and good fortune. A Mercury Retrograde here – from the 6th to 29th – may bring the odd frustration when arranging your social life but the combination of Sun and Neptune still signals a potential head-over-heels affair, a winning scenario providing you don’t fall in love with the wrong person!

What’s more, after the 27th an exalted Venus also arrives in Pisces to maintain the mood of happy abandon for the following three weeks.

Returning to the theme of significant others and their challenges,  note the re-arrival of planet Prometheus in opposition from the 6th onwards. The planet of revolution was briefly here last summer, now Prometheus takes up residence for a seven year stretch that surprise and perhaps uproar to your romantic life, whether in the shape of arrivals or departures. Birthdays October 24-26 will perhaps have had a taste of as much; certainly they are the ones most affected by Prometheus over the next month or two.

Professionally, everything remains to play for. Saturn continues its march through Capricorn and helps ease your way into favour with the powers that be. Whether as teacher, student or administrator, education remains a potentially rewarding avenue to explore.


Thanks to the ongoing presence of ruler Jupiter in your skies,  you remain in a somewhat unassailable position through to your birthday, but that doesn’t mean you can be reckless. March has a cautionary tone to it, thanks to a messy retrograde of communicator Mercury in Pisces, the sign that sits at the root of your solar chart. At the very least this exposes you, like all other signs, to delay, uncertainty and that modern favourite, fake news.

Pisces represents family and home in your solar chart, and the disinformation might concern a property deal, a change of flatmate or a visit by a relative about whom your feelings are ambiguous. The presence of slippery, vague Neptune in Pisces has had many Sagittarians uncertain about their domestic set-up, or even where they should living. Such concerns are to the fore in March, though if you can see out the Merc Ret (from 6-29), resolution looks surprisingly simple next month. Meanwhile research is key.

Your personal life looks way less ambiguous. Venus in airy Aquarius until March 27 lines up sweetly with your Sun (and transiting Jupiter), whether to encourage you to put yourself around town a little more or to call on siblings and old friends for support. See and be seen.

More encouraging still is the advent of the spring equinox on March 21, accompanied by a full Moon. The Sun’s shift into Aries is always a boost for a fire sign like yours, but that full Moon makes it more memorable, highlighting your reach into the world of politics (with a small ‘p’) and your ability to engage your supporters. Luna reaches the Centaur’s skies a couple of days later over the 26th and 27th, making the last week of the month a good time for self-celebration (you deserve it!).

The Aries Sun doesn’t align with Jupiter in your sign until mid-April, but the mood is upbeat, and creatives among you have no reason not to be chipping away at your masterpiece.

Romance? Matters seem to be largely in your hands for now (April might prove a little trickier). Prometheus, a planet that has destabilised a few affairs over recent years, leaves your house of love affairs on March 6, and will be out of your hair for some seven years or more. The wayward planet may have a twist the tail for birthdays December 19/20, though that is as likely to be a knockout arrival as a knockdown rift.


Slog slog slog. Saturn may be your ruler but that doesn’t mean you are immune from its demands. Be aware, however, that there are limits even to Saturn’s agenda, and once the taskmaster planet turns to retrograde motion at the end of April, your load will lighten.

In the meantime you have a retrograde of a different sort to contend with; three weeks of communications planet  Mercury in unco-operative mood, ready to turn the inbox on your phone into gibberish. Messages and arrangements are especially vulnerable to misunderstanding this month, so choose your words with care and decode what others are telling you with equal precision. Promises made with a view to expediency will likely come back to bite you. Keep things slow and simple.

There is plenty else to entertain and delight you. Mars in fellow earth sign Taurus throughout the month hands you a go-ahead energy that is somewhat at odds with Saturn and Mercury; look for an outlet for that Martian energy, whether it’s trouncing  competitors on the sporting field (this is a month for rivalries), knocking out a best-seller or delivering a barnstorming speech to the boardroom or Commons. The alignment of Saturn and Mars – exact on March 14 but in operation all month – is all about achievement. Equally, Mars in Taurus is all about the pursuit of romance and its satisfactions; singletons can go on a search.

Even more significant over the long term is the arrival of Prometheus in Taurus on March 6. This is a planet that is often disruptive, though not necessarily in a bad way. It brings sudden shifts of outlook and oddball people to go with them. As much might already be apparent to birthdays circa December 21-23, whose birthday Sun was aligned to Prometheus last year.  Now the planet returns for a seven year stay that will, eventually, touch all of you, though these are very early days.

The spring equinox arrives with a bang this year, thanks to the full moon that accompanies it, shining from Libra and from the very apex of your ‘scope; a moment for you to expect (in fact insist) on being in the spotlight.


aquarius-fotoliaIt’s a month of contradiction and being pulled in different places at once. Partly that is down to the irksome retrograde of Mercury that takes place between March 6 and 29th – this falls in your zone of assets, ideal for chasing outstanding debts though prone to scramble your accounts and cash flow. Patience and orderliness required.

One way to sit out Merc Ret is to concentrate on the transit of fair Venus through the Urn Bearer’s skies between March 2nd and 26th, three weeks when the goddess of romance, pleasure and justice is on your side. Parties must be attended (if not thrown!), feasts cooked and art galleries visited. Mercury going backwards doesn’t favour big ticket purchases (they tend to get returned) but small luxuries are just as effective in maintaining a mood of the bon viveur. Naturally, those in the dating game have fortune on their side.

You may have pressing practical concerns on your hands. Mars spends the entire month ploughing across the root of your ‘scope, a zone concerned with family and hearth, and a transit that can reflect conflict within the clan, a row with flatmates or builders causing mayhem. Your job is to handle any disruption without ending up with daggers drawn between you and another party. Some things are sent to try us.

The mood is set to change over the last ten days of the month, as Venus departs, Mercury returns to forward motion and the spring equinox arrives on March 21st. The Sun’s shift into Aries is always a welcome omen for Aquarians but doubly so this year since it is accompanied by a full Moon in Libra, an air sign like your own and one that reflects your involvement in distant places and lofty ideas.  As much chimes happily with benevolent Jupiter, still resident in Sagittarius and helpfully sited for team work, small ‘p’ politics and all round profile raising. These are very much the themes in play over the last week of March and emphasised by the Moon passing through your skies on the 30th and 31st.