April Stars 2020

Most of my readers will have seen the joke on social media that features an astrology column with the same forecast for each Sun sign: ‘You’ll be spending more time at home’. A good gag and very apposite. So much for our promises of a humming social life!

However, it turns out that we astrologers are not completely useless. Most of us have spent recent months (or longer) warning that 2020 was destined to be a challenging year, belonging to the same family as 1914 (WW1), 1931 (great depression), 1947 (partition of India and Palestine) and 2001 (9/11 attacks); a before-and-after moment, one of history’s hinges, the common factor being the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto (plus unwanted extras) – ‘An ill-starred conjunction in the heavens which we could forecast but not prevent,’ as novelist Hilary Mantel puts it in her new best-seller about Henry VIII”s fixer-in-chief, Thomas Cromwell.

I’m not sure if any planet-plotter forecast a global pandemic – economic recession and war were more prevalent – but readers can check for themselves. The redoubtable Oxford Astrologer has a list of astrology sites that have commented on the Covid crisis.

I would like to add https://planetwaves.net, the site of New York’s Eric Francis, who writes about environmental issues as well as astrology. He has an interview with a professor in epidemiology who affirms that the virus is a zoomorphic disease with its origin in bats. So forget that ‘it came from a lab’ stuff. Lots more on Eric’s site, including his observations on the battle between the asteroids Chiron and Phollus, the latter being unknown to me.

Under ancient skies, Saturn was the planet most associated with death. In modern times Pluto has somewhat usurped the role. Put the two together and you have a doomy equation. Add Jupiter and the equation is amplified. Death is something of a taboo subject in everyday conversation, but one we are all currently being forced to confront. As I am just now recovering from a bout of flu – mercifully not THE flu – the Reaper has made a fleeting appearance in my own fevered thoughts.

One striking planetary pattern in 2020 comes from the lunar cycle.

We have already had three successive new Moons at 4 degrees of their respective signs (30 degrees in a sign, x 12 equals 360 degrees, the only way to calibrate a circle), each aspecting the point of December 26th’s solar eclipse. The pattern isn’t really broken until June 21, a new Moon that is also a solar eclipse.

The most striking of these new Moons came on March 24, when the Sun and Moon were tightly aligned with Chiron, a planetoid whose mythological namesake is steeped in pain and healing, in self-sacrificing service. We are witnessing plenty of all three.

Perhaps Saturn’s temporary escape from the pervasive skies of Capricorn, into Aquarius for four months, will boost the community-oriented approach that will be needed to get through 2020. We are all searching for happier skies ahead, and finding a few in nature.

A friend commended the re-appearance of dolphins in the Bay of Venice as a hopeful omen, one that turned out to be bogus. We don’t have dolphins in Venice but we do have goats in Llandudno; a troupe of wild Kashmiri goats that normally stay up in the hills but have taken the opportunity to munch a few downtown hedges. As I said, Capricorn is pervasive.

I am out of time to deliver any Sun sign forecasts for April 1st, but will put up some this weekend (‘You’ll be spending more time at home’ and more). Meanwhile, with my music journo’s hat on, let me alert you to the Folk On Foot Front Room Festival, a crowd-funded podcast that intends to bring the cream of British folk musicians to your parlour on Easter Sunday, April 13th. Details here: https://www.folkonfoot.com/festival

It’s rare to find every planet in the solar system moving ahead through the zodiac; normally there are at least a couple seeming to backslide through the sky. That’s one reason why your astrologer last month suggested the world would be speeding up following the Spring Equinox, that and the seemingly interminable retrograde of Mercury in February and early March. Only now is the communications planet finally quitting Pisces on April 11th and moving into Aries, a sign it reached back on February 3rd.

Given the celestial quick march, it is deeply ironic to find much of the world in lock-down, as if, as Michael Lutin puts it, ‘The lunation on Chiron has paralysed the entire human race, sociologically, financially, emotionally, spiritually and collectively’.

Chiron, discovered in 1977, is an oddment; variously considered a ‘planetoid’ or even a comet, it has been living up to its mythological role as a signifier of wounding and healing. Chiron was a centaur known for medicinal knowledge and helped free Prometheus from perpetual bondage at the hands of Zeus. A friend of humanity then.

Getting over a bout of illness means these horoscopes are late, but just in time for a full Moon on April 8 (precise at 3.25 am BST. Happy viewing. 


You are going to be spending more time at home. Obviously, you won’t be happy about this. The Ram in spring, with an exalted Sun in its skies, is a creature of action and passion, eager to butt a few heads. Plus ruler Mars, Venus and even Saturn are IN an obliging position all month; social heaven, air for your fire. Rats!

There are compensations Recent and ongoing fandangoes with bureaucracy and ‘the system’ can now be resolved. Mercury finally reaching your skies for three weeks from April 11 Should feel a breath of fresh air, even in lockdown. Issue your instructions.

The lunation that began at the Aries new Moon of March 24 is a seed moment for you. Square to Capricorn and conjunct Chiron, it implies greater responsibilities, yet it seems you can currently wear them lightly and, perhaps, with a healing touch you didn’t suspect you had. The full moon of the 8th offers you the chance to bang heads, but playfully please; there’s hurt enough already


You are going to be spending more time at home. Normally such an announcement might come as music to Taurean ears – finally, a chance to tidy up the gazebo! And with the Sun behind the scenes until Taurus month begins on the 20th, one part of you may be happy to absent yourself from the humdrum.

Yet professional duty and glory call, and even if you’re slaving over a hot keyboard in your home office/ potting shed/ spare bit of hall (delete to fit) , it seems you are in a position to steadily advance your professional cause. Perhaps spring is a rehearsal for the greater challenges that arrive when Saturn peaks your ‘scope at the end of 2020. Challenges at work look sharp and decisive in April – you can thank Mars – but responsive to swiftness and innovation.

That last quality is all important. Prometheus, now pushing forwards in the Bull’s skies, is not a planet of the same-old same-old. Sometimes change is enforced – departures and arrivals in relationships are common – and sometimes its’ that your most radical ideas are likely your best. April Bulls are most in the frame, especially after the Taurus new moon arrives conjunct Prometheus on April 23. Time to sow the seeds of future success.


You are going to be spending more time at home. That’s a bit of a knock-back, just as you were feeling chipper and ready to roll. But hey ho and needs must, you will have to find new ways to sublimate all that Gemini fizz.

There is certainly plenty of that around this summer. Venus spends April, May June and July in the Twins;’ skies, meaning you get a lingering hit of Venusian perfume…the desire to remake your world into  more personal  shape, to get busy on the creative front and swish your wardrobe for a virtual audience.

Venus is sweet smelling, sensuous and romantic. But also moody and occasionally jealous. so do take a measured view of personal relations. By all means turn the charm level up to 11 but promises are likely to be held to account.


cancer 2019You are going to be spending more time at home. Many Cancerians will receive this news with a shrug, home being a preferred destination, albeit under less stringent circumstances.  Even without lockdown, conditions in April were always likely to be challenging, what with planets coming at you from all sides. The full Moon (your celestial ruler) on April 8 is a case in point, perhaps highlighting the tensions between domestic and professional affairs, not just now but in the longer term.

At least Saturn is out of opposition for a few months, its prominence replaced by Jupiter, a beneficent energy but one that asks for a retune of partnerships, perhaps involving a pow-wow if you are on the outs. One way to work things out is to clear the air over financial arrangements. And everyone, including you, wants more freedom.

Somehow you must keep your career flag flying this spring, an endeavour that gets energised once the Sun moves into earthy Taurus on April 20. The new Moon three days later is conjunct Prometheus, a planet that’s – somewhat contrary to the Cancerian disposition – all in favour of ripping up scripts and starting again. Your widest social network is one resource to help you do so. June birthdays take note.


You are going to be spending more time at home. This is, to say the least, at odds with the mood of your ‘scope, where your ruling planet, the Sun natch, is at its most expansive in your fellow fire sign of Aries. Somehow you are must find ways to project your fortitude and vision far and wide. Moreover, with a new Moon conjunct Prometheus atop your scope on April 23, you would ideally be showing your professional muscle…or changing job completely (July birthdays take note).

Better to throw your energies into work than trying to figure out your major relationships, where Mars in opposition requires you tip toe round your other half for the weeks ahead. In better times Venus in Gemini – for months on end! –  would assure you of good company and romantic playtime… you’ll have to do everything virtually.

Nature documentaries show that real life lions are less dashing than their fiercesome reputation, happy to loll and frolic in the shade for long periods before bringing down a wildebeest for lunch; perhaps you can follow suit, metaphorically of course.


You are going to be spending more time at home. Yes, you have a thousand errands to run and may even be doing so given your sign’s involvement with help, duty and healing.  Competence, your calling card (albeit often unappreciated) is for once a much sought-after quality.

Your astrologer has mentioned several times in recent months that the abiding action in Capricorn, a fellow earth sign, is one you can usefully tap into, working in harness with the status quo. As much remains the case. It will likely be a Virgo who plots a way out of our current crisis!

There are other super-positive omens in your ‘scope. Your Mercury ruler has moved on after some two months and more in opposition. That should bring clarity to some long-running sore. And a new Moon in earthy Taurus on April 23 is a cue for exploration of new answers to old problems. innovate.

If you are able to strut your stuff in public so much the better. There are ways. Four months of Venus atop your ‘scope  deserves a full performance from you.


You are going to be spending more time at home. Since this is where the dominant planets lie in your solar chart, all that Capricorn stuff, you may be able to turn lockdown into opportunity, but your strategy should be for the long term as well as spring. You have another eight months of Jupiter and Saturn in the sign of the Goat.

As ever during the oppositional month of Aries, partnerships loom large, by either their presence (hell/bliss is other people) or their absence (hell/bliss is no other people). The Libra full Moon of the 7th/8th is a good time to find a just balance with significant others; diplomacy being your strong suit (it says here). Mercury in opposition from the 11th makes a good time for straight talking.

In normal times Mars in your fifth house of recreation would be the cue for social high jinks and sporting conquest; with fat chance of either you will have to sublimate such impulse into splashing a fresh canvas or conversation. Your Venus ruler is now embarked on a long stay in airy Gemini promising more friends and contacts than you can keep pace with, even remotely. You may have to spread you charms wide and thinly.


You are going to be spending more time at home; exactly where your Mars ruler is in your solar ‘scope, though the red planet likes to create a bit of a rumpus, perhaps with some DIY  – have that wall down, won’t take a mo – which is a better option than a blazing row.

With Saturn spending spring lodged at the root of your ‘scope, your thoughts may be turning to weightier matters; a complete relocation once the current troubles subside, or the blessings and problems bestowed by one’s lineage, stuff from way back in the family tree. Scorpios more than most know that blood’s thicker than mud.

Incoming and ongoing are lively relations with significant others. Planet Prometheus continues its march through your opposing but complementary sign of Taurus, re-enforced by the new Moon of April 23. Whether a relationship is crashing and burning under the pressure of lockdown, or romance is blooming in the spring sunshine, you should expect change. If it’s truly needed, you won’t have much choice but to buy into it. October birthdays take note.

Luna, still potent after her fullness on April 8, is in your skies over the 9th/10th; find some limelight.


Sagittarius 2019You’ll be spending more time at home. That raises a question for many Centaurs: where is home? Neptune and its ambiguous energies have been transiting your house of hearth and home for years now but have been particularly active early in 2020 amid an interminable Mercury retrograde. Perhaps your loyalties have been split between two places or you can’t quite locate the right domestic set up.

Spring looks a more decisive time, with the Sun strong in fiery Aries and keen for you to enjoy and live it up as best you can in these bleak times. April also sees the arrival of Venus for a protracted, four-month spell in opposition. Venus is about  relating, about romance and/or partnerships, and normally flies through a sign in three weeks, so you now have a long spell to fine-tune your relationships, to explore sensuality and/or to be led a merry dance by your swinging affections, or those of significant others. Remember, there is no rush, especially now. Old flames may flicker.

What to make of the ongoing presence of your ruling planet, Jupiter, in your zone of self-worth? Economically speaking, you could be in your own little boom and bust cycle; whichever part of that graph you are on, you will have to watch your finances with a gimlet eye though to your birthday. Feelings of self-worth and the knowledge that you are a valuable individual, however, come entirely free.


You are going to be spending more time at home. Unless, of course, you are out on the front-line taking control of chaotic conditions, the natural place for a Capricorn. One way or another, the Goat clan have been in the thick of things this winter gone, whether coping with your own problems or shouldering the weight on behalf of others. The shift of your Saturn ruler into Aquarius for a few months should lighten the load; the more enterprising (and heroic) force of Jupiter now taking precedence.

One way or another, April’s horoscope is not cut out for the quiet life, especially for December birthdays and those circa January 18. Although Capricorn is a small ‘c’ conservative sign, it is not averse to purposeful change, of which there seems to be plenty just now. The lunation of March 24 (full Moon n April8) concerns healing, and your ability to find it. The new Moon of April 23, in earthy Taurus, is also an emotional affair, signalling a change in how you are regarded by others, and, if your romantic life has gone stale, a rejuvenation.


You are going to be spending more time at home. Indeed, with Saturn now in your sign you might be on the way to a role as laird o’ the manor, if not this spring then next year, when the weighty planet returns in earnest. Saturn is about control and also about real estate, making this a good moment to set about clarifying your legal status vis a vis Aquarius Towers. With Mars also in your sign, your energies need an outlet, and an intense spring clean also fits the frame.

That these two planets link closely to the new Moons of March 24 and April 23 underlines a mood of change, lock-down notwithstanding. The latter new Moon comes conjunct Prometheus at the root of your chart, where domesticity rubs shoulders with family and lineage, so some upheavals may be profound, even if the feelings behind them have to remain, for now, also in lock-down. You look the master of your destiny.

There is also a playful maverick streak at work in your ‘scope. Venus in your fifth solar house (place of recreation and romance) is always a passing delight but this year Venus will be looping the loop here for four months. How you manifest this happy energy in current climes is a challenge; you may just have to polish off that script in the desk drawer.


You are going to be spending more time at home. It seems appropriate that Ceres, rudely called a ‘dwarf planet’ by astronomers, moves into your skies later in April. Ceres represents the energies of a strong, capable woman and the love of mother nature. Ceres is an antidote to Pluto’s toxins – she retrieved her daughter Persephone from Pluto’s clutches. There is a lot of daftness aired about wishy-washy Pisceans, as if your sensitivity precluded being a force majeure. This spring is a good season to remind the old you can be forceful when required.

Several planets are conveniently placed. Your ruler Jupiter is to the fore, emphasising your outreach to fellow travellers and a no doubt extensive network. Your ‘scope is open for business, however you can manage to do it. February Fish also have the rub of the green with the new Moon on April 23; even in adversity, opportunities do come knocking.

As for home, which is represented by the fourth house of your solar ‘scope; asteroid Vesta, goddess of the hearthside, is there. So too is Venus – sensuality, discernment, art – and for four long months. If that doesn’t get you up the ladder to paint your personal version of the Sistine Chapel ceiling, nothing will.