Your Stars November 2020

November starts slowly and picks up speed until, by the time of the full Moon on the last day of the month, we are hurtling towards the era-defining Saturn-Jupiter conjunction at the midwinter solstice.

The slow start is down to communicator Mercury turning from retrograde to forward motion on November 3, election day in the USA. This has led to astrologers predicting a chaotic outcome (as in the 2000 election with its ‘hanging chads’, when Mercury was also retrograde). Maybe – the Great Pretender is bound to dispute the result – but any confusion doesn’t look long-lasting, with Mercury quickly on its way.

On the 9th comes an intriguing clash between Venus and Mars, each planet being supercharged by being in the sign it rules. Mars is entrenched in Aries, Venus flying through Libra, the perfect combination of Romeo and Juliet, war and peace, the warrior’s sword versus the sword of justice. The two ‘relationship planets’ don’t carry the same clout as the trio big guns currently in Capricorn, but it feels like resolution of some sort. The implication for individual signs are considered below.

By the time of the new Moon on November 15, the historical line up-of two luminaries (Sun and Moon) and five planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) are all out of retrograde and rolling forwards (though Mars is not up to speed). Events on planet Earth will surely proceed with similar urgency.

Like October, November ends with a full Moon on its last day; not as witchy as at Halloween, but Luna is partially eclipsed and adds to a sense of high drama.

Major events

November 3 – Mercury out of retrograde

November 10- Mercury into Scorpio

November 14 – Mars out of retrograde

November 15 -New Moon in Scorpio

November 21 -Sun into Sagittarius

November 21 – Venus into Scorpio

November 30 – Full Moon in Gemini

Beyonce – Venus in Libra and Russell Crowe- Mars in Aries


On Sunday November 1st you remain under the influence of a giddy full Moon, the sort that means you might not – for better or worse -be able to leave behind Saturday night ‘s escapades. One on one relationships look sparky all month, with the weekend of the 27th supercharged, whether you are in dispute, changing partner or bowled over by a recent arrival. Venus arrives on the 21st to add to your hypnotic powers of attraction/ruthless streak (delete as appropriate) and remains in your skies until December 15th.

You may choose to apply yourself to more practical, tangible matters, where prospects are good. Obviously you are being borne up by your birthday Sun, with the New Moon of the 15th (bonzer birthday) making helpful aspects to that weighty trio of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter; a call to renew your relations with business, enterprise, and officialdom. The authorities, for once, look co-operative.

Timing wise you are playing catch-up and aren’t fully up to speed until the 10th when Mercury, out of retrograde, returns to Scorpio to complete business from the second half of October. Organisation could be a trudge until then.

With Mercury and Venus on your side you can sail into December in good order and on the front foot. Your ruler, Mars, remains almost stationary all month in your zone of steady work and good health practice. That new Moon weekend looks good for a party. Happy Birthday.


Take your pleasures where you find them – even in these restricted times there seems to be social joy on offer, with a romantic streak for those interested. Venus and Mars are respectively smiling and grinning at you this month. Mars sits stationary and strong in your fifth, a placement that’s as good for creative endeavours and sporting glory as relationships. Venus opposite makes you a happy team player but open to offers, especially around the Mars-Venus opposition on the 9th, which could be as a case of opposites attract, a showdown or a love-in.

There looks to be something of an emotional clear-out in process in any case. The full Moon of November 30 is opposite you and a partial eclipse and is followed next month by a total eclipse of the Sun on 14 December. Refer back to events during 2019’s birthday season for clues, but you are allowed to change your mind about people.

A clear-up is what your horoscope has in mind for matters financial, as related in last month’s forecast. Your ruler, big-hearted Jupiter, moves past Pluto on the 12th, hopefully bringing a deluge of cash with it, but in any case, exaggerating your financial prospects for good or ill – there is a middle course between deluge and doom.

The Sun’s arrival on the 21st awakening once more the Centaur within; freewheeling but judgmental, far-seeing but funny; the way we like you. Get to it.


The onward march of the three planets in the Goat’s skies – Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto – is this month flanked by two others – Venus and Mars. With any luck, that couple will bring a dash of romance into your world, especially mid-month. Neither comes without provocation, however; with Mars needling you, it looks a hell of a racket at home, while Venus makes you all too aware that you are on public display. Everyone makes glitches – even little Ms or Mr ‘I’m in control’ Capricorn – but it’s painful if you goof in public.

With Mercury turning to forward motion in the first week of the month, be circumspect about what you promise or are promised. Dodge signing contracts until 5th or beyond. You need breathing and thinking space. In general, people are on your case in November, though not necessarily in an adverse way. Assemble your allies and chums, many of whom will be relying on you, little Ms or Mr ‘Reliable’ Capricorn for advice.

As for those three planets in your skies, at mid-month Jupiter passes Pluto, either amplifying or clarifying disputes from mid-summer, when the two were last conjoined. If a difficult decision is involved, go right ahead and take it. As mentioned in last, month’s forecast, Jupiter is here to remind you that you are not all work and no play. Saturn, both demanding and enabling, continues its march to the midwinter solstice.


Communication breakdown? Give yourself a few days while Mercury does a somersault and starts moving forwards. From the 5th onwards you are in a position to catch up with stalled conversations and meetings from October, and to sound off about your talents and/or the ‘vision thing’ as Dubya Bush called idealism. There’s an intriguing moment on the 9th, when Venus in airy Libra faces off against Mars in fiery Aries, which could land you a peachy deal or pull in a romantic suitor – birthdays circa February 4 take note.

Since your public presence is likely to be way higher in 2021, you might as well get in practice; the new Moon of November 15 is a handy booster, not least because there’s an element of provocation involved; an elbow in your ribs…get cracking. There are some agreeably unruly people in your social and professional mix who can provoke more conservative Aquarians to action, especially around the 25th.

Venus in Libra remains a promising omen for the romantics among you, with a frisson around the 9th, when Venus opposes Mars. The full Moon of the 30th is in the third air sign, Libra, if only a party was possible.


Money and value, cash and accountability, who pays for what, a just financial settlement…these are issues flagged by Mars and Venus facing off across the financial axis of your ‘scope. The opposition between them at mid-month looks like a case of ‘I’ll spend my money how I choose’ on one hand and on the other, ‘But we don’t want to be broke, and there is ‘we’ involved, as well as acquiring things of value and beauty.’

Whatever the scenario, play your cards with care. Curb any ideas of a gamble and betting the farm on a losing hand. The first ten days of the month, with Mercury moiling in the mix, are particularly sticky. You have a following wind thereafter, with the Sun and a new Moon in watery Scorpio calling for creative output and a swift knock down of errands and duties. Faraway places call.

The Sun’s arrival at the peak of your ‘scope on the 21st puts you on the front foot where career is concerned. Currently, with a trio of pushy planets in your eleventh house, make common cause with all the allies you can muster and show yourself a team player. You have, perhaps, more help and more control than you might think.


ariesA month to follow your leader, your planetary ruler that is, Mars. The red planet has already spent a super-rare four months going forth and back in Aries and now spends all of November hovering in the middle of your sign, before heading for the exit door in early 2021. Hopefully that finds you smouldering with controlled intent, rather than angry and lost in the red mists.

November promises excellent entertainment, as Venus passes opposite Mars mid-month (exact on the 9th), each planet equally strong in its own sign. Could be quite a storm to with that, or a passionate clinch, or a proper, old school Romeo and Juliet moment even. When dealing with significant others – lover, opponent, enemy, ex, and all combinations thereof – show mutual respect. And patience – Mercury is all snarled up opposite in the opening week of the month. (And you must be used to Libran dithering by now.)

The demands of relationships – not least their financial mechanics – are insistent this month but not necessarily difficult. You are not caught in a swamp; the situation is changeable and lively. The New Moon of the 15th is a time to renew your vows, so to speak. Far weightier are the impersonal issues signalled by the planetary trio of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn on the roof of your ‘scope. Banks, legals, tenancies, stuff like that. Dig in and solve the problems.

The season of fiery Sagittarius is invariably kind and the full Moon in Gemini on the 30th looks fun. So too does the 24/25th when a waxing Moon joins Mars – currently scarlet in the night sky – in your skies. Keep an eye open.


taurus bullThe giddy Halloween full Moon in your skies isn’t out the way until Monday the 2nd, so keep things steady. You may have a few developments to digest, not least relations with you-know-who, or even ‘Who’s this?’. Take your time, Mercury is in turn-around and after the 10th remains in opposition for the rest of November, with a Scorpio new Moon opposite on the 15th. Ruler Venus in opposition from the 21st eases matters with stubborn partners and promises a few distractions for the singletons among you.

Nonetheless it may be a relief to reach the 21st and the Sun no longer putting you on the back foot. There is plenty of industry in November’s stars, but endurance is also part of the game, thanks to Mars stationary in your twelfth, a call for work within, on yourself, as much as in the world out there. The opposition to Mars from your ruler on the 9th promises rare insights.

The trio of heavyweight planets in fellow earth sign Capricorn remains an invitation to scheme, learn and plan for less restricted times. Distant shores have a role to play even if you are unable to visit them in person. Stretch yourself to complete projects from earlier in the year – Saturn and Jupiter are in the last phase of their long stay in the goat, and you need to be ready for 2021’s change of mood.

Just before the full Moon in Gemini on the 30th, Luna passes through the bull’s skies once more, over the weekend of the 28th, perhaps not as supercharged at Halloween’s, but still a time to remind the world you’re still around.


Complicated, fascinating, romantic, a bit stuck, a bit broke – November has it all. You first have to negotiate a tricky turn-round of your ruler, Mercury, over the first week of the month, which helps haul you from a stalled situation (likely an emotional entanglement). Your romantic and social life is actually beautifully aspected until the 21st, which under lockdown seems ironic or a downright rotten trick. The creatives among you look on a roll.

Venus makes a sparky opposition to Mars on 9th, with both the ‘relationship planets’ at full strength in their own sign, which may come with a wave of clarity about one affair, or signal the start of something new, or serve as a reminder that you must take your pleasures where you find them. You may as well send out some signals to anyone who quickens your heartbeat.

The backbeat to November’s stars is the steady application of your talents to whatever work you have, and a re-application of thought to finances. Here, planetary action remains intense – any problems are insistent – but with Saturn and Jupiter in the final phase of their house of resources, potentially rewarding.

The Sun moves into your opposite but complementary sign, the Centaur,  on the 21st, with a full Moon in the Twins’ skies on November 30. Perhaps you’ll be in public view a little more then, or old relationship issues come up for an airing.


One or two issues are sure to be inescapable with Saturn in opposition, especially for birthdays 16 July onwards or any birthday in 1990. Thoroughness will see you through whether you are celebrating triumph (new job/home, or up against problems that aren’t necessarily of your own making.) ‘Stuff’ gets thrust on you under Saturn.

Jupiter is also in opposition, of course, and at mid-month passes by Pluto (pray for a windfall) en route to meeting Saturn at the winter solstice. Both planets are out your hair thereafter. Meanwhile let’s hope you get a taste of Jupiterian good fortune, or the good fortune of a partner.

The season of Scorpio is benign for you in any case, a fellow water sign that governs the fifth house of your chart, a place of creativity, sporting prowess and general showing off. The new Moon of the 15th is a moment of renewal in affairs of the heart, and the arrival of Venus here on the 21st adds three weeks of flirtation to the mix.

Talking of which…Mars remains high in your ‘scope and now  stationary – gee but it’s lonely at the top – but gets an opposition from Venus mid-month; perhaps a mere blip on your screen, but also, perhaps, that brings peace and clarity to a bogged-down dispute.


October’s forecast cautioned: ‘Mercury’s backslide spell no cause for alarm but a need for patience until mid-November, when job and domestic affairs return to clarity.” Well, you’re almost out of that muddy patch, and by the 11th, when Mercury crosses the root of your chart you should be back at full lope. A new Moon in your home zone calls for a reset for winter – you can steam into full redecoration mode once Venus arrives here on the 21st.

Meanwhile the infamous trio of planets in Capricorn means you are unable to take your nose from the grindstone or finding a grindstone at which to work. So, what’s new?

Well, there’s always people, quite a few of them promised by of Venus in Libra. On 9th the romance planet faces off against Mars in Aries, a key to unlock a dispute perhaps, intensify a romantic pursuit, or a witness a liaison among your friendship circles.

You are, as always, back in business once your Sun ruler hits the skies of the fiery Centaur. Given next month’s activity here – a total solar eclipse (oo-er)- your best social graces, bright ideas and passions are called for over the ensuing month. The full moon of the 30th may offer up clues what’s in store.


You’ll just have to put up with the turmoil generated by your ruler, Mercury in retrograde, at the beginning of the month. Until it’s straightened out (on the 3rd) and cleared Libra, your cash zone, you may be juggling fires and cash flow. Catching up. Venus, a money planet at times, should help you do so, and its opposition Mars on 9th shines a light on a stalled financial question.

Mercury reaches Scorpio on the 10th, a more comfortable place for you, and makes the rest of the month ideal for clarifying meetings on Zoom,  the issue of instructions and the exposure of malingerers (you know who they are). At the new Moon of the 15th your powers of intelligence and organisation are renewed.

The march of Saturn and Jupiter in your kindred earth sign Capricorn, has weighed less heavily on Virgo than other signs, though, of course, no sign can dodge this year’s trials. The final few weeks of their transit look highly opportune for completing a project, tying off the practical’s and the legals, be that pure business or a creative enterprise. Invest energy in enterprise.

November’s lunation reaches a full Moon at the peak of your ‘scope on the 30th, quite the moment for the limelight. En route Luna makes an opposition to you on the 23rd; goof for a dreamy encounter.


libraA charm offensive won’t solve all your problems, that’s for sure, but with Venus is in your skies – until the 21st – it would be daft going on rude not to turn your charm beam to full power. As much could calm and clarify any problematic relations with a significant other, be they friend, paramour or arch foe. Mars remains in antagonistic mood from your opposite sign of Aries – Venus passing by at mid -month (precisely on the 9th) looks quite a standoff (both planets in dignity, fact fans) and may mark an outbreak of peace, escalation to open warfare, or one sweet conflagration of romantic passion.  Your astrologer recommends the first and last options.

Charm may also ease your finances, what with Venus moving on to your cash zone (Scorpio) on the 21st, and with Mercury, Sun and a New Moon all in the Scorpio this month, detailed work, innovation and restraint promise results.

The pressure of impersonal commerce, employment and property remains in place for many Librans, however, thanks to the onward march of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter, all square to your sign. Saturn makes things happen – a new job, a new home, a divorce, a new partner – but you get little without big decisions and graft. Dig in, grit your teeth and get the job done. The light you see on the horizon is the winter solstice. Meanwhile, a full Moon in Gemini on November 30 looks like fun.