Your Stars March 2021

It’s a fast countdown to the Spring Equinox on March 20 (forget that ’21st is the first day of spring’ refrain – it isn’t always!), which is deemed the beginning of the astrological year. All signs have to be on their mettle and a little wary of any over-excited Aries. The change of season has caught your astrologer tardy, so apologies for the late arrival of these forecasts. After a bumpy start to 2021 for many (but not all) signs, March offers a softer mood to the planetary picture. Enjoy.

Key events

March 4 – Mars into Gemini

March 13 – New Moon in Pisces at 10.21 GMT

March 16 – Mercury into Pisces

March 20 – Spring Equinox, Sun into Aries, 9.37 GMT

March 22 – Venus into Aries

March 28 – Full Moon in Libra 18.48 GMT


All Piscean birthdays come with a golden glow this year, as the Sun and an exalted Venus move together through your skies, promising a touch of magic – creative, romantic, whatever floats your boat – not just for a day but for the year ahead – many happy (solar) returns indeed. En route to a New Moon on the 13th (this year’s prize birthday) the pair pass Neptune, a planet often touted as your ruler, though your astrologer prefers the traditional assignation of Jupiter. Neptune has its positive points – a Hollywood smile, a catwalk charisma – but it isn’t a planet to depend upon, rather one to watch out for its tendency to deceive. Unless you are a con artist yourself (tricky Pisceans, it’s been known!), be a bit of sceptic.

Although the Fishes’ month in the Sun ends on the 20th, at the Spring Equinox, Mercury occupies Pisces from March 16 to April 3 to straighten out any misunderstandings and to ensure your voice is heard. The Full Moon of March 28 is across your ‘scope’s financial axis, carrying a temptation to spend more than you can afford. Perhaps better to splash your cash at your birthday celebrations and repent later. Happy birthday.


Just for a spell, people are best held at arm’s distance. There’s nothing nasty about it – a major part of your horoscope teems with individuals (and organisations), but these look largely impersonal or semi-personal contacts. It’s quite the season for small ‘p’ politics, horse-trading, getting on with things and boosting your reputation, especially once ruling planet Mars shifts into Gemini (on the 4th) and multiple dialogues ensue. Mars here signals a fruitful six weeks for those in the worlds of IT or education.

The backdrop to early and mid-March remains Piscean however, with a Fishy New Moon on March 13 located in a well- guarded zone of your solar ‘scope, where privacy, unavailability and ‘thinking about it’ are the customary themes.

Things change with the Spring Equinox, when the exalted Sun opens the season of Aries. That doesn’t mean you get things all your own way – though you might, given that Venus is alongside the Sun, acting as a magnet for simpatico people and potential suitors, or as part of a charm offensive. You have to negotiate a full Moon on the 28th, however – rarely a straightforward moment, especially with the asteroid Chiron so centrally involved. Chiron represents both vulnerability and the ability to get over hurts and wounds.


Hard information about a career or property matter has likely been evasive in recent weeks, but with messenger Mercury now moving forwards, the first half of March should provide answers – or at least helpful data. Your career and/or home, may remain a work in progress, but you are the patient type, and must march on regardless. There is lots more to come on both scores once your birthday month arrives.

This month see some positive signals, notably around the 14th and the 20th, when Saturn and Jupiter are both sweetly aspected. The month of Pisces presents you with a lighter picture in any case (water for your earth), when your group associations are highlighted, not least at the New Moon of March 13; the visit of Luna to your own skies on March 17/18 finds you in a position to exert your will, when mischief also becomes you.

The last phase of March with the full Moon on March 28, is sleepier. Rest up and see who turns up on the last day of the month.


Unlikely though it may seem, in March you are in the thick of things from the get-go. The background music from Jupiter in your ninth house of discovery is that there are new worlds waiting for your interest, along with new skill sets and knowledge to acquire.

Mars’ arrival in your skies from the 4th for a six week stay, turns up the volume on such matters. The red planet’s concerns are, however, action in the here and now. There are appetites to satisfy, races to be run and won, and with ruler Mercury now out of retrograde, no excuses for postponement. Mars isn’t necessarily hostile but attracts confrontation and can be accident prone, so being pushy without baring fangs is the way to go, especially around the New Moon of the 13th. That said, you need full credit for professional triumphs.

Rubbing along with others should be easier after the Spring Equinox, with Venus and the Sun aligning promisingly, while the full Moon of the 28th promises reward (perhaps for a venture around new year) and, if you can land in the right place, joy.


cancer 2019A line-up of planets in your fellow water sign of Pisces is helpful but maybe misleading. There’s an enchanted quality to events in March, what with a New Moon (your ruling planet, remember) reborn there on March 13 alongside Venus and Neptune, cue idealism, artistic inspiration and your most romantic outlook.

Providing, that is, you don’t get carried away by mere wishing. You also have to attend to the here and now, and, as 2021 has hopefully shown, you have the assets and nous to do so. The assets are especially important, since you are in ‘acquisition’ mode (Mercury and Jupiter conjunct in your eighth); count your money, assess your contracts and chase your debtors. Your horoscope insists!

The Spring Equinox, often a jolt for cardinal signs like yours (especially June birthdays, is no less so this year. Time to get back in the professional groove in earnest, especially at the full Moon on the 28th.


After what may have been a blunt taster of 2021 in February, there’s an easier feel to March’s stars. Yes, the big guns (Jupiter and Saturn) are still pointing your way, but after the 4th Mars, so often a troublemaker, presents you with an easier ride professionally – gather support where you can.

The difficult progress is more likely to be emotionally, with a slew of Piscean planets asking questions about commitment (on both sides of the equation). Paradoxically, the answer may be to loosen up rather than entrench – everyone needs breathing room. The flip side is that single Leos may be spoilt for choice as spring unfolds.

The Spring Equinox may come as a balm or an excitement – this is your ruling planet, the mighty Sun, exalted in a fellow fire sign – meaning that for the time being you can simply follow your nose to a lighter, brighter future (don’t worry, sterner tests await in April). The Moon, waxing to fullness at the end of the month, passes through your skies on March 24/25, when you can remind the world of your playful side. Grrr.


Providing spring is not taxing your batteries, March looks peachy. Yes, you have the vitality of the Sun in opposition (take your vitamins), but with an exalted Venus as its accompaniment you are assured affection from your nearest and dearest, and even interested looks from elsewhere. If you aren’t getting the deal you deserve (e.g., cheating), then the New Moon on March 11 is the time to take your business elsewhere. If you are on the outs with anyone you care about, here is also a chance to soothe troubled relationships.

Something of a make-up-your-mind time then. The weeks up to the Spring Equinox on the 20th are most favoured, but your ruling planet, Mercury, in opposition thereafter encourages full, frank and dispassionate discussions, even (in fact, especially) with opponents.

The month won’t be without its outward wrangles. Mars moves to the apex of your solar ‘scope on the 4th for a six week stay – cue pushy types involving themselves in your professional affairs – but more complex is the period around the full Moon of March 28th, when the Sun and Luna probe a secretive (and sexy) zone of your ‘scope; the accent is on healing, not getting hurt again!


There can be no idle hands in March. With your ruling planet, Venus, in your sixth house of steady graft, there joined by the Pisces New Moon on March 13, honest work for honest keep is the maxim of the moment. If not much is available – things are rough out there – then you are obliged to create your own work, your own project, and Jupiter and Saturn remain splendidly on song for all acts of creation. It doesn’t have to be a solo affair; in your solar ‘scope, convivial activity is under constant emphasis in 2021.

The shift of Mars into Gemini, for six weeks from March 4, is a case in point. Whether your passion is for intellectual odysseys or red-blooded sports, Mars acts as a source of energy and useful contacts, perhaps from way off your usual circuit.

As ever, the Spring Equinox changes things. The Sun in Aries, your opposite sign, puts you somewhat on the back foot for a month, threatening to drain your energy levels. That this year the Sun is accompanied by your Venus ruler adds a frisson of delight; when Venus is in opposition you either find people to admire and enjoy, or they find you. As ever, contraries can attract. The full Moon of March 28 is in Libra and opposite Venus; a recipe for a madcap crush or just feeling ‘loony’ pay off.


With heavyweight planets in opposition and square, 2021 is unlikely to be all wine and roses, but March offers a sweet spot. Firstly, ruler Mars is out of your way come the 4th, not to return for a couple of years. Mars in the financial zone of your ‘scope for the following six weeks is more likely to swell your bank account than to drain it, depending on your appetites.

The month of Pisces gives said appetites free reign, with the New Moon of the 13th mixed up with Venus and Neptune favouring the sensual and romantic side of your outlook, rather than the practical. Being a Scorpio ‘sensual and romantic’ can prove pretty fiercesome, but however you find release it’s on offer, not least to the creatives among you.

The Spring Equinox on the 20th moves you on to more practical matters – the work stuff, chiefly – while the full Moon of the 28 would ideally be spent in a freshly scented spa, somewhere out the way. The last two days of March find Luna in your skies, however, a moment to insist you get your way. World watch out.


Sagittarius 2019As a fire sign, 2021’s emphasis on airy Aquarius is at the very least handy and at best inspiring, not least in the first half of the month with Mercury (now behaving) joining your Jupiter ruler. Thinking cap on then.

You have another air sign in play from the 4th, when Mars moves into opposition for six weeks, a transit that can raise sparks of interest from a significant other (old or fresh) but can also spell spats and disagreements. Part of March’s mission, therefore, is not to present cause for others’ resentments, or to rise to the bait when they are expressed.

The season of Pisces presents you with enough issues anyway. The New Moon of the 13th, alongside Venus and Neptune, returns some of you to the ongoing indecision about where you live, or the terms and conditions under which you reside there. One timetable might be when ruler Jupiter changes sign in late May, another might involve waiting until Jupiter (back and forth this year), makes a more decisive move at the close of 2021. No harm in research in the meantime.

The Spring Equinox, which always promises a boost for your sign, is doubly promising this year as Venus accompanies the Sun into fiery Aries; a nice signal for a romantic entanglement, or the kind of social gathering that is currently not available given pandemic precautions. You can, however, still enjoy the full Moon of March 28 – treat yourself.


Stay on the sunny side of the street. An upbeat planetary picture in Pisces favours hanging round the ‘hood with your homies rather than battering down the door to stardom, even if such a thing were possible in these beleaguered times. What you can do usefully in March is to ensure that your voice is being heard loud and clear – invest in the necessary infrastructure/apps – and continue the streamline of prized possessions/ clear out of useless clutter (delete to fit).

Also, ensure that fresh funds are incoming – a good Capricorn habit but one especially favoured when Jupiter and ruler Saturn are in ‘pick-up’ mode, like this month.

The somewhat dewy-eyed planetary scenario painted by Pisces, and centred on the New Moon of March 13, may also prove romantic charm is in action; if so, keep in mind that not all promises are sound, however well-meant. A more down-to-earth situation (your forte) is described after the Spring Equinox, when the Aries Sun begins its annual examination of your intentions and abilities, the full Moon of March 28 looks a pretty sharp interrogation, certainly of December birthdays; best not be in denial of damage done and your vulnerability. Everyone knows just how tough you really are!


Time to speed up. You have to maintain the demanding pace being set by Jupiter and Saturn in your sign; to keep the Big Projects rumbling forwards no matter what, consolidate what you have and hold, while looking for ways to expand your influence. So, no pressure!

Other planets put you in a great position in March. Mercury is out of retrograde and in your skies until the 16th, while on the 4th Mars moves into a fellow air sign, Gemini, to stoke your many enthusiasms. Here the advice is ‘follow your bliss’ as Joseph Campbell put it – the pursuit of what gives you joy doesn’t have to be at odds with earning a living; sometimes hobbies turn into professions. Given the super aspects Mars makes to Saturn in mid-March, and to Jupiter in April, you could be onto something now and for the long term.

As an air sign, the Sun in fiery Aries is bracing, especially when it’s mixed up with romantic Venus and a full Moon, as on the 8th; a weekend to find yourself a chaise longue on which to swoon and even spoon.

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