Your Stars January 2024

  • The Sun moves from Capricorn into Aquarius on January 20th.
  • The New Moon in Capricorn arrives on January 11th.
  • The Full Moon in Leo arrives January 25th.
  • Mercury in Sagittarius retrograde. Moves direct on January 2nd. Moves back into Capricorn on January 14th. 
  • Venus in Sagittarius. Moves into Capricorn on January 23rd.
  • Mars is in Sagittarius. Moves into Capricorn on January 4th.
  • Jupiter is in Taurus is now direct.
  • Saturn is now direct in Pisces.
  • Prometheus is retrograde in Taurus. Goes direct on January 27th.
  • Neptune is direct in Pisces.
  • Pluto is direct in Capricorn. It moves into Aquarius on January 21st

Your Stars 2024

Like all circles, the great wheel of the zodiac has 360 degrees, with its twelve signs each allotted 30 degrees, though the constellations themselves don’t parcel themselves up so neatly; Pisces sprawls across the skies, Cancer is undersized.

Astrology does not consider all degrees to be equal. Its so-called ‘critical degrees’ include the first and last degrees of each zodiac sign. The first-degree denoting purity and purpose, the final (so called ‘anaretic’) degree having a more maverick character.

In 2024 the distant speck that’s Pluto slides forwards and back across the first degree of Aquarius and the final degree of Capricorn, before heading into Aquarius until 2043. Given Pluto’s reputation as a harbinger of the zeitgeist, this suggests 2024 will be a year of turmoil – with several savage wars ongoing, nothing new there then.

However, in 2024 a record two billion plus people are expected to vote in assorted national elections, though how many of those elections will be free and fair is open to question. Their choice, put crudely, is between autocracy (Pluto in Capricorn) and democracy (Pluto in Aquarius). Aquarius is not the dippy hippy sign hymned in that song from Hair, it’s a sign that likes control, though Pluto here does suggest a more democratic, socially oriented era, albeit one with lots of rules, ID cards and the like.

Aquarius is also a sign of technology (and science fiction), describing a future we already seem to be inhabiting – warfare with lasers versus drones and disastrous shifts in climate patterns, not forgetting Artificial Intelligence, newly escaped from Pandora’s Box, a technology that may have ideas of its own about human behaviour. In 2025 the three ‘outer’ planets of Prometheus, Neptune and Pluto all occupy fresh signs, with Prometheus in Gemini,  Neptune in Aries (alongside Saturn) and Pluto finally established in Aquarius. This is a trinity that promises to escalate technological progress dramatically, let’s hope it can bring calm rather than tumult to the blue planet.

Major planetary events of 2024

Pluto divides its time between Capricorn and Aquarius, moving into the Urn Bearer on January 21, until September 2, ducking back into the Goat’s skies until November 12, and finally entering Aquarius until 2043. Buckle up!

Neptune spends the year in Pisces, reaching the final degree of the Fishes before retreating. Neptune enters Aries in March 2025

Prometheus spends the year in Taurus, and will reach Gemini in July 2025

Saturn is in Pisces all year, retrograding on 29 June.

Jupiter speeds through Taurus and enters Gemini on 26 May, retrograding on October 9 .

Mars moves into Capricorn on January 5 and moves through the zodiac until reaching Leo in November where it retrogrades back into Cancer in early 2025.,

The eclipses this year are 24 March, lunar eclipse in Libra, April 8, total solar eclipse in Aries, 17 September partial lunar eclipse in Pisces, October 2, solar eclipse in Libra.

For details of all new Moon and full Moon dates, plus Mercury retrogrades and eclipses, there’s a free download available at Pam Carruthers’ site see below.

Aries and Aries rising

Mars, your totem planet, has much to say about timing in 2024. The red planet begins the year high in your horoscope, in the zone where you win acclaim and inch your way up that greasy pole of career hopes. With a new Moon there on January 11 you are sent a signal to fling as much of your inexhaustible Aries energy into career, profile and networking. Indeed, for the first phase of ’24 it’s much about other people from the public domain as about little old you. Relate, co-operate and if necessary, compromise.

As always, the arrival of the Sun at the first degree of the Ram is a big moment – the start of the astrological year no less. This begins a phase when the spotlight is on yourself, and you can remind the world of your charms, skills and powers. In all modesty of course. Consider the lengthy list of Aries leading men and women; Emma Watson, Keira Knightley, Eddie Murphy, Charlie Chaplin, David Tennant, Lady Gaga, Russel Crowe, Marvin Gaye and Aretha Franklyn; all folks who know how to front it! Get in practice – the show business planet Neptune is coming your way in 2025.

You are duly empowered during your birthday month, with a new Moon there on April 8, which is also a total solar eclipse; less of a fearful warning, more a signal that personal change is in the air. Nine weeks of Mercury in your sign, complete with retrograde, won’t do your chances any harm if you can be patient. Nor will governor Mars roaring through your skies in May. More good news is Jupiter’s shift from Taurus – your cash zone, so hopefully you have come out ahead this last year – to Gemini, where the planet plays a big part in the year’s activity, linking you to technological change and furthering any ambitions in education.

If there’s a down phase it’s September/October, season of your complementary sign Libra, ;to put you on the back foot, and when there are more eclipses, including a full Moon in your own sign. Still, by December, ruler Mars is back in action in fiery Leo, your fifth house of romance, creativity and sporting success.

Taurus and Taurus rising

Year openings don’t get much better than having Jupiter in one’s skies with the giant planet moving forwards one again after a four month backslide. Jupiter makes optimism the first requirement of 2024, not bling optimism but faith that things can improve, that the rub of the green is with you. Jupiter moves on at the end of May – hopefully the money planet will shine on your cash zone thereafter -but in the meantime makes helpful aspects to planets elsewhere in your ‘scope. You look well connected.

January, with a lunation in fellow earth sign Capricorn is a case in point, calling up your idealism and internationalism. Thereafter the Sun and other planets reach the apex of your ‘scope, where Pluto has moved in mid-January. Although Pluto was briefly here last spring, this is a more permanent position and suggests that the zeitgeist and little old you are somewhat on the same page. Taurus’ reputation is as a reluctant reformer, but this year’s alignments are dynamic and innovative. The month of Aquarius looks promising for career matters, albeit with Mars there to bring the odd spat with a hothead.

Alongside Jupiter in your skies is Prometheus, a disruptive but ingenious energy, sometimes dubbed the divorce planet, which is focused this year on birthdays between May 9 and 17. Jupiter and Prometheus conjoin on April 21. Prime Minister Sunak (b. 12.5.80) would thus enter a spring election with presidential Jupiter on his Sun but with Prometheus the throne-toppler also there.

Pisces, water for your earth, hosts Saturn throughout the year, where the sometimes harsh face of the taskmaster planet is softened into something akin to co-operation and mutual back scratching among your network of fellow-travellers. Aries, representing behind the scenes activity, including mind body spit matters, has a solar eclipse on April 8 but one that’s happily out the way of your outer life.

Your birthday season opens with a full Moon opposite on April 23 before a new Moon on May 8 with ruler Venus alongside and Jupiter also still in residence. Maybe it’s finally time for a proper party; this certainly looks expansive. Mars in your skies in June and July suggest the celebrations could be lengthy, but physical caution is needed mid-July, when Mars meets Prometheus, both somewhat daredevil planets.

The ending phase of the year brings an intriguing mixture of influences. The season of Scorpio, as ever, puts you somewhat on the back foot, with a full Moon in Taurus on November 15, preceded by Venus in opposition in late September/early October. By November, Mars has taken up a position at the root of your ‘scope, turning your attention to domestic matters (only to backslide in 2025) while you leave 2024 with ruler Venus highlighting your personal passions, both people and interests.

Gemini and Gemini rising

Slow to start and quick to finish is one way of looking at 2024, whose big news is the arrival of ‘lucky’ Jupiter for a year long transit of The Twins in late May, more of which anon. It may take a few weeks before the year starts to make sense. During January you are still dealing with the leftovers of December, in particular any conflicts or sagas involving a significant other, whether spouse, lover or enemy, although Venus in opposition makes this the perfect time to bring peace offerings.

Some of you will also be reminded of the ongoing presence of Saturn at the top of your solar ‘scope, where the planet of responsibility spent much of 2023. May birthdays almost have the ringed planet out of their hair, but June birthdays face Saturn’s presence from March onwards, a time when work can be tedious but career rewards substantial. Saturn doesn’t hand out rewards for nothing – diligence and status go hand in hand.

The stretch from February through to your birthday is a chequered affair, a jumble of liberation – as planets move through fellow air sign Aquarius – furrow-browed responsibility – as transiting Pisces planets accentuate Saturn – conviviality – as fiery Aries is activated at the spring equinox – and retreat and mystery – as the season of Taurus arrives. Your Mercury ruler moves more of less alongside the mighty Sun during this time, though you must deal with its irksome retrograde in late April and mid-May. The important thing about this early phase of 2024 is that you always have options, and that you are operating with other people on a rather impersonal, work-based basis.

Your birthday month brings change from the outset. The first thing to happen when the Sun enters the Twins is that it makes a glorious alignment with Pluto in Aquarius. quickly followed by an even more glorious alignment when Jupiter in your skies and greets Aquarius, signalling something new in the world as well as in Gemini lives.

Jupiter’s arrival is big news, the giant planet being associated with happy showers of good fortune, with travel, money and the attention of grandees all part of the mix. Everything about Jupiter is expansive and sometimes overblown – including its reputation as ‘the greater benefic’ as old-time astrologers called it. Still, better in your skies than outside! The full Moon of May 23, in your opposite sign make  a shift from the last six months to the next. The new Moon of June 6 – a beautifully starred birthday – further emphasises the point, with this lunation bearing on romances, especially recent ones.

The next phase of 2024 looks relentlessly upbeat. Jupiter is your lodestone, while Saturn is in retreat from late June, and the two planets aligning in August and December to affect a just balance between your personal mission(s) and the official, work version of yourself. Mars arrives in your skies on July 21 to drive you onward, though with Mars and Jupiter side by side, take no physical risks; those cliffs really are too dangerous to climb. If you are searching for a super-romantic day (and who ain’t?) then circa September 14, when Jupiter aligns with Venus, is recommended.

Cancer and Cancer rising

cancerThis could be the year when you shed a metaphorical skin – Crabs themselves do no such thing – and surprise yourself with your capacity for self-renewal. The planetary picture is dynamic, with support and challenge arriving equal measure. As much is true from the start, when Mars in opposition from Capricorn tests your patience, not least with a significant other, while Venus arrives on January 23  to soothe relations and offer fresh faces for those in the dating game. Emotions run deep in this early part of the year.

Slow-moving major planets remain in the same advantageous positions they occupied in 2023. Saturn in fellow water sign in Pisces finds work and property issues in co-operative spirit. Your attitude to career is likely to be more idealistic than usual, and perhaps tied up with international contacts., especially around the new Piscean new Moon of March 10. Jupiter and Prometheus continue to transit Taurus, in the sector of your ‘scope where you are one of a team, perhaps even first among equals, but in any case, not short of support and inspiration.

Career, and how you are perceived in the big bad world out there, comes under scrutiny with the spring equinox. Cancerians are more responsive to lunations than other signs – Luna being your totem celestial body – and a total solar eclipse on April 8 and an eclipsed full Moon on March 25 straddle your axis of career and home, public and private. Take your time for a rethink about your future – it’s what Mercury retrogrades are for – and renew your efforts during the month of Taurus.

Jupiter moves on in late May, to a more reclusive, contemplative position, ready for the giant planet’s shift into Cancer in 2025, but your horoscope remains highly active. The summer solstice finds Venus and Mercury alongside your birthday Sun, with two full moons this year, the first on June 22, the second on July 21, with a new Moon in Cancer on July 5, which suggests that partnerships are especially important this summer, though in some cases that may signal a burn-out.

Thanks to Mars, September and October carry especial significance this year. The red planet  moves into your skies on September 5 and leaves on November 3, a transit when you may not suffer fools gladly but when you can certainly get things done. Mars makes multiple important aspects during these two months, with you very much on control of how you react to developments which include another eclipse on your home-career axis, and a new Moon in your romantic fifth house on November 1. It’s a sensuous but purposeful period of your year. What’s more, it has a major return in 2025, when Mars retrogrades back into the Crab’s skies; all the more reason to watch developments, personal or otherwise, with a sharp eye.

Leo and Leo rising

The first thing to bear in mind is that 2024, like 2023, is a lot easier to handle than ’21 and ’22, when Saturn was in opposition. The second is that although Capricorn planets make work a four-letter word in January, you also have fair Venus in prime position to hand you popularity, romance and unlikely but lovely soirees. The month of Aquarius, as ever, concerns other people, primarily those in partnership with you but with the odd baddie thrown in the mix. That Pluto is in opposition lends proceedings intensity, especially around the Leo full Moon of January 25, as do Mars in opposition from February 13 and Venus also here from February 17.

Other people in demanding (but rewarding) mood should carry you through to the spring equinox and the season of your fellow fire sign of Aries, which, with a solar eclipse involved, looks especially important this year. Grand plans – not necessarily that practical! – are in order, and with Mercury in a retrograde muddle, and your ruling planet the Sun, temporarily blanked out at the eclipse of April 8, you can take your time to work out exactly what you want and how you might get it. Call in favours, from distant shores if need be.

The two planets sitting at the top of your ‘scope as the year begins, Jupiter and Prometheus, continue their transit of Taurus and the zone of your ‘scope where you make your mark on the world – your career most obviously. Jupiter remains hungry for public recognition and can put you in contact with the alleged great and good, who while lacking your own inner majesty, remain above your pay grade. This is very much the year for useful, prestigious associations. Jupiter moves on at the end of May but in airy Gemini is no less handy for gladhanding, backslapping and being one of a cohort of clever, interesting people – gather your team, wheel and deal. With Mars atop your ‘scope in June and July, professional pressure remains high, and with Prometheus highly active, sudden switches of allegiance, and employer, are in the air, at least for birthdays circa August 17.

Your birthday season may come as a relief. Venus in  your skies from July 12 to August 4 will certainly help you catch your breath, refresh the royal wardrobe and set you to go again at the Leo new Moon on August 4. The latter part of the year continues apace, with less drama and a sweet transit of Venus in the fiery Centaur between October 18 and November 11 to whet your romantic and creative appetites.

Finally – or so it seems – comes Mars reaching the Lion’s skies in early November for a protracted stay of two months, when the red planet will be opposite Pluto, a potentially volcanic transit, especially for July birthdays. In early 2025 Mars reverses out of your skies and will not reappear there until April ’25. Cross that bridge when you reach it; meantime enjoy a glorious December.

Virgo and Virgo rising

It’s possible to view the planetary picture of 2023 as rather cosy for Virgos. Major planets in earth and water signs describe a supportive but dynamic scenario that continues through the first phase of 2024. Much depends on where your birthday falls, with Saturn’s opposition in ’23 focussed on August Virgos but now moving on to the September born, ready to probe for weaknesses and ask for some major, long-term decisions. if you have the years on the clock, you can look back to 2007-2008 when Saturn was in your skies – how have decisions from then worked out? In any case, Saturn disturbs Virgos well-tended apple cart less than other, more poorly organised signs.

 First on this year’s agenda is a very helpful new Moon in earthy Capricorn on January 11, with a powerful Mars alongside to get you up and running, and ruler Virgo returning to its position back in December. January looks a warm, romantic month. Also helping are the two planets in the third earth sign, Taurus, where Jupiter and Prometheus continue to encourage your idealism and creativity.

The annual Virgo full Moon arrives on February 25, with a new Moon in opposition on March 5, none of it too dramatic. Neptune, which has been in in opposition since 2011, this year leans on those of you born at the end of your sign, September 20-22, perhaps bringing a more exotic, or confused, atmosphere to your one-on-one relationships. Intriguing. More reliable is that you will have your hands full with significant others after the spring equinox, when Mars takes up opposition for a six week stay. Challenging.

The month of Taurus looks easier, and perhaps climactic, as Jupiter completes its sweep through the Bull and takes up position at the peak of your ‘scope for the next year, the place where you remind your public (and your boss) of your prowess. Jupiter is a presidential planet, so you may also get to rub shoulders with the great and good of your profession. As 2024 proceeds, Jupiter also makes aspects to Saturn, which you may experience as pressure to achieve, which is what both planets have in mind. Rise to the occasion in August (a charmed month with Venus in your skies) and December.

The Virgo new Moon of September 8 finds your ‘scope in orderly fashion. The full Moon opposite on the 18th looks something of a hot house. The major development in the final third of the year is Mars spending September and October in Cancer, where it highlights your professional network – an important phase since Mars is back here in early 2025, keen to renew contacts.

Libra and Libra rising

The Scales is the sign of balance, where opposites can be judged and harmonised, where the scales of justice can be seen to be done. It rules chess and therefore strategy. It’s a sign of peace but often with a warlike demeanour – there are many Libran ‘peace warriors’. In 2024 you are going to have your work cut out maintaining equilibrium, both in yourself and with significant others, the main signifiers being  the eclipses shared  between you and your complementary sign of Aries. There are, mercifully, few other planetary oppositions to rile you, though Mars in Aries during May and early June may set your Scales swinging and your main squeeze seething.

A couple of heavyweight planets move into your fellow air signs of Gemini and Aquarius to ease your path. January, with an exalted Mars at the root of your ‘scope, first returns you to matters in hand from ’23. The month of Aquarius is another matter – with Pluto now here and a slew of planets joining it, this is a splendid lift-off onto the year, exciting inventive strategies and creations, and your romantic ideals.

 Pisces represents the zone of graft in your solar ‘scope and Saturn here all year suggests work may be relentless, given which, if you are obliged to swing a hammer, find a steady rhythm.

Things get sparky at the spring equinox, as they so often do. After a full Moon in Libran skies on March 25 (chiefly affecting birthdays September 28), you face a total solar eclipse in Aries on April 8, signalling a long-term change for those in need of it. Simultaneously Mercury in Aries is in a retrograde cycle, so relations with spouses, sweethearts, big friends and lifelong foes are a matter of second guessing and mind changing.

Jupiter’s arrival in Gemini, a fellow air sign,  on May 25 is a potential game-changer, accentuating idealism as much as practical matters, although Jupiter’s traditional associations – education, publishing, media, international contacts – all get the green light for the following year, with Mars joining Jupiter in August to push your professional agenda onwards. Prior to your birthday month you also have ruler Venus in your skies (August 30-September 22) for a charm offensive prior to another eclipse in your sign at the new Moon of October 2 (quite a birthday) when change is your friend. With Mars again at odds with you, this may not be the easiest Libran season.

You should be able to cruise through to the year’s close without too much drama, although Mars retrograding across the roof of your chart in early 2025 calls for scrupulous attention to career matters, with a few spats involved – summon up the Libran peace warrior.

Scorpio and Scorpio rising

Your ruling planet, Mars (accept no other) is quick off the mark in January, ushering you into a month when skills, communications, errand-running and short-term solutions are in the spotlight. A busy, convivial time. Two major planets assert themselves thereafter. Pluto has spent a short time at the very root of your chart in 2023 but in ’24 its emphasis is greater, especially during the month of Aquarius when a new Moon there on February 9 suggests a possible move or re-arrangement of house mates.

More important still is Saturn in residence in your fellow water sign of Pisces, a serious planet in a light-hearted zone of your ‘scope. The taskmaster planet is here for a further two years and may already have brought changes of emotional outlook to October birthdays. This, the fifth house of your solar ‘scope is about creativity and romance; it follows that such enterprises come with a somewhat steely, long-term edge. The way forward for affairs of the heart may require realism as well as Scorpionic passion. It’s a tricky picture, since with the ongoing presence of Neptune here, seductive mists are also rolling around, especially for birthdays at the end of your sign, circa November 20/21, asking who’s the spookiest of them all.

Furthermore, you are already facing two powerful planets in your zone of one-on-one relationships, Taurus. Both Jupiter and Prometheus can signify dashing, admirable newcomers, or the point where you finally have enough of the same-old with your spouse and activate the escape clause in your contract. Prometheus is a long-term resident but is now focusing on birthdays circa November 11-19.

Jupiter is a more congenial energy but can prove no less decisive. The giant planet speeds through almost all of Taurus before moving on at the end of May, so almost all Scorpios get a taste of its good stuff early in 2024. The full Moon in your skies on April 23 may show the direction of travel for one partnership.  Also energising relationships comes your Mars ruler, moving to opposition June 9 for a six week stay; something of a cat among the pigeons perhaps.

Mars has a potent role to play later in the year, first when it passes through Cancer (September and October), a fellow water sign where your loftier, more spiritual ambitions lie, and again when the red planet hits the peak of your ‘scope in October, where professional interests lie. However, in early 2025 Mars retrogrades back into Cancer: a lasting treat for you. Before that comes your birthday season, with the new Moon there on November 1 and birthdays looking less wild than usual, though still purposeful. At the same time the two money planets, Venus and Jupiter, meet across your money axis, loot ahoy!

Sagittarius and Sagittarius rising

SagittariusYou have a bit of catching up to do as 2024 opens, as Mercury finally recovers its position  back in late November; second chances, recovered numbers and suchlike. Things move swiftly onward, however, with the month of Aquarius providing a welcome break from the everyday and promising intellectual stimulus, especially if you are in the education game.

Throughout the year, Saturn remains at the root of tour ‘scope, accentuating home, family, domestic arrangements and property. This is especially important to many Sagittarians who have spent recent years not quite knowing, or deciding, on where they live and belong. November birthdays may already have found a solution to such problem with Saturn’s stay in Pisces in 2023. With Saturn moving on, domestic arrangements may become pressing, and property deals possible or necessary.

The new moons of March 10 and April 8 both have something to say about home, while the latter promises large and lovely developments in your social and romantic life. Mars repeats the latter trick in May, just prior to one of the major developments of the year, when tour undisputed ruler, Jupiter, rolls into year long opposition from your kindred sign of Gemini. This is a transit with two distinct identities (it’s Gemini, remember), both to do with significant others/Jupiter has a big heart and optimism but also likes to roam (it’s your governor after all) qualities that may be embodies by that individuals who come into your life over the next year. Happy couples get happier, partnerships become more than the sum of their parts.

On the other hand, difficult or abusive relationships finally become intolerable, and it’s time to move on. The month of Gemini may prove decisive in either regard, with the new Moon of June 6 a pivotal moment. Also pivotal is the month of Leo, a fellow fire sign, when planets in The Lion call to your sense of adventure, while Mars arrives in opposition to stoke the fires of passion or discontent in your partnerships (delete as necessary). Avoid making enemies at this time.

Autumn holds no new terrors; you should be on cruise control. Still, the new moon of November 1 finds Venus in the centaur’s skies alongside asteroid Juno, the marrying maiden; dress up and find a party. The Sagittarian new Moon is on December 1 and the full Moon opposite on December 15. November and December are busy months with Mercury in your skies for nine weeks while it completes a retrograde cycle. Resolve everything you can as you have to it all again – Jupiter, Saturn – in 2025.

Capricorn and Capricorn rising

The flinty, sure-footed Mountain Goat that most often represents your sign is not going away, especially in the first two months of 2024 when you have an exalted Mars coursing through your skies, making you quite the terror if you so choose. Mercury returns to your patch of the heavens on January 14 when you can catch-up with the backend of 2023 and re-launch your plans at the new Moon of January 11. All good then.

You cannot, however, abandon the fish-tailed Sea Goat, the mythical Capricornus. Venus arrives on January 23 to enhance the Sea Goat’s softer, more benevolent side and will make handy aspects to the two planets in your fellow earth sign of Taurus, Jupiter and Prometheus. Being in your fifth house, this pair accentuate you creativity, your role as bold leader and all-round inspiration. Jupiter is only here until late May, so play the big-hearted boss and party animal while the stars fall in your favour. They do so in promising fashion when Jupiter meets Prometheus on April 21 (a rare event), and during all of May. This is time for renewal, re-invention even, as accentuated by the full Moon in your skies at the solstice, on July 22.The following full Moon – yup, you get two this year, is at the tail end of Capricorn (whether fishy or furry) and implies the closing of a chapter.

Saturn, your ruling planet spends all year in Pisces, in a co-operative position to your birthday Sun, and occupies the third house of your solar chart, a zone of friendships, good neighbours and siblings.

September and October are more challenging, with the equinox Sun shining on career matters- where there’s an eclipse, should you fancy a job change – simultaneous with Mars in opposition for two months , putting your one-on-one relationships on tricky ground. Don’t fall out with your main squeeze or antagonise your enemy.  Work is one cure. This transit is perhaps crucial to the second part of 2024, since although the red planet moves on in November and December, it reverses back into opposition in early 2025, to resume issues in play during October.

Before the annual Capricorn new Moon on December 30, Venus transits your skies from November 12 to December 6, when the Sea Goat can happily dance.

Aquarius and Aquarius rising

Your year starts promptly on 21 Feb when the mighty Sun enters your skies with Pluto alongside – as much may provide a startling year for birthdays on the 21st, but having had two previous encounters with Pluto, they are old hands with a planet granted awesome powers of transformation. Pluto, however, is not much interested in individual birthdays, though who knows, it may grant you a touch of ruthlessness. Regardless, you pick up speed and purpose during February, as Mercury (on the fifth, Mars, from the 9th, and Venus, from the 17th lend their energies to your cause, with a new Moon on Feb. 9 also putting wind in your sails. February and march are prime months for initiatives, whether creative, romantic, fiscal or plain old work. Quick, before Mercury retrogrades on April 1.

For the remainder of the year, you still have Prometheus at the bottom of your ‘scope, keen to ruffle a few feathers for birthdays between February 8 and 15, especially of you want to turn a new page in your career or move home. The other planet here is Jupiter, until May 26, offering much the same agenda. Jupiter’s shift into your fellow air sign of Gemini opens up your personal and creative worlds in a big way for the rest of 2024 and beyond. New interests, grand people, well-heeled lovers and big, bright ideas are all in the giant planet’s remit, all you have to do is engage and bring all the optimism you can muster to your plans.

The season of Leo looks especially juicy, with Mars joining Jupiter at the same time that you get the Sun in opposition, sparking up your one-on-one relationships – there’s also a full Moon in your skies on August 19. If you can make relationships work, you are super-powered at this point, though there’s a super-stubborn  contretemps in store if not. Mars ends the year in opposition in Leo, where the red planets lingers deep into 2025, so aligning with your main squeeze, or declaring a truce, grows in importance in the last phase of 2024.

Downsides? Not too many. Saturn in Pisces and in your cash zone calls for a flinty eye on finances, otherwise you can explore the brave new world of Pluto in Aquarius, in which you should make a good fit, especially if you are a tech-head or creative radical. Keep the jet packs to hand.

Pisces and Pisces rising

The prospect of a  year of Saturn may send shudders through more anxious Pisceans, but the ringed planet brings opportunities as well as the need to buckle down and get the job – or rather jobs – done. Birthdays in February have already discovered the issues that need to be addressed, and by the time of your birthday season, will be bidding sayonara to Saturn and 2023. Most other Pisceans can expect the customary menu that Saturn delivers: property issues (buying, selling, maintenance), an increased workload, tests of loyalty to partners, care of elderly relatives, the need of a good dentist. Saturn deals in realism and the mundane, and with decisions for the long term, but the taskmaster planet also delivers for all the hard work and tough calls that it poses. Choose tour priorities and don’t get distracted and triumph ensues.

And, of course, Saturn isn’t the only planet in play. Planets in Capricorn during January and early February promise valuable assistance from your network of chums and fellow travellers. Your birthday month provides a moment of focus, with a full Moon opposite on 24 February and a new Moon on March 10; think ahead. By way of light relief and uber-flirtation comes an exalted Venus form 12 March to 5 April, with the high-octane energy of Mars with you from 23 March to the end of April. You pick up further assistance and surprises as the Sun, Venus and mars proceed round the zodiac, with the watery season of cancer especially helpful.

A couple of planets deserve special attention. Your ruler, Jupiter, arrives at the root of your ‘scope on 21 July, when problematic issues with home and family look less burdensome. Neptune is often touted as Pisces’ ruler, but the three outer planets are impersonal and offer none of joi-de-vivre that Jupiter brings. Neptune is finally out of your skies in 2025, but will be especially forceful during June and July, when it’s the final degree of your sign and leaning especially on birthdays circa 19 March, when some of you may be able to present yourself with the glamorous glow that’s Neptune at best.

Saturn turns backwards at the close of June to provide a little breathing space when you can pick up dropped stitches from earlier in the year, especially for birthdays between March 1st and 10th. The new moon of December 1st, near the apex of your solar ‘scope, signals a fresh effort to maximise your work career stuff.

Want to know the Key Astrology Dates 2024 to help you plan ahead?

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The most important days in the entire year to avoid launching any new projects are the days of the Solar and Lunar eclipses and the days when Mercury goes Retrograde.

The Karmic Axis

Eclipses are major turning points in the year. In astrology they are indicated by the nodes of the Moon. The Lunar nodes aren’t planets. Eclipses happen when there is an alignment with the Sun, the Moon and the Earth. When these are aligned eclipses occur, which happen twice a year.

The Moon’s Nodes form an axis in astrology, which in our birth chart is said to represent one’s destiny or spiritual quest in life. The North Node points to a key lesson in our lives. It represents new experiences towards which we must aim during this life. We have already learnt the skills of its opposite point, the South Node, in the past. Now we must grow and stretch ourselves through the North Node.

In the birth chart this polarity indicates your past life (south node) and destiny (north node). This is known as the Karmic Axis. So the people born in that time span are our Soul group. In approx. 19 years the cycle repeats, so people born 19 years apart from us share the same lunar node sign, and are also aligned to our Soul group.

Eclipses 2024 are times for a major reboot

In 2024 the transiting North node is in Aries, the south node is in Libra. The theme will focus us on our relationships.

To sum up, eclipses are powerful new or full moons. Ideal for rituals and meditation but not good for parties, weddings, or any celebrations.

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