Your Stars March 2024

The formula for the date Easter falls is simple enough; it’s the Sunday following the first full Moon after the Spring Equinox, which means that in 2024 Easter arrives unusually early, on the weekend of March 31. It also means that Easter falls between two major eclipses: a partial lunar eclipse on March 25 and a total solar eclipse on April 8. Since the latter will be visible across North America, from Mexico to Canada, including 15 U.S. states from Texas to Maine, it’s sure to be widely covered and bring numerous predictions (new President, the Age of Aquarius, American civil war, the Rapture – take your pick).

 Eclipses come in bunches, and this year it’s the Aries-Libra axis that hosts four of the five on offer, but we are also looking at the rare (every 14 years) conjunction of Jupiter and Prometheus in Taurus, which also arrives in April. Given that March stars are dominated by Pisces where Saturn holds sway, there is meaningful planetary action for all signs.

  • The Sun moves from Pisces into Aries, The Spring Equinox on March 20th.
  • The New Moon in Pisces arrives on March 10th.
  • The Full Moon, a Partial Lunar Eclipse in Libra arrives March 25th.
  • Mercury in Pisces moves into Aries on March 10th. 
  • Venus in Aquarius moves into Pisces where it is exalted on March 11th.
  • Mars is in Aquarius. Moves into Pisces on March 22nd.
  • Jupiter is in Taurus is now direct.
  • Saturn is now direct in Pisces.
  • Prometheus is direct in Taurus.
  • Neptune is direct in Pisces.
  • Pluto is in Aquarius.

For details of all new Moon and full Moon dates, plus Mercury retrogrades and eclipses, there’s a free download available at Pam Carruthers’ site

Pisces and Pisces rising

Busy? Let’s hope you can multi-task as you have multiple astro agendas to satisfy. Let’s begin with the easy stuff. Directly after the new Moon in The Fishes on the 10th, Venus moves into your skies – for three weeks – followed by Mars – for six weeks. With this pair active you should be able to rustle up a fine birthday party, however belated. Jupiter makes a dishy aspect to Venus over the weekend of the 23rd, when appetites of all varieties can be slaked and satisfied.

 The enormous elephant int the room remains Saturn, moving briskly – by its standards – to lean on early March birthdays in particular, though many Pisceans will by now have gathered that ‘something must be done’. That ‘something’ may involve property, a major relationship, your career or health, but it’s unlikely to be trivial and may call for a bit of bravery. Think long term, and where you want to be in a year or more’s time.

Later in the month you enter eclipse season, with a lunar eclipse on the 25th and a solar eclipse in early April. Both fall across your financial axis – no need for alarm, but keep an eye on your cash flow, which is unlikely to be a torrent with Saturn in charge.

Aries and Aries rising

March comes in three phases. First, with your totem planet Mars in Aquarius until the 22nd, teamwork is good work. Be everyone’s favourite fellow traveller, hook into the collective, check up on all the names dutifully filed in your address book. Secondly comes Mercury’s arrival in the Ram’s skies on March 10, normally a useful but not necessarily central event. This year it’s different, since the communication planet will be retrograde in your skies from April 1 to 25, promising a go-slow in April and calling for a brisk clean-up of desks and documents in March. There is also a new moon in Pisces on March 10 to direct you to a fortnight of introspection and battles with inner demons.

 Thirdly comes the great event itself – the Sun’s move into your skies on March 20 (at 03.08 GMT), which marks the start of the astrological year and puts you into prime position for showing off, barking orders or reminding people that you’re the tops. That said, you are entering eclipse season. The full Moon of March 25 is opposite you and is a possible signal that one particular partnership has either reached terminal load or is about to morph into something different. The next eclipse – at the new Moon of April 8 –  is a giant, a total solar eclipse that may prove a game-changer. Look upon it less as something to fear, more of an opportunity for a daring act of self-reinvention.

 Taurus and Taurus rising

Mars stomping across the roof of your horoscope until the 22nd doesn’t favour dawdling and may bring an element of confrontation to the workplace. Just now you have to prove you’re worth your wages. Happily your ruler Venus lends you a bit of charm to help out, and the new Moon of the 10th brings fellow wage slaves/ other elite personnel (delete as necessary) to further assist your cause.

 Many Taureans have planets in Aries, meaning that nine weeks of Mercury in the Ram (from March 10)  is not as frustrating as it first appears, but putting your affairs in order before April’s retrograde is nonetheless recommended. At least you are out of the line of fire of the two incoming eclipses. Your own season of spills and thrills approaches as the two planets in your skies, Jupiter and Prometheus, make their conjunction next month. For some of you – notably birthdays circa April 10 – its message may already be clear – that nothing stays the same forever, not even for an obstinate Bull.

 Gemini and Gemini rising

The old adage that challenge can turn into opportunity – at least if you are canny enough – is one to consider during March. Saturn, the taskmaster planet sitting  at the top of your solar ‘scope is joined by the Sun, by your ruler Mercury, and by Venus, asking for full attention to career and work matters. Postponement of decisions is to mean a missed chance.

 The other area calling for your mental agility concerns friendships, alliances, and perhaps even closer associations, matters that in your instance are represented by Aries and Libra. An eclipsed full Moon in the Scales on March 25 suggests a cooling off of interest from one chum, maybe lover, while the total solar eclipse that arrives on April 8 promises to shake up your friendship circle  – the days of the old gang may be numbered.

 Cancer and Cancer rising

cancerIn March you are moving right along. Serious issues and major rewards come intertwined, thanks to activity in your fellow water sign of Pisces, while the approaching eclipse season has you – at least some of you – squarely in its sights. So none of it is exactly lightweight, though nothing is to be feared.

 The month of Pisces brings your new year’s resolutions into question; what you wanted from 2024 and what you were prepared to do to realise your ambitions. With Saturn now breaking new ground (so more focused on July birthday than those of June) and with Mercury, Venus and a new Moon all  passing by, rewards for your recent hard work should be incoming. Congratulations should be in order, but bear in mind you are this for the long haul. Travel, international contacts, educational matters are all in the frame.

 Being ruled by Luna, Cancerians are reckoned especially responsive to new and full Moons, and to eclipses. The partial eclipse at the full Moon of the 25th falls at the root of your ‘scope, hence all matters to do with home, family and where and how you live. These issues are now up for consideration, especially if you are a June birthday. Looking ahead, the new Moon  and total solar eclipse of April 8 is at the peak of your ‘scope, where you blaze a public trail, most obviously through your career. A change of job fits the frame here, as does a change of boss. Mercury is spending nine weeks in this career zone this year as the communication planet completes its retrograde cycle, so beware of misinformation and expect delays.

Ongoing are the transits of Jupiter and Prometheus through Taurus; a very positive influence for you that enables you to call in favours from friends old and new.

 Leo and Leo rising

Some events signalled by March’s planetary picture are upfront, downright pushy even. Others are hidden, opaque and deeply personal. In the first category comes Mars. The red planet remains in opposition until the 23rd, promising that significant others will be disinclined to cut you any slack – a flea in your ear is likely nearer the mark. Best not to rise to any taunts. Also upfront, hopefully in a more uplifting way, is the Jupiter-Prometheus combo at the peak of your ‘scope, calling for ingenuity when your work hands you a surprise – a hot potato to handle perhaps.

The planets passing through Pisces – led by Saturn -are a different matter, emphasising personal feelings and emotional vulnerability; private issues best kept between you and your therapist/trusted best friend. Money, especially resources shared with a significant other, may be part of any problem, calling for a little rigour in how you arrange financial affairs.

 More upbeat is the arrival of the Equinox on the 20th, when your Sun ruler reaches Aries and opens or renews passions and interests.

 Virgo and Virgo rising

Pisces, your opposite but complimentary sign, is where much of March’s action takes place, and is a reminder that it’s exactly one year since Saturn took up residence here. Rarely an easy ride, Saturn in opposition asks uncomfortable questions about major relationships and sometimes your health, though these have so far been directed primarily at August birthdays. The combination of Saturn, a new Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars here will be posing similar issues for the rest of you, while rewarding you for hard work – Saturn is pay-off as well as pay in.

 As if that weren’t enough, the Equinox brings more of the same in a less confrontational way – you may have to go inwards to solve problems – plus you have to get prepared for three weeks of your Mercury ruler in retrograde in April. Still, you have a trump card (small ‘t’) in play with Jupiter and Prometheus in Taurus, a fellow earth sign, with the pair poised to grant a wish or two in coming weeks, including an escape to somewhere completely different. Work on it.

 Libra and Libra rising

Best start March with sleeves rolled up and a purposeful frown on your face. Planets in your zone of work – not the glory variety but the gotta-do-it sort – mean drab tasks and meticulous preparation are the order of the day. Saturn’s insistence also means paying attention to health and the ‘wellness’ we read so much about. Think of this phase of March as time spent as a Virgo. It’s not all downbeat, however. Until the 10th your Venus ruler remains splendidly sited for joyous past-times and amorous encounters, while Mars in your fifth house until the 23rd repeats that message with rigour. In other words, you need joi-de-vivre as well as duty.

 All of which comes as a three-week countdown to the Equinox when the Sun moves into opposition,  a thrice important transit this year as two eclipses are involved, along with a retrograde Mercury., That retrograde, operative in April, is a further reason to arrive at the Equinox perfectly poised with pencils sharpened. Plenty of mind-changing – other people’s rather than your own – is promised. The partial lunar eclipse of March 25 is in your skies and may bring issues, either strictly personal or involving relationships, to a head. The eclipse is precise if your birthday is September 28. Given that a total solar eclipse in Aries follows in mid-April, changing your partnership style is clearly involved, whether it’s your choice of  forced upon you. Keep your feelings well-tuned.

 Scorpio and Scorpio rising

For Scorpios, your fellow water sign Pisces represents matters of the heart; love affairs for sure, but also creativity, hobbies, anything or anybody that makes your heart strings go zing. The Pisces new Moon of the 10th coincides with the arrival of an exalted Venus in The Fishes, meaning that for the next three weeks sensuality and delight rule. On the 23rd your ruler Mars (accept no other) also lands here, adding a wicked little grin to your enjoyment and revelries. Looks like an unusually happy Easter.

 March also sees the first of two eclipses – a partial lunar eclipse at the full Moon of the 25th, followed by a solar eclipse in mid-April, both of which fall at one side to your Sun, so consider yourself out of the  line of fire. though planets in Aries suggest you will be working , as well playing, hard.

 The two planets opposite you, Jupiter and Prometheus, are heading for a major conjunction next month, but are already shaking up your world. As your astrologer pointed out last month, this duo represents escape from feeling bogged down. To quote, “they are the opposite of stuck; they are dynamic and unafraid of change. Follow suit- be open to compromise”.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius rising

SagittariusStay on your toes. March and April are hugely eventful months likely to require your input on several fronts; work, networking, romance, but perhaps most of all on the home front, whether that involves family, domestic arrangements or property. Saturn has been resident in the home zone of your ‘scope for the last twelve months, raising the stakes about where and with whom you live. A new Moon here on the 10th together with planets crossing Saturn, now renews the focus, enabling – or perhaps forcing your hand into a relocation, a change of flatmate or a simple, fierce spring clean. You are promised swift results.

 At the same time, your fifth house of recreation – the sign Aries – is hotting up, with Mercury moving here for an extended stay and then the Sun arriving at the Equinox on the 20th, followed by Venus and, next month, Mars. On top of which come two eclipses bearing on Aries – a Libra full Moon on the 25th and then a mighty solar eclipse in mid-April. All of which seem determined to rouse the party animal in the Centaur, and to usher in high spirited company. Go with the flow and explore your social life.

Your undisputed ruling planet, Jupiter, remains in the zone of work, where it is approaching a historic conjunction with Prometheus next month. All good, though you will have to work hard, as well as play hard, to reap its benefits.

 Capricorn and Capricorn rising

You appear to be sitting pretty, and if your situation doesn’t quite feel that everything is in excellent order, then your horoscope is keen to offer you a different vantage point. Ruler Saturn, for one thing is on the move and mixed up with the month’s planetary movements in Pisces, representing ideas, communications, education and outlook, all of which is perfect for those of you who want to present yourself as a realistic but far-sighted thinker. A new Moon, the arrival of Venus and later Mars, all emphasise your role as planner and problem solver.

 Aries, on the other hand, where much of the action is taking place in March and April, represents home, family and roots. Next month’s solar eclipse may have much to say about such matters, while the lunar eclipse of the 24th, in Libra, at the peak of your ‘scope, suggests a shake-up in your career, notably for December birthdays.

 The icing on the cake remains Jupiter and Prometheus in your fellow earth sign of Taurus, a call for joy and self-celebration. See what you can conjure up.

 Aquarius and Aquarius rising

Everybody loves a lover, and with Venus in your skies until March 11, and Mars there until March 22, you look like a mean ol’ go-getter, whether what you’re hunting is a partner or your personal dream of success. Stay on the trail! Of the two other signs under emphasis this month, Pisces, where a new Moon arrives on March 10 alongside your Saturn ruler, promises a welcome revival in financial affairs. Ingenuity rather than an inflow of funds is the key to success.

 Aries, meanwhile, offers fire to excite an air sign like your own. Mercury spends nine weeks here, from March 10, and in retrograde in April, meaning precise planning is called for. If you try to wing it you will be brought up short – along with a relentless barrage of self-promotion, if your world involves such a thing. The lunar eclipse of the 25th involves distant horizons, not least geographically, while the incoming conjunction of Jupiter and Prometheus opens up domestic arrangements, perhaps even to the point of relocation.

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The most important days in the entire year to avoid launching any new projects are the days of the Solar and Lunar eclipses and the days when Mercury goes Retrograde.

The Karmic Axis

Eclipses are major turning points in the year. In astrology they are indicated by the nodes of the Moon. The Lunar nodes aren’t planets. Eclipses happen when there is an alignment with the Sun, the Moon and the Earth. When these are aligned eclipses occur, which happen twice a year.

The Moon’s Nodes form an axis in astrology, which in our birth chart is said to represent one’s destiny or spiritual quest in life. The North Node points to a key lesson in our lives. It represents new experiences towards which we must aim during this life. We have already learnt the skills of its opposite point, the South Node, in the past. Now we must grow and stretch ourselves through the North Node.

In the birth chart this polarity indicates your past life (south node) and destiny (north node). This is known as the Karmic Axis. So the people born in that time span are our Soul group. In approx. 19 years the cycle repeats, so people born 19 years apart from us share the same lunar node sign, and are also aligned to our Soul group.

Eclipses 2024 are times for a major reboot

In 2024 the transiting North node is in Aries, the south node is in Libra. The theme will focus us on our relationships.

To sum up, eclipses are powerful new or full moons. Ideal for rituals and meditation but not good for parties, weddings, or any celebrations.

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