Your Stars June 2024

Nothing excites astrologers like a conjunction of major planets, which are reckoned key markers for the history of ideas and events. The conjunction of Jupiter and Prometheus in late April – which arrives every 13 and a half years – seems to have lived up to its reputation for upsetting apple carts, frightening the horses or putting the cat among the pigeons to adopt a few handy cliches. Surprise is Prometheus’ speciality, while Jupiter concerns knowledge and prestige.

June sees Jupiter leading a stellium of planets in Gemini at the new Moon of June 6, with the following full Moon arriving on the 22nd, just after the Solstice, when the druid horns sound in praise of the Sun at its zenith. Happy Midsummer to all my readers.

Major events

  • Sun in Gemini. Changes sign into Cancer on June 20th
  • June 6th New Moon in Gemini
  • June 22nd Full Moon in Capricorn
  • Mercury in Taurus. Changes sign into Gemini June 3rd
  • Venus is in Gemini. Changes sign into Cancer June 17th
  • Mars is in Aries. Changes sign into Taurus on June 9th.
  • Jupiter is in Gemini until May 2025.
  • Saturn is in Pisces all month.
  • Prometheus is in Taurus all month.
  • Neptune is in Pisces all month.
  • Pluto is now retrograde in Aquarius all month.

Gemini and Gemini rising

You surf into June on a gorgeous wave of planetary energy, with a super auspicious new Moon on June 6, one that promises seed moments and great events not for June but for the year ahead, when ‘Lucky’ Jupiter is patrolling your skies. Freedom, learning and travel are strong Jupiterian themes, as are good health and a well-stocked table. Think big for your party, which until June has Venus with Venus present, looks a winner,

June isn’t all dolce vita. Two planets in Pisces are nibbling at the Twins’ winged heels. Saturn demands strategic thinking for the 18 months ahead, especially career-wise. Get a plan. Who knows whether Neptune in Pisces is bringing you enchantment or a painful release from a spell , but the eerie planet is doing its thing just no, hopefully elevating you into the public realm, maybe even showbiz.

Once the planets tumble into Cancer’s seas at the Solstice, it’s time to make money. If you don’t have any stratagems top hand, try again, this time with Jupiter overseeing things. Happy Birthday.

Cancer and Cancer rising

cancerIf ever there were an ideal time to take a fortnight out on a retreat to a hilltop spa, a Buddhist gathering, a chant-in with monks, the first two weeks of June fit the frame. A new Moon – your totem planet – conjunct Jupiter in your twelfth house? Pure food for your mind-body-spirit path of choice. The Moon becomes visible in your skies om the weekend of June 7/8, a moment to instigate new plans.

Alas, most of us don’t have the option of retreat, and your horoscope contains other, more insistent themes, your changing perspective on career matters, and on your home, the Crab’s shell. Here you can make serious progress in the latter half June, with Mercury and Venus arriving on the 17th, just before the Sun announces the Summer Solstice revered month of Cancer – give a toot of your Druid horn for your birthday. With this trio of planets making multiple aspects to others, you are in business, probably with a capital ‘B”. Saturn in Pisces holds the key to several possible futures and is active on your behalf, ongoingly but especially in June. Mars in earthy Jupiter further hooks you into your peer group. Happy Birthday.

No sooner than the Sun arrives in the Crab than it brings a full Moon in your opposite but kindred sign of Capricorn for a weekend that could be something of a monster, however you like to interpret that term. Heaven only knows what Neptune is up to at the tail end of Pisces but it looks like an exotic streak in your affairs, notably if you have a birthday circa July 21.

Leo and Leo rising

It isn’t what you know but who you know goes the saying. Actually, it’s both, but the accent in June is absolutely on peers, contacts, people you half know and proven pals. Thank Jupiter’s new position in Gemini, with the giant planet resident here for the next year. fanning air for Leo fires. Hook into your address book, and to collective enterprises. Associations born or renewed now may turn out to be ‘the start of a beautiful friendship’ as Bogart has it in Casablanca.

Higher up the greasy pole, up where the stars of your profession operate, Mars and Prometheus hold sway. keeping on the pressure. You may have to wrangle a Martian hothead or two in June and July, but you’ll hold your own in that stubborn Leonine way.

Solstice is an odd time for Leos; it’s your planet, the mighty Sun that’s being celebrated, but the season of Cancer that follows sees some of your superpowers reduced, inviting a period of contemplation before the full glory of Lo is revealed in July. Yet because these two signs are side by side, they often share planets in individual horoscopes. There are many Cancer-Leo folk – you won’t have missed them! – and if you are one then you get two bites of summer’s cherry, one now, another in August.

Virgo and Virgo rising

Wowsa! Here’s a horoscope to make things happen, hopefully all of them uplifting. A new Moon atop your solar ‘scope, with presidential Jupiter alongside ruler Mercury, suggests rewards from your career are currently incoming and ongoing for the next twelve months. Right now, is the perfect time to plant the seeds of future success, and to seek the company of mentors, benefactors and other big beasts from your profession.

That them continues in the second half of June when Mercury and Venus are alongside the Sun at the summer Solstice. Seek and gather those among your peer group and extended gang who can help you to greater glory. A strand of romance runs through the month, especially at the full Moon of the 22nd, when Luna is in earthy Capricorn and your party zone.

Not all partnerships come with unqualified positives, Saturn remains opposite – a test of commitment perhaps, even the harbinger of a wedding, but the transit can also signify weariness with the whole one-on-one enterprise. Also opposite remains Neptune, which can amplify your well-known sensitivity and bring on ‘goodbye cruel world’ feelings (‘off to join the circus, gonna be a broken-hearted clown’ as an old song has it). Alternatively, Neptune can spell artistic inspiration and a brush with genius. Other people can lend you a sense of perspective.

Libra and Libra rising

The angels appear to be playing your tune at the new Moon of the 6th, which finds a stellium of planets in your fellow air sign of Gemini, completely with ruler Venus – ‘the lesser benefic’ – and Jupiter, ‘the greater benefic’. It’s a super omen, especially if you have plans for travel, legal work, education or publishing, and worthy of a symbolic act of beginning/bringing to resolution. An important facet of this event and its twelve-month aftermath is that it’s possibility rather than enforcement. In other words, nothing much happens without your active input, but your efforts meet a positive response.

Naturally June also brings a favourite Libran thing, other people, for you to explore, haggle with and talk behind their back (oops) . The weekend of the 15th, with Luna in your skies, looks promising; leave the house, find a hang-out. Make pals.

This is no time for counting your blessings, however. The Summer Solstice bursts upon us at the weekend of the 21st, with a full Moon in Capricorn, at the bottom of your chart and strong enough to bring on a few Libran giddy spells. Between them, the Sun and Saturn ensure that for every bit of play hard, there will be work hard to go alongside.

Born close to the Autumn Equinox of September 21? Links to Pluto suggest a summer of transformation.

Scorpio and Scorpio rising

Events in May are likely to have a long tail and their consequences will take time to weigh up. The stellium in Gemini at the new Moon offers some relief. It falls in the eighth house of your solar ‘scope, the place where Scorpio mystics stir the cauldron and mix up the medicine and Scorpios of all stripes regenerate. Jupiter’s presence makes this a twelve-month cycle, which is just as well given June’s more immediate matters.

Thanks to Mars in opposition from the 9th, one-on-one relationships are intense and possibly spiky. Mars in opposition can be a tad hostile – this is the zone of ‘open enemies’ so you get to find out who is definitely not your friend –  but as Mars is your totem planet, you can field any blows easily enough. There’s no need to pay back hostility in kind – keep the peace. Romance wise, you may find yourself as the game in a ‘hunter gets captured by the game’ scenario. Good for you. . New relationships look animated and sexy, maybe even a bit of a bodice ripper.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius rising

SagittariusThe wondrous new Moon in your partnership zone on June 6 features your ruling planet, Jupiter, alongside it. With Jupiter here for the coming year, that someone special in your life becomes more important, fresh faces arrive and you get to spar with high class/ highbrow folk. But Jupiter is about freedom, and partnerships that feel binding rather than expansive are likely to lose their shine. In the short term, the first couple of weeks in June are cosy, romantic affairs. Celebrate the Geminis in your life.

The summer Solstice plunges you into deeper emotional currents where partnerships are concerned, but necessarily in a bad way. You will need openness , dialogue and compromise with significant others this summer. The long weekend between the 20th and 23rd is eventful, empowering even.

The pulse of your horoscope remains Saturn, in your zone of home, hearth and family, and likely centred on property matters. Here you are on a roll in June. Saturn demands fine print and organisation, but rewards being hard-nosed, and with the planet reaching standstill at the end of June, this prime time to bring matters to conclusion. Push hard.

Capricorn and Capricorn rising

The planet with the biggest heart, Jupiter, is now resident in the zone where awaits one of your favourite things- work. Not necessarily the glory and glittering prizes that await your profession (still), but the graft and skills that make success possible. Jupiter here suggests more work and better pay; the planet is now in loose communion with your Saturn ruler for the next twelve months.

The summer Solstice is always important for Capricorns; this is when the Sun goes into opposition from Cancer, usually with a couple of other planets. That means that in competition with others you are somewhat on the back foot. Cancer also means a full Moon in the Goat – which arrives immediately after solstice on the balmy/barmy 22nd, a weekend that put you into a spin and into the limelight. Enjoy!

You can also hike a ride and a thrill with Mars, arriving June 12 in fellow earth sign Taurus, for a six-week transit when romantic thrills and spills are on offer, along with athletic glory.

Ruler Saturn remains obligingly sited in the zone of communications, siblings, and learning. The ringed planet is strong in June, enabling fruitful trading and wheeler-dealing for the business-minded among you, but steer clear of snake oil salespeople.

Aquarius and Aquarius rising

The stellium of planets in airy Gemini  at the new Moon on June 6 is peaches and cream for Aquarians, both in the immediate term – the run into the Solstice is wildly favourable for socialising – and over the next year, when big-hearted Jupiter smiles on romances, creative projects, and your overall joi de vivre. It’s possible see a Jupiter transit as a return to ‘normal’, but it’s more exceptional than that and deserves your best shot, especially if you are in the world of the arts. Be prolific (didn’t someone say the Age of Aquarius is now?)

The second phase of June after the Solstice and full Moon of the 22nd pulls you down to earth a tad, if only to run errands and do chores. With Mars on the march at the root of your chart you may also have the builders in or be otherwise preoccupied with the state of the old Chateau D’Aquarius. Mars squares Pluto in your sign on June 9, so something fundamental could be involved, especially if you are a birthday circa January22. Multiple aspects to Pluto are involved over summer, so transformations – of home, you are possible.

Pisces and Pisces rising

As many Pisceans have discovered, 2024 is no ordinary year. Under Saturn, big decisions loom, crises arise, personal quests become obsessive. There is a bit of Year Zero about it all (February birthdays had theirs in 2023). June simply keeps up the momentum, keeps the pressure on, keeps the cauldron bubbling. Saturn turns tail at the end of June, and slackens its grip for a few months, but not just yet .

With your ruling planet, Jupiter, now ensconced at the very root of your chart, and in a powerful lunation on the 7th, there are joys to be gathered from family and clan, from the family home (or your own little patch of nirvana), and room for change and relocation if you seek it. Cherish the fam. Stay busy.

The Equinox also comes with blessings, as the Sun moves into watery Cancer alongside Venus and Mercury from the 17th. Lovely, lively stuff should be the result, this being (for Pisces) the zodiac’s playground. Crash a few parties, feed your romances with jollity and abundance. A waning Moon in your skies on the 27th looks a dishy moment in the social calendar.

Neptune remains a large question mark at the moment. The distant mysterioso planet is highly charged at the very end of Pisces (it retreats next month), though whether the planet is conjuring up weepy, regretful scenes, mystical insights, true romance or artistic endeavour is open to question. Neptune has many faces, not all happy as Neptunians like Marylin Monroe and Princess Di attest. Yet the days when Pisceans were a daft, soft touch are over, and with hard man Saturn in your skies, people mess with you at their peril.

Aries and Aries rising

Aries has a reputation as a lone wolf (or lone Ram), but it looks as though you will be surrounded by people in the coming year, a veritable crowd of competing voices and ideas. Led by Jupiter, the stellium at the new Moon of June 7 will be stirring up your social and ideas world for the next year. Good moment to upgrade your comms. You will need them. June looks a decent whirl, even if at times events and demands seem to be coming at you from all sides.

For starters you have ruler Mars in your skies until June 9 (careful with that hammer!) keeping the energy levels high. The red planet’s move into your zone of assets suggests you find a way to turn on the cash flow. The Solstice arrives, as often, with something of a bang, obliging you to shift  gear and recentre/reset, probably via more time at home in Aries Towers. But first you must negotiate the full Moon of the 22nd, which arrives at the very peak of your ‘scope and suggests, if not insists, that you step into the limelight for an hour/evening or two. Dress for the spotlight.

 Taurus and Taurus rising

May’s epic conjunction – Jupiter and Prometheus in Taurus – has likely left many of you in flux. Indeed, Prometheus is resident in The Bull until mid 2025 so echoes of what just went down look likely. Having promised big, Jupiter has now moved on, though its presence in your zone of assets and ready cash can only be a positive thing unless you are careless (spendthrift Taureans exist). As a canny wheeler and dealer, and with Saturn in your collegiate zone, there are deals to pursue.

June’s big news is Mars’ arrival in your skies from June 7 for six weeks. The warrior planet has much to give in terms of energy, but unless yoked to specific goals and tangible outcomes, Mars can be a loose cannon and a clumsy companion inclined to painful knocks and cuts. Better to be all grace and purpose.

The Solstice is all set up for you, the Sun bringing Cancer’s primal waters to fertile Taurean earth. With Mercury and ruler Venus also in The Crab, you shouldn’t be short of supportive company and hot contacts. The full Moon of the 22nd is in fellow earth sign Capricorn; a chance to show off big time. You won’t be alone!

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The most important days in the entire year to avoid launching any new projects are the days of the Solar and Lunar eclipses and the days when Mercury goes Retrograde.

The Karmic Axis

Eclipses are major turning points in the year. In astrology they are indicated by the nodes of the Moon. The Lunar nodes aren’t planets. Eclipses happen when there is an alignment with the Sun, the Moon and the Earth. When these are aligned eclipses occur, which happen twice a year.

The Moon’s Nodes form an axis in astrology, which in our birth chart is said to represent one’s destiny or spiritual quest in life. The North Node points to a key lesson in our lives. It represents new experiences towards which we must aim during this life. We have already learnt the skills of its opposite point, the South Node, in the past. Now we must grow and stretch ourselves through the North Node.

In the birth chart this polarity indicates your past life (south node) and destiny (north node). This is known as the Karmic Axis. So the people born in that time span are our Soul group. In approx. 19 years the cycle repeats, so people born 19 years apart from us share the same lunar node sign, and are also aligned to our Soul group.

Eclipses 2024 are times for a major reboot

In 2024 the transiting North node is in Aries, the south node is in Libra. The theme will focus us on our relationships.

To sum up, eclipses are powerful new or full moons. Ideal for rituals and meditation but not good for parties, weddings, or any celebrations.

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