as_true_as_the_stars_aboveTrue As The Stars Above, Adventures in Modern Astrology explores the role astrology has played in the history of ideas, with particular reference to the twentieth century.

The book explores how the ancient and apparently discredited art of astrology has staged an astonishing revival over the last hundred years. Financial star-gazers now advise stock market players, newspaper astrologers become millionaires and astro-psychologists offer to unravel the secrets of our psyche.

True As The Stars Above explains astrology’s language and appeal and tells the stories behind the famous names who have used it for inspiration and guidance, from Princess Diana and Ronald Reagan to musicians like Gustav Holst and John Coltrane, poets like Ted Hughes and William Butler Yeats, and Nazi leaders Rudolf Hess and Heinrich Himmler.

Irreverent and readable, this is astrology demystified, whether what’s under scrutiny is the ongoing row about statistical evidence, the myth of the Age of Aquarius or why Gone With The Wind’s Scarlett O’Hara is definitely an Aries.

True As the Stars Above
is now out of print, but copies can still be bought from Amazon and other online booksellers.

‘Erudite, well researched, it is a pleasure to read…A finely tuned, nuanced account’ – The Mountain Astrologer