Your Stars March 2016

piscesA total eclipse of the Sun comes with melodramatic mood music and a vague air of menace, even though such eclipses happen all the time (well, every year) and pass with no great accompanying event. Nonetheless, that of March 9 –you will need to be in Indonesia to see it – looks special.

The eclipse is essentially an unusually powerful new Moon, with the Moon at perigee (close to the earth) and cannily aligned with the heavyweight planets Pluto, Prometheus and Jupiter, plus asteroids Chiron and Ceres. Whether that’s enough to break Pluto’s current stranglehold on earthly affairs, where autocracy remains in the ascendant, is something your astrologer doubts, yet this eclipse surely represents a softening of a harsh global picture.

As ever, March also brings the beginning of the astrological year at the Spring Equinox (for the Northern hemisphere); the starting gun goes off at 04.30.GMT on March 20. A partial eclipse of the full Moon follows swiftly on March 23. A happy new astrological year to all my readers.


Your horoscope in early March presents quite a picture, with a stellium of celestial bodies in The Fish’s skies, made up of messenger Mercury, mystic Neptune, revitalising Sun and Moon (the latter totally eclipses the former at the new Moon of March 9), healing asteroid Chiron, nurturing asteroid Ceres and the fateful south Lunar node, all opposing expansive Jupiter. (Fans of astro-mechanics may also note the eclipse is sextile Pluto, square Saturn and semi-sextile Prometheus.)

When your skies are as congested as this, self-respecting Pisceans have only one choice – to celebrate and cogitate. Yes, that’s two things, just as there are two Fishes in one Piscean symbol. Since you remain squared by Saturn, dealings with the powers-that-be are likely involved and must be dealt with in a sober, serious manner. Honour your upbeat, ambitious Fish. And since this is an eclipse, and therefore a game changer, an element of reflection is also in order, as you ponder what looks like a before-and-after moment.

Things happen speedily post-eclipse, as the Sun and Mercury sweep past those asteroids (caring, sharing you must also be acknowledged). Your joi-de-vivre, a sense of emotional fulfilment, is activated by tactile Venus passing through Pisces for three weeks from March 12. Venus – exalted (powerful) in your sign – is the key to events in the latter half of March. Venus represents social grace, parties, clothes and seduction, all traits amplified by the presence of Jupiter in opposition (exact on March 25), but Venus is also judgmental, so in personal relationships as likely to tweak an ego as let things pass for the sake of peace. You may have hard choices to make with your one-on-ones. You need boundaries, whether mutually agreed or self-proclaimed.

The partial eclipse of the full Moon on March 23 highlights your ‘scope’s cash and assets axis, meaning you have to check your accounts even more often (Mercury is involved) and/or come up with some extra loot from the attic. Be inventive.


March is a month of three parts. The first extends the lighter, more open weeks of February (after the Plutonic dinge-pit of January). Mercury and Venus in your zone of social mobility – until March 5 and 12 respectively – smile on networking and schmoozing, and the resolution of personal conflicts.

The period following the new Moon cum total solar eclipse in Pisces on March 9 is the month’s second stretch. Many solar Rams have planets in neighbouring Pisces (often Mercury and Venus, and Saturn if you are a ’63 or ’94 birthday), so this could prove a highly eventful new Moon, even though it takes place in the most reclusive, personal zone of your solar ‘scope. It’s a wait and see week or two, ideal for a health and exercise tune-up to help you centre. Go with the flow (you don’t have much option).

However, as ever, the Spring Equinox comes as a clarion call to rise, shine and be a frisky (more than frisky) springtime Ram; the third stretch of the month. Things certainly happen at speed after the Equinox, with Mercury arriving in time for the full Moon – a partial eclipse – in your partnership sign of Libra. If you are looking to change the dialogue between you and a spouse/lover/ex/friend, then this is a good time for intervention, or if you’d rather just cut the rope yoking you to a Significant Other, here’s your moment.

As your springtime horoscope is dominated by maverick Prometheus – a planet so oddball it spins vertically – independence remains the trophy to win. Not necessarily going solo, but at the least gaining more autonomy within a mutually advantageous relationship. Watch this space.


If your career path has turned into something of a plod, March offers the opportunity to re-adjust your place in the public pecking order, though some sharp elbows may be required. Ruler Venus in your career sector until the 12th calls for robust diplomacy, while the slew of Piscean planets accompanying the total solar eclipse of March 9, a new Moon, suggest you spend as much of the month as possible networking and talking up your prospects.

Business and pleasure go together like a horse and carriage (to misquote an old song) this month. The eclipse, Mercury and Venus all cross upbeat Jupiter before March is out, making for happy discussions about work – especially if you are in trade and wheeler-dealing – and favouring pleasant social interludes, perhaps even a recent crush finally getting acted upon. Whether you are pursuing fame or a romance, there’s little point dallying once the eclipse is out the way; a crescent Moon of March 11/12 is exalted in your skies and lends you magnetism. Be among your team.

Given the alignments to your money sector, more than prestige may be involved. Saturn has done few Bulls any financial favours over the last couple of years, but the taskmaster planet’s ongoing residence in your ‘scope’s zone of resources allows you to prosper if you adopt Saturn’s cautionary path i.e. don’t spend what you don’t have. Mars in the same zone suggests there is more treasure to unearth this spring and summer.

Experience should tell you what to expect from the month of Aries, which precedes your own. Though many Taureans have planets in Aries, the Sun’s passing through your zone of recluse asks you to find a few downbeat moments later in March, notably at the lunar eclipse of the 23rd; any chance of a spa session?


In a rush? Much of your horoscope certainly is, and one trick you may like to pull during March is to slow down and scrutinise the decisions you are being asked to make, the terms and conditions that it may seem you have to accept.

It’s a tricky planetary picture. Saturn in bone-crunching opposition usually demands a few major calls on your professional path, and questions for whom and what you are working. An increase in responsibility may be involved, or a less onerous readjustment of your status. That Mars shows up in opposition from March 8 suggests more rather than less pressure and calls for you to maintain your giddy Gemini cool even when provoked by niggly Martian types.

That the career sector your solar ‘scope is loaded with a stellium of planets in Pisces – plus a total eclipse of the Sun at the new Moon of March 9 – turns up the mood music even louder. Yet while this configuration suggests pressure from above, keep in mind that that eclipses are interruptions in the energy matrix. The way ahead may be hard to decipher and contracts confusing – your Mercury ruler is conjunct foggy Neptune at this eclipse, though you can turn Neptune to your advantage if you are a public, self-advertising kind of gal or guy. Plus, under a solar eclipse, bosses and other figureheads have been known to vanish…

Delaying big decisions to the other side of the eclipse may therefore buy you more than time. The main thing is to have your ever-alert antennae switched to full power. Scrutinise what’s being asked.

Lighter moments are on offer. Venus in a fellow air sign until March 12 smiles on social events and artistic pursuits; the latter may play an extra prominent role this spring, whether you are creating or appreciating.

Your personal life, if you have time for it, also looks on the up once the Spring Equinox arrives. Ruler Mercury joins the Sun in the Ram on March 22 and is immediately involved at the full Moon – a partial eclipse – in your fellow air sign of Libra. Looks like a canny moment for any kind of date or happy social uproar. The same goes for the remainder of March, and with your governor, Mercury, passing planet Prometheus on March 31, unconventional romances and loud parties are simply all the rage.


Aah, the healing powers of water. The cosmos is full of the stuff in March, and being a water creature yourself, a stellium of planets in Pisces should help wash away any blues from earlier this year. It may even usher maritime pleasures into your world; bracing sea walks, heave-hoing in boats, a sea shanty at the pub, that kind of thing.

A voyage of inner exploration may be all you can manage, a dive into Self. In whatever guise, the solar eclipse at the new Moon of March 9 is a call to adventure, be it jungle trekking or insightful study. Given the eclipse is bang opposite Jupiter, the wisdom giver, there is an element of personal quest in your activities in March. Confront the itch that must be scratched, a vacation that must be seized.

Your best chances of a breakthrough come around 16/17 March, when your celestial ruler, the Moon, sails into your (and her) skies and shines her blessings in accord with Venus, Neptune, Mercury, Chiron, the lunar nodes, the Sun and even scary Pluto. It’s a moment to wave your magic wand and align your best intentions with the favourable currents of the cosmos.

You look a high quality act in less personal regards. The Spring Equinox is always a wake-up call for Cancerians, and a partial lunar eclipse across your life path axis on March 23 concerns both your domestic set-up and career. Any chance of a higher profile?

Relations with significant others, remain under the seemingly relentless rule of Pluto in opposition. You are, however, in a position to turn the tides against those who were cold or hostile early in the year. Recent dating expeditions and hot affairs may seem to have the wind taken from their sails when Mars, a planet associated with romantic and carnal zest, changes sign on March 6, but Mars will be back on side in May – keep the faith.


Bedazzled? Over the last couple of weeks Venus in opposition has given you reason to be entranced, or at least attracted, by one particular individual (or to make up with them) and since Venus plays a major role in your romantic associations throughout March, close encounters remain favoured.

That message is re-enforced by the arrival of Mars in the zone of your ‘scope concerned with pleasure, entertainment, hot parties and irresponsible flirtation. Mars spends long weeks in your fellow fire sign of Sagittarius this year, but its presence is fitful – it goes retrograde in April – so romantic adventures are subject to revision across spring and early summer. Tread carefully.

The total eclipse of your Sun ruler –ouch! – on March 9 likewise asks for a careful calibration of your emotional life, especially any long term relationships and how you might revitalise them, heal them and liven them up sexually. Maybe there are a few taboos to be broken.

As the eclipse is mixed up with Jupiter, the money planet in your house of hard cash, a recalibration of your finances is also in order. There’s nothing wrong with spending money like it’s going out of fashion- as a Leo, you want to make a splash – providing there’s more on the way.

The spring equinox, as ever, is a source of support and delight for your tribe, your Sun ruler then being in exaltation in Aries for the following month. March 19 and 20 look lively in any case, as a waxing Moon passes through your skies; good for displays of your magnificence. Expect the pace of events to speed up thereafter, as Mercury joins the Sun in Aries. If you’re in the mood for travel, and have the ackers to pay your way, this spring looks just the ticket.


The siren voices you can hear on the wind – if it’s blowing in the right direction – are whispering hints about your Destiny. No small matter then, although how clear you can be about such a big issue at this point in the year is another matter. Jupiter, dominant in your skies until your birthday, is all about seizing chances and favouring your Higher Self above the merely expedient, messages repeated by the presence of the North Node (of the Moon) next to Jupiter – the pair are currently travelling as one.

However, you may need to wait until Jupiter stops backsliding (in May) before your best possible future comes into full focus, while in March you also face a total eclipse of the Sun in your opposite sign of Pisces (and precisely opposite Jupiter). Eclipses are wait-and-see moments, meaning that until March you may have to put things on hold, not least with significant others. More of which shortly.

March promises developments elsewhere – Jupiter’s alignments with Saturn and Pluto question the fundamentals of home and security, and ask for a determined response to any uncertainties in that regard. Nothing beyond your esteemed capabilities, but practical matters look insistent.

Personal relations – any one-on-one relationship, be it with friend, foe, spouse or ex – are leant on heavily by March’s planets. As much happens during every Piscean month, but 2016’s configurations are acute. This eclipse may describe you jettisoning a former ally from your life, or them choosing to bail out, or it may prefigure a powerful new friendship or romance. Look to late March for clues on the last point, when the almost full Moon passes Jupiter on the 21st and Venus does the same on March 26. It looks quite the week for tending old wounds in partnerships…or for finding someone entirely new to stretch your sense of aliveness. Singletons take note.

Worried about paying for everything? Your Mercury ruler, opposite the full Moon of March 23, has some ingenious answers.


Poised, with those Libran Scales in some sort of equilibrium? Your horoscope has worn a lighter hue in recent weeks, as the Sun and ruler Venus travel through Aquarius; a perfect time to arrange thoughts and to entertain romantic company – a pursuit much favoured until Venus’ change of sign on March 12. Your intimate life remains a hot topic in March, albeit for slightly different astrological reasons, more of which anon.

The month’s major planetary event – a stellium of planets in Pisces with a total solar eclipse – puts emphasis on other, less dreamy matters. Talk of the ‘mind-body-spirit’ axis of your ‘scope may conjure up images of blissful communion with the sacred, but in practice it’s going to be about lifestyle choices; what you eat, how you look after yourself, sweat-outs and strains at the gymn or in the yoga parlour. You are being asked to show Virgo-like devotion to health and good practice regimes. Wounds, especially those that never fully go away, can be assuaged (Chiron is strong in this month’s planetary mix).

In return you get the physical feel-good factor and a shot at understanding what esoteric tradition calls ‘the mysteries’. One part of your ‘scope (Jupiter and the North Node in your solar twelfth, fact fans) is certainly keen on metaphysics, revelation even. Observe your shrine of choice.

Social life looks buoyant. Mars’ change of sign on the 7th tightens bonds with pals, acquaintances and siblings for spring and summer – make nice and take no-one for granted.

More upcloseandpersonal relationships remain a work in progress. With maverick planet Prometheus in control of your House of Significant Others – that’s close pals, partners, lovers, ex’s and enemies – your personal relationships are likely of an unconventional, perhaps stormy, nature. As Prometheus is about to be joined by Sun, Mercury and Venus in the weeks ahead, exploring your independence, and the degree to which you do/don’t rely on others – remains a recurring theme.

The full Moon of March 23 in your skies may prove a climactic moment, but avoid overheating – full Moons exaggerate emotions. Fans of the phantom planet Black Moon Lilith might also note that her ‘Wild Woman’ energies are currently at large in your ‘scope; remember, poise and balance is what you are after.


Time to slow down? Almost. That your Mars ruler moves out of Scorpio’s skies on March 6 certainly lowers the temperature around you, even as planets elsewhere promise to raise it. It may prove a fragmented month.

Although Mars is leaving Scorpio, the red planet’s retrograde phase means it will be back with you in early summer, meaning you should keep a close eye on developments from January and February – you get a second bite at the cherry in a few months.

There are fresh events to occupy you meanwhile. The total solar eclipse of March 9, amid a stellium of Pisces planets, works in your favour, even if it involves a beau or belle doing a vanishing trick. Expect a little turbulence around your heart strings in any case; there are emotional adjustments to be made. You or someone else may be blowing hot and cold.

A supercharged Venus sweeps through Pisces from March 12 to bring accord to any spats and, should you be looking, the odd dream boat to entrance with your hypnotic gaze. As Venus touches Neptune, Jupiter, Ceres and Chiron during late March, enchantment and healing look in plentiful supply, and because Pisces is a dual planet (two Fishes remember), you may have some difficult choosing to do between rival candidates for your affections; all very War and Peace.

The watery realms of Pisces are there to be enjoyed. The fiery zone of Aries, beginning at the Spring Equinox on March 9, represents necessary work and calls to duty, and since the Sun aligns with both Mars and Saturn in your cash zone, the financial benefits accruing from graft. Time to claim what’s rightfully yours.


Talk about changes in the astrological weather; March promises to bring you all four seasons in one month. The arrival of warrior Mars in your skies on March 6 represents spring, the red planet spelling zest and energy, though Mars can also be a troublemaker. Your task is to maximise your energy levels and minimise the planet’s argumentative streak – beleaguered though you may be, play nice!

The beleaguered side of life is represented by Saturn in long-term residence in your sign – winter if you like – and with the taskmaster planet at a standstill all month, issues that have dogged you since last autumn come up for resolution now (birthdays December 5-7 take especial note). Handling Saturn can be hard, but the toughest, longest-term decision is invariably the best. Your astrologer refers you to Mark Twain’s advice about frog-eating, as related last month – in fact, paste it on the wall!

March’s central event, the solar eclipse cum new Moon in Pisces, also carries much push-and-shove energy, not least because it’s square Saturn. Whether it involves a shake-down of your home, a tussle with powers-that-be at work, turbulence in a long term relationship, or simply a revision of your outlook on what’s possible and desirable (with Saturn, less is more), there is a disruptive streak at work in your ‘scope in mid-March. Feels like a wind-blown autumn period.

More congenial is the astro-weather following the Spring Equinox on March 20. The exalted Sun in your party and romance zone feels more like summer, though you must first negotiate the full Moon eclipse of March 23, which concerns friends and romantic playmates – as related vis a vis Mars, play nice.

The month of Aries otherwise looks like a stretch of the year when you can embrace pleasure with as much commitment as duty. March 28/29, when the waning Moon is in the Centaur’s skies, look empowering. Enjoy.


Of all the zodiac’s creatures, Capricorn stood most to gain from the great go-slow of January, Pluto in Capricorn being at the heart of things. The distant planet is still moving forwards in March, breaking fresh ground in its seemingly endless traverse of your sign, highlighting birthdays circa January 6 and 7. As related last month, Pluto is partly about power and its proper use, and issue of morality and fair play continue to press on all Capricorns, not least because so many members of your sign occupy senior positions in your career.

In many respects March is an obliging month, being dominated by planets in water and earth signs; Jupiter, ruler Saturn and the total solar eclipse at the new Moon of March 9 are all in strong aspect to Pluto at the centre of your sign. Although eclipses are wait-and-see moments, you look majorly empowered thereafter.

The stellium of planets in Pisces activates your immediate environment, and pacts with siblings, friends and so-and-so from down the road. If you are in education, whether as teacher, lecturer, mentor or learner, this spring looks an unusually enriching time. Jupiter, closely associated with learning, wisdom and writing, remains onside until autumn and is much activated this month. Seize your opportunities.

Once the Spring Equinox comes on March 20, a more urgent and challenging atmosphere blows in. You’ll need to be on your mettle for the rest of the month, with the lunar eclipse on March 23 being at the very peak of your solar ‘scope, the place where you have most public profile and authority. No need to get paranoid about your executive role, but if you have a birthday around Christmas, you may care to give your Facebook pages an overhaul.

Saturn, the Sea Goat’s ruler, lies doggo in your twelfth house of retreat and seclusion, and turns retrograde in late March; a clear signal that away from the hurly burly, your most secret plans are fermenting. Give them time.


After the mire of early January, your birthday month should have come like a refreshing balm, a mood that, with a bit of fancy footwork, you can extend through to mid-March. Mercury in your sign until March 5, and more importantly Venus with you until March 12, allow you to push plans through and lend you extra wit and charm.

Ruler Saturn spends the entire month near stationary in your zone of networking – build your professional alliances, build your team. Professionally you are on a winner this year if you can maintain your initiatives – a case of the harder you work, the luckier you get, the astrological point being that Saturn (and mars) are there to oblige rather than obstruct, which was the case in 2014-15.

If you are in romantic mood, you don’t look without company, though, again, it’s your initiative that counts. Your professional realm may supply candidates.

The main event of the month, the solar eclipse at the new Moon of March 9, is in the zone of cash and resources meaning you have to prepare for anything between a canny windfall (Jupiter is involved) and a cyber-attack on your bank account. Barring either extreme, a long, hard think about your assets and cash flow may be in order. With Jupiter in your zone of shared resources, issues of who owns or owes what may raise their restless heads. Here, play for time.

Money matters, however, need not detain you. The spring Equinox on March 20 signals a quickening of events. The Sun and Mercury in Aries spells fire for your air, a welcome buzz of people around you, a lot of travel here and there, and, if you are in any sense involved in education, training or academia, a breakthrough in your prospects. Think radical.

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