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Librans can be relentless agonisers, even if it is only (or especially) about the next winter coat or the new shade of off-white for the tasteful Libran home. You dither at your peril in October and November, when The Scales’ skies are visited by birthday Sun, new Moon, Mercury, ruler Venus and contrary Mars, a line-up that makes for a hectic timetable. Plus – and it’s a big plus – you have Jupiter completing its year long transit of your skies on October 10.

You can employ all your born-with smarts and hard-won life skills under these celestial markers. An agile mind, puddles of charm, sympathy for society’s ill-used citizens and the spiky, combative attitude that drippier descriptions of your sign don’t mention (examples: Jerry Lee Lewis, Margaret Thatcher, Bob Geldof)…all are yours to harness.

The first thing you will need is a diary and sharp pencil. Mercury wizzes through The Scales at top speed, leaving on the 17th, by which time your phone should be in meltdown from calls. Organise! Venus arrives on the 14th to help you cast a romantic spell, should you fancy such a thing, to assist in the ceaseless round of shopping, hanging out with pals in graceful surroundings, making diplomatic interventions in humanity’s cause (seriously) and refining your latest canvas (the light this time of year is just ’so’).

Mars shows up for a six-week stay on October 23. The God of War doesn’t especially enjoy being in Libra, the sign of peace but the red-blooded energy the planet represents can be usefully harnessed. What you don’t want under a Mars transit is to say too much and start conflict with either people you like or with enemies who may prove more invidious than expected (your astrologer will repeat this sentence in next month’s forecast).

Significant others loom large this month – as per usual you may think, but this month the full Moon in your opposite sign of Aries raises the stakes over October 5 and 6 – a time to tip toe round people in a bad mood. Also, as last month’s forecast pointed out, an opposition between Jupiter and Prometheus across your ‘scope’s relationship axis is a cue for a complicated love life, someone new parachuting into your world, a terrific dust-up or all of the above!

Jupiter departs your sign on October 10, and you should endeavour to sign off on as many projects as possible before said date. The annual Libran new Moon arrives on October 19 (at 19.12 GMT) and is in remarkably precise opposition to Prometheus (four minutes apart, fact fans), signalling a whole new attitude to the business of relating and partnerships. Happy Birthday.


Thanks to the arrival of Jupiter in your skies, a grand new era in your life is about to open, one in which you will grow richer, travel further, understand more and feel happier! Well, that’s what it says on the tin, but Jupiter is prone to exaggeration – this is the planet of the eternal optimist, the counterbalance to Saturn’s dour moods.

Nonetheless, all astrologers agree that Jupiter is A Good Thing, and the coming of Jupiter on October 11 for a year’s stay in the realm of the Scorpion is an excuse for an extravagant birthday party (might as well get in Jupiter’s ‘spend now worry later’ approach from the start). October birthdays, in particular, have cause for celebration.

One way to greet Jupiter is to swap your astrological symbol from Scorpion to Phoenix, and look upon the coming year as a rebirth. But let’s not get ahead of the immediate planetary action, much of which is in the skies of Libra, which in your solar chart (the one we Sun sign astrologers use) represents retreat, reflection and a gentle recharge of your depleted batteries, at least before the arrival of the Sun on October 23. Mind-body-spirit concerns, however you interpret them, come heavily flagged.

It isn’t all pilates and incense, however. Venus and Mars are on hand until mid-month to make sure commercial enterprises and your social life fizz productively. The conjunction of ruler Mars and Venus at the full Moon of October 5/6 looks especially sweet –romantically inclined Scorpios take note -while Mercury in your skies from the 17th favours busy, communicative work.

Downsides? Not too many! Finances remain under scrutiny (that’s Saturn for you), and if you find yourself deep into an infatuation, get a friend to supply a reality check.


The emphasis on major, perhaps life-changing decisions maintains during October (especially for mid-December birthdays). You can blame the usual suspect – Saturn, now completing its two and a half year transit of your skies. In October the ringed planet is under continual aspect to other celestial bodies – some of these contacts come with rough edges (Mars square Saturn on the 11th – ouch!), others, like the stretch between the full Moon and new Moon (October 5 and 19 respectively) are benign.

Take the rough with the smooth and keep focused on the issues that most matter; your profession and future prospects in it; where you are going to be living, and who you wish to share your life with. If you are engaged in a creative or business enterprise, keep chipping away until the masterpiece emerges from that block of stone. You need, alas, to be relentless.

That said, there are pleasures on offer, courtesy of planets in Libra and Aries, the two signs that govern the friendship/party/ romance axis of your ‘scope. The full Moon of the 5th and 6th, which comes mixed up with your Jupiter ruler, looks a promising long weekend. Be brave, and accept any wild and unorthodox people who blow your way. Your ruling planet opposite the disruptive energies of Prometheus spells shake-up.

Jupiter changes sign on October 11, moving into Scorpio’s skies. Many Centaurs will have planets in Scorpio, your adjacent sign, but Scorpio also marks a place of retreat and reflection in your solar ‘scope; get your fair share of rest in the run-up to Christmas.


Multi-faceted would be one way of describing October’s stars. You begin the month still running on the benign combination of Venus and mars in your fellow earth sign of Virgo; ideal for reaching out to loved ones (and utters strangers!) and for grabbing a late season holiday.

On a very different note comes the full Moon of October 5, which falls at the root of your horoscope, the zone of dynasty and homestead. There’s a disruptive quality to this full Moon (it squares Pluto and conjoins Prometheus), suggesting a few secrets being shaken from the family tree, some hasty rethinking about your domestic set-up (arrivals, departures, leaky roofs and the like).

At the opposite end of your ‘scope, the place where your irrepressible professional ambition finds purchase, planets moving through Libra spell extra demands cum opportunities, with a new Moon there on October 19 to reboot your programme. Jupiter finally leaves Libra on October 11, and takes up residence in a more congenial spot in your horoscope, making networking a big theme of the autumn and beyond. Just your thing. If you are looking round for hot dates and a brisker social life, Jupiter may also oblige, though at present, personal relations take second place to professional duties.


Personal relations – partners past, present and possibly future – look to have been the pressing issue of the last couple of months, but October and beyond brings a fresher, less pressured phase in your affairs. Firstly, though, you are offered the chance to put any disrupted partnerships (romantic or business) back on an even track, thanks to the meeting of Venus and Mars on October 6. You may have to buy someone off, so to speak.

The season of Libra, a fellow air sign, is always promising, and a new Moon there on October 19 is a bright omen, especially for birthdays circa February 15. International contacts loom large this autumn, in part because of the planetary weighting in Libra – the zone of exploration in your solar chart.

That Jupiter completes its transit of Libra on October 10 adds a little spice to travel and educational ventures, while the giant planet’s shift to the apex of your ‘scope opens a new phase in your public and professional life. The encounter of the Sun and Jupiter on October 20 is a positive, door-opening event, though you may have to wait a week or month before said door actually opens – the long weekend of 26-29 October may hold some clues; with a waxing moon in your skies it’s certainly a time to push your luck on both work and party fronts.

You can raise your public profile to impressive heights over coming weeks, though likely not without a few scraps with your fellow travellers. One key to progress is solid mentoring and advice from elders and sages and open, honest communications. While you may know best, it’s not the time to insist that you do – let others have their pennyworth.


In a clinch with a beloved one? Or at least in a fruitful business partnership? Your horoscope starts the month very keen on such a scenario – we are talking Venus-Mars side by side – but while Venus is all cuddles, Mars can be an abrasive presence, and you may be obliged to hand out tough love to your other half (or receive it). The full Moon of October 5 is also mixed up with partnerships and the way money and resources are mixed up in your shared affairs.

Such financial matters call for steady monitoring, at least until the new Moon of October 19 allows you scrub the slate clean and start again. With your ruling planet Jupiter finishing its transit of the same area, you may even be in line for an unexpected hand-out. No harm wishing on a star!

Jupiter shifts into your fellow water sign of Scorpio on October 11 for a one year stay in which a buccaneering spirit is appropriate, at least until next spring, when the giant planet comes to an apparent halt. Jupiter in this position is very Jupiterian, favouring travel (including to the bottom of the sea and to outer space), education (on either side of the desk) and media matters.

You can use a bit of accentuate-the-positive attitude, since Saturn is still ensuring you remain yoked to the plough at work. Render unto the boss what is due but leave it at that. Your have doubtless been required to prove yourself continuously over the last couple of years, and the end of what can be a gruelling cycle is in sight. Recruiting allies (and powerful ones at that) is what is favoured by Pluto in the networking zone of your ‘scope. People power – very much Pisces’ thing.


The annul full Moon in Aries arrives on October 5 and 6 (precise at 1pm on Thursday but really a two day event), so you can whoop it up like it’s your birthday should you choose, but keep in mind the phrase ‘lunacy’ and remember that in some respects you are on the back foot. You have planets in opposition this month – the mighty Sun and Mercury plus, from mid month, sweet Venus, there to ensure you do not take your other half for granted and to dangle temptation before you.

Later still your Mars ruler moves into opposition (from October 23 for six weeks) which is a trickier prospect; it is easy to fall out with people under this transit, and far harder to make peace. Also somewhat disruptive – if also exciting – is the ongoing presence of planet Prometheus in your sign – very relevant if your birthday is between April 15-19. The clash between Prometheus and Jupiter has made the last few months a fascinating walk between maintaining your independence and engaging with significant others on a more committed basis; you start October with a final tangle between these poles. The new Moon in Libra on October 19 is a cue to recalibrate partnerships of all stripes.

After October 11 Jupiter moves on to a less confrontational position in Scorpio, emphasising for the next 12 months, and the next six in particular, the structure of your financial life…and if you don’t exactly have a financial life, here’s your chance to acquire one. Diligent research helps!

Up at the peak of your scope, where you hew your professional path, Pluto is again active after a five-month hiatus, promising a mixture of pressure and opportunity. Now is a good time to decide where you want to be in your career at your next birthday and plan how to get there; things get sticker come the New Year!


Weary of the same-old or reassured by it? Either way prepare yourself for a season of change. On October 11 Jupiter moves into opposition for the next twelve months, a shift that can ginger up a stalled love life, introduce you to a swell new lover, friend or mentor, and/or release you from a relationship that deserves a mercy killing. One thing Jupiter is not about is carrying on as usual, unless the usual is already emotionally supportive and frequently thrilling.

Through to next year’s birthday Jupiter will be highly active, not least over November, which is not always a Taurean’s favourite or most rewarding season.

October begins with a very promising love-in between your ruler Venus and Mars, the planet that rules your partnerships, and this pair in Virgo and your ‘scope’s zone of romance and partying (the conjunction is exact on the 5th) is ideal for an appearance on the social scene or cosying up with your main squeeze in hygge bliss. You can extend those moods over the following weekend, when the waning moon passes through the Bull’s skies.

The season of Libra, and especially the new Moon of October 19, comes, as ever, with a strong work ethic attached. Organise, clean, exercise and indulge in as little chocolate as seems feasible. Here, too, is a chance to put finances on a more stable footing, thanks to obliging aspects to Saturn, now completing its long and doubtless testing transit of your axis of fiscal prowess.

You also have obliging support from Pluto, which has been dormant for several months, but now lifts your attention towards far shores and international recognition; a long term theme (very long term).

The Sun’s shift into Scorpio on October 23 marks the halfway point of your personal year, and while this also means your energy levels need nursing (the radiance of the Sun is in opposition), the presence of Jupiter gives autumn a more rosy, upbeat mood than usual, albeit one that calls for a active engagement from you.


The first suggestion from October’s horoscope is that you bask in the exquisite, mellow light of autumn. Libra is a fellow air sign, and represents pleasure in your solar ‘scope, be it chilling out or living it up. This is also the zone of flirtation and romance, and with Venus arriving here on the 14th for three weeks, charming and being charmed are definitely on the cards.

Also promising to send some electricity through your love life is the final encounter between Jupiter in Libra and Prometheus opposite; unorthodox people, hot dates and occasional storms are on the agenda in the first ten days of the month.

Jupiter moves on come October 11 to a less exciting position in your ‘scope, though one that for the next year will assist you in squeezing more satisfaction (and loot) from your job and fine tuning your health regime.

The sign of Libra continues to be busy, however. The new Moon of October 19 is a moment to start any new enterprise, especially a creative/artistic project, or to refresh a partnership with a splash of Libran luxury. Mars shows up here for a six-week stay from October 23, encouraging a more, shall we say, frank and forward approach to your emotional life.

This may not strike you as anything new. For the last two years Saturn in opposition has ensured that partnerships of every kind have needed to be confronted with steely realism. Happily, Saturn’s opposition has only ten weeks to run, and adjustments have likely been made. Mars this autumn is more about getting satisfaction from romances (and finding them) and opening up your heart in a spirit of generosity. Long-term commitments may have to wait.

Skinflint Saturn in opposition is also not a transit to shower you with extra cash, but here too there is hope, with Pluto (planet of the plutocrat) awakening after several months slumber in your cash zone. Between now and Christmas is prime time to recalibrate your financial affairs.


Grace under pressure is the keynote for much of October. There is substantial opportunity in the month’s stars but not without a substantial effort from you, at least where your career path is concerned. The full Moon of October 5 and 6 is at the peak of your ‘scope, where you are on view and (hopefully) making waves, so there is   a sense of having to live up to your (no doubt noble0 reputation. The Moon in your skies on October 11 and 12, while waning, still hands you an edge.

Down at the root of your horoscope is the Sun, and until the 11th, Jupiter, which along with the annual new Moon there (October 19) concerns home, family and heritage. Cancer’s reputation as a homebody can be overstated, yet with so much activity there this month it looks like there will be more than usual coming and going, a change of residents perhaps, or the builders making a ghastly mess once Mars arrives on October 23.

The most significant, and long term, change of the month is Jupiter’s shift into the skies of Scorpio – and your playful fifth house – on October 11 for a yearlong stay. This is one of astrology’s most coveted transits – courage and creativity, good luck in love and on the sporting field, good prospects for travel…Jupiter is reckoned something of a cure-all. How instantaneous its effects is another matter, but the arrival of the sun and Mercury in Scorpio on October 23 promises a bonanza last week of this month and a rich glow right through to the New Year and, indeed, beyond.

You can sit back and let things happen (they may or may not!) …or you can embrace the message by starting an ambitious project and attending every last party and social event to which you invited. Gruelling, true, but hey, someone has to do it!


A late summer of eclipses and retrogrades in the Lion’s skies delivered a season of turbulence for many Leos. Though the planetary picture remains dynamic, your noble sign is out of the line of fire for the most part. Early October comes with plenty of promise.

Close to the top of the agenda come a fight for your values and your integrity. Make clear what you most treasure (not just your cash account then) and articulate clearly what you want, what you are willing to campaign for. There’s an element of inspired public speaking from the barricades to these stars (blame Prometheus, Mercury and Jupiter), and if you are in politics, media, education or charity work, then deliver your message loud and clear.

Be prepared to listen as well as dictate. Leo is a ‘fixed’ sign – stubborn in other words – but a more mobile, give and take attitude serves you well just now. Think Gemini! The full Moon of October 5 and 6 looks like a high profile couple of days. The new Moon of October 19 is ideal for any kind of launch or reboot of your plans.

Shortly afterwards, on October 11, Jupiter reaches the root of your horoscope to introduce a major new theme into proceedings, one concerning home and family. Jupiter will be in the zone for the next year, during which time, especially in the next three months, you have the chance to expand the Leo Palace, to relocate completely, or to move lodgers in and out of your home. You may also find yourself confronting your ancestral lineage, dealing with family secrets or assembling the family photo album. Any such agenda kicks in once your Sun ruler crosses into Scorpio on October 23.

Romance? In the neighbourhood rather than somewhere exotic.


Yes, after that long groan of a Mercury retrograde in August and September, you are on the move again, and at some speed. You begin October with the relationship duo of Venus and Mars combined in your skies, a very sweet omen for the lovers among you, whether hitched, single or somewhere in-between. Venus in your skies until the 14th calls for new clothes and good company, Mars with you until the 23rd for a search for a lover (if single) and a purge of possessions (there may be money in it).

Money and possessions – and what you hope to get out of them – are a key feature of October’s stars. The full Moon of October 5/6 highlights debts owed to you and unorthodox sources of income (not just wages then), while a parade of planets in Libra, including the new Moon of October 19, asks you to balance cash inflow with your personal values, and what you will put up with to turn a buck.

Money planet completes its year long transit of your cash zone on the 10th (a comparison with twelve months back should show you gaining) and thereafter moves onto Scorpio, representing the zone of your solar ‘scope concerned with communications – media, internet, education, writing, talks and the development of your intellect. Any of the above are extra-rewarding areas in which to invest your considerable talents. Once the Sun arrives here on October 23, you are cooking. Saturn, the planet that has put many Virgo on the spot with their work (and property) is in comparatively obliging form though to Christmas (providing you have done your homework).

Romance? Absolutely. Venus in your skies demands it and allows you to attract it, and to bury the hatchet with you-know-who. Also revving up the dynamos in relationships is Pluto, now returned to forwards motion after a summer of slumber. Pluto can be an alarming planet, but just now, for your sign, it promises an enrichment of your heart’s search for The Real Thing.

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  • 2nd October 2017 at 9:23 pm

    Thank you for another betufully written horoscope! As a Taurus who’s sensing that patience and hard work, both inner and practical, is slowly paying back I’m eager to embrace change and to venture in the autumnal season with an open heart! Assunta

  • 3rd October 2017 at 11:35 pm

    Neil, I believe you’re a Librian how was the Jupiter transit for you?


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