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I am aware that many regular readers were disappointed I didn’t offer a ‘Your Stars 2019’ forecast at the new year, the in-depth report that has previously financed my free monthly forecasts.

Alas, commitments elsewhere in my professional life as a writer meant it was impossible. By way of compensation I made January’s forecasts more long term than usual.

To finance my monthly forecasts I have considered offering them on a subscription basis, but prefer to keep them free. My compromise is to ask for voluntary donations.  This button allows you to contribute via Paypal. A suggested donation is £1 on a monthly basis, however more is greatly appreciated.

As an incentive to do so, once you donate you’ll receive an exclusive 1200 word report, ‘Understanding Your Saturn Cycle’.

Saturn is, in most astrologers’ reckoning, the most important planet to consider when mapping past, present and future. While my monthly forecasts often refer to Saturn transits, the planet’s 29 year cycle has as much to do with your age as your particular Sun sign. You may, for example, be a Sun Leo, and largely out the way of Saturn’s current passage through Capricorn, but if you were born in, say, 1988 or 1962, you are very much dealing with your personal Saturn cycle.

Here is an easy to understand guide, detailing what the Saturn cycle means, where the ringed planet was when you were born, and the outlook for the next two years.

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P.S. Readers often ask if I give personal readings. I don’t. My primary jobs remain journalist and writer. By contrast, Pam Carruthers, who looks after my website, is a professional astrologer who uses both western and vedic systems for individual clients. Pam, who is based in Brighton, has an international clientele. She is a gifted astrologer and teacher. Her own website is

Pam is my agent, therefore you will be directed to the Pam Web Design Paypal account.Once you have paid, please wait and you will be returned to the page with the link to ‘Understanding Your Saturn Cycle’. Its best read via a computer or ipad.