Your Stars February 2020

One way astrologers weigh up the cosmic picture is to look at how strong individual planets are in the signs they occupy. In February, for example (and for most of 2020), control freak Saturn in its own sign of Capricorn is a force to be reckoned with (more so than usual!), while Venus is held ‘exalted’ in Pisces (until the 8th).

Warrior Mars rules Aries and Scorpio (accept no substitutes), but is held to be ‘exalted’ in Capricorn, where it arrives on February 16  for a six week stay, further strengthening the three major planets already in the Goat’s skies (Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto). This combination is already living up to its fearsome reputation as a disruptive and potentially violent augury for the world.

Capricorn looms large in the assorted horoscopes of England and the UK, so it is no surprise that the country is at a historical turning point via Brexit and the accompanying fragmentation of its constituent parts. Ulster and Scotland are clearly drifting away from the ‘Union’ that’s held sway since 1801, and the nation’s public discourse is characterised by division and blame (‘Everyone is shouting, Which side are you on?’ as an old bard put it).

There’s little sign of that scenario changing over the next couple of months, though spring promises a fresher, more inclusive mood once Saturn moves into the republican sign of Aquarius.

February features the first retrograde of Mercury this year, when the communications planet appears to slide backwards in the sky for three weeks (it does no such thing, obviously), prime time for delay and cock-up. Mercury in Pisces is not an easy fit – the planet rules sharp-witted Virgo, Pisces’ opposite sign, and is therefore in ‘detriment’ in the touchy-feely realm of The Fishes. That suggests a double dose of Merc Retro mess. The antidote is simple enough; double down on sharp wits and organisation.

Major Events

  • February 7 – Venus into Aries
  • February 9 – Full Moon in Leo (7.23 GMT)
  • February 16 – Mars into Capricorn
  • February 19 – Sun into Pisces
  • February 23 – New Moon in Pisces (15.32 GMT)
  • Mercury Retrograde 17 February – 10 March

An Urn of Aquarians

Jules Verne, Germaine Greer, Bob Marley, Yoko Ono, Yuri Gagarin, Ayn Rand, Eddie Izzard, Angela Davis, James Joyce, Oprah Winfrey, James Dean, Jennifer Aniston, Abraham Lincoln, Sarah Palin, Charles Dickens, Muriel Spark.


As your astrologer has previously suggested, you advance through 2020 in fits and starts. Your birthday month is a case in point. With the mighty Sun in your skies you should celebrate not just another birthday but your identity as a game-changer, perhaps as radical as some of the celebrities listed above. Just now you have something of a free hand to arrange things on your terms

You appear to be in good company for your celebrations. Venus moves into fiery Aries on February 7th for three weeks to brighten your social circle, a good time to be among well-wishers, neighbours and siblings (second cousins et al). The annual full Moon in your opposite sign of Leo over the weekend of February 8/9 may provide a cheery uplift or a testing couple of days with you-know-who – either way, remember that this is a passing lunar phase.

The new Moon on the 23rd, along with the retrograde Mercury in operation between Feb 17 and March 10 concern finances – time to recalibrate that damn spread sheet – but also what you value. It’s an ideal time to discard possessions that have served their purpose, or which evoke only unhappy memories (the Marie Kondo test is not without value).

The maverick in your pack remains Prometheus, at the root of your ‘scope and keen to shake up your outlook on both career and domestic circumstances. Aquarius is a ‘fixed’ sign and not always keen on change, but this spring and summer, radical solutions may prove the best option. Happy Birthday.


The good news is that with Mercury in your skies for the next couple of months your agile mind should be working overtime and people should hear what you have to say. Less obliging is that the communications planet will be retrograde from Feb 17 and isn’t back in Pisces until March 16; hence you may have to repeat yourself (best not promise what you’re unsure you can deliver) and put a decision or two on hold. What’s the rush? Clear the decks and refine your objectives.

Things will, of course, rattle on in their own sweet way. Venus in your skies for the first week of the month is all sweetness, providing you play the romantic and the social secretary. The latter role is available both now and for much of 2020, thanks to planets in earth signs chiming with watery Pisces.

Both at work and at play, and in that intriguing zone where the two cross, collective action promises results. Your ruler Jupiter is the main conduit here, but the annual new Moon in The Fishes on February 23 comes aligned with Prometheus, planet of change, and if you need to leave a situation or person behind, here’s an apposite moment.


You are better placed to please yourself than to please the powers that be. You remain – and you are not alone – under the frowning duo of Saturn and Pluto, meaning negotiations with bosses are unlikely to be breezy.  Senseless orders from on high make a better fit. Negotiations with anyone look sticky once Mercury turns retrograde in mid-month. Bide your time.

The first half of February has its upbeat side, nonetheless. Ruler Mars in fiery Sagittarius pulls in helpful contacts, especially from your international network, should you have one. The full Moon of February 8/9, beaming from the other fire sign of Leo, promise a weekend of celebration, friendship and even romance.

That Venus passing through the Ram’s skies for three weeks from the 7th further emphasises sociability and your personal palette of charms. Might as well dress up for the occasion – any occasion – and refresh your wardrobe. Play the peacemaker with people whom you have inexplicably offended, woo those on whom you have been keeping an interested eye, and throw a very early birthday party. The Sun in Aquarius and Juno opposite you in Libra stir up your interest.

Though some of you will have planets in your adjacent sign of Pisces, the new Moon in the Fishes on February 23 asks you to make space for downtime. Demands from on high are likely to increase once your Mars ruler arrives at the peak of your ‘scope on the 16th and make March a somewhat daunting month of power plays. All things in proportion meanwhile.


If you are in steady, gainful, rewarding employment – the best sort! – the current (and ongoing) emphasis on career should present few problems beyond dealing with people you wouldn’t necessarily invite to Sunday lunch. The slew of planets in earthy Capricorn, boosted once Mars arrives there on February 17, continues to work in your favour, but it’s an impersonal, professional transit.

For some Taureans, notably April birthdays, professional prospects look a more restless issue that may take a month or three to settle as Prometheus marches inwards through your skies.

The picture in February and March includes a retrograde Mercury (Feb 17-March 10) that offers a chance to re-evaluate and re-orientate, when a Plan ‘B’ may come in handy. Apply your dogged energies to upgrading your job by all means, but best not to get too fixed on one particular goal as your birthday month comes with surprise offers inbuilt.

Planets in Pisces maintain a sociable mood throughout February, though with ruler Venus dropping behind the scenes from the 7th, you also need seclusion, perhaps for a secretive liaison, or to recharge batteries for the spring campaign, which promises to be both thrilling and demanding.


Talk about a mixed bag – February is a portion of planetary all-sorts. There to be enjoyed is the Sun’s stay in Aquarius, an air sign like your own, with support from asteroid Ceres, both emphasising exploration and adventure, whether geographical or philosophical frontiers are involved. Eco themes, indeed any kind of political campaigning, get a thumbs-up.

Adding a sweet note from the 7th is Venus in your zone of networking and friendship, with a soupcon of romance to keep you bright of eye.  Asteroid Juno, another romantic signifier, is likewise opportunely placed, though retrograde and dithering. Established relationships – including friendships -remain a somewhat contested matter; easier once troublemaker Mars gets out of your way at mid-month but requiring delicacy until then.

Also calling for patience is your Mercury ruler going into retrograde motion from Feb 17 until March 10, sending contrary signals about professional matters. The new Moon of February 23, at the peak of your ‘scope, emphasises that a high profile is de rigeur, but that contrary Mercury means the promises you are given are not to be trusted. Well, you can be a little evasive yourself when required – tack with the changing winds.


cancer 2019Ready for a break in the astrological weather? For a lighter, less pressured phase in your affairs? Normally the month of Pisces, a kindred water sign, can be relied on to supply as much, but there is a relentless quality to this year’s astrology. Joining Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in opposition comes Mars, from February 16th for six weeks. Mars is something of a rascal, keen to provoke and taking umbrage when you respond in like fashion. Rather than engage with individuals who fit that frame, better to seek out significant others who understand and support you, which is Jupiter’s job.

There are, as ever, reasons to stay upbeat. Venus in Pisces until the 7th is one, a new Moon in the Fishes on February 21 another, both linking you with simpatico souls. Romance is under challenging conditions, however, what with all those planets in opposition, and has a serious rather than light-hearted hue, commitment rather than flirtation. A fat Moon in your skies on the 6th and 7th puts you in short-term control.

Complicating your plans is Mercury turning backwards (Feb 17-March 10), asking you to ensure travel plans, communication networks and treasured manuscripts are in tip-top order, with everything backed-up.


Keep the good ship Leo on a steady course. Having your Sun ruler in opposition – as ever in the month of Aquarius – may leave you short of your usual chutzpah, though the full Moon in Leo over the 8th/9th looks good for a wild weekend. Romance, should you be looking, is in the air throughout the month, thanks to Mars and Venus occupying your kindred fire signs, the Centaur and the Ram respectively. Be prepared to go the extra mile (perhaps literally) in its pursuit.

If you can find the right balance in more established relationships, February is likewise rewarding. Three weeks of Mercury in retrograde (from Feb 17) is good for a readjustment of agreements, especially where shared financial burdens are involved. The bedroom and the balance sheet are more, uh, intimately involved than is often acknowledged.

Work, of course, is a key factor in your fiscal (and bodily) health. An overload of planets in Capricorn calls for hard graft but not without reward. Up at the peak of your ‘scope, where ambition and profile march side by side, planet Prometheus suggests a change is brewing, one whose outcome is likely to become apparent in April. If you are intent on a new career, or a fresh start in the one you have, be patient.


Precision is Virgo’s thing, but not necessarily easy to achieve where one-on-one relationships are concerned. The recent meeting of Venus and Neptune in opposition implies the opposite; a swooning, ‘in love with love’ fling perhaps, or confusion about what a major squeeze wants or intends.

Like a tune you can’t get out of your head, February’s planets remain stuck on this theme. The new Moon in Pisces on February 23 brings a fresh start, perhaps even a lightning strike encounter (they happen), but with your Mercury ruler  in retrograde from Feb 17 to March 10, you have three weeks in which to sort out your feelings and discern the other party’s plan. Next month’s Virgo full Moon (March 9) should make matters clear.

You may not have the patience to wait. At mid-month Mars joins a slew of planets in your fifth house of enjoyment, creativity and romance to add verve to your personal life, and despite Mercury’s prevarication, there are few better times to crack on with both short and long term plans and make your presence felt. Just be wary about committing yourself on any proffered dotted lines until your ruler resumes normal service next month.


As January has no doubt reminded you, burdens and obligations remain and you have little choice but to work down your list of Saturn’s must-dos until they are, like Brexit, ostensibly ‘done’.

However, February’s stars bring with them a more upbeat, even seductive mood. The Aquarius Sun in your party zone is a mover and shaker, especially since the minor planet Ceres is also here for the next two months. The full Moon of Feb 9 is another party animal, while Luna in your own skies (Feb 12/13) is no slouch, especially being mixed up with Juno, an asteroid and goddess associated with multi-tasking and a just balance in relationships, romantic or otherwise. With Juno in Libra for most of 2020, you look Ms or Mr Capability.

Then there is your ruling planet, fair Venus, whose three weeks in opposition, from Feb 7th, are associated with attractive people and emotional intimacy (positive manifestation) or loneliness and jealousy (not so positive). Stay on the good foot!

Like everyone else, you have to endure three sluggish weeks of Mercury retrograde from Feb 17, but the communications planet is not prominent in your ‘scope, and merely points you to old work being as useful as new. Back to the drawing board.


Given what is a challenging astrological picture for many members of the zodiac, your own sign looks best set to buck the trend, firstly because a pile-up of planets in earthy Capricorn is comfortable for your watery self, and secondly because planets in kindred watery Pisces makes an even more accommodating fit.

It isn’t all peaches and cream, of course. The month of Aquarius, with the Sun transiting the root of your solar ‘scope, brings an element of push and shove to both your domestic situation and your career prospects, especially around the full Moon of February 9, when you may find yourself under more scrutiny than is comfortable.

Your Mars ruler questions your cash flow in the first half of the month, before joining Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn. Deals with the powers that be, and dynamic individuals are on the cards over the next couple of months, and, as last month’s forecast suggested, an upgrade in your skills set.

Pisces is another story. The Sun here from Feb 19, with a new Moon on the 23rd, is always a plus, emphasising your most creative and romantic sides. Treat that bothersome Merc Retro here as a bonus – look up some old pals and lovers and dust down a forgotten canvas/script.


Sagittarius 2019In a hurry? You might as well make the most of high-octane Mars coursing through your skies until the 16th, which is when this month’s Mercury retrograde arrives to slow us all down. Meanwhile get busy with a spot of self-promotion, putting a flea in the ear of unsuspecting chums and having an annoying swagger in your step. Once Venus reaches Aries and your fifth house of partying and courtship from Feb 7th (for the ensuing month), you can also make your romantic intentions clear; a case of seek and you shall find.

The month of Aquarius, air for your fire, likewise favours running around the ‘hood to make your presence felt, with the full Moon in Leo, the third fire sign, over the weekend of the 8th/9th, also congenial for high jinks.

The latter half of the month confronts you with financial realities as Mars joins ruler Jupiter in the zone of assets and cash flow (tip: keep it flowing). The new Moon of February 23 and three weeks of Mercury retrograde shift the emphasis to domestic matters; where you live (an ongoing issue for some Centaurs) and how to make the most of Archer Towers. Matters, not just domestic, that you thought settled, may also bubble up for resolution.


Being at the centre of the astrological picture may look good on paper, with several major planets in your skies suggesting empowerment, but while Saturn is the Goat’s totem planet, it’s still a demanding presence. Apart from hard work, about which Caps rarely complain, Saturn also brings responsibility for your well-being, and that of others.

One piece of good news is that you get a break from the ringed planet come spring. Another is that you can turn towards benevolent Jupiter in your sign for some uplift; seek out jovial comrades. The incoming six week transit of warrior Mars, from the 16th, may help too, promising a transfusion of raw energy, especially for December birthdays in the latter half of the month.

A new Moon in Pisces on the 23rd, and even the often tedious retrograde of Mercury (Feb 17-March 10), also soften your burden, bringing a breath of fresh air, not least socially. A backsliding Mercury is always about revisiting the recent past, tidying up loose ends and contacting people who have fallen off your Christmas card list. The more distant past is a factor in the first half of the month; salute old victories and forgive old failings. You are in the process of shedding a skin.