Your Stars August 2022


Astrologers agree that Saturn in opposition (from Spring 2020 to Spring 2023) is no joyride, yet here are Leos Kate Bush (the mane!) and Liz Truss enjoying huge success. A reminder that these are momentous times and members of your sign are made of tough stuff. You entered your birthday month on the back of a highly advantageous new Moon on July 28, which was, as your astrologer pointed out last month, cannily aligned to presidential Jupiter, ‘the greater benefic’ as the old timers had it. With Venus, ‘the lesser benefic’, moving into your skies on August 11, it seems you can continue in regal style.

Of course, there are catches! Mars and Prometheus in turmoil atop your ‘scope at the beginning of the month may spell the end of a life chapter, probably professionally, while the full Moon of August 12 is in opposition and asks you to tread super-lightly around your other half. Being conjunct Saturn, this full Moon is also a reminder that come October, the ringed planet’s demands will be renewed in force! Mend that damn roof while the Sun still shines. And Happy Birthday.


Aha, the dog days of summer, before the Sun reaches your noble, misunderstood sign. Time for a bit of a lie-down and some head-scratching as you plot your path ahead. Well, you can hope. The clash of Mars and Prometheus early in the month may bring events that rile everyone, not just you. More importantly, your planetary ruler, Mercury, is in your skies from August 4th to 26th, and while that’s dandy for head-scratching, it’s also a push to get on with your doubtless packed schedule. Perhaps you can find a middle way between repose and relentless activity. Be sure to cross the ‘t’s and dot the ‘i’s on any agreements as you will be back here in late September, when ruler Mercury revisits your skies.

The new Moon of August 27th sounds the starting pistol for the new Virgo season. With Mars atop your ‘scope for the entire autumn and winter, choose your battles carefully, both personal and profession. Romance? Incoming!


Your emotional and/or financial lives look to be in a churn as August opens. The meeting of Mars and Prometheus is at an oblique angle to your Libran Sun, but touch upon a passionate and secretive point in your horoscope – think of Scorpio, its depths and secrets. And since both planets are impulsive, events may seem to come out of the blue. Roll with any punches as best you can.

Apart from which your horoscope has a portion of coming and going. The waxing Moon in your skies on the 2nd and 3rd links to Jupiter, signalling the arrival or departure of a close ally – as ever with the giant planet, there’s ambiguity – while ruler Venus’s link to Jupiter later in the month, circa the 18th, repeats the message. It could be a case of ‘one out, one in’.

The full Moon of the 12th is next to Saturn, a reminder that there is unfinished business from earlier in the year, and that by your birthday month you will be expected to deliver a major project, or at least have your dithering mind made up about what, or who, you want.

The month of Virgo, as ever, is a signal to create more space for your inner life. On the 26th Mercury arrives in Libra’s skies. to sharpen your wits and organise your world. Be prompt, since in September the communications planet moves retrograde – try not to have to do things more than once.


High drama is a quality much associated with your sign – stormy nights, secret plots, grand passions, bloody warfare – scenarios that may come hurtling in this month as your Mars ruler passes planet Prometheus. However, the life shifts associated with such events are not necessarily welcomed by members of your sign – indeed, Scorpios can be resistant to change. With another planetary event, the full Moon of the 12th, also looking provocative, you may need the Scorpio virtue of self-control not to be drawn into a contretemps with a partner, close ally or boss. Let the winds howl and the sabres rattle while you stay vigilant and composed. Avoid ultimatums. Let time pass.

On the flip side these events may deliver an unexpected bonus in the shape of a new arrival (the legendary demon lover, even) or an abrupt hike in the professional pecking order. Once that full Moon is out the way, calmer times beckon. The month of Virgo and the new Moon of the 27th accentuate your no doubt dedicated support team of pals and fellow travellers.


Sagittarius 2019With the zodiac’s other two fire signs, Aries and Leo, heavily emphasised this month, you are the third point in a vast cosmic triangle, which in mundane terms means it’s in your interest to push your luck and be dynamic. Merely coasting may be comfortable but your ‘scope suggests there are people to meet and deadlines to honour. Best not to postpone what can be done now until next month, which is a far stickier affair (with a Mercury retrograde, just for starters).

The full Moon of the 12th is something of a weathervane, perhaps because you get pay-off from your efforts these last two years, or because the metaphorical (even literal) weather changes in your favour. A month to see and be seen, whether you are just showing off or actually raising your career profile. The new Moon of the 27th, at the peak of your ‘scope, offers a professional relaunch. If you’re the creative kind, it’s worth taking a risk, especially of your birthday is late November.

One big piece of news is that warrior Mars moves into opposition on the 20th, not for the normal six weeks but for eight long months. Best to make a positive start by not needlessly provoking people, whether open enemies of dearly beloveds. And, of course, those two categories often bleed into each other. Keep a sharp eye out for new romantic interests, especially at the close of the month. A ‘peaceful warrior’ fits the bill.


The zodiac’s other two earth signs, Taurus and Virgo, are both active throughout August, and while Mercury asks for little more than organisation (a bit of a given for most Caps), Mars and Prometheus in Taurus may be busy tearing your script, in a way that asks for more than your customary command and common sense. In short, it’s time to be the intuitive, fish-tailed Sea Goat rather than the gritty Mountain Goat. They are not mutually exclusive, but the former tends to be neglected. Stay open to innovation and surprise, and, of course, to romantic passion, the chances of which rise after the 12th.

That said, the full Moon of the 12th, a somewhat edgy affair, highlights your financial affairs, both the funds incoming and the assets you share with your main squeeze (or mortgage lender). Here, as ever, you won’t want to rely on feelings as on facts. A good moment for evaluating your position and making adjustments before your ruler Saturn resumes forward motion in October.


Perhaps a case of the storm before the calm. Mars and Prometheus don’t describe a serene domestic environment – a bit of a hullabaloo more like – so the first week of the month may need to be taken with a dose of smelling salts. The full Moon of the 12th – the only Aquarius full Moon of the year – is the real fulcrum of the month, at the least making for a giddy weekend while also providing a way marker for this year’s progress. Cast your mind back six months to your birthday, when Saturn was in much the same place, and evaluate subsequent events since. Saturn is always about the long haul, which may mean you are ready to commit to a course of action or a serious partnership.

The astrological weather lightens up thereafter. You’re still on the back foot until the Sun leaves your opposite sign of Leo, but with fair Venus also in opposition, rewarding relationships and promising suitors are also in the frame. Then there is Mars, ensconced in fellow air sign Gemini from the 20th, and ready to provide energy for creative projects and party time alike.


Stay in the mood for love and romance if you can. Until mid-month Venus in watery Cancer is onside for flirtation and more, especially around the 8th, when she is aligned to Neptune in your skies. Besides, the rest of your horoscope emphasises hard work and organisation. Nothing wrong with those activities of course but they are frequently on offer!

The full Moon of the 12th is for Pisceans behind the scenes, perhaps obscuring a secret, perhaps just dumping you on your derriere for rest and recreation. Immediately afterwards Luna, still potent, spends a couple of days in your skies to give you the chance to show off a little. With your ruler Jupiter still in your cash zone, balancing the books is required over the next three months. The chance of more funds incoming is, however, just as likely as an ill-advised spending spree.

The advent of Virgo’s month – your opposite sign – brings partnerships to the fore. Nothing ominous about that but with Mercury in retrograde in September, best make clear all terms and conditions with your main squeeze, bridge partner or other significant other. If not, they will be the ones dictating terms.


With Jupiter in your own sign and the mighty Sun in fiery Leo, it’s hard for you to go too far wrong in August. Sport your ‘Believe’ t-shirt with pride. This autumn remains very much about the future – which for you Rams reasserts its claims come Christmas. August may throw you the odd curve ball, most likely financial, but providing you react with determination and realism (not always Jupiter’s best quality, despite that t-shirt), it should not be an obstacle to your progress. The full Moon of the 12th is good moment to call on your personal team for assistance.

The arrival of Venus in Leo on the 11th (until September 5) sparks up your social life – for the creatives among you, this is a moment for major inspiration. For the romantics, a chance to charm and pump up the party. Any drawbacks? The new Moon in Virgo (on the 27th) reminds you there is work to do, while the imminent retrograde of Mercury in your partnership sign of Libra asks to make crystal clear the terms and conditions you agree with a significant other. It’s a two-way deal, however, not an ultimatum from yourself.


Is your world calm, steady and assured? If so, congratulations, because your horoscope is not. Rather it’s in a bit of an uproar as you begin August, with planet Prometheus super-active and conjoined by Mars, planet of the red mist descending! The latter planet, in your skies until the 20th, is a known quantity, but the signature qualities of Prometheus are the unexpected and unknown. Now halfway through its seven years stay in The Bull, Prometheus is stationary in August before going into retreat – ‘at station’ as astrologers like to say, and therefore at its most forceful. Birthdays circa May 8 are those most in the frame for its disruptive, futurist energies.

Aside from which the full Moon of the 12th also looks an edgy affair, one apt to bring matters (and discontents) to the surface. Happily, your ‘scope calms down as the month progresses. The new Moon in Virgo on the 27th is an affirmation of future progress, which is currently well served by scrupulous, relentless organisation – an incoming retrograde of Mercury insists!


With a little luck – it seems to be available – and a little help from your friends – they seem to be properly onside – you can cruise through high summer without too much stress. A waxing Moon in the Twins over the weekend of the 20th/21st looks especially sweet. If you can include travel in your sort-of-schedule, so much the better – a journey to a destination from Spring would make especial sense, even or especially if it’s a business trip.

Most of August is a transitional time, however. Best expect a jolt over the last ten days of the month, when warrior Mars arrives in your skies and is immediately confronted by a new Moon. Mars is a two-edged blade; perfect for getting busy and realising aims, but also for getting into needless arguments. Since the red planet is with you until next spring, pace yourself. Oh, and get in training.


cancer 2019Accentuate the positive, as the old song says. After all, you have Venus in your sign until the 12th asking you to play the great romantic and Jupiter urging you to make a splash in your career. And the season of Leo, as you should know from previous summers, often works in your favour (many Cancerians have planets in The Lion).

Best be prepared for the cosmos to pull the odd switcheroo however. Venus runs into an opposition with Pluto around the 9th, which may mark an especially intense day or a more long-term crisis with a partner (for birthdays circa July 21/22 especially), be it an all-in or all-out decision, whether emotional or financial. There’s a full Moon on the 12th – and Cancerians are susceptible to Luna’s moods. Simmer down and see what the advantageous new Moon of the 27th brings along.

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