Your Stars September 2020

One might have hoped that August would give planet Earth something of a rest. The unholy trio of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto have been in retreat and not provoked by planets elsewhere in the zodiac. Alas, 2020 has a momentum of its own, meaning the Covid virus has continued its none too merry rampage, while there has been no shortage of insurrection and repression, from Hong Kong to Belarus and, of course, the USA.

September looks something of a transitional month, en route to the major planetary showdowns of October, but the clash between warrior Mars and the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto triad is present and, for some of us, a scary omen.

Of course, the planetary picture plays out differently for individuals with their personal horoscope. The important thing is to stay on the good foot.

Major Events

  • September 2 -Full Moon in Pisces (exact at 6.22 am BST)
  • September 6 – Mercury into Libra and Venus into Leo
  • September 10 – Mars in Aries turns retrograde
  • eptember 17 – New Moon in Virgo (at midday BST)
  • September 22 – Autumn Equinox, Sun enters Libra
  • September 27 – Mercury into Scorpio


The annual full Moon in Pisces, your opposite sign, can be relied on to deliver a loony couple of days (September 2-3), especially when handling significant others, in particular weepy Pisceans.

Stay grounded. September, indeed, all of Autumn, demands your best shot in the glory game. Your mission until Christmas is completion- of projects, business and property deals, promotion prospects. Haggle with authorities if you must (they look oddly receptive) but get the damn deal over the line. Your birthday month lends you a following wind, with the new Moon of September 17 (bonzer birthday!) a real take-off point. Your eye for small print terms and conditions is important.

Along with Saturn’s hard nose comes Jupiter’s joi-de-vivre, the sort you can share with your social posse, workmates, friends, the entire network. Be among the socially distanced crowd. If you have romance on your mind, the picture’s rosy. And if you are a late August birthday, return to last month’s forecast. Happy Birthday.


libraOn your marks! Early September is often a time when Librans can take a snooze before the serious business (including parties) of your birthday month arrives. Alas, no such option exists this year, at least for the astrologically enlightened.

The first reason is that Mercury is in your skies from September 6-26, favouring you as messenger, thinker, talker and general busybody. With a dash of luck – granted by ruler Venus in Leo – you can mix up business with pleasure in your role as everybody’s friend.

Everybody’ may be stretching it. A super strong Mars remains in opposition – and from the 10th, in rewind for two long months – requiring your best manners when handling significant others, be they lovers, friends, ex’s or enemies. Assume they will be in touchy, snappy mood and you won’t go far wrong. Paradoxically, Mars, being hot and sensuous, can also bring a torrid liaison. You can hope!

Naturally the arrival of the Sun in your skies on September 22 is empowering, yet the last week of the month requires special attention. Mercury, Mars and Saturn are in a spiky triangle then, and since Mercury will be back here in late October (as part of its retrograde cycle) be careful what you promise/sign.

Just prior to that, on the 18/19th you enjoy a weekend with Luna waxing in your skies- a good moment to make your point or to dance away your troubles. On your marks.


The Pisces full Moon of September 2/3 has a welcoming. dreamy quality for Scorpions; make the most if it as your ‘scope is otherwise in focused, purposeful mode. The triumvirate of planets in Capricorn continues to emphasise how you communicate with the world and the need to be fully ‘plugged in’ to your network. September is handy in this regard, with the Virgo Sun reminding you that even the most frosty, solitary Scorpio needs a team.

After all, there is much to be done, and your ruler, Mars, looks to have your nose to the grindstone for the rest of 2020. Nor can you beaver away in isolation; Venus sailing across the roof of your ‘scope is a see-and-be-seen affair, both this month and next, with a nudge that those in the dating game might look to their profession for an assignment.

At the close of the month Mercury arrives in your skies for an extended stay as it goes through its retrograde cycle. Best clear your desk with scrupulous attention to detail beforehand. That way you won’t be playing frantic catch-up in October.

Some Scorpions, particularly late October/early November birthdays, may find much of the above by-the-by. Prometheus in opposition can be an overwhelming affair, requiring you to abandon previous positions (and partners) and go all out for a state of glorious independence. If as much is thrust upon you by a partner, your chances of stopping it are low. Just now, partners of all stripes look uncontrollable.


You will know from experience the feeling around the new autumn term. The Virgo Sun atop your solar ‘scope is a fine thing for those wishing to be noticed, but play your cards close to your chest until the full Moon of September 2/3 is out the way. Thereafter September offers a clear run at career objectives. You don’t have to be a solo act; planets in Libra describe a raft of consensual support.

Affairs of the heart are a more complex matter. As pointed out last month, Mars in. fiery Aries is a powerful motor for your social life, but the red planet turns to retrograde motion on September 10 for a couple of months when you or another party may be having second thoughts about what you have gotten into. Alternatively, you may be stealing back to the one who got away.

No need to rush to judgment in either case, especially since romance goddess Venus is in fiery Leo from the 6th. You should have a better idea of where you stand by the end of the month, when Venus and Mars align alongside Saturn, the get-real planet. Money may be an issue; a case, as an old song has it, of romance without finance just don’t make sense.


Socially and romantically – perhaps it’s a friend rather than a lover – the start of September looks like a time when the chips are down, and you know precisely what or who you are handling. A full Moon and a Saturn-Venus opposition have a habit of bringing simmering situations to boiling point.

Apart from which September looks quite the time for advancing your cause. ‘Lucky’ Jupiter returns to forward motion in your skies on September 17 (highly advantageous for January 8 birthdays) while the season of Virgo feeds your ideals and plans. The new Moon of September 17 invites you to call in favours from near and far. Especially far.

Ruler Saturn rumbles forwards at the end of the month with an, uh, challenging aspect to Mars. For some this will come as a relief from the agony of indecision, for others a sharp elbow in the ribs. Whether the issue is homestead, job or partnership, the message is that you can’t carry on the way things are. ‘Moving on’ has become an agony aunt cliché but one relevant to this autumn, especially for birthdays circa January 16. Dump whatever and whoever is unnecessary to your onward journey.


Get money issues out the way. They are highlighted by the full Moon of September 2, and to a lesser degree by the new Moon of September 17, when events may provide a clue how you can generate more income. If necessary, have a scrap with your other half about who pays for what (warning, you will need figures and details) but you can’t fiddle endlessly. Other issues call.

There is, for example, the world of ideas, which is where many Aquarians work (research, tech, education, art and the like) and which is under emphasis throughout September and October, as Mercury and the Sun pass through your kindred sign of Libra. Members of said sign look like useful allies and inspirers throughout Autumn.

Venus in opposition from September 6 also involves allies and friends, and those on whom you have a crush or a heart-to-heart connection. For those out of sorts with a significant other, here is a chance to brandish an olive branch. For those who can’t forgive, a sour taste of jealousy. For those in the dating game, a chance to engage with someone special, or at least someone hot!

September isn’t all plain sailing. Mars wants to scramble your messages – or at least make you retrace your steps over recent pronouncements – and January birthdays may be mopping up a domestic mess (or sleeping on someone’s couch). Since what you say carries extra weight, choose your words with care – Mercury turns retrograde next month to remind you of what you promised.


A couple of days of a full Moon in Pisces – exact at midnight on September 2 but it will feel like longer – should flush your volatile psyche, enabling you to dump toxins from your recent past (people. horrid events etc) and refresh mind and body for the next phase.

Said phase comes complicated and heavily nuanced. Like August, the first week of September smiles on lovers and creatives – thank Venus – though with Saturn involved you need feet on the ground, not in la-la land. Both full Moon and new Moon (September 17) concern your relations with significant others – not just lovers, but friends, ex’s etc – and how you handle them and renew your bonds on a cordial, mutually advantageous basis .Compromise when needed, not least when shared finances are involved.

Money – how to make, how to keep it – features prominently in your ‘scope this month. No need for alarm (well, no more than usual) as your ‘scope’s financial axis is tilted promisingly towards your zone of community and enterprise, where ruler Jupiter wakes up to supply and opportunity through to Christmas. Your network remains a major resource.


ariesMars remains the dominant force in your ‘scope throughout autumn – your ruler in your sign! Cue courage, dynamism, and conquest! Also cue impatience and frustration. The key to success, especially this month and next, is cordiality. Mars turns backwards on September 10, and while the red planet will continue to stoke your fires, its retrograde spell, until mid-November, asks for an approach that is more considered and deliberate than gung-ho.

That you have planets in opposition throughout September and October adds to the need for a steady, well-thought out attitude. Mercury in Libra (6-28 September) opens the doors for discussion, reconciliation, joint agreement. Ditto the arrival of the Sun in the Scales on September 23. If you feel you are simply being blocked, bide your time until later in the year.

In all events, avoid open warfare. Cordiality is the key; Venus in your fellow fire sign, from September 6-October 2, offers diversion, power plays of the ardent, romantic sort, passion with the subject of your desires. Put frustration on hold while you entice, create and generally live it up.

The closing week of September is a crucial time both for your personal affairs and for hard-nosed business and property matters, as Mars squares flinty Saturn (ouch!). No need to be panicked into obligations you cannot meet – you have a couple of months wiggle room – but you won’t be left in doubt about the stakes.


taurus bullEmbrace your role as the zodiac’s steady Eddy/serener Edwina. The season of Virgo, a fellow earth sign, works in your favour, allowing you to pursue your agenda with a minimum of fuss and plenty of delight and creativity. The new Moon of September 17 is a point of renewal, not least for birthdays circa May 15. The Sun and Luna align nicely with Saturn at that point, which may bring the year’s larger problems back into focus, but also provide enterprising ways to solve them.

The month of Libra, from the equinox of September 22, is less obliging; duty calls, along with selfless graft, but as much any Taurus can handle without much sweat. The closing week of September also opens a stretch when Mercury in opposition means negotiations with significant others – of any stripe – should be handled with care. The communications planet will be back in this position at the end of October, suggesting agreements reached now are provisional rather than final. The Bull is uncomfortable with ambiguity but forewarned is forearmed.

Mars remains behind the scenes in Aries, and after the 10th in backslide for a couple of months, suggesting the past has a particularly haunting role just now. Precious memories and regrets may be one aspect of this transit, or perhaps, like Jane Eyre, something or somebody is locked away and needs to be acknowledged!


As a Twin, you are known for being able to face two ways at the same time, which looks handy in September. On the plus side, ruler Mercury in Libra and Venus in Leo describe a playful, indeed joyous few weeks from September 6, when the more socially distanced running round you can manage the better. Meet and greet, wheel and deal, test your powers of flirtation.

More demanding is the lunation in Virgo. The full Moon of September 2/3 may put you on the spot professionally and call for evasive action. Present a moving target for your critics. Harder is to duck and dive your way through plans for your professional future and financial and property matters. The new Moon of September 17, being aligned with Saturn allows you little wiggle room and is more likely to ask for solid, long term commitments. If you can’t meet them, you may have to let things go, at least for now. At the end of the month you enter several weeks when Mercury will be in ambiguous, retrograde motion. In work mode, be deliberate in decision and action – that way, you won’t have to repeat yourself next month.


With Venus in your skies for the first week of the month you should be able to dance through the full Moon of September 2 (in dizzy Pisces) and charm your way out of any confrontations. Nonetheless, with so many planets stacked against you this month, many Cancerians will be either under pressure or dealing with knotty relationships.

The outlook isn’t all problematic. The season of Virgo has ample supplies of supporters and entertainment. Chase down the eccentrics and artists in your circle. The major source of difficulty comes from the muscular trio of planets in opposition, but since they have been tormenting you all year, you may well be inured by now.

Jupiter is first in the frame this month, especially (but not exclusively) for birthdays circa July 9. The giant planet rumbles forwards from mid-month, enhancing (or introducing) partnerships with bright, breezy partners, and liberating you from those that don’t match that billing. ‘Moving on’ is a theme for the month.

There is little breezy about Saturn, which turns forwards at the end of the month. The ringed planet is about realism, chips down, are things working or not? In it for the long haul or time to call one particular association a day? Birthdays around the 17th are those most likely to be faced with such questions. Be it relationship or more general issues (being ill, broke, or plain fed -up), this too shall pass.


Finances are rarely Leo’s favourite subject – surely royals don’t have to concern themselves with such vulgarities – but the season of Virgo nonetheless invites you to do your annual accounts and, frankly, the sooner the better. The new Moon of the 17th is a good point to start accumulating more of the folding stuff (not that actual cash is much in evidence these days).

Your chances of doing so are not great, given that Venus arrives in your skies on September 6 for a three week stay. Venus is the planet of romance of course, and her presence lends you allure and even command – great news for daters – but Venus also like luxury, clothes, a visit to the beautician or tailor, a night or three out. It is, in short, time to live it up a little, and with Mercury and, later, your Sun ruler in obliging, sociable Libra, September looks like the time to push out the boat.

It’s a somewhat chequered month. Planets in Capricorn, which represents your work and health routines and everyday life, are awakening, so more toil looks needed. There is however a powerful element of enterprise at work – thank Mars in your kindred fire sign of Aries – with intellectual and international interests highly favoured. Plus, as mentioned last month, Prometheus at the peak of your ‘scope is keen to shake up your professional prospects.

At the close of the month Mercury hits the root of your solar ‘scope, no biggy in itself, but since the messenger planet will be back here a month later, in retrograde, keep a close eye on events and be cautious about what you agree to.