Your Stars March 2017

Baffling to the ancients, who worked on a model of the cosmos that had the Earth at its centre, planets moving to backward motion is as easy for us moderns to understand as the feeling that your train is going backwards when another passes by. It’s an illusion, caused by the relative speeds o the planets.

Nonetheless, astrology takes planets halting as an important signal. March 4th sees romance planet Venus draw to an apparent halt and start a six week retrograde cycle, a period reckoned good for emotional reflection and a chance for old flames to rekindle. Other interpretations reckon that Venus retrograde is a period when love affairs become hard work. Sigh. My own thoughts are in the forecasts below.

Talking of retrograde planets, the well-known (as irksome) three weeks of communicator Mercury in retrograde is in view and begins on April 10; a cue for all of us to get our rear end in proverbial gear in March.

To help us do so comes the Spring Equinox, which this year arrives on March 20 at 10.28 GMT – a day before what most calendars consider the first day of spring. Astrology, however, provides us with a heads-up.  The Spring Equinox is the start of the astrological year, the moment when nature’s energy quickens. Enjoy!


Your birthday is the time to celebrate your best self and the qualities that distinguish your noble sign, among them your empathy for fellow beings, your artistic creativity, and your ability to swim through tricky situations and emerge victorious. With your birthday Sun joined by Mercury, Neptune and a clutch of asteroids, you are in a good place to shake down your profile/image (something beyond another pair of shoes), put on a winning performance (actually onstage perhaps) and to whoop it up with friends.

All planets have their downside, however, and Neptune’s is the temptation to escape rather than confront reality. That is a particularly poor life choice just now, since Saturn is culminating at the peak of your chart, making hard-nosed, cool-headed focus all-important. Property, finances, career path and honouring responsibilities to elders and family look paramount, with the week beginning March 12th (a full Moon) likely to bring push to shove (birthdays circa March 17 take particular note). Take control of your destiny.

That full Moon weekend of the 11th/12th looks excellent for a little escapist behaviour however, and there’s a touch of romantic magic in the air, but avoid earnest conversations about your relationship – the mood is too giddy for navel-gazing.

The month’s other major planetary configuration – Mars and Prometheus opposite Jupiter – falls across your ‘scope’s financial axis. This could be the signal for some smart financial manoeuvres – depending on your capacity for risk – or a fat windfall. ‘Lucky’ Jupiter is, after all, your traditional ruler, so one question confronting you is ‘Do you feel lucky?’ Well do you, Pisces?

For lucky days, try the 7th/8th, 16th/17th and 25th/26th. And Happy Birthday.


Rarely is there so much pull and push in your horoscope as just now.  The push comes mostly from you. With red-blooded ruler Mars in your skies you have been and remain in fighting form – at least until the 10th, when the red planet moves on. Shortly afterwards Mercury arrives to help make your voice heard (literally and metaphorically).

The spring equinox arrives on the 20th to kick off the Ram’s birthday celebrations, with a new Moon on the 23rd.  All month planet Prometheus is throwing lightning bolts of inspiration and encouraging your, uh, more provocative side (birthdays 12/13 April take note).

The pull also comes in part from you. With so much of the planetary action behind the scenes, whatever you are cooking up in private, or whatever grief and wounds you have to tend need your attention, especially in the first three weeks of the month.

Another sort of pull comes from the significant others in your life, be they recent or historical, lovers, friends, ex’s or foes. Either they are matching you step for step, stride for stride, honing your competitive me-first edge, or they are in need of your support. Venus is backsliding through your skies all month, so either you or someone else appears to be having second thoughts about a relationship. And if you have made any bad purchases recently, return them to the shop!


There is the sweet, well-tempered Bull one sees in the pastoral depictions of your sign, then there is the angry Bull of country walking legend. You have to give honour to both creatures in March. A swathe of planets and asteroids in watery Pisces spells nourishment from Taurean earth, and a host of helpers from your collective sphere. Recent weeks and events should have shown you the value of teamwork and networking; maintain that theme.

There may be a glimmer of individual romance among the group hugs at the full Moon of March 12, a weekend of pleasure for the Bull. However, with your Venus ruler in retrograde (and behind the scenes), you may need more time to know where your affections lie. The concentration of planets in Aries, especially after the equinox, describes plans you are unwilling to spill to even intimate associates; there is no rush. Your birthday provides a likely timetable for disclosure.

The advent of warrior Mars into your skies on March 10 hikes up your energy levels and at worst puts you on collision course, most likely with a woman as stubborn as yourself (Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio – oo-er).  A scrap might clear the air, but whatever goes down in your personal life, you must work, coolly and efficiently. Jupiter insists.


Assign your energies to duty and pleasure in equal measure – one Twin for each. With Saturn in opposition culminating this month, you likely have a major project on your hands and/or an onerous, perhaps confining task. Birthdays June 16-21 are especially in the frame. Stick at it – the atmosphere lightens next month.

The stellium of planets/asteroids atop your ‘scope may also spell pressure from your career path – but also an opportunity to stick your name in lights. February’s eclipse certainly gave a nudge to your professional game, where there is much to play for throughout spring.

The network and politics sector of your ‘scope – the softer part of your career path if you like – remains bustling, the way any self-respecting Gemini likes it. Circulate accordingly. With Jupiter strong in the mix this spring and summer, a decent party should be easy to find. Searching for actual true love and romance? A work in progress.


Career matters come with an insistent chime in March – right from the beginning – and continue into April. Best expect a little turbulence and the odd flake-out, though you are also being pushed to shake things up and achieve more. The new Moon of March 23 helps ring the changes. Before then, Mars makes a useful shift into the networking sector of your ‘scope, the place you find support from fellow travellers and old chums – exploit your contacts.

At least things are upfront and clear where work is concerned. More personal associations look trickier. Pisces being a fellow water sign, the Sun in The Fishes is broadly supportive to health and personal harmony, but tricky Neptune is in the mix and boundaries may be an issue. There is only so much one can do to help certain individuals or one’s relationship with them. March 7 and 8 look useful for resolving issues, with the full Moon weekend of March 11/12 good for a cavort.

Romance? Plenty to play for this spring – March 25th and 26th look frisky – though birthdays circa July 9/10 remain faced with Pluto. Deep and powerful relationships are good, bullying ones clearly not.


Being royalty means never having to worry about money – just raise taxes on the serfs – but you are, dear Leo, metaphorical royalty, and the stellium of planets in your ‘scope’s financial sector comes with a strong streak of fantasy. Avoid messy deals and give yourself an unflinching fiscal health check at the full Moon of March 12.

The same planetary configuration is, however, conducive to currents of sexual attraction – a big plus given that your romantic life has been, if not austere, somewhat serious for the last year or so.

The incendiary set of planets in your fellow fire sign of Aries is also in favour of more cavalier attitude to life and love. The backslide of Venus in Aries this month may spell a re-encounter with a missed date, a return to (or by) an old flame, or a re-assessment of an involvement. There is no pressure and no rush. By contrast, keeping your career on track asks for a commitment of energy and, perhaps, a bruising encounter or two with an alleged ‘colleague’. Give ‘em hell!


How time flies. You are now halfway through your personal year – i.e. it’s six months since your birthday – and with the Sun and ruler Mercury in opposition March may find you low on energy and somewhat on the back foot in one-on-one relationships. Even if you are captivated, your main squeeze may be somewhat overwhelming and/or snippy and critical. You can roll with the jabs but deceit and evasion call for Virgoan boundaries to be snapped into place. The full Moon in your skies over the weekend of March 12 may prove the point – or a time for celebration.

Relationships, not just but especially romances, certainly have intensity just now. The backslide of Venus accentuates both erotic longing and money that’s owed you – such are the oddities of astrological symbolism – both of which are ongoing themes this spring. The new Moon of March 28 is a signal to get on the front with money matters.

On March 10 the high-energy planet Mars changes gear and shifts into the kindred earth sign of Taurus – highly favourable for intellectual work and for acts of derring-do.  Virgo gets a somewhat undeserved press as a timid creature – the next six weeks is a chance to show the world just how wrong is that estimation.


Uh-oh. Your ruling planet, fair Venus, goes into retrograde on March 4 for a six week spell, and while that doesn’t ring alarm bells the way a Saturn transit might, it is normally a cue for a lot of hand-wringing and second-guessing on your part. The new curtains turn out to be the wrong colour! Or you are plunged into uncertainty about a relationship and the motives of one or more significant others. Or an apparently defunct romance comes back into play. Or the number you didn’t collect at a party turns up elsewhere.

This year comes with a big difference, however. With mighty Jupiter in your skies (until your birthday), your self-confidence should be high, your judgments shrewd and your embrace of opportunity and ambition relentless. Relationships? Go with the flow, being on your guard not to make any unnecessary enemies during the first ten days of the month, when Mars is in opposition.

The other major configuration in March’s scope concerns the mind/body/spirit axis. A healthy lifestyle and sound spiritual practice work wonders; a point your stars will be making throughout March and April, and highlighted at the full moon of March 12th and in the days following.


Let’s not forget that Scorpio is a water sign and, beneath your iron outward control, highly emotional. The swathe of planets and asteroids in watery Pisces this month means matters closest to your heart must take precedence. You cannot, of course, neglect the daily routine – another sector of your ‘scope under emphasis just now – but friendships, love affairs and children are there to embrace and celebrate. The 16th and 17th, when Luna is in your skies, are auspicious days.

If romance is proving slippery, draw some boundaries. The mood music changes after March 10, when your Mars ruler moves into opposition for six weeks. This is a blade that cuts two ways. On the one hand Mars here represents challenge and competition (to which you, of course will respond in no uncertain fashion), but it can also find you hand in glove with a romantic other or business partner and happy to cede a degree of control to them.

If everything is tickety boo on that front, simple joy and the endless round of social pleasantries beckons. So too does any creative outlet you might have, artistic, craft-oriented or practical ingenuity.


At work, a little push and shove and jockeying for power is to be expected, especially at the full Moon of march 12, which sits at the peak of your ‘scope. If so, apply Saturnian principles: playing to the rules (and making sure others do), steady, relentless work and cold indifference under provocation.

Mostly, however, your ‘scope is interested in excitement and people, in getting out the house to mingle with folks even more wayward than yourself, and to pursue any artistic outlets you have. Ruler Jupiter remains in the zone of networking, where the difference between colleague and friend dissolves, while action in your fellow fire sign of Aries remains constant throughout the month. Venus in retrograde may bring a missed encounter back into view, or an old flame into your heart. The new Moon of March 28 opens a new chapter in your social life, and with Saturn drawing to a halt at the beginning of April, you can look forwards to a less stressed, more outgoing few months ahead.


The communications sector of your ‘scope is abuzz, but choose your words with care – with Neptune in the mix, Tweets, Facebook posts and the like are easily taken the wrong way, not least around the full Moon of March 12, a weekend which in other respects is pretty spiffing for you Goats.

The poles of home and career are otherwise the major focus of this month’s stars. Issues of power and pecking order are never far away in most Capricorn lives, and a clash between Pluto and Jupiter in the final week of the month describes a possible power clash, especially if your birthday is around January 9. It will be hard to ride roughshod over other people without losing face; high principles win out.

Your domestic situation remains intriguing. The passage of Prometheus across the roots of your ‘scope over the last six years has brought a degree of disruption to many Capricorn homes, and since said planet is rampant in the first half of 2017, be prepared to make changes.

On March 10th Mars- a planet with which the Goat has an affinity- moves into Taurus and into your ‘scope’s zone of gaiety, flirtation and creativity. Sometimes even you must drop your duties and devote yourself to what – work apart – you enjoy most.


The work objective or professional project on which you have been engaged over the last year or two comes up for resolution or completion this spring, as ruler Saturn draws to a halt. The planetary omens are positive; you need only to show the grit and persistence to bring matters to fruition. Complete the canvas, polish off the book, seal the boardroom deal, make the sale. If you are not risk averse (many Aquarians are), a daring move is also on the cards, thanks to Prometheus, the wayward planet with which your sign has an affinity.

If your career involves the world of IT and cutting edge technology, the next two months look especially promising. The communications zone of your ‘scope is super active for all Aquarians, however, and if you are looking to build or overhaul a website, for example, here’s your moment. If you are looking to overhaul your actual home, then the arrival of mars at the root of your ‘scope on march 10 signs a good moment to move in the builders.

The month of Sun in Pisces continues to put emphasis on your resources and earning power. You can end up ahead this spring but proceed by degrees – risk aversion in financial matters is a virtue at this point.

Pleasure and romance? Where you find them just now. A backsliding Venus, however, suggests someone from the past (probably recent past) is back in contention.