Your Stars May 2024

A reader recently suggested that as my forecasts are invariably late, I should include the start of the following month. That seems appropriate for May, making the forecasts here inclusive of one entire lunation, from a new Moon on May 8th to a new Moon on June 6th. It’s a month dominated by three signs; Taurus, Gemini and Pisces, and by the shift of mighty Jupiter from Taurus to Gemini, but as ever, there is something in the planetary picture for everyone.

Major events

  • Sun in Taurus. Changes sign into Gemini on May 20th
  • Mercury in Aries is now direct. Changes sign into Taurus on May 15th
  • Venus is in Taurus. Changes sign into Gemini on May 23rd
  • Mars is in Aries all month.
  • Jupiter is in Taurus until May 25th when it moves into Gemini.
  • Saturn is in Pisces all month.
  • Prometheus is in Taurus all month.
  • Neptune is in Pisces all month.
  • Pluto is now retrograde in Aquarius all month.
  • May 8th New Moon in Taurus
  • May 23rd Full Moon in Sagittarius

Taurus and Taurus rising

Your esteemed sign is at the centre of the astrological picture in May, and with the Sun, ruler Venus and Jupiter in the Bull’s skies until the 23rd – plus a new Moon on May 8th (top Birthday) – you have everything to play for – fame, fortune, romance and any other quest you care to name. Ladle on the charm to your impressive determination and turn up the ‘Bright Ideas’ dial to 11. Bumps in the road are to be expected – planet Prometheus, also in the Bull, will ensure as much – but May remains the time to, uh, take back control as the saying goes.

Even after Jupiter and Venus leave, Mercury remains to help organise your campaign and clear up the debris from the monster party you have thrown – there really is no better time. Jupiter’s new position in your cash zone promises pennies from heaven, but an equal willingness to spend every last cent and more. Steadiness, your great virtue, is called for. Happy Birthday.

Gemini and Gemini rising

Patience is the virtue to cherish in the early stretch of May, when planets are ‘behind the scenes’ in the solar twelfth house of your ‘scope. Not much comes easy under this scenario, even introspection, although that, too, is called for. Fortunately, as a Gemini you always have options, and Mars glowing hot in your eleventh house of fellow travellers calls for as much networking as you can fit in.

The count-down to the future ends on May 20th, when the Sun reaches the Twins, to be followed in close order by a full Moon (May 23rd), and the arrival of Venus (May 23rd) and Jupiter (May 25th). With that line-up you can be excused an over-excited  dizzy spell at the end of the month, especially if you are a May birthday. Jupiter is the planet of largesse, though the ‘good luck’ it is reckoned to bring is easily taken for granted – best think of the next twelve months as the perfect time to make good luck for yourself. Venus will help in the short term, especially for a bonzer birthday party, while the new Moon of June 6th makes clear you are entering a new, upbeat chapter. Happy birthday.

cancerCancer and Cancer rising

The public side of your life – most obviously your career – remains where the action is. Whether April’s eclipses brought a change here or not, the scenario is still unfolding in May, and, as your astrologer suggested last month, you may well have to fight for your rightful share of glory (and money). Fortunately, for every individual who wants to lock horns comes one ready to help. You may, however, have to do plenty of politicking in order to get a result. No harm in presenting your case at the ruler’s court (or courtyard).

 The move of Jupiter into Gemini offers no obvious advantages to Cancerians (though the full Moon of May 23rd may prove canny), unless you know you have planetary placements  in the Twins. The curious case of Neptune in Pisces is another matter; the planet of inspiration/weird stuff (take your pick) is highlighting distant shores and your most philosophical mindset. May and June bring the news.

Leo and Leo rising

Probably not the easiest month of your year incoming, but possibly the most exciting. Ringing the changes in one’s career is rarely easy, but with your Sun ruler joining Venus and Jupiter on the roof of your ‘scope, winning the favours of a head honcho is on the cards. In any case you get brownie points for keeping your head above the parapet and styling it out if anyone takes a potshot. You remain astro royalty. This particular set of transits isn’t coming back for another dozen years, so enjoy your high profile. Once Jupiter has moved on to Gemini, it’s fellow travellers who become the focus of your advancement; be clubbable as they say in politics.

Simultaneously, Mars in your fellow fire sign of Aries plus a full Moon in the third fire sign, Sagittarius, point to adventure, whether of the actual geographic kind, or a romantic whirl. The weekend of May 25th looks just the ticket for either…or both.

Virgo and Virgo rising

The change of sign by Jupiter towards month’s end signals an evolving situation. The giant planet currently in fellow earth sign Taurus is certainly a positive, not least on the mundane level of acquiring ‘stuff’ and tending the garden, though hopefully its twelve month sojourn has seen Virgoans reaching for higher things; edifying quests, exploring unknown landscapes, publishing and educational exploits. The first three weeks of May bring such influences to a point of fruition.

Jupiter’s arrival at the peak of your solar ‘scope on May 25th, accompanied by the Sun and Venus, follow on nicely, putting your private achievements more firmly in the public realm. Career headlines beckon, though bear in mind the giant planet is here for the next twelve months; you get more than one bite of the cherry. Romance? With Mars involved it looks intense.

Libra and Libra rising

Although you have had trickier months – consider April just gone for example! – May moves on your agenda in an inexorable and therefore challenging way. Significant others are at the heart of it and with Mars in opposition from May 1st to June 9th, you are unlikely to get things your own way in the short term. Things may even get snippy between you and at least one individual. Mars is strong in its own sign of Aries and while Libra is quite prepared for a showdown, you may opt for the other side of Libra, anything for a peaceful life. Warrior or diplomat then.

 More resonant is the congregation of planets in Taurus – ruler Venus, Jupiter, Prometheus – which represent the evolution of a deeper and perhaps unorthodox relationship (or more than one). With Jupiter moving on later in the month, an evaluation of the last year or two is in order, a resolution of a falling out perhaps, or an acceptance of a irretrievable breakdown. Jupiter’s new position in airy Gemini from May 25th is of a lighter, breezier hue, with travel, learning, and creativity strong in the mix. You should be able to locate as much at the full Moon of the 23rd.

Scorpio and Scorpio rising

Tricky times loom. Your opposite sign, Taurus, is the main reason why. With Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Prometheus all in opposition – in the short term – the potential is there for sudden arrivals and departures in your relationships. This applies not just to romantic associations but to any significant other, business partner or mate. Jupiter and Venus spell warmth and love, Prometheus obsession and impulse. The picture should be clearer by the final week of the month when Jupiter departs for Gemini. Just prior to that is an almost full Moon in Scorpio – on the 20th/21st to turn up the temperature.

 Then there is the ongoing presence of Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, in your fifth house, a place of parties, romance and creativity. The first of those two planets will lend you concentration and realism, whereas Neptune remains a slippery presence, foggy, soggy and rather creepy, or revved-up, raving and inspired. Birthdays circa November 20th/21st are those most aligned to Neptune both in May and June. Beware frauds.

SagittariusSagittarius and Sagittarius rising

A major change is heading down the turnpike in the shape of your ruling planet Jupiter, which changes sign on the 25th and moves into opposition for the next twelve months. Although ‘opposition’ sounds not-so-good, in this instance it promises good things; a release from relationships that have served their purpose, encounters with agreeable and romantic others, an optimistic mindset. The downside -in astrology there is always one – is the risk of excess, unrealistic optimism, indulgence, carelessness with money. The full Moon in your skies on May 23rd-25th should set you off on a happy note.

Prior to this, Jupiter is finishing its transit of your work zone and if possible, you should follow suit, completing a project or two, wrapping up loose ends.  Easier said than done perhaps, since Saturn remains on your case,  demanding career advancement and successful property deals. On top of which entertainment, party time and artistic matters all call for your  attention – a high energy mars in fiery Aries insists. Can you fit it all in? You are a Centaur, you’ll manage.

Capricorn and Capricorn rising

The sensuous, pleasure-loving Sea Goat takes precedence over the flinty Mountain Goat this month. Yes, you undoubtedly have things to achieve – a canvas to paint, a property deal to resolve – but the massive emphasis on your fellow earth sign Taurus is insistent about celebrating a rich social and/or romantic life. A new moon here on May 8 is accompanied by Venus and Jupiter – a duo of good fortune – and Prometheus, bringer of change. It promises to be a month of serendipitous encounters and easy bonhomie. If you are green-fingered, springtime bliss also calls.

It’s difficult to find much of a catch in these stars, though looking ahead, with Jupiter transiting your sixth house for the coming twelve months, self-improvement (in mind, body and spirit) call. After the Sagittarian full Moon of the 25th, Luna moves on to your own skies for a couple of days when you can get used to that idea.

Aquarius and Aquarius rising

Your horoscope is in volatile mood, meaning that the next month or two may feel like a rite of passage, a submersion followed by coming up for air. The new Moon in Taurus is at the root of your ‘scope and comes with Venus and Jupiter and Prometheus alongside, a potent omen of change, directed at domestic issues. A reorganisation of Aquarius Towers, even a relocation, is one interpretation. Another would be a renewal of the bonds of family and clan, an embrace of what unites rather than divides the members of your tribe.

Jupiter’s departure from Taurus and arrival in Gemini on the 25th  is an abrupt change in the astrological weather, moving you into a more dynamic year ahead, when la dolce vita arrives easily, your creativity flows, and your social and romantic life blooms. That’s Jupiter – big on promises. In the short term, up to June 8th, Mars is on hand to run errands and make your voice heard.

Pisces and Pisces rising

Planetary events in Taurus are generally favourable for Pisceans, this being an earth sign that syncs with your own water sign. Fertility is one theme of the month, with your ruling planet, Jupiter, being joined by Venus, the Sun and a new Moon; all the more reason to squeeze all the joy and potential reward from your dealings with other people. Connections with publishing, education, and the world of I.T. are all favoured. With Saturn relentlessly on your case, commitments are sure to be high, but the more streamlined you can travel, the lighter your rucksack, the better.

Jupiter’s move to the root of your chart on the 25th is a decent omen, emphasising home, hearth, family and security over the next twelve months. If you want to relocate, Jupiter is keen to help. How much help you can get from Neptune in your skies is debatable. Many astrologers are keen to assign Neptune to your sign, but its energies are often sly and, uh, a bit on the weirdo side, especially when, as right now, it’s in the last degree of your sign – beware of fakes and flakes, especially if your birthday is circa March 18th/19th.

Aries and Aries rising

‘Head down and charge’ is the usual order of the day when your ruler Mars is in the Ram’s skies (or indeed, any other time), but your cause is best served by a mixture of no-nonsense wrangling and judicious strategy. Mars is stomping on your behalf until June 8th, so there’s less of a rush than you imagine. You must also catch up with April’s business – Mercury’s retrograde is done but the messenger planet remains in your skies until May 15th –  while the current emphasis on your cash zone – represented by Taurus – also calls for attention. Be it because Jupiter has spent your loot or because Jupiter and Venus are about to hand you a windfall that needs salting away. Either way, money is a volatile issue just now.

The shift of Jupiter into Gemini, along with the Sun and Venus, lightens the mood and introduces a spell of intellectual and romantic adventure. A dash round your social circle, along with noble thoughts and fine words should serve you well, starting promptly at the full Moon of May 23rd and finding a second wind at the new Moon of June 6th. Good stuff!

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The most important days in the entire year to avoid launching any new projects are the days of the Solar and Lunar eclipses and the days when Mercury goes Retrograde.

The Karmic Axis

Eclipses are major turning points in the year. In astrology they are indicated by the nodes of the Moon. The Lunar nodes aren’t planets. Eclipses happen when there is an alignment with the Sun, the Moon and the Earth. When these are aligned eclipses occur, which happen twice a year.

The Moon’s Nodes form an axis in astrology, which in our birth chart is said to represent one’s destiny or spiritual quest in life. The North Node points to a key lesson in our lives. It represents new experiences towards which we must aim during this life. We have already learnt the skills of its opposite point, the South Node, in the past. Now we must grow and stretch ourselves through the North Node.

In the birth chart this polarity indicates your past life (south node) and destiny (north node). This is known as the Karmic Axis. So the people born in that time span are our Soul group. In approx. 19 years the cycle repeats, so people born 19 years apart from us share the same lunar node sign, and are also aligned to our Soul group.

Eclipses 2024 are times for a major reboot

In 2024 the transiting North node is in Aries, the south node is in Libra. The theme will focus us on our relationships.

To sum up, eclipses are powerful new or full moons. Ideal for rituals and meditation but not good for parties, weddings, or any celebrations.

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