Your Stars April 2022

One outcome of the Copernican revolution was to solve the problem of planets turning backwards in the sky – going ‘retrograde’. How was this possible? Once it was realised that the solar system orbited the Sun rather than Earth, it became easy to see that retrograde planets are an illusion generated by their different speeds of orbit. They no more go backwards than a train does when overtaken by a faster train. It just looks that way to the passengers.

Nonetheless, for astrology retrogression has continued to matter, most obviously because backsliding may return us to past events for re-evaluation. All planets, other than the ‘luminaries’, Sun and Moon, go backwards in the sky – indeed, planets from Jupiter outwards spend up to 40 percent of the time doing so.

It’s unusual to find all the solar system’s planets (and major asteroids) moving forwards (‘direct’ as the jargon has it), as they have done in March and do so in April signalling a forceful, fast-moving phase in human affairs, especially given that we are in the season of impatient Aries.  Since all planets are breaking new ground, so to speak, the emphasis is on the future, not the past.

That changes in May, when the most celebrated of all planetary retrogrades – that of Mercury – kicks in on May 10. Clear the decks, get your shopping done, sign the documents!

A couple of major celestial events lend their character to April. First, Jupiter joins with Neptune in Pisces on April 12, an event that happens just once in a lifetime. The symbolism is one of a mass of water – perhaps literally, as in a flood – or in individual horoscopes an emotional high tide or artistic inspiration.

The other is a partial solar eclipse of the Sun with the new Moon on April 30; not a huge deal for most of us (though important for birthdays of that date). It’s a partner eclipse to the more striking total eclipse of the Moon arriving on May 16.

Celestial Events

1 April – New Moon in Aries at 06.24 GMT

4 April – Mars conjunct Saturn in Aquarius

6 April – Venus moves into Pisces

11 April – Mercury moves into Taurus

15 April – Mars moves into Pisces

16 April – Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces. This is a once in a lifetime event. Although Jupiter joins Neptune once every 12 years, it last happened in Pisces in 1856.

16 April – Full Moon in Libra at 18.55 GMT

20 April- The Sun moves into Taurus

27 April – Venus conjunct Neptune

30 April – Mercury moves into Gemini

30 April – Venus conjunct Jupiter

30 April – New Moon, partially eclipsed, in Taurus at 20.18 GMT


Fast talking and quick decisions will carry you through the first half of the month. You are born along on a new Moon (from April 1st), with Mercury (until the 10th) and ruler Mars (until the 14th) in full support. Lively and slippery then! The full Moon on the weekend of the 16th could prove more tricky – as always, beware the red mist enveloping you for no good reason.

The planetary action in Pisces, intense at mid-month, is of a more introvert nature, good for a little soul-searching and meditation. Thereafter, with Taurus hogging the limelight, turn your attention to financial matters; no need for panic, but decide what matters most. Given the favourable planetary picture opening next month, you are going to be busy. Happy birthday.


Ever the pragmatist, draw a thick line between what you can fix or simply must see through, and the way you would like things to be and what others may assure you can happen. That’s essentially a split between Saturn’s agenda – hard-nosed career prospects you have been working on for a while – and that of Jupiter, Neptune and Venus in Pisces, all wrapping you up in enjoyable but possibly flaky la-la land.

On top of that planet Prometheus in your sign is reducing your willingness to compromise (especially birthdays circa May 4), plus the Sun in your twelfth house likely finds you in need of an energy boost plus you have a solar eclipse/new Moon on the last day of April, a moment of great potential and change. Looks like you have your work cut out. Suggestion: stop plodding.


Your outreach looks quite something just now. Planets in fiery Aries and airy Aquarius bring long distance connections into play while the new moon of April 1st emphasises support available from your network and friendships. The 6th and 7th, with Luna in your skies, is especially handy for calling in favours, and putting affairs in order.

Mid-month is the most intriguing period. The roof of your ‘scope, where you are most on view and find your largest audience, is lit up by a rare conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune, a peachy recipe for claiming top of the bill status. simultaneously a full Moon in Libra shines on the romantics/daters and artists among you. At the end of the month ruler Mercury arrives in your skies for a two month stay (including a three-week retrograde). You’ll be kept busy.


cancer 2019There’s both progress and pleasure etched into April’s stars. A new Moon atop of your ‘scope, alongside Mercury, is a push-push moment to advance your career, with the quarter Moon of the 9th in your skies to help move things along (and provide you with a have it your way weekend). Might as well be upfront about what you have in mind.

Thereafter Mercury enlivens your friendship network, not least the more kooky connections in your address book. There’s much to play for, with the momentous meeting of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces at mid-month favouring a water sign like your own, not least romantically. As ever, the season of Taurus smiles on your enterprises; just now you look able to talk your way to success, or to escape a sticky social situation. Where money is concerned, however, only realism works.


With mixed messages being beamed from April’s stars you will have to be adroit to maximise your advantages. A new moon in fiery Aries is certainly good news, perhaps bringing travel into the equation, or an international contact. Keep your decisions speedy. That may include some of the more problematic situations of the month. with Saturn remaining in opposition, you work for every break you get, and Mars joining Saturn may question your long-term commitment to a relationship or a cause.

That feeling may intensify in the second half of the month. Planet Prometheus at the top of your ‘scope, and bearing most forcibly on birthdays circa August 5, is doubly activated first by Mercury, then by the new Moon cum eclipse of the 30th, quite the formula for a major change of allegiance.


An idle Virgo is an opportunity lost, so while even you can get fed up with the same old same old – Saturn remains in your zone of steady graft – there are other, more intriguing, agendas on offer. A new Moon plus ruler Mercury in Aries, for example, can ginger up your finances, while Mercury in Taurus from the 11th can make you a player on an international stage.

Most of all this month there is the intense activity in your zone of one-on-one relationships, friends, lovers, enemies, co-authors, the lot. Jupiter has been here since New Year but on April 16 makes a major conjunction to Neptune, followed shortly after by Venus. Result; a lunge into wild infatuation worthy of the gooiest pop song…or a profound disillusion with your main squeeze… or inspiration from/collaboration with an artistic or business partner…or someone selling you a heart-breaking story of misfortune. See what arrives but keep your Virgo bullshit detectors turned up to eleven. The end of the month sees Mercury arrive at the peak of your ‘scope all well and good for your public profile, even with a retrograde involved.


A demanding month requires firstly that you have the energy to deal with it. Prioritise your health regime. The month’s big conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune is in the zone of good health and work practice and promises inspiration for projects and assignments.

The new Moon (and Mercury) in your partnership zone will be a major (and ongoing) demand on your time and energy, albeit a rewarding one. Full diplomacy required around all one-on-one relationships, even the non-romantic variety. The annual full Moon in Libra arrives on the weekend of the 16th, bringing closure on a troubled association for some of you, and asking for you to party wildly in an inspirational rather than offensive manner. Polish your charisma.

Three weeks of Mercury in Taurus, from the 11th, suggests you also polish your financial situation; the first of two eclipses across your money axis on the 30th insists.


Hold onto your hat, things could get intense over coming weeks, hopefully in a good way. Your ‘scope is all aflutter with events, the main one being Jupiter and Neptune meeting in fellow water sign Pisces on April 16, a suitable cue for artistic inspiration, romantic infatuation or an excess of party spirit. Venus is also in Pisces from the 6th to lend you more of the same with Mars following on the 15th; faced with such a scenario it seems rude not to dress up and do some socially distanced partying.

You will have to put in the graft to justify it all of course; a new Moon in your work zone ensures as much, and there are doubtless still results to glean from Saturn’s long haul through winter. At the end of April a new Moon opposite you in Taurus comes with both an eclipse and planet Prometheus alongside; a harbinger of change, at least for birthdays circa November 5.


Sagittarius 2019The new Moon in Aries is at the least a refresher, but the sense of rebirth may extend deeper than the usual spring and Easter vibes, as the Ram – representing your heart zone, the place of romance, creativity and pleasure – remains under emphasis through much of 2022. Time to spring into action, then start as you mean to continue.

Simultaneously, your Jupiter ruler is making a major historic conjunction to Neptune. Whether this represents challenge or opportunity regarding home or career remains to be seen but give any apparent gift horses a thorough check before you commit. The eclipsed new Moon of the 30th falls obliquely – no cause for alarm, then, but another signal that major change is in the offing.


The first lunation of spring is always likely to bring a few bumps in the road, perhaps with the family in the frame, but such things are passing clouds, not obstacles. The quarter Moon of April 9 and the full Moon of April 16 are the two most challenging moments; you’re under inspection at the latter! For the most part April has a genial feeling. The month’s major planetary event, Jupiter’s encounter with Neptune, is obliging, bringing a touch of magic to friendships or an opening to a new phase in an IT or academic career.

Your fellow earth sign of Taurus holds the most intriguing developments. This is the zone of pleasure and matters of the heart. The new Moon cum eclipse of the 30th is next to planet Prometheus, a planet of change, disruption even, and may signal a sudden shift of priorities, especially for birthdays in earliest January.


You should be on something a roll as April opens. Your skies are stacked with planets, and you have the energy to turn your ambitions into reality. Indeed, with ruler Saturn still the major engine in your horoscope, you may have no alternative but to buckle down and get a job done or get through a particularly trying phase. The spring Sun in fiery Aries works in your favour, lending strength and fortitude, and bringing support from siblings and friends.

The month’s big event, the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune, falls in the zone of cash and assets. Celebrate any windfalls (they don’t arrive often under Saturn), but also keep a sharp eye on transactions that appear too good to be true – they probably are! Pay attention too to matters of hearth, home and family; the new Moon cum eclipse of the 30th could be a game-changer – fancy a relocation, or relocating someone living with you?


Treat April as a second birthday season if you like. There are certainly good reasons to celebrate; most obviously your Jupiter ruler remains in your skies and at mid-month meets with Neptune, a (very) long term resident in The Fishes. This is quite an encounter, not least for birthdays circa March 14. It’s positive, and downright lucky for many, but also strong enough to carry you off on a tidal wave of emotion if you aren’t careful. Stay grounded. Other planets are also arriving in your skies; fair Venus, ‘exalted’ in your sign, is present from the 6th, bringing artistic inspiration, flirtation, another party – whatever you fancy really. Mars also arrives on the 15th to add determination to your plans. Enjoy.

Elsewhere the new Moon in Aries shines light on your financial situation; nothing too alarming here but the full Moon of April 16, concurrent with that Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, may find you overspend. Likely more significant is the new Moon sum eclipse of the 30th, which may signal a change in your interests or area of expertise, perhaps even an opportunity to move sideways in your career. All to play for then.