Your Stars May 2021

Mercury by Hendrick Goltzius
Mercury by Hendrick Goltzius

Mercury and Gemini are in part about novelty, so in line with Mercury being in The Twins throughout May, I am trying out a different format for this month’s forecasts – a longer introduction and shorter sign forecasts. This is so, for example, I don’t have to tell my readers twelve times over that we have a monster Mercury Retrograde incoming at the end of the month.

Communicator Mercury in its own sign of airy Gemini is empowered, but doubly prone to confusion and cock-up when in retrograde, as from May 30 to June 23. The Messenger doesn’t leave the Twins until July 12, by which time it will be an evening, not a morning star. That’s a lot of Gemini, and while this may not be the mother of all Mercury retrogrades, it’s a relation – a second cousin maybe, since siblings, twins and twosomes are Gemini’s thing.

With its two human figures, Gemini is often considered a sign orientated to society and humanitarian concerns. Every sign has its dark side, however, as one can see from the current list of Gemini duplicitous right-wingers in the political arena. Donald Trump for starters, along with his lawyer Rudy Giuliani. In the UK we have Alexander Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg, George Osborne, John Redwood, and mayoral wannabe Laurence Fox, who are accompanied by Viktor Orban in Hungary.

Not all Gemini Suns are rotters of course, though they are often tricky. The sign is known for its writers – clever sleuths like Conan-Doyle and Nicci French, ethereal poets like Whitman and Yeats – and for screen queens like Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Nicole Kidman and Angela Jolie. Trickiest of all is Bob Dylan, a man with a sack of soubriquets, starting with Robert Zimmerman and including a movie role as ‘Alias’. You can read my celebration of Dylan’s 80th birthday, written for The Observer,  here:

We begin the month with the Sun in Taurus, however, sign of fertility, nature and economics. And as the old song insists, ‘Hail, hail the first of May-o/For it is the first summer’s day-o/Cast your  cares and fears away/We’ll drink to the old ‘oss on the first of May’, a song you can find here:

The Taurus new Moon on the 11th joins the innovative planet Prometheus, which is in line with renewed concern about climate change and the green technology that will facilitate a solution. May ends with a total lunar eclipse on the 26th, visible from Australasia and across the Pacific, which is followed by a solar eclipse (not quite total) on June 10th. Sagittarians and Gemini’s are the Sun signs most in the frame for a change.

The Planets

  • The Sun is in Taurus until May 20th, thereafter in Gemini.
  • The new Moon in Taurus is on May 11 at 20.00 BST
  • Mercury is in Gemini from May 4 and turns retrograde on May 29th.
  • Venus is in Taurus until May 9, thereafter in Gemini.
  • Mars is in Cancer all month.
  • Jupiter is in Aquarius, but changes into own sign of Pisces on May 13, for a twelve week stay in The Fishes.
  • Saturn remains in Aquarius, turning retrograde on May 23.
  • Prometheus is in Taurus, and now reaches a stretch of the zodiac it hasn’t occupied since May 1937.
  • Neptune remains in Pisces.
  • Pluto remains in Capricorn.
  • Chiron remains in Aries.

Mayday greetings to all my readers.


How do you keep everything exactly the same while changing everything completely? The inclination of a Taurus is to the former, the latter is what your horoscope has in mind this spring and summer. This could be a torrential battle for some of you, especially birthdays late April and early May. When faced with irresistible change, your astrologer offers advice from the late Wilson Pickett: ‘Don’t Fight It’. The energies symbolised by the planet Prometheus are impatient but also creative and liberating. Like many others just now, you’ll be pondering just what ‘freedom’ means to you personally – a partnership may be one source for consideration; does it extend or confine you? The full Moon of April 27 and new Moon of May 11 makes right now the time to usher in your plans. Get the show on the road.

You’re granted a following wind from Jupiter’s shift into Pisces. The action across your financial axis at the end of the month – an indecisive Mercury and a total lunar eclipse – urges a scrupulous eye on your assets, though your Venus ruler here makes May about acquisition, not least of luxury items to celebrate your party. Happy birthday.


To repeat last month’s forecast; clear the decks! Your Mercury ruler in your sign is empowering – not least for all intellectual, communicative, and educational matters – but once the Messenger turns backwards at the end of May, progress will be slower, and cockups (yup, yours) become apparent. Get down to the detail and forget about winging it, even though you can.

The other reason for haste is that much of May’s planetary action is in Taurus, behind the scenes and likely not all under your influence. Fine moment to detox and prepare your beach body ready for the Gemini birthday season. Venus in your sign from the 9th is gung-ho for birthday celebrations, and for wooing your fancies. The total lunar eclipse at May’s end confirms you are at the beginning of a new phase in your affairs, you may have to let some issues/people go.


cancer 2019Warrior Mars is marching through your skies all month, a cue to spring into action like an athlete taking to a treadmill. Bruises, nicks and short tempers come with Mars, but you can dodge the last by keeping a singular focus on what you can achieve and not involving others more than necessary. There may be people you would like to involve of course, in which case a what-you-see-is-what-you-get approach is favoured – let’s not waste anyone’s time – with the period around the new Moon of March 11 looking sparky (Mars sextile Prometheus, fact fans.)

Venus in Gemini is a somewhat behind-the-scenes affair for Cancerians, so some affairs may have to stay secret, but the romance planet is in your skies come June, when you can lead with your heart.


Professionally, May could be something of a crunch month. Saturn draws to a halt and brings 2021’s efforts into focus. Saturn rarely grants an easy ride, so whether you’re self-assessing or being judged by The Man, you should now know what you are up against. Simultaneously a new Moon atop your ‘scope on the 11th, and with Prometheus newly active, your career prospects are due a change, whether imposed or by choice.

Things are moving quickly for much of the month; the long spell of Gemini works to your advantage if you can gather a cohort of well -wishers and fellow travellers. There is strength in numbers. Romance? The total lunar eclipse on the 26th suggests you exercise patience. Wait and see.


Clever Virgo has managed to steer clear of the astrological storms of the last couple of years, and even now you are in a position to take advantage of the sparks flying from innovative Prometheus in Taurus, earthy and practical like you. So, innovate, but in orderly Virgo fashion. Education is of particular interest.

The incoming planetary weather is tricky. Nine weeks of your ruling planet back and forth across your career zone suggest you polish your public profile, amend your Wiki entry and re-issue your greatest hits. With Venus also here, dress up for photos and stay on charm patrol. Jupiter’s arrival in opposition has its plus points – improved relationships and minus points; ‘I’ve had enough’.

The total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26 is at the root of your ‘scope, perfect for an overhaul of Virgo Towers.


Hold steady. Saturn may be on your side, but the ringed planet drawing to a halt brings with it a time for assessment of progress in 2021, particularly with professional projects; Saturn (and its representatives from the world of authority) find out shortcomings and holes in the plan. Action in kindred air sign Gemini – ruler Venus arrives here on the 9th – is simpler, mixing conviviality and opportunism. Looks like you’ll be doing lots of running round, try to ensure there’s an end result, though pleasure may be reward enough.

Hardest to call is the lunation in your eighth house on the 11th. Material assets and your intimate life come bundled together, while with Prometheus involved, a sudden change of heart or circumstance is always in the mix, with the weekends of the 22nd/23rd heavily starred.


How was it for you, that Scorpio full Moon of late April? Whatever went down, it’s likely to rumble on for most of May, as a potent mix of Sun, Prometheus and new Moon lie opposite in your partnership sign of Taurus. One on one relationships of all stripes – romantic, friendship, bridge partner – are big in the frame for both arrival and rupture. You are somewhat on the back foot, however, and pure obstinacy doesn’t look a winning strategy. Negotiate.

On the other hand, comes the dynamic presence of planets in the other two water signs: ruler Mars in Cancer and Jupiter in Pisces. Scorpios are good at withholding (it’s a control stratagem), but this pair ask you to be part of something bigger than yourself; a long-distance love affair would fit the bill if you can conjure one up. Search far, suggests Mars, keep the faith urges Jupiter.


Sagittarius 2019There isn’t much that’s straightforward about early May beyond putting in the hours at work, and perhaps reconsidering the infrastructure and systems it requires. The new Moon of the 11th calls for a new phase of ingenuity-your speciality.

More immediate and nagging is the beginning of a nine-week phase of planets in opposition, firstly Mercury, then Venus from the 9th and the Sun on the 20th. This can be a fulfilling phase for partnerships, but not without demands on your time and input. Don’t be absent, metaphorically speaking. That Mercury goes retro at the end of the month means both parties will be held to their promises and sweet words in June. Just sayin’.

Your birthday month came with a total solar eclipse. The total lunar eclipse in your sign on the 26th is its sibling and turns up the volume on all one-on-one relationships, for better or not.


It’s a month to fine tune your heart strings. Some unusually frisky action in kindred Taurus suggests chances of encountering kindred spirits is high, though crushes may come in unexpected guise with unusual people. Romance or not, an exalted new Moon in the sign/zone of fertility makes this a fine moment to undertake or renew creative enterprise and, after a winter of constraint, to decide who or what is truly important.

A complicating factor is having warrior Mars in determined opposition throughout May. Either someone is letting you know their feelings in a good way (and Mars is ‘hot’), or they are raising ‘issues’ with you. A bit of detachment won’t go amiss, especially as the total lunar eclipse at the end of the month call for some deep ‘me’ time; just you and the cosmos.


With Saturn drawing to a halt in your skies it’s a moment to hold your nerve and push on with iron determination to fulfil or at least consolidate your chosen (or imposed) agenda of 2021. With Saturn, the difficult choices are usually the right ones – think long term.

Saturn aside, your ‘scope has slightly frenzied air to it. The disruptions of Prometheus can be dramatic – your domestic set-up and your career prospects are most in line, while you must settle in for a couple of months when your social and/or romantic life rumbles and bubbles excitedly, perhaps alarmingly. Venus in your fifth house is certainly a sweet omen for the up-close stuff, even if Mercury here may prove subject to revision. Work hard, play hard then. You can do that.


If you play your cards cannily, May could be breakout month. Central is the hoopla surrounding planets in Taurus, where Prometheus – liberation, bold leaps, somewhat chaotic – is reasserting its identity. Earthy Taurus is a stabilising factor in Piscean affairs – slow and sure – but you may have to move smartly to seize the day, as we astrologers are always urging. Don’t drop the ball. Carpe that Diem. Seal the deal, especially around the new Moon of the 11th.

Positivity is redoubled by the arrival of Jupiter in your skies from the 13th for a golden ten weeks (in 2022 you get twelve months). Jupiter being your ruler, its many themes are in play; travel, education, money, prizes, bonhomie, sea shanties etc, particularly for the fortunate birthdays of late February. Anyway, try Jupiter on for size (it fits all) and if you insist that Neptune is Pisces’ governor, then drift on. One place for exactitude is property, domestic set-ups, flat-shares and suchlike. With Mercury here for nine weeks, nail the details.


Busy but unflustered is the condition to aim for. The busy part is the easier. A long stretch of Gemini weather, starting with Mercury and Venus and doubling up once the Sun arrives on the 21st, promises oratory, masterclasses, and a frantic social diary – even though you’ll likely be switching some dates once Mercury goes retro. An important lunation in Taurus in your assets zone may also keep you busy re-aligning your cash flow.

‘Unflustered’ poses more of a challenge. Mars squaring your sign all month means someone or something is likely to test your patience (not high in the list of Aries virtues) to snapping point. Fair play, but minor irks are best left to pass rather than get escalated. It may just be having the builders in that’s the issue. With a total lunar eclipse in fiery Sagittarius on the 26th, June may look a different prospect.

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