Your Stars May 2022

Ring the bells, bang the bodhrans and squeeze the squeezebox – it’s the first day of May, when tradition holds that we sing, dance and celebrate nature and its bounties, even when we can’t afford to buy them.  Taurus is the sign of fecundity, though this year the Bull looks more a wild than a placid creature. The New Moon of April 30 conjoined the wayward planet Prometheus, promising a few unexpected turn-ups for many horoscopes, especially those involving the four ‘fixed’ signs of Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius and Leo. Adding to the uproar is a total lunar eclipse on 16 May, though it won’t be visible in Europe.

In some respects, May is a contradictory month. On the 10th Jupiter moves into Aries, having hurtled through Pisces in four brief months, and spends five and a half months in the Ram. Aries is invariably in a hurry, yet Mercury has other ideas, turning backwards on the 10th for three weeks of cock-ups and delay.

The other planet now in retrograde is Pluto, which spends the next nine months going backwards and forwards over the same few degrees of the zodiac (26-28 Capricorn, fact fans), this being where the distant planet was when the United States was ‘born’ on the 4th of July 1776. As your astrologer pointed out in the year-ahead forecast, momentous events happen on a nation’s Pluto Return, reflecting both the good and bad sides of the country – in the case of the UK the sailing of the first slave ship in 1562, and the abolition of slavery in 1801. In the case of the USA…well, watch this space.

Celestial Events

2 May – Venus moves into Aries

10 May – Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini (until 3 June)

10 May – Jupiter moves into Aries

16 May – Full Moon in Scorpio total lunar eclipse at 17.04 BST

21 May – The Sun moves into Gemini

24 May – Mars moves into Aries

28 May – Venus moves into Taurus

30 May – New Moon in Gemini at 12.30 BST

Saturn remains in direct (forward) motion in Aquarius, Prometheus remains direct in Taurus, Neptune remains direct in Pisces, Pluto is now retrograde in Capricorn.


It’s a jolly birthday month of course, and one that comes with a second course in June, when ruler Venus arrives at the party. Yet there are also ominous bumps that sound in the night. Some of those are likely the aural equivalent of the eclipses rocking your sign this month, especially the total lunar eclipse of the 16th, which may highlight issues that were in play back in November 2021.

Keeping a stable ship is not always possible, not even for a Taurean, and some storms you must simply ride out – with planet Prometheus ongoing prominent in your horoscope, a mix of upsets and unexpected opportunities is to be expected. On the irksome side there is a retrograde Mercury, backsliding in your skies from May 23 to June 3, ensuring some tasks have to be done twice, and some people – not you, obviously – have to receive instructions twice. Hey ho. Happy Birthday.


The Mercury Retrograde operative in your sign urges patience. ‘Patience!’ you yell. ‘Who’s got time to be patient?’ There are, indeed, places to go and people to see this month, not forgetting social events at which to be conspicuous. Venus and Jupiter, splendidly sited in Aries, describe a veritable whirl of glad-handing, mutual backscratching and flirtation. And yet, when your ruling planet hauls you backwards by the collar, there will be half-finished tasks to complete, half-remembered dates to honour, dishwashers to repair…the usual stuff.

The arrival of your birthday Sun on the 21st hands you greater command, with the new Moon asking you to formulate your plans, even if you have until after June 3 to press the ‘Go’ button.


cancer 2019If you’re looking to grab a bit of glory, this summer, and this very month, are all in favour. Jupiter’s shift to the top of your solar ‘scope is all about visible prowess – you may even be pushed into the limelight against your will. Either way it’s time to mix with the so-called great and good (who are, as we know, as likely to be infamous and bad). Dress accordingly (Venus insists).

The Sun in earthy Taurus also works for you, bringing acquaintances and workmates onside. At the lunar eclipse of the 16th, however, all bets are off; keep your head down and your eyes peeled for a couple of days. Sometimes friends and lovers just…vanish! Then there’s the wretched Mercury retrograde to trip us all up. Keep the accounts up to date.


Many Leos have had little option but to live up your sign’s reputation as strong, steady and loyal. With Saturn in lengthy opposition, you have to be dogged, though the ringed planet’s retrograde in early June may bring relief. So should Jupiter’s shift into fellow fire sign Aries on May 10th; an omen of escape from drudgery, maybe a free ticket out of Dodge.

You’re still under pressure, however. Prometheus, currently leaning on birthdays circa August 7, can be uncompromising in its demands for change. The total lunar eclipse of the 16th may also fling a curve ball your way, either as a domestic crisis or an unwanted development at work. And that retrograde Mercury may find someone being flaky. Hey ho.


Looks like there is a lot of juggling to be done, first of all with significant others – as in April in all likelihood. With Mars now in opposition both parties – you and your beloved or enemy (and all points between)- are likely on a hair trigger, so stay on tiptoes unless you fancy a scrap. And while Virgo is empathic to a fault, don’t be taken in by someone’s sob story.

Then there’s a juggling required when your ruling planet, Mercury, is in retrograde, requiring you to rebook the urgent travel tickets, rewrite the official report, or re-bake the party flan. There are furthermore two money planets, Jupiter and Venus, in your eight house of shared resources – fortunately suggesting a windfall rather than a loss…but check anyway!


Aha! Your ruling planet, fair Venus, moves into opposition for three weeks on May 2, where it offers a chance to re-balance friendships and love affairs, and to introduce you to an attractive proposition should you be on the look-out. Libra is very much about partnerships, and the advent of Jupiter in opposition for several months is about as good an omen for them as you could wish. Mind you, it’s also handy if you want to let someone go.

Planets in Taurus may also concern relationships, especially anything to do with shared assets, disputes over mortgages and the like. The total lunar eclipse of the 16th is in your zone of ready cash – best make sure it isn’t vanishing into a black hole. Thereafter comes the season of Gemini, a fellow air sign and a fresh breeze, even if you do have to endure a retrograde Mercury.


The full Moon of May 16 sees a total lunar eclipse in your noble sign, one of a series of eclipses flashing across the Taurus-Scorpio axis – you had a partial solar eclipse last year and get another one in October 2022 with a total lunar eclipse in November. This amounts to a major potential shake-up, especially as Prometheus in opposition is involved and ongoing. Not every Scorpio is going to see their life course shift, but your chances of things carrying on in the same old way are definitely reduced.

Change is your friend, in short. You have other omens in play that promise a following wind for your decisions. April found Jupiter in fellow water sign Pisces, and May finds Mars in the same spot, a swell transit for a passionate love affair, or for a burst of dazzling creativity. The main thing is to hold steady and understand what is going on. Eclipses are not the moment for big decisions, even though they often mark events that turn out to be pivotal.


Sagittarius 2019The outlook for The Centaur is warming up nicely. Your fellow fire sign Aries is, for you, a place of excitement, leisure, partying courtship and creativity. In May you have Venus here for a few weeks (as much happens every year) to add enchantment into your social milieu and let you live it up a little. More thrilling is the arrival of your ruling Jupiter in Aries, which happens only every dozen years, and whose residency is six months this year and the opening four months of 2023. The principle of Jupiter is expansion – of your mind and way of life, so while observing financial propriety, see what you can manage.

The season of Taurus suggests you won’t be on easy street just yet. There’s work to be done, while a total lunar eclipse on the 16th suggests a different version of employment is in the offing. There is also a Mercury retrograde to handle, a lot of it in direct opposition, so negotiations of one sort or another – official or with a partner – look necessary and prolonged.


A horoscope dominated by planets in your Taurean fifth house of pleasure and creative pursuits comes with a smile, even if a total lunar eclipse holds sway at the other Scorpio end of the axis on the 16th. Observe rather than act at that point. Change is now signalled on several fronts, who you fancy (and vice versa) – the madcap choice may prove the winner. There’s also some ongoing intrigue involving close pals and/or siblings – for some of you an ongoing issue from April.

And with expansive Jupiter crossing into your domestic zone for the first time in a dozen years, you may be dreaming of a bigger house (yup, even bigger) or swapping round the co-habitees of Chateau Capricorn. With Jupiter here for several months there’s no rush – and a retrograde Mercury doesn’t scream for action – but domestic upheaval (of the pleasant, liberating variety) is brewing.


Fundamentals first, then playtime. You have planets in Pisces examining your finances and others in Taurus checking up on your domestic scenario, with the month’s slightly alarming total lunar eclipse on the 16th arriving at the peak of your ‘scope, where you are on public display, probably via your job. Plus, of course, Saturn in your own skies isn’t letting you off the hook just yet. Work! Achieve!

However, Saturn aside, most of these omens are passing clouds, and even Saturn goes into a less demanding retrograde early in June. Phew! The playtime news is longer term with jolly Jupiter shifting into Aries for several months of good sport and close friendships. Also incoming is the season of Gemini, a fellow air sign, encouraging you to live it up a little and remind people that you are not all frowns and serious endeavour. The new Moon of the 30th provides lift off.


May is delightfully, one might even say relentlessly upbeat. Ten days of ruler Jupiter in your skies calls for a spending spree – not that you should indulge – and for celebrating your new, expanded mind set; more ambition, more space, more recognition. Even after Jupiter’s departure you have warrior Mars marching through your skies until the 24th, perhaps recharging your batteries, causing the odd and unnecessary argument.

Changes are being rung elsewhere in your ‘scope, perhaps including a long-distance call, overseas being where the ongoing series of eclipses have their emphasis. Sad though it is to see Jupiter leave your skies, the giant planet’s new position in coming months has more earning power in mind, more assets, more comfort. The Taurus Sun is likewise a plus point – but with Mercury backwards here in the last ten days of the month, nail down travel plans firmly.


Here comes your birthday season part two. Venus in your skies from the 2nd is giving if you are needy – pals come round, back you up, strangers smile – and supportive if you are in giving mood – a sweet moment to throw a party in celebration of little old you. Dress up a bit and fancy your chances.

An even bigger deal arrives on the 11th when Jupiter comes for a stay of several months when your most ambitious plans deserve to be put before the public. Maybe not in May – there’s a retrograde Mercury to trip you up, not to mention an eclipse that may find of a hole in your finances. But there’s no rush, not until next month, when ruler Mars is onside to fuel your impatience. But you can start by feeling big-hearted, far sighted and damn lucky. A tough agenda, for sure, but hey.