Your Stars October 2023

Like Lewis Carroll’s rabbit, your astrologer is late, late for an important date – in this instance, October 1st. Apologies but work pressure makes this unavoidable. So let’s press on.

Cosmic Events

  • The Sun moves from Libra to Scorpio on October 23rd.
  • The New Moon is a Solar Eclipse in Libra arrives on October 14th
  • The Full Moon is a Lunar eclipse in Taurus arrives October 28th.
  • Mercury moves into Libra on October 5th.
  • Venus moves into Virgo on October 9th.
  • Mars is in Libra until October 12th, then into Scorpio.
  • Jupiter is in Taurus retrograde.
  • Saturn is retrograde in Pisces.
  • Prometheus is retrograde in Taurus.
  • Neptune is retrograde in Pisces.
  • Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn. Turns direct on October 11th.

Libra and Libra rising

It’s a good time to be in a rush. High octane Mars is in your skies until the 12th, and Mercury, the communications planet, dashes through your sign from the 5th to the 22nd. Plus, of course, the Sun is also with you until the 23rd. And, if you are an asteroid kind of person, Pallas (capability) is also present. That’s a promising line-up for getting things done, bossing people around (in the nicest possible way natch), and generally making your pitch. However, a solar eclipse at the full Moon of the 14th will send shivers of anxiety through certain Librans, not least those with a birthday on that day – who wants to be eclipsed?

A benign way of looking at the eclipse is to think of it as an extra strong new Moon, time for a relaunch but on a grander scale than usual. Since this is the second eclipse across your relationship axis – the first was in April – your cherished/annoying other half may be involved. So this could be a time to shake things up (or have them shaken for you). Best to avoid the actual days around the 14th for grand decisions – a dither is for once a good thing – but with three more eclipses on their way in 2024, be prepared to ring the changes over the next year. The full Moon of October 28 is in Taurus, but shortly before Luna is opposite your sign and extra care needed when handling significant others. Happy Birthday.

Scorpio and Scorpio rising

Timing is important in October. You begin the month with no celestial bodies in your skies and end it with three, plus a lunar eclipse.  With the Sun behind the scenes until the 23rd, rest and repose are the first order; recharge the batteries. The eclipse in Libra has little to do with you (unless your personal chart says otherwise), and as you have two major planets in ongoing opposition (Jupiter and Prometheus) here’s a chance to absorb the lessons/ surprises/ turmoil of recent months (delete as appropriate).

The advent of your Mars ruler on the 12th is the first signal to get busy, especially if you are an October birthday. Mars energises, allowing you to become the Scorpio of legend – sexy, mysterious, intense – or devious and warlike if that’s your bag. Mercury arrives on the 22nd to speed your course and the mighty Sun follows on the 23rd for riotous birthday celebrations. All good then. Mars and the Sun further make contact with Saturn in your zone of flirtation and creativity, so you have little excuse but to go for it, as the saying goes. However, the lunar eclipse opposite on the 28th suggests you tiptoe around your main squeeze for the moment, and with Venus much involved, you may have to decide whether one particular association is friendship or something deeper.

SagittariusSagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

Professionally there’s plenty to play for in October. Planets in the zone of chums and fellow travellers emphasises connections to groups and collectives. Here you can mix things up, being a solid team player while also advancing your individual course. With a solar eclipse at mid-month, the career landscape is shifting, and you have to shift with it. Be adaptable. The arrival of Venus at the apex of your ‘scope on the 9th is a further signal to see and be seen, dress accordingly. October 19 and 20 have an auspicious glow.

The speed of developments takes a dip once the month of Scorpio arrives. With the Sun in your twelfth house, inner life becomes more important as does actual physical rest and/or stress-free recreation. Given that this year the season of the Centaur sprawls over the borders of your birthday month, clear the decks in preparation.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

October may turn out to be a critical month for both your career and your personal life. Libra, the dominant sign for much of it, concerns your public life and status, but this year has the added drama of a solar eclipse, signalling an adjustment, if not in external circumstances, then in your attitude to the glittering prizes to which most members of your sign are drawn. A deep breath and calm assessments are in order at the new Moon of the 14th, especially if you have a birthday circa January 11, or January 18-20. For the latter birthdays Pluto’s awakening from slumber brings issues from January and February back into play; power and control are likely at the centre of them but resist meeting force with force. De-escalate.

On a more personal level your ‘scope remains brightly lit. Jupiter’s ongoing in your fifth house of recreation is an ongoing joyful transit – you are about play as well as work – while Venus in fellow earth sign Virgo blows a fresh breeze into your romantic and intellectual life.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

You finally get to bid sayonara to Venus in opposition after four months that may have left you exasperated with you-know-who. Here’s a cue to iron out the rough spots and find common accord. Compromise called for.

A month where Libra, a fellow air sign, dominates is good news, allowing your more fanciful schemes to come to the fore, and however unrealistic they may seem to others, you have a track record of being ahead of the curve. You look the brightest spark in the think-tank. At least for the moment.

Pressure, not necessarily the bad sort, mounts as October unfolds. Mars hits the peak of your ‘scope on the 12th, and once Scorpio’s month arrives on the 23rd you can expect those bright ideas to be called into question. Hard work looms, but with Venus now in your financial sector, material rewards are also involved.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

Not every Piscean has been under Saturn’s none too subtle influence since March, but February birthdays certainly have, and with the taskmaster planet drawing to a halt in October – and at the very start of your sign (0 degrees, fact fans) – heavy weight decisions must be confronted or reaffirmed. A step change upwards in your career arc, for example, or a property deal, or the dissolution of a relationship or a desire to commit to one – Saturn doesn’t fool around (ask newly retired Rupert Murdoch). Cogitate, take extra care of yourself, endure.

Happier transits are also in play. Mercury finally gets out of nine weeks of opposition, which may have left you with more questions than answers where a partner is concerned, while on the 10th Venus arrives, also in opposition, to sweeten relationships or, for those in the dating game to present fresh candidates for consideration. You have further assistance from fellow water sign Scorpio, where a powerful Mars (from the 12th), Mercury (from the 22nd) and the Sun (from the 23rd) lend you wings to fly Fresh horizons beckon.

Aries and Aries Rising

You begin October with two major signifiers – the Sun and ruler Mars – in opposition, so you are, willy nilly, on the back foot. Do you have energy to burn? Usually yes, just now probably not. The same goes for close associations, partnerships, even brazen enemies – you are better off being reactive to others’ initiatives rather than taking the lead. To emphasise the point comes the solar eclipse at the new Moon of the 14th, something of a wild card that needs to be assessed a few days after the actual eclipse.

You are now six months into an 18 month zone of eclipses – the first was back in April and centred on birthdays circa April 20 – all of which concern personal relationships. Whether you are adjusting the power balance in a partnership, giving one the heave-ho or reluctantly bidding sayonara to someone, change is signalled. New people or new energies are incoming.

The second phase of October, once your totem planet Mars has moved into Scorpio, on the 12th and followed by the Sun on the 23rd, is in part about intensifying partnerships but also about how you share resources, an issue flagged up the lunar eclipse on the 28th. Given that your cash zone is currently blessed by Jupiter’s presence, there should be plenty to go round.

Taurus and Taurus Rising

What is it that most satisfies you? Answer carefully because October looks set to supply it. Your ruling planet, fair Venus, moves into Virgo on the 9th for a month’s stay during which fun, creativity and romance are on offer, likewise the pursuance of creative ambitions, all of which should help take the sweat from the hard work that the Sun in Libra demands.

The season of Scorpio turns up the heat on relationships and more. That ‘lucky’ Jupiter is in your skies until next summer is a cause for celebration, but planets in opposition from Scorpio this month and next will test just how fortunate you feel, perhaps reminding you that very little comes without obligation. There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch as the saying goes. Perhaps most telling is the lunar eclipse in your skies on October 28, which is mercifully the last across the Taurus-Scorpio axis until 2031. Whether you are ditching a lover or about to start a new romance (or neither), it’s an emotional and perhaps nostalgic moment. Stay grounded.

Gemini and Gemini Rising

It’s time for you to give the world a display of high-class living. This is not about the vulgar flashing of cash but about being breezy, fascinating, and empathic around others, about flirtation – everybody loves a lover – and finding a party or three to drop your dance moves. You get the picture. With your Mercury governor in your fifth house of recreation, alongside the Libran Sun, most of October is nicely set up to oblige your social life and to encourage the creative spirits among you. Get it while you can (though November also looks promising). The solar eclipse on the 14th adds spice and encourages experimentation (not that most Geminis are stick-in-the-muds).

At the sticky end of things, taskmaster Saturn is now stationary at the very peak of your solar ‘scope, the place where you make your mark on the world through your profession. This has been a challenging year for May birthdays, but in coming weeks you can resolve problems relating to work (and property) ready for a relaunch.

cancerCancer and Cancer Rising

A heavily Libran month leans firstly on matters of home, family, and domesticity. No cause for alarm but a solar eclipse in your fourth house may require you to straighten out a wrong-headed member of the clan – ensure that everyone involved has the full and correct information. Mars here until the 12th keeps the pressure on work too, and if you have a birthday circa July 19-21, then Mars’ clash with a reawakened Pluto may dredge up old grievances that are best kept at arm’s length.

Duty is far from the only thing calling, however. The arrival of a supercharged Mars in Scorpio and your fifth house calls for displays of your personal magnificence, be it as party animal, great romantic or clever creative, themes that are only amplified by the arrival of Mercury and the Sun later in the month. With a little luck, and some pacing of your energy levels, you can extend this upbeat spell through to late November. Let the force be with you.

Leo and Leo rising

Any romantic issues to resolve? After four months of Venus going back and forth in your skies, surely not, but with Venus still present in the first nine days of October, there may still be time to straighten things out, or to throw away that damn torch you may be carrying. October looks a breezier affair, with planets in airy Libra fanning the Leo fires, bringing pals and wayward siblings into your orbit and filling your mind with bright ideas. That area of activity now referred to as ‘comms’ is hyper-active.

Professional matters are also under the spotlight. ‘Lucky’ Jupiter in your career house – ongoing until next summer – is a clear cue to raise your ambitions and bring the big prizes into view, though that’s unlikely to be overnight. Still, with planets in Scorpio highlighting Jupiter this autumn, along with a lunar eclipse on October 28, just where you fit into the professional scheme of things should become clearer. Stay ready to pounce.

Virgo and Virgo rising

Romance, glamour, money…who could ask for more? Your horoscope has a pleasing post-birthday glow to it. Firstly, ruler Mercury and its retrograde are out the way. The messenger planet instead moves into Libra and your zone of ready cash, alongside the Sun. There’s a solar eclipse involved on the 14th, so you may choose to inspect your portfolio to ensure no-one has been plundering. More enticingly, from the 9th Venus in your skies for a month’s stay, urging you to ramp up your wardrobe, your charms, and your love life. See and be seen.

On arrival, Venus immediately makes an opposition to Saturn, which is in opposition from Pisces. This could prove a telling moment, especially for August birthdays. Saturn is in opposition for two long years, highlighting partnerships, but in 2023 has only really leant on the August-born. The ringed planet, sober and grown-up by nature, is now stationary and therefore potent, so October may signal a turning point in a close relationship; a point of stress beyond which it cannot continue, or a determination to put things on a more committed basis. Even the arrival of someone who is a ‘heavyweight’.

The season of Scorpio otherwise looks bright and breezy, a chance to explore and to bask in other people’s admiration. You’re worth it.