Your Stars November 2016

ScorpioMost of the celestial bodies used by astrology are moving at top speed (all but Sun and Moon appear to slow down from our viewpoint on planet Earth) and it follows, by astrology’s odd logic, that events unfold quickly, and developments come thick and fast.

It further follows that planets in retrograde (apparent backward motion) slow things down, especially when messenger Mercury is involved. No need for panic – Mercury doesn’t turn retrograde until December 19, but it may be a good idea to shop especially early for Christmas this year.

An especially brisk autumn is therefore promised to all signs of the zodiac, the basic rule being ‘Keep Up!’ You can veg out over the festive season.

The biggest event this month is, of course, the U.S.A.’s presidential election on November 8th. Your astrologer has been way too lazy to do the maths and calculate the charts for this globally significant event, though regular readers will note that I suggested the new Moon of July 4th – a rare occurrence in the USA’s birthday horoscope – pointed to a Clinton victory.

I have done plenty of reading, however, and have yet to find an astrologer who thinks Donald Trump will become President. North American astrologer Lee Lehman, who combines classical astrology with statistical analysis, points out that predictions are often coloured by the wishes of those making them, while coming out for a Democrat victory.

Back in September the UK’s Astrological Journal invited two astrologers using wildly variant techniques to predict the outcome. Peter Stockinger, using the same astrology that mediaeval star-gazers employed to advise generals and monarchs, and Sue Kientz, whose prognostications come peppered with dwarf planets and asteroids, both declared for Clinton. However, neither mentioned a last minute wobble occasioned by the intervention of the FBI.

Astrology has no specific politics

Go back a generation or two and you will find that many astrologers – perhaps the majority – were inclined towards the status quo. Since the 1960s, the reverse has most often been the case (though Ronald Reagan found no shortage of astro-advisers in the 60s, 70s and 80s). In the UK, right wing politicians are usually more favourably inclined towards astrology and other ‘esoteric’ ideas than those on the left, who often regard planet-plotting as an offence against rationalism. In Asian countries, of course, it’s considered quite normal for politicians of all stripes to have a stargazer or two to hand. As much is a subject for another time.

In pre-Christian Celtic Europe, November 1 (not that it was called that) was considered the start of the new year and nature’s long sleep, a calendar commandeered by Christianity as ‘All Hallow’s Eve’ and by modern paganism as Hallowe’en. With a new Moon having arrived on October 30, I therefore wish all my readers a Happy New Year.


Among the many attributes of your noble, if oft misunderstood, sign is perspicacity; Scorpio sees beyond the surface of things, Scorpio waters run deep. This is a sign that understands mysteries (and knows how to maintain them!).

Since the new Moon of October 30 (the seed moment of your year) conjoined Mercury, your mental faculties should be sparking nicely. For the first fortnight of November all Mercurial matters – talking, listening, writing and sussing – are much favoured. Self-promotion is the name of the game.

That the new Moon was also aligned to Neptune in Pisces points to another Scorpio characteristic, intuition. Those who see Scorpios as calculating often don’t realise that, as a water sign, you run principally on emotions, the question being – how much can you trust your touchy-feely powers? That poser looks acute in November, partly because Neptune is ever slippery and partly because Black Moon Lilith is shuttling back and forth in your skies into the New Year. Lilith is a pushy brand of goddess, so feel free to engage with anyone who tickles your fancy/messes with your heartstrings.

Where turbulent love affairs are concerned, you may have to wait until the new year (or even February) to find resolution, given the somewhat agitated state of Piscean skies (which represent matters of the heart). Tread lightly on November 14/15, when a full Moon opposes you and the gremlins come out to play.

The omens for your social (and to a lesser extent romantic) life are mixed thereafter. Venus in Capricorn equals circulation, fresh faces (perhaps an intense encounter on the 25th, when Venus passes Pluto). On the other hand Mars, your ruler, will be squaring off against you, the cue for a possible hit of discord. Scorpios don’t shrink from confrontation as a rule (especially with wild woman Lilith in play), but November and December are not the best months to be at war. As long as the Sun is in your stretch of the heavens – until the 23rd, natch – you look too powerful and, ahem, serene, for a dust-up.

Once the Sun reaches Sagittarius and even before, financial scrutiny is required. Saturn in your cash zone is something of a skinflint, but however broke you are, compared to Saturn in Scorpio in 2014-15, you’re in clover.

Happy birthday.


Moving right along? Your horoscope certainly is, and November and December are absolutely not the time for foot-dragging. For starters Saturn is rumbling through the centaur’s skies at its top speed – ie slowly but relentlessly, like some old battle tank – and obliging you to shoulder new responsibilities, whether in the form of a new job/promotion, caring for the elderly or looking after number one more assiduously.

In November you have a following wind, however. Romance goddess Venus remains in your skies until the 12th – good for a charm offensive at the least – and thereafter Mercury arrives to keep your connections clicking and your mental faculties sharp. Mercury’s meet with Saturn on November 23 may bring some weighty news or mark a deadline.

As pointed out in last month’s forecast, you are also getting assistance from your Jupiter ruler, now surging through the skies of Libra, and accentuating teamwork and fellow travellers who turn up trumps on your behalf. As the old song has it, nice work if you and get it (and you can get it if you try). Even Mars, a planet that was giving you more than your share of aggravation back in springtime and late summer, moves onside from November 9; especially helpful if you are in the education or digital realm.

The Sun in Scorpio suggests you factor in rest and downtime to what looks a busy schedule; one that gets more frantic and decisive once the Sun reaches your skies on November 22 (quite aside from the business of throwing a wild Centaur party. The new Moon of November 29 is a seed moment for all Archers, but especially those born on that day. Perfect time to resolve a dragged-out domestic problem.

Romance? Your ‘scope looks pretty busy for swanning off on dates and what have you, though Venus is all in favour for the month’s opening ten days. Saturn may also be putting long-term relationships under pressure (quit or commit is Saturn’s pattern). There is, however, a quality of surprise and the unexpected, one that is stronger next month, but in November, the weekend of the 5th and 6th looks hot.


Provided you negotiated the bump in the road that was Mars meeting Pluto in your skies – on October 19 – you seem to be rolling along pretty sweetly. The current lunation in Scorpio, which began on October 30, is certainly in your favour, with the Sun, Mercury and a couple of asteroid goddesses easing your path at work and hooking you socially.

Business and pleasure look happy bedfellows.

Mars remains in your skies for the first week of the month – handy if want to throw your weight around, literally or metaphorically – and is followed, from November 12, by Venus. The romance goddess is a useful omen for those in the dating game, of course, but also for a charm offensive, a shopping spree, an art exhibition or three, and for generally savouring life’s sweeter flavours.

That may, ahem, involve you slacking off the relentless pace at work to pay attention to pleasure. In any case, career at present looks as much of a matter of who-you-know as of actual graft. With Jupiter now dominating your career path, you are invited to think big and while remaining humble. A geographical shift may be involved. Those of you involved in education, publishing or law can especially shine. You appear to have a public audience.

There’s a slight change of mood music later in the month, when the Sun dips into Sagittarius and the most sequestered sector of your ‘scope, with the new Moon following on November 29; another cue to value pleasure and retreat above work concerns. Before then the weekend of the 25th finds Venus next to Pluto – looks intense, one way or another. Less unpredictable is the full Moon in Taurus on the 14th – a real pleasure zone for Goats – while the weekend of the 4th and 5th, with a crescent Moon in your skies, is also yours for the taking.


Without wishing to alarm you, the pressure is on in November, albeit in a good way. The new Moon of October 30 was at the peak of your solar ‘scope, signalling a need (or demand) to step up the pace at work – the faster the better, frankly – and, should you have a public to please, to get out there and strut your stuff in dramatic fashion.

Whether your current focus is career or your personal life, you have several planets lending you support. Ruler Saturn remains in obliging mood for you deal with ‘The Man’ (it usually is a man), while Venus smiles on your social scene, and its overlap with official business, at least until the 12th, when Mercury takes over the same role. Aquarians are not afraid to march out of step, but this autumn belong a team player – perhaps persuading other to follow your unorthodox example – is the way to go. Any point suggesting you act a little less stubborn? Thought not.

The two planets that hog the action in your ‘scope are, however, Jupiter and Mars. Last month’s forecast explored some of the implications of Jupiter in your fellow air sign of Libra; bigger horizons, re-animated ambition, sizeable travels, lucky breaks. One factor when dealing with Jupiter is not to take good fortune for granted and to stay optimistic and on the front foot – all the way through to your birthday.

Mars reaches the Urn Bearer’s skies on November 9 for a nine week stay. You get this transit every couple of years, but this time round the red planet is cannily lined up in your personal ‘scope, making positive aspects to planets in Aries, Libra and Sagittarius, hence putting you at the hear of the action. At worst, Mars can be the planet of the head-banger, obstinate and clumsy, but it can also signal being swift of decision and deed – the role you might aspire to.

The full Moon of the 14th may prove a little confrontational, otherwise the way looks clear for you to achieve your goals in short order. Get pushy, in as charming a manner as you muster. The new Moon of November 29 opens what may prove a magical run-up to Christmas


The duality of Pisces – one fish swimming upstream, one down – is an important part of its character (not least because it baffles other people just where you’re at). In November you are called on to fully exercise both your Fishes.

The upstream one will be well known to many of you in 2016, thanks to Saturn being on your case last winter and, again, over the last three months. Saturn’s onward march across the roof of your ‘scope continues this month, and is joined late in November by the Sun and a new Moon on November 29, which will bring push to shove if you have been dodging Decisions That Must Be Made. Perhaps oddly, such moves get somewhat easier as autumn wears on, thanks to Neptune in your skies turning to direct motion bang on November’s new Moon (after a backslide of some five months). For some of you, notably late February birthdays, that should come as a load-off, as the saying goes.

At the same time, your downstream fish – the one that loves pleasure and learning and which sometimes leads you into murky or troubled waters – is favoured by the season of Scorpio and the lunation that began at the new Moon of October 30. Here, you can go with the flow, which is enlightening rather than imperilling. November 9 and 10 are empowering dates both personally and professionally.

For the romantics among, everything is to play for. First Mars then Venus animate your social life, not least on the professional circuit, and promise a frisson. The new position of Pisces’ celestial ruler, Jupiter, favours the deepening of existing ties – any financial complications arising from doing so (as in, who shares and pays what) come up for examination towards the close of the month. Where money is concerned, however, you seem to be in a canny position.


The cosmos appears to be playing good cop/bad cop with you. Not that your Mars is ever exactly bad, but the red planet’s collision with Pluto on October 20 may have provided a corrective bump in your affairs. Mars continues to play hardball until November 12, emphasising what you already know – that you fight to the last bullet if someone goes up against you. We are talking professional rather than personal politics here, though the two may seem interchangeable at times in November (for technique fans – that’s what happens when the ruler of your solar seventh is in your tenth).

A Venus transit of your career zone – from November 12 to December 7 – is not especially feisty, but it does call for diplomacy and not showing to work in your off-duty scruffs 9as if!). Skip dress-down Friday on the 25th, a potentially difficult day.

On the flip side of things comes copious action in your fellow fire sign of Sagittarius, where the Sun (from the 22nd) and a new Moon (on the 29th) both invite an expansive, optimistic outlook and the chance of getting practical tasks done and dusted in the shortest possible time. Strike while the iron (and Saturn) are hot.

More opaque are the circumstances of your personal life. As related in last month’s forecast, Jupiter in opposition (as of five weeks ago) will examine one-on-one relationships of every description (lovers, spouses, ex’s, rivals), in some cases bringing accord or a new partnership, in others signalling a swift sayonara.

November sees a thickening of the plot, with planets and asteroids in Scorpio (and the new Moon of October 30) turning up the heat in the bedroom. In short, you look like a hot date.

If you aren’t ready for any such thing, your ruling planet in Aquarius will at least provide plenty offer fine company, some less than full-on dates (maybe involving actual Aquarians) and the chance to advance your career through the agencies of committees and other co-ops and collectives. The zodiac’s Rams are rarely unwilling to strike out as a solo act, but just now there is strength in partnerships and numbers. The weekend of the 11th/12th is all yours.


Last month’s forecast ended with the suggestion that with so many planets and asteroids in opposition, you wouldn’t be short of admirers and/or rivals – perhaps of an extreme kind – and that observation continues to hold up to the full Moon of November 13/ 14, which is in the Bull’s skies (where Luna is ‘exalted’).

One way or another you seem to have your hands full with partnerships, hopefully in a rewarding, mutually fascinated way. If it’s a daggers-drawn enmity, your astrologer suggests you keep your head below the parapet for now, at least until that Taurus full Moon is out the way (though it’s a fine couple of days for passion of the other sort). Puzzling out your feelings for someone who has been strongly present in your life for the last six months (or umpteen years) is part of November’s agenda, and even you are tightly entwined on an emotional level, the potential for aggravation is there when it comes to financial affairs, and who pays for what. Finances, currently under the aegis of skinflint Saturn, require detailed assessment, though the new moon of November 29 suggests support, as much from others as from your own never-

There are other, less convoluted themes in play, however. Your ruler Venus follows Mars into s the fellow earth sign of Capricorn on the 12th, promising possibilities for teaching and travelling (don’t hesitate about grabbing any opportunities). Meanwhile Mars reaches the apex of your ‘scope on the 9th, and its subsequent transit of your zone of life-path signals a promising phase in your career, albeit one where you jostle with others for space and recognition. Do you have any choice but to stick out your elbows and fight your comer? Not much, though you can isolate any especially troublesome individuals. Plus, oddly enough, there may be a hot date in among your competing, fellow professionals.


One great touch about being born under The Twins is that you always have options. It may not have seemed that way for stretches of 2016, which has been broadly dominated by having two rough’n’tough planets in opposition; Saturn and Mars.

Now that you have Jupiter on your side – ‘Lord of Possibility’ to mediaeval astrologers – your choices grow more numerous. As much may have become apparent in the last five weeks; if not, keep your hopes high and your gaze keen.

Jupiter notwithstanding November is a busy and challenging month. Saturn is still in opposition, the upside to that once–in-29-years cycle being that you have clarity and realism, especially in the run-up to Christmas, when the ringed planet is joined first by Venus, then Mercury, the Sun and, come November 29, by a new Moon. Faced with that parade, you are almost certainly handling relationship issues, be they long-term love affairs, business deals or sworn foes.

Don’t expect a quick fix to any problems in this area – the point of Saturn is that it’s slow, karmic and mature. Be slow, be sure and be tough! If you are not in any kind of jam with significant others – including ex’s and enemies – then this same set of transits can prove helpful in introducing you to simpatico partners (not necessarily romantic – business partners especially can prove resilient).

While Saturn frowns, Jupiter smiles, and the giant planet’s position in the solar fifth house is one associated with romance and love affairs, as well as living it up, maybe at someone else’s expense (the rich like to show off, otherwise, what’s the point of the yacht? Just maybe there is a berth for little ol’ you).

In short, there’s a lot of processing emotions going on. That said, Mars in your kindred air sign of Aquarius isn’t one to hunker down in a meditation chamber for too long. Rather, the red planet is concerned with new frontiers, either of the mind or simple geography. Its passage for the six weeks from November 12 is a massive stimulates to culture vultures and intrepid travellers alike. You are in line to be str-e-tched…in a good way.

It seems almost churlish to point out that the current lunation in Scorpio (starting from October 30) asks for hard graft and health-awareness, But if you are fighting fit, the rest comes easily enough. In the last few days of the month, Neptune, which has been lurking near the peak of your ‘scope all year, returns to forwards motion. The glittering career prizes that seemed so achievable earlier in the year, are back on offer. Reach up, up, up…


It’s the proverbial month/match of two halves. Well, almost halves. The Sun is in your fellow water sign of Scorpio through to November 22 and easing your path in almost any agenda you care to pursue, but especially creative artistry, romantic tomfoolery and other pleasure-oriented acts. The full Moon of the 14th, plus Moon-in-Cancer dates 17th and 18th, are favoured for those who like to play party animal. The ‘wild woman’ Black Moon Lilith (a ‘virtual’ planet if you like) remains on the loose in Scorpio, so you have license to scare the underwear of your social circle.

Romance and more earnest questions of partnership are also in the frame thanks to first Mrs (until the 12th) and then Venus (from the 12th) in opposition. The former may have caused the odd storm in October – if so, the latter is on hand to spread peace love and understanding in the second half of November. Nonetheless, the collision of Venus with Pluto on the 25th may signify either another eruption or an encounter with some dark lord style character (don’t fret, it won’t be a date with George Osbourne). If you are in a relationship that is in turmoil, things should become much clearer during the next two months; slippery Neptune turns to forward motion late in November before the festive season – a little complicated this year – crystallises attitudes on both sides.

So much for the touchy-feely stuff (though Mars in Aquarius promises a full and active life in the bedroom). Planets in Sagittarius and your solar sixth house have an entirely different implication; work, health, hot yoga, fussy diets and detailed agendas. There is nothing here to scare you – you have lived with Saturn in your sixth for 12 to 18 months already – but best be prepared for another onslaught of paperwork and demanding clients. The yoga, of course, helps.

Also close to home is Jupiter. As suggested last month, the giant planet’s new position in Libra and your home zone – for another eleven months- should suit Cancerians well enough as it supports your family and domestic life. When planning the extra wing to your modest homestead, however, don’t over-reach yourself (and more specifically, avoid any legal contests).


Hmmm, after a blissful looking October your horoscope turns a little contrary in November. You can interpret warrior Mars in opposition – for six weeks, from November 9 – as the arrival of a dashing lover, but it’s as likely to be someone with a bee in their bonnet keen to take offence. At the least you have to be wary of who you pick a fight with – you’ll be on the back foot and probably outgunned – and treat your friends and lovers with a degree of indulgence (‘a degree’, not the whole cave-in, which Leos don’t do anyway). And any implement with a sharp edge deserves more than usual respect.

You have a few challenges elsewhere in your ‘scope. The lunation in Scorpio that commenced at the new Moon of October 30 puts your Sun ruler at slight odds with you; it’s nothing to fear, but ensure that you are not working at cross-purposes with folks near and dear to you, especially members of the family. The Sun is in Scorpio until the 22nd, and that is a sign just as stubborn as your own. The full Moon of the 14th also means an awkward moment, though if you are someone who enjoys an audience, the stage is all yours. .

The planetary picture is, however, chequered, thanks to planets and asteroids occupying fellow fire signs. You have lived with Saturn in Sagittarius for a solid twelve months, so the ringed planet’s testing of your heartstrings and commitments should by now be apparent. Things kick up a gear as you Sun ruler arrives in the Centaur’s skies on the 22nd, with a new Moon on the 29th; very much a new chapter in terms of romances (whether a start or an end), creativity and all-round enterprise.

The presence of planet Prometheus and minor planet Ceres in Aries adds another dimension to the scenario, with long distant love affairs and other international connections becoming more important as 2016 winds down. Jupiter, the planet of the long haul flight, remains influential in this regard. The solar system’s giant is only one month into year long residence in your zone of communications and education, but watch this space. For days charged by fire signs, try the 3rd, 12th and 20th.


There is, you will doubtless be pleased to know, little chance of an slow down in the realm of Virgo; all is work, all is pleasure, all is duty and all (but not quite) is orderly. Your Mercury ruler can take much of the credit for this pleasing state of affairs. The messenger planet was conjunct the new Moon of October 30 and spends the first twelve days of November speeding assignments that involve teaching, speaking, writing, research and dashing round like a bluebottle sorting things out, often on behalf of others. Since it gets heard, might as well raise your voice (and stamp your foot a bit while you’re at it). Such themes persist until the Sun changes sign on the 22nd.

Mercury, however, spends much of the month in the sector of your ‘scope concerned with home, family, heritage, where Saturn is in long term residence. As the new Moon of November 29 is also down at the root of your ‘scope, the Virgo residence (or elderly relatives) seem to be in the frame, though Saturn is also about your work and the pressures therefrom. Work looks something of an issue in the run-up to Christmas in any case, thanks to Mars in your sector of practical resources. No biggie – Virgoans are naturals when it comes to duty and graft.

Getting them to embrace pleasure is actually more of a challenge, but here, too, your horoscope is firmly onside. Venus the romancer and socialite spends much of the month in the pleasure zone of your ‘scope (represented by Capricorn), a prompt to get out the house, locate a party or three and celebrate the glamorous, sensual side of your sign (you symbol is the Corn Goddess remember). You my need to exercise a little caution on the weekend of the 25th, when Venus bumps into dark Pluto, or this could turn out to be one very intense encounter.

Partnerships look a work in progress. The template for your current state of affairs was likely set back at your birthday, along with its eclipses (or back in February) but this month sees a change of mood music. With the lunar nodes conjunct Neptune, and said planet finally drawing to a halt late in November, you are promised clarity for any slippery, possibly toxic relationships and perhaps a moment of kismet.


November finds you as something of a work in progress, Libra. Your birthday month was unusually pivotal and some of you will be absorbing a change in outlook, a change of heart. You are adjusting to your new role as Mr/Ms Jupiter (or Sir/Dame Jupiter if you prefer), someone who thinks big but acts wisely..

Jupiter likes a quest, and part of your current challenge is to locate a mission that’s realisable before your next birthday, or even before Jupiter’s halt next February. November’s horoscope offers you a few ideas, with planets highly active in several sectors of you ‘scope.

Saturn remains ‘influential’ in your third house of communications/ education, the zone where you conceive and convey bright ideas, etch your masterpiece, win debates or soar across the internet. Ruler Venus is here for the first fortnight of November, and is followed by the Sagittarius Sun on the 22nd and a new Moon on the29th. There is more to come from this nexus during coming months.

Home and family also take an upturn under your current stars. Pluto has been sat in this zone of your ‘scope for years (with years more to go), but is activated by aspects from Venus and Jupiter in the last week of November. Cue further enhancement of the fabulous Libra mansion (those curtains absolutely must go) or even a complete upheaval/relocation.

For Libran romantics – that’ll be most of you – autumn remains an exciting prospect. As pointed out in last month’s forecasts, your love life has a couple of asteroids in play, Juno and Ceres (marriage and stability respectively), while the arrival of red-blooded Mars in the zone of romance and play on the 12th ups the ante in your social life. The force of attraction and desire works in both directions this autumn, both from and towards you. Your job, as ever, is to balance the energies and decide where your heart lies (not always a simple task for the Scales). A potent Luna transit over the weekend of the 12th may help you decide – or the somewhat intensely aspected weekend of the 25th.

Meanwhile the Scorpio lunation that began on October 30 concerns finances. As much is true at this time every year, the big difference this time being Jupiter’s presence. Enjoy your role as a big shot but take it easy with the credit card.