Your Stars June 2021

Paul Nash: Eclipse of the Sunflower

May’s forecasts were full of warnings about retrograde Mercury, but these didn’t prevent your astrologer getting stuck in a fiendish traffic jam, or from running out of road when writing June’s forecasts. So much for forewarned and forearmed! And apologies for the foot dragging.

June is dominated by that retrograde and the solar eclipse in Gemini that goes with it, but there are lively developments to counter the go-slow, especially after the new Moon of the 10th and Mars shift into Leo (i.e., out of range of spooky Pluto). I wish a rosy summer to my readers.

Main Events

June 2 – Venus into Cancer

June 10 – New Moon in Gemini, at 10-53 GMT, with annular solar eclipse

June 11 – Mars into Leo

June 21 – Summer solstice. Sun into Cancer at 03.22 GMT

June 20 – Jupiter turns retrograde in Pisces.

June 22 – Mercury out of retrograde in Gemini

June 24 – Full Moon in Capricorn at 18.40 GMT

June 25 – Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces.

June 27 – Venus into Leo


Without wishing to suggest you are not a reflective person with a rich history to consider, the Twins clan is usually eager for the next life episode, or simply for the next craze that’s going around. Something fresh. However – and it’s quite a big however – with your Mercury ruler backsliding until the 23rd (and remaining in your skies until July 11) patience and la recherche du temps perdu (‘the search for lost times’) are high on your astrological agenda.

In practical terms, that means accepting not everything can happen at speed, and having a ‘plan b’ to hand. Old business is as good as new. It’s a good month for a catch-up, and for looking up acquaintances on your Christmas card list but not often encountered. Recherche that temps at your leisure.

Geminis looking for a new life chapter may be in luck. This birthday season see two eclipses (the Full Moon of May 26 and the New Moon of June 10) to go with the pair last December and another pair upcoming this coming December. All of them are across the relationship axis of your ‘scope and signalling a change of status in at least one major relationship. Look at our Prime Minister – a former ally turned enemy one week, a marriage the next. Departures and arrivals in short.

Other factors suggest a new role. Jupiter sitting atop your solar ‘scope is a happy omen for those fancying a hike up the slippery professional pole, with the presence of a stationary Neptune good for projecting your charisma, though Mercury will be checking your CV later in the month – no fibbing! You gain traction once Mercury flies right after the 22nd; the remainder of the month looks a tad frantic. Happy Birthday.


cancer 2019Best stay on your toes in the first week of June. We are all in the midst of Mercury’s go-slow. but warrior Mars in your sign passing opposite Pluto is a signal for a potential contretemps, maybe a no-holds barred affair. Perhaps the arrival of Venus in your skies can help take the heat out of such a situation. The goddess of lu-u-rve (doesn’t have to be the lifetime commitment kind) is with you until the 27th, so feel free to start your birthday party early. New frock for the occasion? Absolutely.

For mood music and perhaps more, Jupiter in dignity beaming from Pisces (fellow water sign, natch) is a handy omen for fresh faces and new perspectives, making the arrival of the mighty Sun on the solstice a buoyant affair, not least for birthdays 21-24 June. The Full Moon on the 24th turns up the volume on your social life but cautions against a scrap with you-know-who.


Mercury’s go-slow doesn’t mean uneventful. Au contraire, mon ami! An abundance of action in Gemini/Sag is always likely to shake up your social life, be it involving acquaintances, pals, or someone more personal. Plus, there’s an eclipse of Leo’s totem body, the Sun – someone’s turning the lights off and on, perhaps along with their affections. In such circumstances, ‘friends will arrive, friends will disappear’ as the bard put it.

At the least it’s best to watch what your promise people and lend a listening ear to their thoughts and feelings, a message also being beamed by Saturn in opposition. The stakes are raised once Mars enters the Lion’s skies on the 11th. Mars can bring energy and decision, but also lead you to annoy the heck out of other people (and you were only trying to liven things up!).

The 14th and 15th, with a waxing Moon in your skies; looks a decent start to the Mars campaign of the ensuing six weeks, when your astrologer urges self-reliance ahead of argument. The red planet approaches some rough-tough astrological weather toward the end of the month, and on into early July – its clashes with Saturn and Prometheus, is a time when your hand may be forced.

Ruler Sun in Cancer from the solstice may help calms things down, signalling a work hard, rest well agenda, while Venus arrives in Leo on the 27th to enhance your charms. Bling bling!


The 18-month eclipse cycle is the one to bear in mind just now. Eclipses across the home/life path axis of your ‘scope signal endings and beginnings in your domestic set-up and your career. Last December’s eclipses are now followed by those of May 6 and June 10 and in December by a further brace. Eclipses can signal dramatic breaks, but as often are about quietly sowing seeds for the future, for example you decide to quit your job in six months’ time.

With a retrograde Mercury to handle (rarely a Virgo’s favourite three weeks) June is a good time to consider your options, postpone binding decisions. That message is repeated by Jupiter in opposition, making hitting it off with a partner a more profitable line of enquiry, not least for August birthdays.


The extent of your professional ambition is currently being called into question; how much energy do you have to devote to advancement (and at what cost?), how much of a self-starter are you, and how does one handle ruthless people? These are the issues likely to be raised by a clash between Mars in your midheaven and Pluto opposite. You will; be in a more comfortable spot once the red planet gets out of your hair on the 11th.

Ruler Venus now takes over at the peak of your ‘scope, where public status is involved, suggesting a charm offensive to help carry the burden of reputation, accountability and the like. Not that you can expect real clarity while Mercury is retrograde, but at least you can cut a dashing figure while you are under scrutiny, as is likely around the full moon of the 24th.

Meanwhile comes a New Moon in airy Gemini on the 10th, to rekindle a sense of purpose in your chosen path, with an eclipse to suggest you have options in where you put your undoubted skills and expertise. A six-month timetable may help you decide.

Mars in its new position in Leo (from the 11th) concerns pals and fellow travellers – the red planet is gung-ho for a convivial get together, and for sudden crushes. More serious questions about your entanglements can wait. A waxing Moon in your skies on the weekend of the 19th looks peachy, as does the arrival of ruler Venus in the Lion on the 27th. Pip pip.


Some things hidden, some revealed, some affairs just ending, others just in the bud… your ‘scope is full of mixed messages just now. You can allow yourself a deep breath and a spell sitting on your hands – a retrograde Mercury is the perfect time for reflection, while those eclipses, while at an oblique angle in your ‘scope (phew) are still potent. If you are not in complete control of finances, btw, it’s time you were. Saturn at the root of your ‘scope should already have shown you that material resources, especially property, are likely to involve a long and steady haul, the key word there being ‘steady’. Like they say, don’t postpone fixing the roof while the sun is out.

Late June may prove a wild ol’ ride. Your totem planet Mars reaches the peak of your solar ‘scope (Leo) on the 11th to bring an early examination of your career credentials, with more to follow in July. A gritty solo effort may be required – just your thing n’est-ce pas? – though the crunch point here is in a few short weeks’ time.

From your opposite sign of Taurus, Prometheus continues to suggest new paths, new arrangements with partners or even altogether brand-new partners. Birthdays circa November 5 may need to take a deep breath.


Sagittarius 2019Ob La Di Ob La Da – your ‘scope is dominated by your kindred but opposite sign Gemini, dualistic and contrary (a bit like you in fact), especially when a retrograde Mercury is involved. And the lunar eclipse in your sign, on May 26 is followed by a solar eclipse at the New Moon on June 10. That lot should keep you fully occupied for most of the month, wrestling with partners, attending to their whims and encountering the odd long-lost friend along the way. Under these stars there’s no need to make decisions that are not being forced on you. Better to wait until the flux calms down around the solstice.

Flips and flops aside, it’s a bright picture. In your skies is the asteroid Juno, goddess of marriage, bringing a romantic, perhaps obsessive streak to your one-on-one relationships. Your governing planet, mighty Jupiter, sits in dignity at the root of your ‘scope, stirring up professional ambition and, perhaps, the ambition to expand your beautiful home. Then there’s Mars, marching in fellow fire sign Leo from the 11th onwards. The red planet has a simple but thrilling message – Onward! Further! The quest must continue. It’s a message that gets more insistent at the end of the month, when Venus also lands in the Lion.

Just before the full Moon of the 24th, Luna passes through your skies over the 24th and 25th, a cue for merriment and a winning hand from fortune.


Put bluntly – a style Capricorns themselves are fond of – there’s the emotional stuff and the work stuff. The latter is easier to handle. A retrograde Mercury is likely to laugh at your schedules, requiring a few switcheroos in the board room or from wherever you direct your career. A solar eclipse at the new Moon on June 10 repeats the message.

Matters of the heart are a different matter. Venus in opposition for much of the month is a sweet omen for those in the dating game, and with Mars finally leaving opposition on the 11th the goddess of peace can bring salve to any recent disputes with you-know-who. The Sun also moves into opposition at the solstice, so you aren’t automatically top dog when it comes to striking a pact with significant others. As mentioned last month, there are volatile elements in play, thanks to Prometheus in your fifth house of romance, whereby your heartstrings are pulled in an unexpected direction. Could be thrilling!

The full Moon in the Goat’s skies on June 24/25 raises the temperature and puts you in the limelight whether you seek it or not. A full Moon is not a moment for absolute positions; simply enjoy your turn in the spotlight.


In pursuit of your major goals – security, status, property – tiresome persistence remains your best friend. Saturn invariably demands as much, but also delivers in the long term. As suggested last month, evaluate your progress this year with a degree of sang-froid.

You have multiple distractions in June. The New Moon of June 10 and its solar eclipse, along with a wayward Mercury, suggest someone, maybe yourself, is blowing hot and cold about one or more entanglements. The signals are likely to come mixed, patience is called for.

On the 11th, warrior Mars arrives in opposition for six long weeks, calling for huge tact when dealing with spiky people while also introducing you to the odd firebrand and gingering up any commitment that has gone flat. The full Moon in your skies on the 27th/28th helps ramp up your charms.

The maverick in the mix remains planet Prometheus, which breaks new ground in June and has birthdays in earliest February in its sights for a radical change of direction, be it in professional orientation or a revamp of Aquarius Towers. Aquarius is a sign somewhat torn between conservatism and invention – somehow you have to acknowledge both facets this summer.


This year’s eclipses are across the home and career axis of your ‘scope, with the solar eclipse of June 10 accentuating your domestic set-up and a wayward Mercury suggesting a few hiccups in its overhaul – it may be just you procrastinating about the curtains! At the other end of the lollipop, May’s total lunar eclipse may have given you a fresh perspective on your professional path. Certainly, with ruler Jupiter in your skies you should think big and put plans in motion, even if you have to wait six months before you act on them, by which time Jupiter will have left and returned for a year’s stay.

Right here, right now, Jupiter promises to sprinkle some magic dust on your behalf. The giant planet makes a beautiful aspect to Venus early in the month and hits a sweet spot again at the solstice when the sun joins Venus in watery Cancer. Such alignments offer romance for those of you in the dating game, and a burst of creativity for all of you. It’s your season so make the most of it, even if you make the occasional pratfall. Like the song – pick yourself up, dust yourself down, and start all over again. Until the 11th, Mars is also in Cancer to add some plain ol’ heft to your enterprise.

You are further offered help from your fellow travellers. Prometheus can conjure help from unexpected sources – likely a completely new face on the block – and also favours educational matters, whichever side of the desk you are sitting.

The full Moon of the 24th is also handy for assistance. and over the last two days passes through the Fish’s skies to put your face before an eager public.


That old-fashioned phrase, ‘Softly softly catchee monkey’, seems apt when you’re in a rush but Mercury is slipping backwards. In other words, you can get your way, but mere force is less useful than guile and patience. June is a perfect time for negotiations and deal making but expect twists and turns and examine the small print with extra care. Matters become clearer after the New Moon cum solar eclipse on the 10th, and clearer still once Mercury turns round at the solstice. Long-lost friends may figure in the equation.

A bump in the road may figure in the first week, what with your Mars ruler clashing with Pluto, but don’t accept ultimatums or try issuing them. Once Mars reaches fiery Leo on the 11th, you’re in a more comfortable place, one well suited to those of you in the dating game or keen to crack on with your masterwork. Lead from the heart and you won’t go far wrong; with Venus reaching Leo in the last few days of June, you look well set up for high summer.

Professional ambitions? Your ‘scope suggests you first consolidate what you have achieved this year. The solstice signals a more active phase, with the Full Moon of June 24 perhaps putting you on the spot with the alleged great and good, but hey-ho, the road leads ever onwards.


The Bull being the sign of economics, and your ‘scope boasting two eclipses in your money zone over May-June, do attend to the details of your financial plan. A brand-new spread sheet to replace the old. A sound idea.

With a little luck you can put economics on the back burner while attending to the more sensual pursuits signalled by ruler Venus and a sweet aspect to Jupiter, a picture full of fine friends and imposing newcomers. Milk every social situation for what it’s worth, a scenario restated once the solstice arrives and at the Full Moon of the 24th.

You have likely already encountered the most stringent theme of this year’s horoscope, what with Saturn now retrograde to revisit ground covered earlier in the year. The terms and conditions imposed by your career should be clear. However, disruptive Prometheus in your skies is only now making its presence felt, and you may find yourself thrust into the role of rebel and freethinker. The last time Prometheus was here was back in 1937, so safe to say that many of you, especially birthdays in early April, stay open to change.