Your Stars May 2018

Whether you call it by its customary name of Uranus or by the more descriptive modern tag of Prometheus, the seventh planet from the Sun is an astrological force to be reckoned with; unruly, inspirational, full of surprises and bolts from the blue. Its astrological character is reflected in astronomical form; this is the only planet that spins north to south.

Furthermore, the 84 year orbit of Prometheus around the Sun is relevant to the human life cycle, most obviously at its halfway point where 42 years is notorious as a moment for ‘mid-life crisis’ (several planetary cycles coincide at this point).

On May 15 the distant planet moves into the skies of Taurus, a first for most of us, having last been here between 1934 and 1941. Astrologers are apt to get over animated about such changes – after all, this is just the start of Prometheus’ seven year transit of the Bull – but it certainly adds a new colour to the year’s celestial picture. The implications for each individual Sun sign are briefly considered below – this is subject to which we will be returning – but anyone born on the first day of their Sun sign (March 21 for example) needs to have their sensors fully turned up.


You arrive in May with a full Moon in your eyes (as The Alabama Three put it on The Sopranos theme tune). A full Moon represents a climactic moment, small or large, and with Jupiter conjunct that of April 30, said climax could be on a grand scale; the fulfilment of a major project perhaps, or a relationship hitting the buffers.

One-on-one relationships of whatever stripe – major squeeze, friend, ex, new crush or foe – have certainly been a feature in recent weeks, and the incoming planetary picture places further emphasis on how you conduct your personal life. It would be easy to lose allies under these stars, or to find yourself under provocation and losing patience. A Bull in a bait might be fiercesome but is unlikely to be productive, and just now your horoscope is very keen on production, fertility and fulfilment. As pointed out in April’s forecast, a swathe of strong planets in fellow earth sign Capricorn is all in favour of dealing with the powers-that-be, with real estate and tedious officialdom in all its guises. Green fingers and clever minds need to be put to work.

The new Moon in your sign on May 15 is a fulcrum of change. Simultaneously Mercury arrives in the Bull for a lightning stay (until May 30), while Mars moves into provocative mood at the peak of your ‘scope (for some months!), and planet Prometheus shifts into your skies for the first time in 80 odd years.

Prometheus is by nature unruly and one theme over coming months is to expect the unexpected. A windfall, a divorce, a whirlwind romance, abrupt promotion/sack or a dramatic change of your focus and interests are events that accompany a Prometheus transit, though birthdays beyond April 20-24 may have to wait a year or three for developments.

The Bull’s undisputed ruler, Venus, spends the month in Gemini (until May 20) and Cancer; both helpful placings for monitoring cashflow and general horse-trading. Happy Birthday.


There is nothing like a multiple agenda to set a Gemini pulse racing, and May’s stars present you with a wildly varied picture. One of the most difficult challenges is simply to do not too much. With plentiful action in Taurus, attention to your inner self, to health and wellbeing is a must, all the better to be fighting fit once the Sun opens your birthday season on May 20.

However, as Venus is racing through the Twins’ skies until May 20, you have a clear duty to leave the house more often (unless you are redecorating), and swan about town with fine company and, should you be interested, an amorous eye. Let art and gracious living be your guides, and if art, creativity, music or whatever is part of your profession, so much the better. May 6 and 7 have a promising look to them.

Long term relationships may need a steelier touch, not least where shared moneys are concerned. Venus likes to spend, but Saturn maintains a must-needs policy in the first half of the month. Here, things should lighten up once Mars changes sign on May 16. The red planet is a major player in your ‘scope this summer, promising to open up new frontiers of interest, maybe geographically. International contacts are to be treasured.

The mighty Sun in The Twins is, of course, as enabling as ever, though you may care to tread carefully at the full Moon of May 29, which is opposite you. The arrival of ruler Mercury in your sign on the same day brings zing and swing ready for a socially packed June.


April brought the first phase of the year to a close, and with Saturn retracing its steps in opposition until September, you are set for a summer when you can carefully evaluate what has happened since New Year, especially where money, property and a major relationship are concerned. The pressure is to some extent off, especially once Mars moves out of opposition on May 17.

Mid-month is an interesting and hopefully opportune time. The Sun in Taurus offers you escape from the humdrum via your social life – including people you only half-know and fellow travellers from your career. Network! The new Moon in the Bull on May 15 comes with an intriguing aspect between Mars and Prometheus that may come up with a helpful surprise in your professional life; birthdays circa June 21 and July 22 need to keep their sensors on. Immediately after the new Moon Luna is in your (and her) skies over the weekend of May 18/19; an empowering moment.

On May 20 Venus moves into the Crab’s skies for a three week stay when you can indulge your tastes for showing off, spending money on yourself and cruising the gallery/beach of your choice with a discerning eye. Time for pleasure!


May is a high power, high achievement month. Not that you have it all your own way – au contraire, there are bags of challenge in May’s stars, but also the promise of pleasure and, if you are looking for it, major change.

The pleasure part is straightforward enough. Venus in Gemini until May 20 and the Sun in the Twins thereafter offers you the social whirl, conviviality with colleagues and the chance of double-dating.

More pressing are events at the peak of your ‘scope, where a new Moon in Taurus on May 15 offers a career restart (birthdays August 17 take note) just as planet Prometheus crests your solar ‘scope for the first time in 84 years. This is an omen of no small scale, Promethean energies being innovative, surprising (sometimes shocking) and disruptive. Birthdays who need to be attuned are principally those of July 22-25, but those circa August 22 are also aligned with Prometheus across summer and autumn.

Adding to the hurly burly is Mars in opposition from May 16. This transit rolls round every couple of years but it has been decades since the red planet lingered in opposition for months at a time, as it does in 2018. Warrior Mars is about challenge, which may arrive in the shape of a caped crusader, a belligerent rival, a romantic crush or a half-forgotten ex. Whatever the guise your astrologer cautions against rising to any bait intended to disturb your balance. There is time enough to sort out any hostile moves; you are playing a long (ish) game that culminates at your birthday.

By the time of the full Moon on May 29, you should have a clear view of the months ahead – Luna is in fellow fire sign Sagittarius and full of passion. Simply follow suit.


May’s stars hold excitement – whether that is in the professional realm or in a more tender place remains to be seen. The other two earth signs of the zodiac – Taurus and Capricorn, natch – are full of planetary activity, and you have little option but to tag along with what looks a fast-developing situation.

The Taurus new Moon of May 15 is particularly helpful, a moment when you come up for air, so to speak, and with ruler Mercury in the Bull until the 29, your phone/laptop keyboard should be glowing warmly with use. Communication is all at this point, and you may be considering an upgrade on your assorted devices.

There is a technological element incoming with the arrival of planet Prometheus in Taurus – an event you will find trumpeted as promising great things for you (as it does), but not in a rush – this planet will take seven years to traverse the Bull.

You are right to be impatient, nonetheless. Mercury and Venus at full pelt do not favour prevarication, and there seem to be people to meet, deals to be done. The real tussle is not whether you should/shouldn’t sign on any particular dotted line, but where (or with whom) your heart lies, where you find the passion to sustain you through thick and thin. Saturn in Capricorn is now in retreat for a few months, time enough for reflection, but come your birthday, you’ll have to face decisions you can no longer dodge.


Change of atmosphere and outlook incoming. Prometheus, the planet that has put your one-on-one relationships through the mill over the last seven years, moves on at mid-month. For the Promethean experience September birthdays may need to go back to 2012, early October birthdays a couple of years later, while for late October Librans it’s here and now!

Prometheus in Taurus presents a different challenge, and one best considered later in the summer, but partly it’s about assets and money shared/owed/owing. The Taurus new Moon of April 15 is certainly about such mundane issues – though who pays for what often doesn’t seem especially mundane – but does ask you to get up to speed on matters fiscal.

There are lighter elements at work in your ‘scope. Ruler Venus – she who must be obeyed – is in fellow air sign Gemini until May 20, encouraging travel, international contacts and a breezy attitude to the great mysteries of life. Thereafter comes the Sun in Gemini with a full Moon in Sagittarius on May 29, all of which add up to the same message; make philosophy your friend or campaign for your cause but show some belief!

The Prometheus effect, to backtrack a moment, remains in full on mode for birthdays circa October 21. Look over April’s forecast for more information on that particular transit.

More of a handful for most Librans is the arrival of warrior Mars in the third air sign of Aquarius. As much happens every couple of years, but it’s been decades since Mars went into a lengthy, possibly messy retrograde like the one later this summer. Mars is the ruler of your complementary sign of Aries, and for Librans is the missing part of the relationship picture – you Venus, he/she Mars to put it crudely.

For you, Mars in Aquarius represents passion, perhaps of the romantic and physical kind, the stuff that inspires endless pop songs (which are popular for a good reason); affaires grandes.

Alternatively, it can be the passion that drives you to show up for the team of choice each weekend, or track down the lost canvases of your favourite painter or to become a town councillor. Aquarius likes public campaigning while Mars’ energy is physical and combative.


Planets in opposition usually mean you have your hands full, not least with people who want more of you than you can comfortably supply, be the demands from your main squeeze or an obstinate rival. Part of May’s agenda is to reset the agenda with your one-on-one relationships, something that calls for transparency in your dealings with them and a willingness to let both parties have their fair share of space.

The optimum time for such a reset is the new Moon of May 15, which is accompanied by the arrival of Prometheus in opposition for the first time in 80 or so years. This being so rare an event, you may hear a lot about the changes it will bring, but at this point only birthdays circa October 23 are in the frame for the shake-up associated with said planet. The second half of the month may nonetheless give all of you a flavour of what to expect in the months and, more importantly, years ahead.

The main focus in your ‘scope remains Jupiter, now drifting backwards through the Scorpion’s skies, but still insistent on an upbeat, expansive attitude and more personal freedom. Events around May 8 and May 22, when the Sun and Mercury oppose Jupiter, are days for intriguing encounters and/or showdowns. Neptune is also in the mix around mid-month, adding a potentially enchanted quality to affairs of the heart. A great time for the creative among you to get to your story board or canvas.

The last stretch of May brings a mixed bag of influences. The shift of Venus into fellow water sign Cancer on May 20 is a sweet omen for social and romantic wellbeing; you may have to travel (literally or metaphorically) for a friend or lover.

More challenging is the arrival of ruler Mars at the root of your ‘scope on the 16th. This in itself is not such a rare event – it’s bi-annual – but Mars will linger here over the summer, going back and forth to make its point. Which is what? A remake of your beautiful home, perhaps, or a challenge to your authority within the family. Alternately an irksome rival. Scorpios are not afraid of a scrap, but since this transit is so persistent, your astrologer’s advice is to proceed with care (not least when dealing with builders).

Just before the full Moon of May 29, Luna is in your skies for a couple of days; emotional empowerment.


The sign of Taurus is the antithesis of your own; ponderous and earthy where the Centaur is freewheeling and fiery. Nonetheless you are obliged to take on some of the Bull’s virtues in May – steady, uncomplaining graft for example. The new Moon of May 15 is the perfect time to recalibrate your work agenda and upgrade the infrastructure.

The offbeat planet Prometheus arrives in the Bull on the 15th, but before doing so asks some searching questions about any crazy love affairs you might be involved in (more orthodox arrangements are not being called into question). It could well be time for a change…or a postponement. Venus in opposition until the 20th offers plenty of choice for those of you in the dating game, and for steady couples to find harmony; a gift for the romantics among you. The arrival of the Sun in opposition at the same time may be more of a challenge to harmonious living, while the annual full Moon in the Centaur on May 29 brings the danger of a night or two in the werewolf suit.

An intriguing development is the arrival of Mars in Aquarius for a lengthy spell across summer; a cue for acquiring new skills, revving up your presence online or on social media, and for circulating in your ‘hood to check on your chums. Enjoy.


Curiouser and curiouser. The business of your ruling planet, Saturn, is far from complete, yet its backslide across summer allows all of you, and December birthdays in particular, to assess what has gone down thus far in 2018. Issues of status, recognition and capital are to the fore.

A different set of energies is in play during May, however. The Sun and new Moon (May 15) in your fellow earth sign of Taurus are a fillip (and good news for birthdays January 14/15), as is Mercury in the month’s second half. The arrival of the tricky planet Prometheus in the Bull on the 15th has long-term fascination as it will be in helpful aspect to Capricorns for some seven years. Its presence over several months in 2018 is just a start, but a potentially potent one for birthdays around the solstice of December 21. A different creative outlook beckons, along with a more freewheeling feel to your romantic life. Take unexpected, seemingly daft offers seriously; Promethean energies are very future-oriented and there’s a touch of Bladerunner at work.

Talking of romance and partnership; Saturn will also test the strength of any committed relationship, something you may get a taste of over the weekend of may 29, when Saturn is opposed by Venus in your relationship zone, though for singletons Venus in opposition represents temptation and glamour. Take it where you find it.

Mars leaves your skies on May 16, though the warrior planet returns briefly in late summer. Its new position, where it rolls forth and back for months, is in your cashflow zone, one that is rarely neglected by any self-respecting Goat but which appears to repay extra effort now. Since the red planet is retrograde for a lengthy spell, best not over extend your credit.


Like some other signs of the zodiac, you are on something of a count-down to May 15, when several celestial events happen at once; a new Moon in Taurus, Prometheus – often touted as your ruling planet – moves into Taurus, and Mars arrives in the skies of the Urn Bearer for a protracted, complex stay.

That combination should feel like a fresh start – not exactly a lightening of the load, since Mars is an intense, purposeful planet, but a change of atmosphere certainly. Taurus represents home, hearth and ancestry in your ‘scope, so family and location come up for evaluation and for some of you, a sudden change of residence. Birthdays around January 20 are those chiefly in line and with itchiest feet (perhaps in your profession as much as at home).

In all events you have to roll with the flow of events rather than attempt micro-management. There is plenty of pleasure on offer to help you do so. Venus in fellow air sign Gemini promises easy days and evenings out of the house, and a budding romance, should you be in the market (a two for one offer may be involved). Venus moves on at the 20th, but only for the Sun in The Twins to do much the same job. Think cocktails on the veranda among elegant company.

Mars adds its own impatient energy into the mix; good for cracking on with tasks, or for getting into an unnecessary contretemps with a partner or pal. Mind whose toes you tread on.

Earlier in the month Prometheus sends a parting shockwave, especially to birthdays circa February 18, merely to keep you on your toes it may seem, but actually part of a longer term shake-down in your social and even romantic situation. The full Moon in Sagittarius on May 29 may bring a change in your outlook with at least one relationship, big or small.


Alliances, including those you share with fellow professionals, have been under examination in the early part of the year. It’s as if the team or tribe to which you belong has been put under microscope for evaluation. That is very much the theme in the early part of May, as Mars completes its transit of your house of collective endeavour. The red planet will be back here later in the summer, but for now try to tie off any loose ends.

Your outreach to others, both nearby and at a distance (overseas for example) is further emphasised by the month’s major astrological event, the shift of Prometheus into Taurus, a better siting for Pisceans (earth for your water). These are very early days in a seven year transit but birthdays circa 19-22 February should take unexpected offers seriously; indeed, seek out unorthodox people who can supply solutions to professional/lifestyle problems. Education may play a part, so too might a drastic upgrade of your technological infrastructure and a concomitant upgrade of your skills.

The new Moon of May 15 helps all of you to refresh your network. For the romantics among you comes the last ten days of the month, when Venus moves through kindred water sign Cancer; a suitable cue for tea, cakes and tipple in a garden of floral delights, or a burgeoning romance on the dance floor.

Artiness, creativity and blissful living are all favoured by the link between ruler Jupiter in Scorpio, Neptune in your skies and Venus in Cancer; a trio of planets in water signs (a ‘grand trine’ in astro-speak) with the only drawback an over-excited imagination on your part. Birthdays circa March 7 are especially invited to push out the boat in the last week or so of the month.

The full Moon of May 29 sits atop your ‘scope; seize the limelight or have it pushed upon you.


You are bidding farewell to a seven year transit of Prometheus on May 15, whether that’s a fond farewell or a ‘good riddance’ grunt depends whether the planet of disruption has given you the belief to make a break with the past (a relationship most probably) or brought an unexpected person/windfall/job into your life. Birthdays of April 19 remain in line with its energies, both in the first half of May and later in the year.

Your horoscope remains in sprightly form thanks to other planets. Saturn, now into a retrograde cycle until autumn, lifts the pressure from your professional life (though much remain to be achieved, as you will be aware from the slog since Christmas), while ruler Mars changes sign on May 15 for a more accommodating position in Aquarius. Mars promises an intriguing summer in the area where your professional status and your personal life overlap. You are being asked to assume a leadership role among your collective (team, committee, voluntary group or political party) but don’t assume that it will be all plain sailing – the retrograde of Mars in two months’ time suggests a few reversals further down the line. Nonetheless, this looks like a chance to play Captain Fantastic.

With planets also handy in Gemini, your social realm shouldn’t be short of allies and admirers. Venus in the Twins until May 20 and the Sun thereafter suggest you do the rounds, pay respects and have them returned. If you are in a troubled dating game, there seems to be sound advice from a wise female party (Ceres to you), or you may find yourself sorting out someone else’s love life.

Neptune and Jupiter are in perfect harmony in the closing stages of the month, but both planets are in reclusive positions in your ‘scope, suggesting that a matter that is secret (an affair or a hush hush project) is a valuable place to direct your energy. The full Moon of May 29 is helpful but somewhat philosophical and reflective.