Valentine’s Day Special 2017

loversSaint Valentines’ Day is always February 14, but rarely are the planets so appropriately aligned. Venus and Mars, the two relationship planets, representing female and male, beauty, attraction, lust and love, are side by side in Aries. Opposite them in Libra is the Moon, signifier of the mood of the day (and tomorrow).

Also in Aries is Prometheus, The Awakener, while bang opposite in Libra is Jupiter, Bringer of Jollity (to use Gustav Holst’s name for the giant planet). Aries is the sign of the individual – ‘me first’ – while Libra is the sign of partnership – ‘me and you’.

It’s a planetary picture that contains multiple possibilities – attraction, disaffection, fusion, divorce – but since the world is rushing round brandishing red roses today, your astrologer will try to keep the outlook romantic.


Coy seducer isn’t especially the Ram’s style, but Venus’s presence means you can play that card if you wish. Ruler Mars offers a more usual approach – ‘You got what I need!’ – or, as Aries Marvin Gaye put it, ‘Let’s get it on’.

For some of you, independence remains the key issue just now (say birthdays circa April 12), but with a major planet in opposition, significant others can’t be taken for granted – and nor can you. Draw your boundaries.


Secret admirers and a hush-hush crush are part of the Valentine’s Day fun, and given the ‘now you see me now you don’t’ movements of your Venus ruler this spring, you may have to wait until April to find who sent that card, or get acknowledgment for the one you posted.

Dating games look rather cloak and dagger, at least until Mars reaches your skies on March 10, when secrets become hard to keep.


Today’s planetary opposition lights up the social and romantic axis of your ‘scope, and if you want to play man-slayer or lady-killer, the role is all yours. Hot prospects seem to be under your nose, even if your attention is elsewhere.

With Saturn still in opposition, you may feel too weighed down for such malarkey, but keep in mind that in two month’s time, that particular burden will lift.


Your ruler, the Moon, is at home – perhaps where you want to be with your main squeeze – but at the other end of your ‘scope Venus and Mars demand a high profile – see and be seen.

Actual hot-blooded romance may need a day or two more to flower (when Luna reaches Scorpio) but with the Sun in your eighth house of secret sin until Saturday, your luck may already be in.


You are always going to be slightly on the back foot when your Sun ruler ii in opposition, the key word being ‘slightly’. That trio of planets in kindred fiery Aries has adventure written on it, not least a twirl with a stranger from afar, though Jupiter also has in mind someone from the neighbourhood.

With last weekend’s full Moon in your skies (complete with eclipse) out the way, you are well sited to make a move, or respond to one. As you of all signs know, there is no point in prevarication.


Although Virgoans like to present themselves as squeaky clean and too concerned with responsibilities and lofty missions to bother with romance or sexual thrills, it ain’t necessarily so. Venus and Mars in Aries is one steamy (and ongoing) transit.

Deciding where the borders of your personal life begin and end could be more of a problem, thanks to soggy Neptune opposite, but here, the solar eclipse arriving in ten days time should clear the air.


Your sign is allegedly one of the zodiac’s great romantics, and with your sensual Venus ruler entwined with lusty Mars, both in opposition, temptation and/or actual hot dates are surely on offer.

Of course, it could all turn into a terrible tangle (Venus goes hoopla next month) but since when has that stopped you? And with the Moon and Jupiter together (take a look in the sky), you look, for once, in perfect poise.


Does it matter if romance happens on the actual day of St Valentine? Your prospects of warming encounters improve markedly over the next couple of days, as the Moon arrives in your skies and the Sun reaches your fellow water sign of Pisces at the weekend.

After that you look quite the fool in love (if only with romance rather than with an actual fellow human). Going steady? It certainly takes work, but just now, work you seem happy to give.


Having Venus, Mars and Jupiter across the romance axis of your ‘scope doesn’t guarantee you’ll be stepping out to a candlelit dinner with Mr or Ms Charming, but it certainly enhances your prospects, and if you are looking rekindle a spark, you look in luck.

Nonetheless there’s a muddling strand to activities (an imminent Venus retrograde), but one you can paint over for now. BTW: Your astrologer remains uncertain about the imaginary entity known as Black Moon Lilith aka The Wild Woman, but whoever she is, she just arrived in your skies for the next nine months.


Juno, the mythical wife of Jupiter and the asteroid that represents commitment and marriage, just moved into the Goat’s skies, and there is a contented, domestic feel to your current ‘scope.

That’s all jolly comfy if you’re hitched but if you are single and hungry, you may have to hold your horses until the weekend when the season of Pisces turns on your love light.


Does having the Sun with you every Valentine’s Day hand you an edge in the rose-tinted madness? Possibly. More certain is that this year you have a mighty slew of planets working on your behalf, especially where introductions are concerned.

Follow up every intriguing lead, and if one should take you way out your comfort zone, perhaps way across the ocean, then so be it. You won’t have another V-Day with Jupiter in your ninth house of adventure for another dozen years!


Hot sex does not of itself signal commitment, though it’s a clue that something might be going right. A joint bank account might – to hell with romance – signal rather more, and escaping such mundane facts of coupledom looks something of challenge just now. Still, with the Sun reaching the Fishes’ skies this weekend, it’s your world and your shout who belongs in it.