Your Stars November 2021

Leo Di Caprio
Leo Di Caprio toasts having Sun, Mars and Venus in Scorpio

November comes draped in the hues of scarlet and blood red, the colours of Mars and Scorpio. This year the annual pulse of the Sun in the Scorpion is fortified by the presence of ruler Mars- powerful in its own sign.

That the Sun and Mars are in dispute with Saturn and Prometheus should send a few alarm bells ringing. This is a combination with an unhappy history. The tenor of the times – at both micro and macro levels – is likely to be blunt and confrontational. Regimes may decide to escalate political disputes or make them a matter of armed conflict. Mars Attacks! remember.

On a personal level, more options prevail and are considered in the month’s forecasts. The ‘fixed’ signs of Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus hog the planetary landscape, and if you know your birth ‘scope it’s worthwhile to see if you have a planet there, ‘a dog in the fight’ as they say on Succession.

That show’s success is a reminder that Pluto is still in Capricorn, and the plutocrats are at the climax of a success story that that began in 2007, when Pluto arrived in the planet of the establishment. A tale for another time.

Mars in Scorpio is not all breast-beating and sword waving. Scorpio is a more complex sign than astrological cliche admits. There’s compassion and insight here too, bags of sorcery, and some slinky sexual juice. I wish a productive autumn to all my readers, along with a reminder the phrase you’ll be reading too often – ‘autumn of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ were penned by a Scorpio, the sublime John Keats.

Major events

  • October 30 – Mars in Scorpio
  • November 4 – New Moon in Scorpio at 21.15 GMT
  • November 5 – Venus into Capricorn
  • November 5 – Mercury into Scorpio
  • November 19 – Full Moon in Taurus 18.57 GMT, partially eclipsed
  • November 22 Sun into Sagittarius
  • November 24 Mercury into Sagittarius


The character of Scorpio is more considered than popular accounts suggest. Scorpio’s waters run deep. That aside, with ruler Mars in your skies for the next six weeks, you may as well engage with your role as the zodiac’s scheming villain, demon lover and scary vamp. Twirl the moustache, haul out the Egyptian jewellery and the tarot pack. Trounce everyone at the games. Whatever stripe of Scorpio you are, you can live life large in November. Keep your major goals in focus. Have some fierce Scorpio fun.

The new Moon of November 4 is supercharged and the two weeks following are a plum spell for putting projects in motion – get them in the public eye, even if they are unfinished. The Taurus full Moon of the 19th is a partial eclipse, a possible testing time, not least for relationships. Beware needlessly provoking others with Mars’ style behaviour – bossing people about, dropping the odd poison phrase.

The chances you will get things all your own way aren’t high. Saturn squaring you suggests negotiations will be tough, while Prometheus in opposition adds an unpredictable streak to proceedings, but good tacticians know when to compromise, and with Mars on your side, you shouldn’t be operating on a no-risk basis.

Mars marches on as your companion after your birthday month is through, but the Sun’s shift into Sagittarius lowers the temperature, and calls your attention to financial matters. Happy birthday.


Sagittarius 2019You could be forgiven for squeezing the last drops from the bottle marked ‘Venus in your Sign’, which runs empty come November 5. Quick, find a party!

Much of the month’s planetary action thereafter goes down in Scorpio, behind the scenes in your solar chart, a chance to catch your breath before an eventful birthday month. The new moon of the 4th suggests there is inner work to be done, highly personal issues to resolve, while aspects to ruler Jupiter emphasise the importance of communications in your work; research, talks, discussions, lectures and the like. Your ‘scope suggests you mix downtime with plain old graft at the job, where you may get a heads-up on new developments come the full Moon of November 19. That ruler Jupiter is on the march and sympathetically sited means your capable hands won’t be left idle. Catch-up with whatever business was in play back in June.

The arrival of Venus in your zone of ready cash is a handy omen. Venus is, among other things, a money planet, and while the green planet is not a major player in November, it always helps to have little extra coming in.

Your birthday month starts on November 22, and events speed up once Mercury arrives in your skies on the 25th. December is rocked by a total solar eclipse – nothing you haven’t survived previously, but eclipses are often way markers into the future, and this one may carry echoes from twelve months ago. Stay on your toes.


The Goat comes out of November holding a winning hand. The opposition of Mars and Prometheus highlights the advantages accruing from group associations – teams, panels, meetings and the like – while further promising to ginger up your personal and romantic life. You are not directly in the line of fire, unlike others who may turn to you as an equitable judge or diplomat in any disputes.

The new Moon of the 4th is a seed moment, and waxing Luna in your skies over the 8th and 9th arrives with promise. The full Moon of the 19th is a time when the lovers in your life should step up to the mark and remind you of their qualities. A prime time, too, for establishing new love affairs, sudden or slow.

Venus, arriving in your skies on the 5th, is a key player both this month and on into March 2022. The green planet is entering one of its retrograde cycles, which see it change from evening to morning star, going forwards in your sign until Christmas, then backwards for a few weeks, eventually leaving the Goat’s heavens in March ’22.

With Venus at hand, charm offensives prosper, new frocks call insistently, and bossing the social calendar falls to your capable clutches. Keep in mind that Venus will be backsliding all the way to where it was in November, and events and people from this month may likewise come back into play early in the new year. Best behaviour called for then, as you, the jolly Capricorn, charm and excite folks.

The full Moon of the 19th touches a power point in your ‘scope, when love, or some approximate to it, can happily take you over. Or you can throw a wild party.


When you are caught up in the tense planetary stand-off known as a T-square – as you are in November – it’s tempting to shout ‘Duck!’ and keep your head well below the parapet. There is certainly room for wise and cautionary tactics, but when Saturn is involved, facing the music usually becomes unavoidable.

The new Moon of the 4th sets the tone for the month, with professional battles foremost. Saturn in your skies is the pivotal point of the square (with Mars and Prometheus at the other two angles putting you in a commanding position; project a strong, stoic and confident front when dealing with professional nay-sayers. Fight your patch. In several ways, November is the month when the work you have put in during the rest of the year comes to fruition, even if plenty of the ol’ push and shove is involved.

The full Moon of the 19th is heady, but the presence of Jupiter is protective and, indeed, inspirational. Until the end of the year you are picking up on the successes of April and May, when Jupiter was at the same position.

Things lighten up once the Sun and Mercury move on from the conflict zone on December 22, bringing a measure of support from your wider network. You look less alone. Talking of which, Venus’s shift into the most reclusive sector of your ‘scope is enigmatic. A hidden lover, a plunge into a poetry-writing retreat; an unavailable sweetheart, who knows, but definitely a time to trust your deepest instincts.


A supercharged Scorpio, a fellow water sign, is good news for Pisceans, awakening your powers of perception and sagacity. In November in the waters of Pisces run deep, and your passion and emotional intelligence play a large part in autumn’s wrangling and decision-making. The ninth house emphasis suggests you cast your net wide when looking for deals, artistic inspiration and spiritual sustenance. You are in international mode for the next six weeks. All to play for, then. The new Moon of the 4th is a gateway to long term prospects, and the weekend of the 12th/13th has Luna in your skies to lend you a charismatic glow.

In part, too, you should in preparation for the major new cycle that kicks in straight after Christmas, when ruler Jupiter arrives, but now is as good a time as any to undertake projects and declare your plans to a breathless world. You can have a second bite at the pie come new year. The month of Sagittarius, beginning November 22, raises the stakes in your career and asks for a high profile for what may be stormy times next month.

The long-term presence of Venus in Capricorn concerns one or more fellow travellers with whom you can partner for mutual aid. A buddy from the finances department perhaps. Explore.


One particular relationship looks set to get more intense, and perhaps more contested. Your totem planet, Mars is empowered in the other sign it rules, Scorpio, but its connection to you is oblique, and a relationship squabble may well be fought out over money, especially the assets you share. With the unpredictable Prometheus opposite Mars in your zone of ready cash, November doesn’t shape up as a time to gamble with resources. Play the straight bat, as they say in cricket; sensible, safe.

Mars in Scorpio drips with sexual allure (and secrecy), especially when it’s in one’s eighth house, so with any luck the only arguments will concern which of you is leaving the boudoir to fetch food and drink.

At the third point of the planetary T square is Saturn, currently doing good things for you career path. As mentioned before, a collegiate approach is the preferred option. rather than a trailblazing solo act. And if you are in the dating game, running with the pack puts you in touch with intriguing, maybe compatible types. A further development where romance is concerned, is the shift of Venus, your partnership planet, taking up an extended stay at the top of your chart; it appears there’s a new star in your blue heaven, perhaps tangled up with your career. Or perhaps Venus here is just a cue for a more public profile.

The month of Sagittarius invariably sends a pleasant waft of energy your way; no reason why it shouldn’t do the same this year, but best not expect peace and calm.


You are often on the back foot at this time of year – the life force of the Sun is in opposition from partnership sign of Scorpio – but this year Scorpio’s season comes laced with drama and, perhaps conflict. Mars in opposition is not there to squeeze your hand and tell you everything is gonna be alright. More likely is a hotly contested argument with a partner who proves just as stubborn as you. Rats!

The good news is that while Mars doesn’t want to be your friend, s/he may want to be your lover, with the proviso that Mars in Scorpio burns hot. Much of November may feel like working in an over-cooked kitchen, with the Taurus Full Moon of Friday the 19th as a climax.  Allow your astrologer to repeat a couple of phrases from October’s forecast; “This is quite the recipe for an autumn of intense, off-on relationships, so tread carefully and start how you mean to go on.’

The T square of Prometheus in your own skies opposite Mars, and square Saturn, means there is a lot resting on current decisions, which may be difficult and contested. An openness to change – not a Bull’s favourite thing – will definitely help, but long-term implications for your career and general prosperity deserve a fully thought-through strategy.

Broadening your horizons, perhaps in the most literal way, is your Venus ruler, now in residence in fellow earth sign of Capricorn for some four months. Support from afar, via your international connections, may well be part of this winter’s scenario.


Sometimes the only way to deliver the goods is the hard way, through graft. There doesn’t look much time for tea breaks in November, not with Mars rampant, but you can ease the burden of work with a sturdy routine and plenty of heath-inducing treats (or retreats). You also have a few days grace at the very start of the month, as ruler Mercury and Venus in opposition lend you an up close and personal touch.

Thereafter it’s back to work. It isn’t as if it’s for nothing; your humanitarian qualities play doubly well for you just now and won’t get forgotten.  The Scorpio lunation that begins on November 4 locks in advantageously to long-term planets in Aquarius. Efforts you are making now with work, and with time-consuming administration, are seeding the ground for 2022, which begins especially abruptly for the Twins tribe. With Jupiter atop your ‘scope from Christmas, you’re all set for glory.

The Sun in your complementary sign of Sagittarius from November 22 isn’t going to lessen work pressures, but ruler Mercury’s presence brings support and understanding from partners, or at least an interesting dialogue. Put money on the list of topics, or at least how to rid yourself of the white elephants you have somehow acquired together; the dodgy wardrobe, for example.


cancer 2019Mars cuts a dashing course through your solar ‘scope in November, and you may care to follow suit, within reason. The super-charged Sun-Mars combination in Scorpio is variously sporting, steamy, sensual, talent-flaunting and altogether show-off. Your flashiest bling is called for, along with the killer dress. Polish up the Harley. Find a few Scorpio parties to crash. If you don’t fancy the high life, then you can be fiendishly creative, or be happy throwing your weight around, but this particular transit, which continues until mid-December, is too good to waste doing not-very-much.

Doubling up on the relationship front is Venus, which from the 5th remains in opposition throughout the winter, until March, as the planet transforms from evening star to morning star. At best, Venus here offers support from a partner, a new contender for your affections, or all-round conviviality. A month with the planet retrogrades from December 19, implies second thoughts on someone’s part, but cross those bridges as they arrive; in November all is promise.

The Taurus full Moon (your totem planet) of November 19 ties into Venus and Mars, a suitable date for celebration – and self-promotion – as is the 23rd/24th when Luna is in the Crab’s skies.

Catches? Well, you have to work, or find some, but even here the picture is canny, especially once the month of Sagittarius kicks in on November 22. A chaotic financial patch may cloud your outlook, but a steady hand and hard-nosed realism will prevail.


The T square of planets across the cosmos – in Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius – has the fourth fixed sign – Leo – as a fourth corner. In other words, they are coming at you from all sides in November, a month to test your resources, albeit with exciting news about the future wrapped in it.

The pressure from Mars at the root of your ‘scope is probably the easiest issue to handle, though malfunctioning plumbing is no laugh-in, to mention one possible manifestation. Your domestic set-up is under scrutiny, whether it’s bricks, mortar and builders, or a hoo-ha in the dynastic line, hopefully nothing on the scale of Succession.

The less gloss you put on your situation – reduce it to the bare bones – the better your decisions, the scale of which may take some research. Property, career, commitment. Saturn is a cold realist, but Jupiter, completing its opposition to your Sun, is also a way marker into the future, whether in a super-supportive partnership, or as a newly liberated lone Leo.

The season of Sagittarius, with your Sun ruler in a fellow fire sign, is ever supportive. You get a fresh wave of energy at the 25th/26th, good days to re-join the social fray and ponder the upcoming solar eclipse in December.


You look in ‘Hello I must be going’ mode in November, shuttling round the ‘hood on endless errands and fist-bumping with all and sundry. If you’d rather dedicate your energies – considerable just now – to a personal mission or creative outlet, fine, but your ‘scope looks unusually sociable. The Sun/Mars action in Scorpio concerns communications, journeys, debating (hotly), lecturing and – why not – bossing people around. Yep, you. The new Moon on the 4th calls for industry, the full Moon of the 19th for communications with people from distant shores. You look pleasantly in demand.

Then there’s Venus. On the 5th the planet of relating. beauty and art take up long term residence in the zone of joy in your solar ‘scope. With Venusian energies on tap, you can swan around the art gallery and cut the rug at any party you might locate. Romance? At the snap of a finger! It’s a time to see and seen, even it’s only on a zoom screen. There’ll be the odd switcheroo over the course of winter, but Venus remains a beneficial presence for the next four months. Build some fun into your schedules.

Though the Mars’ energy marches you through to mid-December, the month of Sagittarius beginning November 22, lowers the temperature. The Sun and ruler Mercury at the root of your ‘scope want home time, and a renewal of tribal roots. Busy? You really must get going.


You can squeeze a lot from the first few days of the month, as Mercury completes its lengthy transit of your skies. Likewise, it’s time to complete recent assignments, tie off the ends of agreements made during your birthday month, and move on.

The Sun/Mars combo in Scorpio is energetic and in your cash zone asks you to put your financial affairs in bracing good order. Dispatch accounts, streamline your outgoings and energise your incomings. Contest payments. Heaven knows the Libran lifestyle doesn’t come cheap.  This pair of planets make multiple connections elsewhere in your ‘scope, with long-term implications, hence the need to take any sloppiness out of your game during the lunation that begins of the 4th.

Allow your astrologer to repeat a suggestion from last month’s forecast; ‘Keep hold of the biggest, most optimistic plan that’s in your mind’s eye.’  Saturn and Jupiter remain splendidly in charge of large and long-term projects; how these are to function economically is part of November’s challenge.

A further development at the new Moon is the shift of your totem planet, Venus, to the root of your chart. Four months here, as Venus mutates from evening to morning star, is quite a stretch. A retreat into domestic comfort and dynastic affairs may be your mood during winter’s months. Venus’s retrograde, from 19th December, may provide another story, or insist on some clearance of old ground – the resolution of ancient disputes – ready for your renewal in 2022.