Your Stars November 2022

Eclipses have always been a source of alarm. Seeing the Sun or Moon swallowed up and the world plunged into darkness was an obvious cause of wonder and anxiety before humanity understood the celestial mechanics involved, and even now we do, eclipses remain important staging posts in the astrological calendar.

Shakespeare, who liked to play both sides of the astrological argument – whether the planets are meaningful or not – has a nobleman fretting over eclipses early in King Lear: “These late eclipses in the sun and moon portend no good to us… in cities, mutinies; in countries, discord; in palaces, treason; and the bond cracked ‘twixt son and father.”

Talk about the blame game! All that from a couple of eclipses? One advantage the modern world has is knowing that while we don’t necessarily see them, eclipses are regular events, with four of five of them each year (NASA has a good site showing when and where they arrive).

You’ll need to be in North America to witness the total lunar eclipse on November 8 – when the earth’s shadow blocks the Sun’s light – but it’s a major event for astrologers worldwide, a companion to that of May 15, but in Taurus rather than Scorpio. Those two signs are principally in the frame, though because the eclipse ties in tightly with Saturn, both Aquarius and Leo are also under emphasis.

A spell of illness has meant this month’s forecasts are late; apologies are due. But we are, at least, in time for the month’s major event.

Celestial events

  • November 8 – Full Moon in Taurus, a total lunar eclipse at 11.02 GMT
  • November 16 – Venus moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius
  • November 17 – Mercury moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius
  • November 22 – The Sun moves into Sagittarius
  • November 23 – New Moon in Sagittarius at 22.57 GMT
  • Mars spends the month in Gemini, in retrograde
  • Jupiter spends the month in Pisces, in retrograde until the 24th
  • Saturn spends the month moving forwards in Aquarius
  • Prometheus spends the month retrograde in Taurus
  • Neptune spends the month retrograde in Pisces
  • Pluto spends the month moving forwards in Capricorn

Scorpio and Scorpio rising

On the one hand here’s your moment; a birthday month, with Venus and Mercury alongside the Sun until the 16th. Happy days! Pour on the charm, issue your instructions. An eclipsed full Moon in opposition is itself a big deal – full Moons signify a cycle closing, and this is like a super full Moon. It’s precisely next to planet Prometheus, which has been dogging you all year, so perhaps this is the moment when a threatened departure or arrival of a partner arrives, whichever of you is initiating it. With Saturn tied into the eclipse at the root of your ‘scope, property matters may also have reached a turning point; keep your perspective long term.

The second half of the month looks less ominous. A new Moon in your cash zone calls for a new plan – you are hardly alone here – while Jupiter in Pisces – for Scorpio, the zone of high spirits and creative endeavour – is all smiles and inspiration. Happy Birthday.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius rising

Sagittarius 2019The key dates of the month are, of course, the Sun’s arrival in your skies on the 22nd and the day after, a new Moon in The Centaur, in addition to which you have in your skies Venus, from the 16th, and Mercury, from the 17th, a very welcome package that should set you up nicely for your birthday month.

It should also bring the feeling that you are somewhat more in control of events. The mighty lunar eclipse of the 8th is behind the scenes and deserves contemplation and rest rather than living it up. Elements of the past – recent or distant – may be stirred up. Then there is the ongoing issue of Mars in opposition, about which your astrologer has banged on over the last two months. Whether it’s an intimate association or a brazen enemy involved, there seems to be a lot of noise and mind-changing going on. Best not to engage heavy-handedly as this transit has months to run, while the full Moon of December 8, which is conjunct Mars, promises to bring matters to a head.

Capricorn and Capricorn rising

The Scorpio side of November’s weather, operative until the 21st, is supportive, especially for group activities and getting onside with your wide team of fellow travellers and chums. Beaver away accordingly. The lunar eclipse of the 8th is trickier to call, falling as it does in Taurus, the zone of your ‘scope concerned with more amorous, heartfelt connections. A climactic moment may have been reached with one close association – a sudden disappearance may be involved – or a change of attitude and outlook on the future. Birthdays around January 6 are those most clearly in the frame.

Planets moving on to Sagittarius, as they always do at this point of the year, are less dramatic, and with a wayward Mars opposite them in the zone of perpetual tasks, you are likely obliged to put in extra energy to clear your decks. Perpetual tasks are your thing, of course, but just now others don’t seem to be prepared to leave you alone to crack on with them. Factor in rest and recuperation alongside duty. December will call on your energies for more self-centred and fun-centred escapades.

Aquarius and Aquarius rising

If you can steer a calm and equitable course through mid-November, you will be doing well. The lunar eclipse of the 8th is at the roof of your chart together with planet Prometheus, a disruptive combination to your plans, especially as the eclipse ties in closely to Saturn in your own skies. At best this is a signal for a liberation, an escape clause for a tiresome situation that’s most likely centred on career or property plans. As always with Saturn, sure and steady is the way to go, especially as the taskmaster planet is now moving forwards and renewing issues from as far back as spring.

The outlook shifts to more favourable omens thereafter, with planets moving into Sagittarius, where a new Moon on the 23rd promises to spark up your social life. Mars continues its presence in airy Gemini, where the red planet may already have done exactly that. Gemini is a zone of delight in your ‘scope, but Mars moving backwards maybe giving you or a crush second thoughts about the last two months. The issues become clearer as the month progresses.

Pisces and Pisces rising

While the Taurus lunar eclipse of the 8th is a big deal in general, it doesn’t impinge forcefully on your own sign. More pressing are developments at the other end of the axis, where planets in Scorpio promise fresh perspectives on old problems and, perhaps, a friendly breeze, or contact, blowing from across the ocean. That ruler Jupiter is back in your skies until Christmas brings the same message, and aspects to the giant planet between the 15th and the 21st look especially fruitful, putting you in the right place at the right time.

The month of Sagittarius comes with sharper edges, but the new Moon of the 23rd, at the very apex of your solar ‘scope, is a powerful boost for your career prospects. Push on wherever you can. Then there is Mars, now moving backwards at the root of your ‘scope; recent uproar in the home, whether family squabbles or falling ceilings, can now be soothed.

Aries and Aries rising

A lunar eclipse in your cash zone certainly calls for a look at your current account to check for fraud, but it’s also an invitation to square any financial disagreements with a partner. Giving the heave-ho to possessions that have outlived their usefulness is another favoured activity during eclipse times. In general, trading is in favour.

Relations with a partner are likely the more important part of the eclipse flurry, with Venus in Scorpio inviting greater intensity and intimacy. Thereafter, planets move into fellow sire sign Sagittarius in quick succession – Venus Mercury, the Sun and a new Moon on the 23rd, are all good news, with that new Moon especially auspicious for birthdays circa March 22. With ruler mars at the other end of Sagittarius, this is definitely the season for bright ideas – visionary ones even – and for changing your mind about people and decisions from the last two months. Flux is good, as are connections to international contacts. Disputes are best left until the start of December, when Venus is on hand to resolve them.

Taurus and Taurus rising

The month of Scorpio, being your opposing yet kindred sign, is in some respects like looking in the mirror, especially when the Bull’s ruler, Venus, is in opposition. You are attracted to people on your wavelength. The annual full Moon in Taurus gives you an opportunity to show off. It’s a cue for a social encounter for sure, perhaps even for a turn of passion and intimacy. This year, however, the Sun and Venus face a formidable passage through Scorpio. The partial lunar eclipse at the new Moon on October 25 is followed by a total eclipse of the Sun on at the full Moon of November 8. Both Venus and the Sun are opposed by Prometheus in your own sign.

As much is a recipe for unforeseen events of a dramatic nature; bodice-ripping Mills & Boon stuff even, and/or for a flurry of departures and arrivals in your ultra-personal life. A chance to make over your identity, possibly. Such changes have been in process since your birthday. There is no need for panic; the changes signalled by eclipses often take months to process, but a degree of self-examination is in order, especially for May birthdays.

The latter part of the month maintains the emotional intensity, while highlighting financial matters; here there’s much to ponder, with December ringed for action stations.

Gemini and Gemini rising

The long stay of Mars in The Twins takes a backward turn through to January; time to catch your breath and mull over recent events, especially any emotional attachments that have breezed along. You are mercifully out of direct range of the month’s solar eclipse on the 8th, but the Moon is still strong on the 10th/11th when in your skies and pulling you into the limelight.

The second half of November is more challenging, hopefully in a positive way, as Mercury and Venus move into opposition, followed by the Sun and a new Moon on the 23rd, all of which highlight one-on-one associations and the desirability of partnerships. Keep things calm and clear as this trio bump into Mars at the start of December, a more volatile scenario.

Cancer and Cancer rising

cancer 2019The eclipses during Scorpio’s month are undeniably stormy astrological weather, but they are pitched at a helpful angle to your Cancer Sun and are as likely to presage positive developments as upsets. It could well be that a project (or relationship) on which you have been engaged over recent months is finally coming into bloom, or that you have decided you have run out of patience; one way or another it’s not time to wait around. Scorpio being a fellow water sign, the emotional currents run deep in the early part of the month.

After mid-month, with planets moving on to fiery Sagittarius, practical considerations take precedence and the faster you tick off the tasks on your must-do list the better. It isn’t all graft, however; Jupiter’s brief stay in Pisces asks you to catch an opportunity before it vanishes, perhaps a travel plan; birthdays circa July 21st are most in the frame.

Leo and Leo rising

A sense of restriction is all too likely when Saturn is in opposition, especially in 2022 for August birthdays. The taskmaster planet is now moving forwards to bring some issues to crunch point, but Saturn is also much involved in the total eclipse of your Sun ruler on the 8th, which gives developments this month a weighty, unexpected quality. No need to hit the alarm button, but there is a call to give matters full deliberation before making decisions. With the month’s eclipses falling across the home/career axis of your solar ‘scope, property and professional prestige are the principal areas of interest.

After mid-month Venus, Mercury the Sun and a new Moon all arrive in fiery Sagittarius in a prime position in your ‘scope, a place where you attract attention and admiration, and are in place to remind the world why you should! Even if it’s a on a purely personal, micro level, time to get busy.

Virgo and Virgo rising

Things look to be moving on at a crisp, if not always even pace. There is likely to be some disruption to plans, especially to meetings, zoom calls and the like, but the month’s major flash point, the solar eclipse on the 8th, doesn’t have you in its sights, so disturbances are likely to be off at one side. Indeed, with planets thronging your communications axis, you are likely to be hard=pressed to keep up with the demands of others for information. Save any decisions until after the eclipse.

From mid-month, your Mercury ruler, Venus, and the Sun all move on to Sagittarius, cross the roots of your ‘scope and take up a more awkward position where professional challenge is more likely. That meme is likely to grow as the month progresses; warrior Mars remains in your career zone, albeit now in a less pushy retrograde. Still, when those planets in the Centaur move into opposition to Mars at the very end of November, expect a few frayed tempers in the mix. Meanwhile big-hearted Jupiter remains powerful in opposition from Pisces; all good for partnerships and double acts, if mainly for birthdays circa 21 September.

Libra and Libra rising

While finances – especially those you share with other people, including banks and the like – are ostensibly the focus of the lunar eclipse, intimate relations are a more likely subject for change this month. Sudden departures and equally unexpected arrivals are in the frame. Because the eclipse is tied tightly to Saturn, a long-term resident in your zone of romance, any changes of heart look weighty.

Your ‘scope, however, is in impatient mood, with planets quickly moving on to Sagittarius and the sone of communications, writing, bright ideas and education, and the new Moon here on the 23rd is a signal for a new venture, or a new phase in an existing one. The more you mingle with chums, siblings, and clever clogs the better. Venus here may also introduce an element of flirtation and/or friendship. Relations with significant others are, in general in flux. Jupiter has recently moved from your partnership zone but will be back to lend support come Christmas. Patience remains a virtue.