Your Stars October 2022

This year the astrological weather is a particularly apt fit for the autumn season. First Libra, one of the hinges of the year, hosts its ruling planet Venus promising a season of poise and beauty. Crystal light falling on russet leaves and the like – the stuff captured for immortality in John Keats much quoted Ode to Autumn, “season of mellow fruitfulness”.

Keats, a Scorpio, died young, so we never got his words on the stormier side of autumn’s character, which is represented by Scorpio. Its season arrives on the 23rd, to bring darker nights and, since Venus is alongside the Sun, secret, bodice-ripping passions; nice work if you can get it. British Summer Time ends on Sunday October 30, just in time for spooky Halloween, which is New Year’s Eve in the Celtic calendar.

The cosmos, far from spending an extra hour in bed, is waking up. Pluto turns to forward motion early in the month and heads for its much-anticipated touch-down in Aquarius next March. For the destroyer and builder of realms there is definitely no sleep until April 2023, after which the distant, enigmatic planet begins its retreat into Capricorn for the rest of 2023.

Saturn is also moving forwards later in the month, and again won’t be halting before taking up residence in Pisces next March. The other major planet changing signs is Jupiter, which continues its backward slide and reaches its home sign of Pisces at the end of October, though it stays there for only ten weeks before re-entering Aries. Looks like quite a winter ahead.

Planetary Events

  • October 9 – Full Moon in Aries at 20.55 GMT
  • October 10- Mercury into Libra
  • October 23 – Sun into Scorpio
  • October 23 – Venus into Scorpio
  • October 25 New Moon in Scorpio at 10.49 GMT, a partial solar eclipse
  • October 29 – Mercury into Scorpio
  • Mars spends October going forwards in Gemini
  • Jupiter spends the month retrograde in Aries, reaching Pisces on 28 October
  • Saturn is all but stationary in Aquarius, turning forwards on 21 October
  • Prometheus is retrograde in Taurus
  • Neptune is retrograde in Pisces
  • Pluto moves forwards in Capricorn on October 9

Libra and Libra rising

With your birthday Sun accompanied by ruler Venus, and from the 11th by Mercury, the chances of getting your way – in the nicest possible manner of course – are high. Ladle on the charm, remind people of the dynamism and bright ideas you bring to the party, and enjoy the giddy full Moon weekend of the 8th/9th. Aspects to Mars expand your reach, bring international contacts into play, and favour intellectual and educational pursuits. That Saturn is back in business – the ringed planet turns forwards later in the month – gives your decisions clout – tick off the items on your task list.

Jupiter remains in opposition, emphasising partnerships, which remain central to your sense of well-being, and with a Venus-Jupiter opposition opening October, attractions run deep but are not necessarily stable. Jupiter is in retreat and vanishes from opposition at the end of the month, though the giant planet – optimism, largesse – will be back in ten weeks’ time. The first of two eclipses across your financial axis arrives on the 25th…as for many others, a new plan may be called for. Happy Birthday.

Scorpio and Scorpio rising

Until the Sun reaches your skies on October 23, there is a behind-the-scenes- feel to your ‘scope. Even if you are not in need of rest and recreation, there are good reasons for the pause and plenty to catch up with. Mercury only completes its retrograde loop at mid-month, time for a catch-up. Your ruler Mars remains hyper-active, however, again emphasising there is plenty to process where intimate relationships are concerned after late summer’s upheavals.

Your birthday season begins with a bang. The new Moon of October 25 is also a partial solar eclipse which certainly suggests a fresh start, especially for birthdays around that date. The scenery shifts at an eclipse, though the changes often take time to arrive, and given the total lunar eclipse that follows in November, you might usefully stay in wait-and-see mode. That Venus is moving side by side with the Sun adds charm and – given this is Scorpio – emotional intensity to your progress. Enjoy.

Sagittarius 2019Sagittarius and Sagittarius rising

It’s a month to fine tune personal relationships. The Libra-Aries axis, which governs both your romantic life and less intimate associations with friends and fellow travellers, is aglow, favouring charm and outreach. Professionally, it’s not the time to be a solo act; teamwork pays off, while at a more individual level the full Moon of the 9th should find many of you basking in emotional fulfilment.

Mars in opposition complicates matters, however. At best the red planet spices up one-on-one associations and introduces fresh individuals into your world, but the warrior planets is a two-edged blade and is in long term opposition (until March 23), compelling your astrologer to repeat last month’s forecast: ‘ Mars is scorching its way through your opposite sign of Gemini, where it will spend all winter going back and forth. Hence the need to make clear terms and conditions with significant others, be it your main squeeze, new companion or sworn enemy…what you don’t need (even if they do) is a constant feud.’

A change of tempo is signalled by the Sun’s move into Scorpio on the 23rd, and with Venus and a new Moon alongside in the most opaque sector of your ‘scope, a dive into your inner realm of contemplation and healing looks rewarding.

Capricorn and Capricorn rising

With a new Moon (25 September) and Venus atop your ‘scope, your place in the world is for shining up, burnishing even. Time to remind people not to take you for granted, and to exhibit yourself at your most poised. Public displays of your skills, including grand speeches, are in favour. Sun, Moon and Mercury will all be aspecting Pluto in your skies, signalling empowerment or the resolution of a long-running (year long) saga – especially for birthdays circa January 16.

The cosmos’s turn from Libra to Scorpio signals easier climes when you can gather energy from your circle of well-wishers, a group you may consider enlarging given the eclipse that accompanies the new Moon of the 25th. With Venus in Scorpio through to mid-November, more intimate, sexier encounters beckon.

Aquarius and Aquarius rising

Saturn never sleeps, but across summer the taskmaster of the zodiac has been retrograde and therefore in less demanding mood. With the ringed planet moving forwards once more late in October, demands to deliver, resolve, and pull funds from thin air increases, this month especially for birthdays circa February 7. With Saturn, decisions stick around – think long term.

Your ‘scope is in dynamic mood, however, and you can prise yourself from any messes of the last few weeks, The Sun and Venus in airy Libra and Mars in airy Gemini align with your own sign (air, of course) and encourage a spirit of exploration and, gulp, romantic ardour – Mars seems insistent on the latter topic. Time to leave the house (and your comfort zone) more often.

The solar eclipse at the peak of your ‘scope on the 25th is a way marker; events around then may show you an unexpected new direction of travel for your career. November brings developments.

Pisces and Pisces rising

Relationships with significant others remain strong, and probably problematic in the planetary mix. Mercury’s convolutions in opposition persist for the first ten days; you may be owed some straight answers. Meanwhile the Sun and Venus in your eighth house suggest a lot of heart-searching, with the full Moon of the 9th also calling your financial acumen into question. There seems to be a lot of noise too, on the domestic front.

Once the Sun and Venus reach watery Scorpio on the 23rd, with a solar eclipse a couple of days later, solutions should come easier, your horizons wider. The return of ruler Jupiter to the Fishes’ Skies at Halloween repeats that message. the giant planet is only with you for ten weeks, but unless you are prone to burning the candle at both ends, all is good.

Aries and Aries rising

Your first job, and there seem to be many, is to get to the annual full Moon in your sign on the 9th. En route there comes the highly romantic, if ambiguous, opposition between mighty Jupiter in your skies and Venus, strong in opposition in your partner sign of Libra. As much makes October highly auspicious for singletons among you, but longer-term partnerships may need an adjustment in their terms and conditions, as much those that exist between you and your heart as between you and the other party.

Talking of parties, – the other kind – your everyday schedule seems to be packed with playtime as well as work. Your ruling planet, Mars, is burning through Gemini at full speed until the end of the month. Travel, short or long, may prove the key. In even minor encounters you need to be as attentive, assured, and amiable as a busy Aries can manage. The shift of the Sun and Venus into Scorpio on the 23rd, plus a solar eclipse there, intensifies intimate relationships while the departure of Jupiter – for ten weeks – may put plans on hold, notably for March birthdays.

Taurus and Taurus rising

That Venus, your ruling planet, spends the first three weeks of the month alongside the Sun in the sector of your ‘scope concerned with practicalities may not fill your heart with joy, but embrace the tasks on your never-ending list. There is catch-up to do. Given messenger Mercury is still slogging through its retrograde phase, and with said planet in your heart zone, recent decisions about your romantic life are open to revision.

Scorpio, your opposite but kindred sign, may hold surprises this year, given the first of two eclipses at the new Moon of the 25th, but Venus there suggests a supportive partnership. Your own ruling planet, Mars, remains in your cash zone and in aspect to Saturn in your home zone, a recipe for judicious, home-based economics. Tradition holds Taureans to be good at that.

Gemini and Gemini rising

This looks lively. A month when Mars is skipping – perhaps none too lightly – through your sign while the Sun and Venus and ruler Mercury skip elegantly through Libra, the sign governing joy, romance and artistry in your solar ‘scope. Hard to go far wrong under such stars but be aware that under Mars your cutting edges can come up too sharp. Venus calls for a lighter touch, and for you to respond winningly to every social interaction and invitation. Simples. There simply has to be an oh-so-lovely Libran party to hand somewhere. And, like the old song says, everybody loves a lover.

Thanks to planets elsewhere there’s something in October’s stars for everyone. Saturn wakening up in Aquarius (air), and Jupiter still opportune in Aries, (fire), Gemini’s air has plenty to work with elsewhere; grand dreams or clever schemes are both fortuitously highlighted. The arrival of Scorpio’s season may prove abrupt. Its many chores must be completed, however. Plus, with Jupiter back in Pisces for the next ten weeks, your picture career path needs focus.

cancer 2019Cancer and Cancer rising

There’s a touch of good fortune about the opening few days of the month, and thanks to Mercury finally resuming forwards motion, at least one ongoing area of confusion is there to be clarified. Resolution of issues is a major theme while the Sun and Venus are in Libra, inviting you to enhance your beautiful home, bring peace into family disputes and to promote your career – especially at the full Moon of the 9th, when you may find yourself in the limelight. Not too much is laid on a plate, but determination and clever politics should carry you along.

The month of Scorpio – fellow water sign – is different. Sun, Venus, a new Moon, and a solar eclipse all change the emotional terrain and presage a shake-up in your romantic life should you be looking for as much. Agreeable company, including a Scorpio birthday party, is the least you should settle for. At the close of the month Jupiter retreats into the third water sign of Pisces – only for ten weeks, but long enough to remove pressure from your professional standing and bring a sense of possibility, even abundance.

Leo and Leo rising

Your horoscope is in a state of transition in October, though the changes come with a light touch in the first three weeks of the month. Your Sun ruler alongside Venus brings in good company and a weighty list of everyday projects to dispatch. Mars and the Sun in airy signs stack up the must-do list and there’s a temptation to take on too much. A quick response and a willingness to travel help. Romance is on the breeze should you be looking.

The Sun’s shift into Scorpio on the 23rd brings a change of atmosphere and, given a partial solar eclipse on the 25th (with another eclipse to follow in November, the chance of events that open up a new chapter. That Saturn in opposition finally moves forwards at the same time also lays matter on the line in uncompromising terms, especially if you have a birthday circa August 11. As always with Saturn, think ahead and plan for the long term.

Virgo and Virgo rising

Get on the front foot. Ruler Mercury remains in your skies and is finally moving forwards, meaning that over the first ten days of the month you can iron out disputes – don’t bother waiting for someone else to make the first move – and catch up on your ever-busy schedule. This is likely to get mega busy given Mars’s residence at the top of your ‘scope in the area of career and public display. Not everyone at work may love you, but Virgos are rarely short of a combative spirit.

The incoming month of eclipses is at an oblique angle to your Sun, do disruption is likely to be at a minimum, but if you are in education or the media, it could be time to ring changes. Your Mercury ruler reaches this zone at the end of the month to make clear what needs to be done.