Your Stars August 2023

August is first and foremost the month of Leo, with the Sun- the Lion’s ruler – at its most powerful – but this year Leo’s sway is boosted by the presence of Venus as the green planet completes its retrograde from evening to morning star.

August is a Virgo month too, of course – with the contrast between the two signs one of the zodiac’s biggest wrenches: Leo, brash and demonstrative, Virgo unassuming and meticulous. Many individuals have planets in both signs of course, and it would help all of us if we can channel the better qualities of Lion and Harvest Goddess in August and September – Virgo’s ruler Mercury is in its own sign until October 5 (including three weeks in retrograde) while Venus is likewise in Leo to October 9.  People have their own idea of the good and bad traits of each sign, so let’s just say we are in the lookout for a (metaphorical) king or queen who goes out of their way to help others and is prepared to wash up afterwards. Any takers?

 Cosmic Events

  • August 1 – Full Moon in Aquarius at 18.32 GMT
  • August 16 – New moon in Leo at 09.38 GMT
  • August 23 – The Sun moves into Virgo.
  • August 31 – Full Moon in Pisces at 01.36 GMT
  • Mercury spends all month in Virgo turning retrograde on the 23rd.
  • Venus spends all month retrograde in Leo.
  • Mars spends most of August in Virgo, moving into Libra on the 27th.
  • Jupiter moves slowly forwards in Taurus.
  • Saturn is retrograde in Pisces.
  • Prometheus remains in Taurus, turning retrograde on the 29th.
  • Neptune is retrograde in Pisces.
  • Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn.

Leo and Leo rising

The full Moon opposite you on the 1st may usher in a couple of days of lunacy between you and a partner – or a star-struck encounter with someone new. Personal relations are also turned up to 11 by the ongoing presence of Venus in your skies, and ith the romance planet being retrograde through to early September, old associations are in the air. The new Moon of the 16th should shake things up, and if you are looking for a standout day, the conjunction of Venus and your Sun ruler on the 13th is the one for celebration of the casting of love spells. Happy Birthday.

Virgo and Virgo rising

Ruler Mercury in your skies grants you control as does combative Mars, but best get a wiggle on before Mercury turns tail on the 24th, when you will have to slow down and celebrate your birthday month. However, Mercury stays in your sign of Virgo until 5th October.

Be prepared for a plunge into full Moon madness on the 30th- 31st, when Saturn in opposition takes no prisoners (ouch) and Neptune will happily lead you astray (interesting).

Libra and Libra rising

In search of long-lost love? Your ruler, Venus, in retrograde may bring old lovers and near-misses back into contention, especially at the congenial full Moon that opens August. And if love is not available, there is always friendship and the comforts of the gang.

You may, however, be able to conjure something magical from the weekend of the 12th, when Venus is subsumed by the Sun – Cazimi as it’s called – and you can whisper into the ear of the love goddess. On the 28th, Mars arrives to provide the energy to do your (very long) to-do list.

Scorpio and Scorpio rising

Push on the door of least resistance. Given that your totem planet, Mars, is roaring through the zone of associates and helpers, the world of work is the obvious place. Personal interface would be nice but in these days of home working, Zoom calls may have to suffice.

Quick, before Mercury goes backwards! Gauging the intentions of people sitting across the table or sharing the sofa is more difficult. The two planets in your relationship zone can mean exciting arrivals…or soul-draining exits. Since both are at maximum power you won’t have long to wait to find out.

SagittariusSagittarius and Sagittarius rising

Being hauled back to the past only helps if you can right an ancient wrong, and/or if healing ancient wounds is possible. Otherwise, it’s better to focus on the here and now, especially at work, where Mercury and Mars lend you both muscle and brain power.

Your major quest – and if you don’t have one let’s say it’s self-discovery – gets a boost the new Moon of the 16th, even if that means you rip up your current plans and start again.

Capricorn and Capricorn rising

Public recognition being important to many Goats, you have ample reasons for celebration. Planets in the zodiac’s two other earth signs point to a surge of your creative talents and skill as a mover and shaker. It’s an excellent time to surprise people who have you nailed as a small ‘c’ conservative; show out! The up close and personal stuff?

Let’s just say that with Venus retrograde in your solar eighth house, where asteroid Juno and non-planet Black Moon Lilith are also present, it’s very much your secret, with issues of fidelity strong in the mix.

Aquarius and Aquarius rising

August 1st is a plunge off the high board straight into an Aquarius full Moon, which at the least promises a little dizziness. With your opposite and complementary sign of Leo currently home to a retrograde Venus, relations with your main squeeze are under review and perhaps under pressure, but initiating discussions is best left to them rather than you.

Shortly after the new Moon of the 16th is a better time to clear the air or, if you’re single, to seal a new partnership. In any case you have promising initiatives to make in either the domestic or professional sphere. Or both!

Pisces and Pisces rising

Strong, clear communications are the first thing on the agenda. Mercury now enters nine weeks of opposition, with three weeks of retrograde starting on the 24th, and the last thing you need is a haggle about who said and promised what, especially at the close of August when you have the annual full Moon in Pisces to (hopefully) enjoy.

Besides, no-nonsense Saturn remains in your sign, meaning you’re the tough guy just now and for the foreseeable future. Lots of errands to run/places to travel meanwhile, some jolly exciting.

Aries and Aries rising

The fellow fire sign of Leo is, for the Ram, a place of delight, self-expression, romance and parties. What’s not to like? With the pleasure and relationship planet Venus here until October, you should be stepping out and living it up, the caveat being that with Venus retrograde throughout August, some retrospective soul-searching may be involved, along with old, even unwanted reappearances from the past.

The new Moon of the 16th is pivotal, allowing you to gather your strength, rearrange your priorities and show a flash of the old magic (you’ve still got it!). Ruler Mars shows up in opposition on the 28th, tread carefully into September.


Big-hearted Jupiter has now reached mid-point in the Bull’s skies, asking you to evaluate the last three months and to appreciate any good fortune you may have taken for granted. Birthdays up to and including April 6 especially. More good stuff is on the way. Ruler Venus is also halfway through its complex retrograde cycle, putting huge emphasis on domestic and family issues; anything from a kitchen refit to a discovery that the family tree has a more chequered history than you thought.

Fun times – high tea on summer lawns and high jinks in the shrubbery – are promised by Mars. Get it while you can.

Gemini and Gemini rising

Ruler Mercury now moves into a nine-week sojourn in the zone of family and home, and with a retrograde folded into that, keep your decisions swift and decisive, and not only about choice of flatmate.

Escaping any domestic argy-bargy is a better idea – August’s retrograde Venus promises hook-ups, voices from the past, multiple errands and, if you are lucky, actual down time. Mars brings excitement from the 28th, but you’ll need all the energy you can muster to handle it.

cancerCancer and Cancer rising

Venus, often considered a money planet, is retrograde in your cash zone! Let’s hope that’s about you claiming what is rightfully yours from the past, preferably remuneration though you may have to settle for belated acknowledgment of your contribution.

With Jupiter strong in your social life this month, and a full Moon in kindred water sign Pisces, you seem to have plentiful support from your professional team and your friends.