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Prometheus is the god who gave fire to humanity so a better fit for Uranus.


The question currently facing astrologers worldwide is simple enough: ‘Will next year be better than this one?’ To which the short answer is ‘Yes, but…’


Because the world is swapping a troublesome major planetary cycle for a more upbeat one. Out goes the combination of Saturn-Pluto, a wrecking ball in human history whenever they meet, the astrological signature of World War One (1914), the partition of India and Palestine (1947), the Twin Tower terror attacks (2001) and now the Covid Pandemic of 2020.

In comes the conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn, whose meeting every 20 years was considered the ‘Great Chronocrator’ (timekeeper) by the ancients, and which describes the character of the following two decades, according to the sign in which they embrace. The two met on 21 December 2020 at zero degrees Aquarius; a super-rare event that last took place in 1226, and one that has astrologers fizzing with talk of ‘The Age of Aquarius’, or rather ‘The New Age of Aquarius’, given that the one promised in the 1960s didn’t show up.

Jupiter is in Aquarius for one year, Saturn for two and a quarter years, so let’s not call it an ‘age’, though it may well feel like that once Pluto reaches Aquarius in spring 2023 for a stay of 20 years.

All signs are equal, of course, though, as we shall see, the 1960s made Aquarius more equal than others. It is certainly a more vibrant, democratic sign than conservative Capricorn, where Saturn-Pluto have been brewing up the dark stuff in 2020. More important than either sign is what planets are at work, and while Saturn-Pluto consolidates hierarchies, Jupiter-Saturn lays the foundations of a new social order. Cause for optimism then.


Events that arrive in Saturn-Pluto years often leave a lingering, unpleasant heritage. The partitions of India and Palestine in 1947 remain disputed. 2001’s Twin Towers attack unleashed middle eastern wars that are still being fought and religious terrorism still being waged. One suspects Covid-19 will likewise not ‘just disappear’ as Donald Trump claimed. It may be with us a long time.

Trump aside, the ‘hard men’ of nationalism – a signature of Pluto in Capricorn since 2008 – remain in power across much of the globe, China, Russia, India, Brazil, Turkey, Poland and Hungary for example. Will democratic Aquarius help dislodge them? We shall see.

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