Your Stars February 2019

February New Moon set for London

February 4 is not just a new Moon but a New Year, at least for those parts of the world that use a lunar calendar.

In Chinese astrology this is the year of the Earth Pig, especially auspicious for those born under the Pig, the last sign of the Chinese zodiac; 1935/47/59/71/83/95/2007 (the precise dates overlap our western years, however).

Your astrologer makes no claims to understanding the celestial secrets of the far East, except to observe that its twelve signs and five elements (wood, fire, earth, water, metal, rather than the west’s earth, water, fire and air) add up to a 60 year cycle that corresponds, again not precisely, to two Saturn cycles of 30 years, and five Jupiter cycles of 12 years.

Both Saturn and Jupiter are currently strong by western astrology’s system, both being in their own respective signs of Capricorn and Sagittarius, and this month’s forecasts are centred around those two planets. The three ‘outer’ planets – Prometheus, Neptune, Pluto – are also part of western astrology’s scheme, especially this month ‘strangely strange’ Neptune, lodged in the middle of oceanic Pisces, whose month begins with a full Moon (in Virgo) on February 19. This trio of distant planets play no part in Chinese or Vedic astrology; nonetheless they are out there, orbiting the Sun, just like our own dear (to most of us) planet Earth, and surely deserve consideration.

I would like to thank the many readers who have contributed to funding this site, and wish all my readers, Pigs, Dragon, Rats and the rest, a very happy New Year.


aquarius-fotoliaIn a hurry? Feeling swell? You should be, such is February’s helpful planetary weather. Having your birthday Sun onside is an obvious plus point, as is the fleeting presence of messenger Mercury (until February 10), and the new Moon in your skies on February 4, a super omen for birthdays on that date. Crack on with your schemes.

You have other reasons to be cheerful, mainly the ongoing presence of benevolent Jupiter, which until December lights up the zone of friends, acquaintances and fellow travellers, making your no doubt vast social network a particular source of support and inspiration this year (and if said network isn’t vast, it’s time to expand it). Mingling with hoity toity types and big-hearted chums comes under this transit, so too advantages that come from being a team player, especially if you are (or can become) the leader of your particular pack.

All of this touches on how you perceive your personal mission. Aquarius is a sign with a humanitarian outlook (the Urn Bearer pours for all!) and high-minded causes and helping others on a practical, mundane level both make a perfect fit for these stars.

More intimate relationships may well be mixed up in this social cavalcade. The eclipsed full Moon of January 21 represented a change in your personal life, the close of a partnership (and eclipse) cycle from the last 18 months. The planetary picture on Valentine’s Day (which, of course, is always in your sign) suggests lots of coming and going in your private life (especially for birthdays circa January 20 and February 18), but you don’t have to make grand declarations one way or another just yet. March finds fair Venus in your skies, enabling you to sort out the wheat from the chaff, the dross from the dazzling, the gorgeous from the gross. Happy Birthday.

Your Valentine: secretive.


Being Piscean means you always have options. There are two Fishes remember, facing in opposite directions – upstream and downstream, business and pleasure, worldly and dreamy. In February you have to keep both Fishes fully engaged. As delineated in January’s forecasts, your horoscope in 2019 is dominated by ruler Jupiter and Saturn, both of them lodged in outgoing positions, in the realms of career, self-advancement, networking and politics (with small or large ‘p’). Action there in the opening few months of 2019 calls for full engagement with people and events that are somewhat impersonal. If your working life turns into something of a brawl at times, so be it – navigate choppy waters with your unerring instinct for a deal and for survival.

The opening third of February also calls for some compensatory down-time; the new Moon of the 4th is behind the scenes, and not until the Sun reaches your skies on February 19 are you fully empowered. That messenger Mercury is in Pisces from the 10th is a boost for agreements and trade – get your decisions made and deals done as early as possible, bearing in mind that the quicksilver planet is, zut alors! – sliding backwards throughout March. Not the best time to reach settlement. Meanwhile, don’t promise what you can’t deliver.

Your birthday month starts – unusually – with a full Moon opposite you in Virgo on February 19, a dizzy couple of days at the least and for some a way-marker on life’s trail. Since Mercury is conjunct the confusing/deluded/inspirational energies of Neptune (delete as appropriate) in February and March, keep thoughts, feelings and plans on a mundane level. A sweet aspect to Saturn should help you do so. Your imaginative Fish must have its say, but so must its pragmatic counterpart. That expression – ‘cold fish’ – is a useful guide at this point in the proceedings. Imperfect reality is a better friend than a perfect fantasy (just sayin’).

That isn’t to say that your emotional and romantic life is stranded on a rocky shore. Venus in earthy Capricorn is a solid sender for watery Pisces, albeit with a cautionary shot of realism. The interplay of sumptuous, touchy-feely ‘if only’ and hard-hat ‘is this really going to work?’ is the very much the battle of springtime. Happy Birthday.

Your Valentine: sweet and close by.


Let’s put this diplomatically- the sign of the Ram is not primarily about peace, love and understanding. Not that you are opposed to such noble sentiments – you may defend them all too fiercely – but in practice, you of all signs know that life involves plenty of push, shove and the kind of passion that exceeds the conventions of politeness.

As much applies particularly to the first six weeks of 2019, when the Ram’s undisputed ruler, Mars, holds sway in your skies. Mars in Aries wears its heart on its sleeve – can it be mere happenstance that such soul music luminaries as Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross and Al Green are all born under your sign? Consider yourself – at least for now – as a kindred crooner, wailer and strutter, unburdening your heart through protestation and confession. You put your feelings out there, it’s up to others to handle your fire as best they can, hopefully with empathy and adoration. Hopefully.

As much applies in February as it did in January, when the total lunar eclipse of January 21 marked something of a sayonara to the last eighteen months, whether as a simple ‘so long, good luck and goodbye’ to an erstwhile romance, and/or as the start of a new determination in your emotional (and creative) life.

That the troublesome (in a good way) planet Prometheus simultaneously takes its leave of your skies, not to return for another 84 years, also suggests you are shedding a skin – maybe even a long term partner – a notion that applies forcefully to birthdays April 18/19. Shrug off your old life gladly – 2019 has an enterprising (if demanding) agenda for you, thanks to Jupiter and Saturn.

Your Valentine: you look one, hot, impatient date, making your crush somewhat prim by comparison.


Ready or not, here it comes, ‘it’ being change, perhaps of a profound nature…more about which shortly. Yet the first thing to emphasize about your horoscope is its current stability. Planets in Capricorn, a fellow earth sign, are stern but fair, allowing you to take out from life what you put in – and we are talking in terms of money, property, and above all work. Often something of a four letter word, work is currently something of a salvation, especially in the months leading up to your birthday.

The new Moon of February 4 repeats the message, as does the full Moon of February 19. This a time to see and be seen – from the 10th, communicator Mercury spends nine weeks back and forth in your zone of networking – a prime time to get your ideas into other people’s ears (don’t forget to listen, too), though not to make promises you can’t keep.

As much promises gradual, accumulative change. More dramatic is the kind promised first by warrior Mars shifting into your skies on February 14, followed by planet Prometheus early next month.

Mars rolls round every couple of years to stoke your fires and – how can one put it diplomatically – wave a red rag at The Bull. It’s good to see a Taurean stirred up enough to break from dull routine, but once roused, Bulls incline to the implacable rather than the strategic. Show some diplomacy. During the second half of February that applies in particular to April birthdays. The implications of Prometheus’ six year residence in your skies will be considered more fully in March’s forecast… for now, it’s sufficient to suggest that you stay loose and be open to change. Digging in your heels – let’s face it, a default position for many Taureans – is not a cure-all for your problems.

Your Valentine: super sexy but super secretive.


gemini 2018Your sign is celebrated for being able to multi-task, to be here, there and everywhere, skills that should come in handy in February, when you are juggling a complex but potentially rewarding picture.

Principally you are handling people, lots of them, who all have agendas of their own. Jupiter, which remains opposite, is not about deception, however; more a case of what you see is what you get. Your job is to evaluate folks you encounter – acquaintances, friends, potential lovers, even ex’s – figure out what they want (or might want) from you and vice versa. For those of you in the dating game this looks like a series of auditions – especially over the last month – with plenty of fun involved but not necessarily a clear outcome. The encounter of Jupiter and a waxing Moon in your skies makes Valentine’s Day prime time a close encounter. If you are already a couple, then Jupiter either deepens your partnership or uncouples it; whichever option increases your (or your partner’s) freedom.

There is plenty going on at a less intimate level. The whirligig of your social life spins giddily in February’s first half, when business and pleasure fuse happily, though business gains the upper hand once the month of Pisces arrives, announced by a full Moon on February 19. Your ruler, Mercury, asks you to keep your pronouncements (edicts?) clear, as the quicksilver planet hits foggy Neptune at the same time and will be in retrograde motion throughout March. Clear the desk in readiness.

One area where you can’t keep things ambiguous is in the area of finance, where Saturn maintains its demands for a tidy spread sheet and some long term planning. One of Jupiter’s theme tunes is spend-spend-spend, which is fine if it supports, say, a holiday (travel is much favoured in the month of Aquarius) but keep a grip!

Your Valentine: someone grand.


Cancer FotoliaYour horoscope is not offering much by way of escape from the here-and-now, and a harsh Northern Hemisphere winter (southern hemisphere readers can give thanks they are not in perpetual greyness). June birthdays will have felt Saturn’s bite in 2018, now July birthdays are experiencing the taskmaster planet’s demands, which were outlined in January’s forecast. Under Saturn’s opposition less usually proves to be more; non-essential items – and non-essential people – get the heave-ho. Necessity, and your long-term mission, are what counts.

At least in February you have the lighter touch that Venus in opposition brings; the welcome attention of friends and lovers, and a head-turner or two for singletons. Venus conjunct Saturn (18 February) and Pluto (23 February) should help sort out who is on your side. Powerful emotions arrive under such transits, whether they signal arrivals or departures, or even old flames sputtering into life (the past is quite a player in your world just now).

The Aquarian new Moon on 4 February underscores the importance of relations with partners past present and future, not least where joint finances are involved (and money is invariably a factor in relationships). That new Moon looks a likely discovery point.

The season of Pisces is, as ever, a plus point for you, being a fellow water sign. Starting with the Virgo full Moon of February 19, this promises to be an odd season. Anything that goes right – artistic inspiration, a ray of spirituality – you can thank Neptune for. Anything that goes wrong – stranded in the middle of nowhere with a dead car battery – you can blame on the same planet, especially during March, when Mercury is retrograding over Neptune. Pleasure is on offer if you can locate it.

You have a lightening of the load from mid-month, when Mars changes signs, signaling help from your professional team and pragmatic fellow travellers – don’t forget to ask for support! – and the chance of some canny deal-making during the following six weeks.

Your Valentine: staring right back at you.


Thank heavens that Super Wolf lunar eclipse in your sign (January 21) is out the way. Apart from any short-term discomfort, it closed two and a half years of an eclipse cycle that has focused on partnerships (successful or otherwise), which allows you to find more equilibrium in your dealings with you know who (or who turned out to be a dead squib).

True, February finds you somewhat on the back foot in your relationship dealings – your Sun ruler is in opposition and you may not get the regal treatment to which you, as a Leo, are entitled! On the other hand you are enjoying (or should be) one of the best transits in the astrological cookbook – Jupiter in your fellow fire sign of Sagittarius. Its demands are simple – lead with your heart, accept every party invite, dress to impress, go into every sporting match brimming with confidence, be cock-a-hoop when you win and graceful in defeat.

For those of you pursuing romance, or enjoying its delights, the same applies; be a good sport. Grievances should be consigned to the past – ‘The future looks bright ahead’ as an old chart-topping tune has it – with the new Moon of February 4 a point of renewal in all your one-on-one dealings, romantic or otherwise. The full Moon of February 19 further allows you tie off relationship failures and deepen those that have worked out.

Thanks to Mars, still strong in its own sign of Aries, you also have the rub of the green (as cricket players say) when pursuing lofty intellectual or spiritual ambitions and/or travelling to distant shores. The red planet’s arrival at the peak of your ‘scope on February 15 puts your ambitions into harder, more professional focus; expect a few bumps in your working life (especially July birthdays thin the latter half of the month).

There again, if you have a working life, embrace it with vigour. You likely don’t have too much choice given Saturn’s ongoing presence in your solar sixth house (translation: steady routine and closely monitored tea breaks). With Jupiter rampant, you have a rich life away from the 9 to 5.

Your Valentine: grand, in both senses of the word, but possibly all too distant.


Your celebrated super-pragmatism will see you through such challenges as February might throw at you. There shouldn’t be many; on the contrary, your ’scope invites your intervention. Saturn in earthy Capricorn all year supports dealings with the powers-that-be; the establishment is open to approach, people with more years and experience appreciate your crisp modus operandi, and those of you that fancy your chances as entrepreneur and artist, rather than the role of dutiful drudge, have a green light.

The shift of Venus into Capricorn adds a dash of pleasure and smiles on romance (perhaps with a boss!). Time, perhaps, to get down to business in more ways than one. Personal relationships – partners, flirtations, friends, ex’s – look the most complex part of your stars this month and next. The encounter of Venus and Saturn (February 18) is not the signature of whirlwind affairs, more like the sober assessment of commitment.

On the other hand there is Neptune, very much the stuff of dream dates, still crawling through its epic 14-year opposition, and while this is focused principally on birthdays between September 8-14, the planet looms large just now. Your ruler Mercury meets Neptune on February 19, just as the annual full Moon in your sign arrives, and will be back here twice in the next nine weeks as the communications planet completes its retrograde cycle.

What does that mean? Firstly that you are vulnerable to sudden, perhaps delusional infatuations. Secondly that you should take promises from other parties with a pinch of salt and not make idle promises yourself. Give everyone space to change their mind. That full Moon, as ever, promises a giddy two or three days and/or a chance for you to seize the limelight.

The month of Pisces means you are halfway between your last and next birthdays, somewhat on the back foot when dealing with others, and perhaps not at your physical prime. Happily, red-blooded Mars offers a boost now that it is in the third earth sign of Taurus pay off.

Your Valentine: could this be love? It certainly looks dizzy.


Talk about a ‘mixed bag’. There is no shortage of blunt truths in the Libran horoscope during the early months of 2019 – ask Tory PMs Theresa May (b. 1.10.1956) or David Cameron (b. 9.10.1966), both of whom are being squared by Saturn, a karmic planet that questions past decisions (like calling a Brexit referendum or a general election). Did I do that? Oops!

Not all Librans face such dramatic payback, of course, but even in its kindliest guise Saturn can bring uncomfortable encounters with reality; bricks and mortar that turn out to be more like mud and straw, ageing relatives, disquiet in the clan, a restlessness about your place on an apparently indifferent career path. Such issues remain prominent until May, when Saturn ‘s grip slackens.

On the other hand (or the other Scale), comes the month of Aquarius and the new Moon of February 4, which rekindles Libra’s ever-burning romantic flame. As the old saying goes, everybody loves a lover, and in February and March you are well placed to charm the socks off all and sundry. Circulate among your friendship circle – Jupiter insists.

Specific relationships might be more problematic. Mars remains in opposition until February 14, along with Prometheus until early March; that’s a very volatile combination that calls for some tippy-toeing around a major squeeze or best friend. What you are seeking in yourself is an attitude that’s open, calm and pragmatic – receptive rather than confrontational. Double that for birthdays October 17-23, who may have to make an actual capital ‘D’ Decision (not always Libra’s thing!).

The month of Pisces and the full Moon of February 19 puts fresh emphasis on mind-body-spirit matters, on healthy routines and steady work – with a Mercury retrograde here in March, sharpen your pencil and get busy. Next month, too, your ruler Venus will love

Your Valentine: unruly and irresistible, but you can play safe if you choose.


Your sign’s better attributes are well known – sexually magnetic, intense, stalwart (we’ll leave out the devious, stiletto-in-your-sleeve stuff) – but nimble and light-hearted don’t figure prominently. In February and March you may like to work on that. Your horoscope has plenty of quick-moving opportunity woven into its more challenging aspects, whether it’s canny business deals (Jupiter is all in favour of bringing in extra funds), learning new skill sets or getting playful in your social/romantic life.

Steady application at work and renewing your commitment to family and home we can take for granted – the new Moon of February 4 promises stability in both regards – plus with Saturn nicely angled you should be able to rub along with authority figures well enough. With Venus alongside Saturn, you can court them if you want.

Your personal life is more tricky. The full Moon of February 19 and the ensuing month of Pisces (a fellow water sign) is loaded with the seductive but unreliable energies of Neptune, and with Mercury criss-crossing said planet over coming weeks – yes, Mercury retrograde looms – best not expect people, even (in fact especially) those on whom you have a crush, to be plain sailing. Stay nimble.

That message is doubled-up by the move of your ruling planet, Mars, into six weeks of opposition from February 14, calling for you to be strategic rather than confrontational. By all means be direct and competitive when handling strong-willed individuals, but unless you are prepared for open warfare (and Scorpio is a military sign), roll with the punches. Where partners, pals and ex’s are involved, there is a great deal more to come this spring, much of it unexpected.

Your Valentine: either soft and seductive or as full-on as you.


Eke out every last fleeting pleasure from your current stars. Not that the supply of delights is going to dry up this year, not with your Jupiter ruler dominating your ‘scope through to next birthday, but Jupiter and Venus in your skies – the case during January- only rolls round every dozen years and the latter planet moves on come February 4. Might as well celebrate with your own version of happy hour.

More reasons to be cheerful (thank you Ian Dury) come in the shape of Mars and Prometheus. The red planet in your fellow fire sign of Aries – the case during January – is about big-hearted displays of your magnanimity and creative power and, if you are on the lookout, for romance. Since Mars is tangled up with Prometheus until mid-month, this may be of the incendiary variety, especially for birthdays circa December 18-20. Go hunting.

The hits just keep on coming: the new Moon in Aquarius on February 4 aligns with Jupiter to further your endeavours, especially those to do with education, skill sets, IT, public speaking and self-promotion. Talk yourself up.

The month of Pisces, beginning with the full Moon of February 19, is a rather different kettle of, uh, Fishes. That Moon sits at the very peak of your solar chart, the point of maximum public visibility, which usually means your job, though you may have other ways of being on display. The Moon has waned to half size by the time it reaches the Centaur’s skies on the 27th/28th, but those are still optimum dates for a turn in the spotlight.

In other respects the month of Pisces may prove a bit baffling. Mercury begins it next to Neptune, then in March reverses back over the same planet (at the new Moon of March 6) before resuming forward motion. Domestic arrangements, an ambiguous affair over recent years, are best sorted out at your earliest opportunity.

Your Valentine: a twist in the tail.


Saturn and Capricorn are the kings of midwinter, a time of leaden skies and the hard slog. There isn’t much to be done about the latter; your Saturn ruler continues its march through your skies and you have to follow suit, meeting every adversity with patience, resolve and good humour (a sense of comedy is an under-appreciated facet of your sign). Getting the job done is, as you know, your forte.

The leaden skies should lift in February, however. Venus arrives on February 4 to bring a more joyous mood and draw in admirers, whether friends or potential lovers. A make-over is a good call. A new Moon in your cash zone, again on February 4, may even bring in the folding stuff to help that happen.

Venus is, of course, the goddess of romance, and the green planet’s encounter with Saturn on February 18 may put some amours on the spot and ask for a decision on your part. The first stretch of 2019 is, after all, a time of before-and-after, ‘that was then and this is now’, whether it’s personal associations, work or ‘just’ your attitude. Saturn remains the lord of time.

Staying with romance, things take a lively turn in the closing days of the month as Venus aspects Prometheus – cue a surprise encounter, while Mars in your fellow earth sign of Taurus sharpens your appetite for adventure. Lots to play for at this juncture.

Sober striver or wild romantic (yes you), the month of Pisces should help drag you from the winter blues. The Sun in the Fishes and full Moon of February 19 in earthy Virgo highlight the axis of communications and travel; get your arrangements in order promptly, as Mercury takes a backwards turn in March. The final day of February and first two days of March find Luna in your skies; worthy of a romantic weekend.

Your Valentine: an adventure.

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