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All celestial bodies in our solar system appear to go backwards from time to time – all but the Sun and Moon – and at the point where they ‘stop’ (in astro-speak ‘station’) planets are reckoned extra strong.

October is a month marked by stops and starts. On October 1st Pluto turns to forward motion after five months of backslide. Mars returns to the point where it started to go backwards at midsummer, and Venus begins a backslide through Scorpio on October 6. The most famous retrograde, that of little Mercury, is in view, on November 17.

Because far-out Pluto takes 245 years to orbit the Sun, it can go back and forth over the same section of the zodiac for a year or more. On October 1 the distant speck was at 18.45 degrees of Capricorn, precisely the spot it occupied at the UK general election of 8 June 2017. This also happens to be the exact Ascendant of the UK Conservative Party’s horoscope (b. 12/11/1867); it’s appropriate for a political party devoted to tradition and power to have the tough, conservative Mountain Goat as a signifier. Pluto is granted many powers by modern astrologers; death, resurrection, meltdown, transmutation and the like; apply the meaning of your choice to what is happening in the Tory party at present.


leonardo di caprio
‘Whaddya mean, Scorpios can get a bit intense?’ Leo Di Caprio – Sun, Venus and Mars in Scorpio – feels the burn.

Librans are frequently charmers but yours is a fundamentally pushy sign (and sometimes the charm is set aside completely). With the Sun in your skies and the Libran new Moon arriving on October 9, you are, as they say, empowered, though you may need all your tactical nous to get results. The good news is that with Mars in co-operative mood, creative projects of all stripes are nicely starred, and humanitarian campaigns are favoured.

Red-blooded and impatient, Mars also favours hot romances (you are the one pulling the strings here). The backward slide of your Venus ruler after the new Moon further suggests that old flames and estranged associates may make an appearance, or that a crush from early September moves back into contention, though you may have to wait until early November (a potentially incendiary period in your personal life).

Saturn is the dominant planet in your horoscope over autumn and winter, however, and while Saturn, being karmic, may bear on a long-standing relationship, its chief business concerns professional advancement and the public acclaim that is your due. This comes a quarter cycle since the challenging/ unhappy/ triumphant (delete as appropriate) Saturn transit of Libra’s skies over 2010/11, so the question is – have you achieved what you needed to since that pivotal couple of years? Whether the answer is yes or no, your astrologer is duty bound to tell you that hard work is a big part of the autumn and winter agenda. Rats! Happy birthday.


Business as usual? Your horoscope suggests otherwise, in fact brims with unusual events, strange intoxications, canny opportunities and cussed challenges.

Where to begin? Very little is straightforward. The easiest omen to call is Jupiter’s completion of its year-long passage through your skies in early November. In October the giant planet beams kindly on birthdays from November 14 onwards, granting you lucky breaks, a gambling mood (bear in mind bookies invariably win) or a travel opportunity. Equally, Jupiter has a habit of unshackling you from associations and jobs that have outlived their purpose. What you are looking for is anything that makes you feel free.

More smiles come from Mercury. The sprightly communicator is with you from October 10 to October 30 – useful for incoming news, handy for barking out orders – yet bear in mind Mercury’s retrograde may come back to revise arrangements in the first week of December, especially if you are a November 19-21 birthday.

Venus is also in your skies all month – normally a joyous thing, though the backslide of the romance planet may find a relationship or two (friendships as well as love affairs) somewhat on the skids. Best not over-react – December allows you to put the sparkle back into your personal affairs. This is also a signal for an estranged or outworn association to waltz back into your life.

Your ruling planet, Mars, finally escapes this summer’s elaborate retrograde cycle at the new Moon of October 9 – a piece of business, even a person, from late June may land back in your lap around then. Mars isn’t being especially co-operative, but the red planet does makes things happen.

Intimate relationships aside, there is little point prevaricating this month – better to take decisions before Mercury turns awkward in mid-November, while the Sun in your skies from the 23rd gives you clout. That said, do watch out for the full Moon opposite you on October 24/25, when people must be handled with care.


Your buccaneering spirit blooms anew next month when ruler Jupiter arrives in your skies, but October is very handy for business, for wielding your intellectual might, and for assiduous networking. Planets in two of the three air signs – Libra and Aquarius – accommodate your initiatives on most scores.

The Sun in Libra certainly favours the social whirl, and locating people who can further your career. Call in favours. The new Moon of October 9 is especially canny for December 7/8 birthdays, and Luna arrives in the Centaur’s skies to make the weekend of the 12th-14th a special moment, don’t make it routine.

Mars in Aquarius is also favourable, seeing that the red planet finally breaks new ground after several months of plying back and forth. Brisk decision-making is in order.

Saturn, the planet that put many of you through the mill in 2016/17, is also back on track. The taskmaster is now in Capricorn, the sign that represents cashflow in your solar ‘scope, and while that position doesn’t brim with funds, it does reward pragmatic, considered planning. The biggest enigma – the mystery of your domestic arrangements aside, about which your astrologer has remarked frequently – lies with Venus. The romance planet is behind the scenes and retrograde in Scorpio, suggesting that for some of you, a liaison dangereuse is the flavour of the month; things could get pretty risqué in the last week of October!


Clinkety-clink, scrabble, leap – that’s your totem creature, the Mountain Goat, ascending the rocky peak of your career. Even if you long ago reached the pinnacle and now survey your realm, October’s stars come with a bit of bite.

You can refer back to September’s forecast to get the full skinny on Saturn’s march through your skies and its long term implications. October brings two further developments. Pluto comes out of retrograde to resume its epic trek through your skies (2008-2023), which may have especial resonance if you were born circa January 8-10; look back to your last birthday to see issues in play and judge your success with them. What hasn’t been resolved now comes back for your attention.

The annual new Moon in Libra, on October 9, puts further emphasis on career and public achievement; the message is simple; crack on! Planets in Scorpio – Jupiter, Venus, and from the 3rd the Sun – help you do so, feeding a more personal touch to proceedings. You are not just a workaholic but a sociable, warm-hearted individual with a network of friends and associates to supply support.

At least that was the case last time you looked. Venus’s backslide through Scorpio over coming weeks may loosen your affection with one or two colleagues or institutions. The full Moon in Taurus on October 24/25 opposes Venus and conjuncts Prometheus – a moment when you might find out just who loves who. A whirlwind arrival is as likely as a bust-up.


Giddy up! After four months of plying forth and back in your sign, Mars is finally back to where it was in June and will complete its march through your skies by mid-November. That date sees messenger Mercury go into three weeks of retrograde, thus providing you with a useful deadline for your assorted projects.

In the meantime here is the Sun in your fellow air sign of Libra, with a new Moon there on October 9; all good for pushing on and for travel to distant, or not so distant parts. As pointed out in last month’s forecast, Mars can be a tricky force – this is the god of war after all – but providing you can keep the red mists from descending, you can enjoy the planet’s other role as an energiser.

Needless to say your horoscope comes with caveats. Venus backsliding across the roof of your scope may coincide with a career glitch, though don’t assume that a project or a promotion has crashed and burned. Retrogrades sometimes just mean time to catch a breath.

The Scorpio full Moon of October 24/25 is an intriguing one. It sits at the peak of your ‘scope, the place where you are most on public display (usually via your career) and is conjunct Venus – perfect for the creatives and show-offs among you, especially birthdays circa January 21. Dress up and enjoy. Ditto for October 17-19, when Luna is in the skies of the Urn Bearer.


October is a good month to take stock, in more ways than one. There is cash and other resources of course, and the new Moon of October 9 urges a quick eye over the spread sheet.

More long term, and more difficult, is the reassertion of Saturn in your zone of fellow travellers – we are talking another 18 months – when you must decide how you can best integrate with collectives, teams and groups while protecting your individuality. Saturn started this long haul back at New Year, but has been retrograde for several months. With the planet now marching forwards again, now is the right time for a strategy, with mid-November a useful moment for a check on progress, by which time your ruler Jupiter at the peak of your ‘scope and warrior Mars in your skies marking a new chapter in your affairs.

In the meantime you have a following wind from planets in fellow water sign Scorpio. Messenger Mercury and ruler Jupiter here smile happily on travel and overseas contacts. Venus in Scorpio is more ambiguous, with its backslide starting on October 9 perhaps calling a project into question…or reviving one you thought had stalled. Either way, what one U.S. president called ‘the vision thing’ is in strong play throughout the month.

As much is true of the full Moon on October 24/25, which promises a breakthrough in your plans for the future, either via the proverbial light bulb illuminating over your head, or via an individual with some radical idea. Leading up to that, Luna is in the fishes’ skies on the weekend of October 20/21; enjoy.


One on one relationships in an astrological chart include not only partners and spouses but friends, ex’s and brazen enemies. This sector of your horoscope is triggered every year when the Sun moves into opposition, making you half a year older (!) and putting you somewhat on the back foot.

This year is slightly different. First of all you are also opposed by the minor planet Ceres, representing grown-up females, Ceres being the mother who rescued her daughter Persephone from the clutches of Pluto, god of the underworld. Someone like that may figure in your world, especially at the new Moon of October 9.

Secondly Venus is in retrograde from the 6th – in Scorpio this month, and then in opposition once again all of November. Coincidentally a friend/ex from the past may reappear, and while Venus is normally a beneficent omen, even she has a darker side; jealousy and score-settling. Just sayin’.

Your ruler, Mars, has finally burst free of its own elaborate retrograde and spends October coursing through the eleventh house of your solar scope, favouring all collective pursuits; councils, conferences, clubs, teams and other associations that allow you to project yourself into the world, rather than by doing it on your ownsome. As they say, work the room!

You still have to do plenty of work by yourself, however; Saturn’s ongoing march in your career zone ensures there are few tea breaks before your next birthday, sigh.

The season of Scorpio, from the 23rd, and the planets shuttling in said sign, remain somewhat cryptic. A portion of the action in your world looks to be deliberately concealed (by you), most obviously flings and flirtations. The full Moon here on October 24 is a wild card, however – it’s opposite Prometheus – and may come with a revelation for you, or even a bust-open secret.


Change looks inevitable under October’s stars, the question being whether you are facing a long-term sea change in your affairs, or a readjustment to recent events. Trudging on as before – The Bull’s answer to many of life’s challenges – looks a difficult course.

The retrograde of your Venus ruler is the first matter to ponder. Venus in opposition is not usually a big deal – au contraire, it can herald the arrival of delightful people – but even fair Venus can be a handful (especially in Scorpio), dredging up issues of betrayal and jealousy. Its retrograde suggests a change of heart on someone’s part; perhaps you decide a friendship/fling was a bad idea, or one or other party decides a split was a mistake.

Either way grand declarations of allegiance/bust-up are probably best avoided. Let the dust settle. As much may prove hard at the Taurus full Moon of October 24. Luna at full in your skies is always likely to bring a giddy couple of days, but this one is strikingly aspected to both Venus and Prometheus, suggesting the emotional dial could swing off the scale.

Other changes are easier to call. Mars, having escaped a retrograde of its own, spends the next six weeks putting a flea in your ear about your career path (or lack of it). Fortunately, Saturn in fellow earth sign Capricorn continues to offer a helping hand (providing you graft, of course).

Jupiter is about to finish its year long stay in opposition, which most affects birthdays May 13 onwards. While Jupiter, being a planet of freedom, might unlock a long standing partnership, more likely is that you and your beloved accomplice are carrying a joint project into glorious completion. Here’s hoping.


Happy days – at least according to the planetary action in the zodiac’s other two air signs, Libra and Aquarius. In The Scales the Sun (until the 23rd), a new Moon (October 9) and Ceres (all month) promise convivial company and a following wind for the creatives among you. Twins like novelty, and this permutation can supply as much providing you leave the house (or invite people into it).

Warrior Mars in the Urn Bearer’s skies is even more keen on exploration – to wide open spaces in far flung places, or via a course in metaphysics or some such (given by or taken by you).

You do, of course, have to pay for such jollity, perhaps literally. For perspective on your current situation cast your mind back twelve or eighteen months to Saturn’s time in opposition; very likely a period of needs-must. Saturn moved on last Christmas, and since then has asked whether you have the funds to support your chosen lifestyle. Clearing debt is an important part of autumn’s agenda.

The season of Scorpio also highlights mundane issues; routine, health, good working practice. It presents no great obstacles but may deliver a couple of surprises. One comes from mighty Jupiter’s completion of its twelve-month transit through Scorpio, perhaps calling on your skill sets (especially any recently acquired). The Taurus full Moon of November 24/25 may also come with a twist, either delivering a breakthrough at work – a Eureka! Moment – or busting open a secret from your deep past.


The textbook descriptions of your sign overdo the ‘home loving’ aspect of The Crab’s character- after all, most people love their home – but domestic arrangements are currently under astrological examination, and the new Moon of October 9 is keen on an upgrade or at least moving around the furniture (that might include co-habitees).

That this Moon lies square to spooky ol’ Pluto in opposition raises the stakes, particularly for July 10 birthdays. Add in Saturn in opposition (mostly for June birthdays) and you have a potentially pivotal moment. The implications of Saturn’s long opposition (until next spring) were given in last month’s forecast; suffice to say that under this transit you don’t get many free lunches, and that evading responsibilities…well, fat chance.

October’s stars are not all unsmiling, however. Your fellow water sign of Scorpio is highly active, with lucky Jupiter in its final sweep of said sign, giving a promising wind to all creative enterprises, to family matters and to romances. Your love life looks a complicated thing this autumn, however. Venus turns backwards in Scorpio on October 6th, suggesting a change of heart on someone’s part – you or the other party – while the full Moon of October 24/25 is supercharged, being in opposition to planet Prometheus.

At the least that translates into a sparky couple of days, but ‘bolts from the blue’ scenarios – sudden arrivals or departures – may well be involved.


Where your one-on-one relationships are concerned, you are finishing up a cycle that began back in May, when Mars took up residence in your opposing sign of Aquarius. The red planet has been shuttling back and forth ever since, making for a turbulent summer for some of you. Self-willed people with loud opinions tend to come at you under this transit, while it’s surprisingly easy to fall out with folks previously considered on your side.

You have another six weeks of Mars in opposition, so tread lightly around opponents and partners alike, and be open to negotiation.

The scenario is complicated by another relationship planet, Venus, turning backwards on October 6, a similar ‘ I changed my mind’ affair, though one as likely to involve a family member as a partner or pal. It may also bring a delay in a domestic or professional arrangement. If so, you’ll do well to get back on track before mid-November. In general, however, any shake-up you have given your living arrangements over the last eleven months is now heading for what looks like a glorious finale.

The season of airy Libra is, as ever, broadly obliging for fiery Leo, especially after the new Moon of October 9. You will be well served firstly by putting yourself about the neighbourhood and by engaging one of your most appealing characteristics – inspiring others.


Of all the signs of the zodiac, Virgo has least to fear from the long trek of Saturn and Pluto through Capricorn. In part that is because the Goat is a fellow earth sign, a kindred spirit, and in part because the application and duty that Saturn demands are qualities that come naturally to Virgoans. In your solar ‘scope, Capricorn represents the pleasures of life – romance, sport, creativity, parties – none of which are Saturn’s thing but which you are likely to be taking seriously this year and next; a bit more commitment to pleasure!

Venus in Scorpio, along with ruler Mercury, Jupiter and, from the 23rd, the Sun in the same sign, all favour an outgoing attitude and a search for enjoyment. The retrograde of Venus may also bring back an old flame or a wayward sibling. Go out and engage accordingly.

If that all sounds too much like fun for its own sake, don’t fret. You have six weeks of Mars demanding you keep your nose near to the grindstone, and a new Moon in Libra on October 8 to keep your attention on your finances.

The full Moon of October 24/25 is intriguing. It falls in Taurus, the third earth sign, in the zone of travel, exploration and philosophy, and is next to Prometheus, planet of surprise. A sudden trip may be one outcome, an intriguing mentor another. Whatever, the final week of October looks just the ticket.

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  • 4th October 2018 at 11:47 pm

    what does this mean? ‘providing you graft, of course’

    it is in my taurus horoscope for october.

    none of the meanings of graft make sense – are we grafting me onto a different rose?
    sorry. lost

    • 26th January 2019 at 10:07 pm

      ‘Graft’ – English slang for hard work. Sorry!


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