Your Stars February 2022

Complaints about the long haul of winter and January’s stay going on way too long seem to have been more numerous this year. Blame fatigue from the long haul of covid and semi-lockdown. Or blame UK politics for being stuck in a Groundhog Day of ‘You broke the laws’. ‘Oh no I didn’t.’  ‘Oh yes you did!’ ‘Oh no I didn’t.’  A cycle yet to be resolved. February 11 and March 3 – when Mercury and Venus respectively reach Pluto – look promising.

Or blame January’s astrology, and its retrograde planets. Blame Venus retreating through Capricorn, a transit that has been no picnic for many, especially those belonging to the four cardinal signs; Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. Or blame Mercury and its infamous three week retrograde during the second half of  January. Think stuck in the mud. It’s not complete until it turns direct on February 4, while even then the messenger planet is not back to where it started its backslide until February 24. It’s catch-up month.

In general, February looks a less murky, more upbeat four weeks, a time of what politicians call ‘developments’, beginning with the new Moon of February 1st, which also heralds the Chinese Year of the Tiger, a Water Tiger, there being five elements to Chinese astrology: water, metal, wood, fire, earth. Put that with twelve signs and you have a 60 year cycle. The Tiger is a symbol of power and rebellion, and the last Year of the Water Tiger was 1962, when Saturn was- as now- in Aquarius.

The presence of Saturn at the centre of February’s lunation makes February a month of renewed purpose and focus. Deadlines must be met!

One notes the arrival of warrior Mars in Capricorn with some trepidation. Tradition holds Mars to be ‘exalted’ (especially potent) in the Goat, a sign with strong associations to Russia. Saturn, meanwhile is making incendiary transits to the charts of both the USSR (b. 8.11.1917) and modern Russia (b. 25.12.1991). President Putin (b.7.10.1952)  a Libran with Scorpio rising and a slew of planets in the inscrutable twelfth house) currently resembles a spurned, glowering spouse watching an ‘ex’ (Ukraine) cuddling up to a new lover (the West) and planning violent revenge. One hopes the presence of Venus alongside Mars this month – the dove of peace and the god of war – keeps the lid on the current simmering tension.

On a microcosmic, personal level, Venus and Mars conjoining (attraction and passion) makes for a sparky Valentine’s Day on the 14th; no messin’, make your move!

The Sun moves into Pisces on the 19th, where the sign’s ruling plant, Jupiter, is currently on a roll. That the emphasis this month is on the zodiac’s trinity, its three ‘virtues’ – Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable (respectively Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces) means that there’s something up for everyone in February.

Major events

  • February 1 – New Moon in Aquarius 05.48GMT
  • February 4 – Sun conjoins Saturn in Aquarius – Decision time
  • February 4 Mercury turns to forward motion –  Hurrah!
  • February 11 – Mercury conjoins Pluto in Capricorn – Deep dark secrets come to light
  • February 15 – Mercury into Aquarius
  • February 16 – Venus and Mars conjoin in Capricorn – Old loves and new
  • February 16 – Full Moon in Leo 16.56 GMT
  • February 19 – Sun into Pisces

Your astrologer has for several years been trying to update the astrology book I wrote some 20 years ago, True As the Stars Above, which is long out of print. I have realised the only way to do so is to take a few months’ sabbatical leave and give it some concentrated effort. As a result my Sun sign forecasts are going to be somewhat shorter for a while. I will still be offering an overview of the month ahead with significant dates, as above. Apologies for any disappointment, but when Saturn insists, one must come to heel and get the job done.


A month of Venus sliding backwards in your skies may have hauled you through old romances and/or a reassessment of more recent affairs. With the relationship planet moving forward through February, resolution and peace of mind are at hand, especially since Mars is also powering alongside Venus, signalling decision and passion. Past guilt is surplus to current requirements. Then there is the money, of course, a problem that can be fixed this month with your customary fiscal elan. Let’s face it, you’re never truly broke.


Eyes on the prize please. An Aquarian lunation with Saturn in its midst calls for nothing less than commitment to the serious task(s) in hand, many of them in motion from last year. You have plenty of catching up in February to meet this year’s deadlines (you got ’em) so crack on. The big emotional stuff can wait until March; right now, it’s business, a little cold. Do the deals, collect the moulah, find a partner to celebrate full Moon. Oh, and give the family a treat.


With ruler Jupiter flying through your skies, your most optimistic ideas – some may call them outlandish – are likely your best. You have, as they say in the sports world, the rub of the green. Don’t feel you have to be a solo star just now – there is time enough ahead for that – but exploit your formidably wide network to forge alliances and understandings. Flirtation is built into these stars, should you  be interested, though both you and the other parties look a little too hot to handle.


A time to be out in the world re-asserting your authority and reputation, but with sensitivity. Progress may be too slow for the impatient Ram, but stop-go projects from January should now settle down. Fighting for every decision to go your way may not be your best option. The Aquarian lunation at the new moon on February 1st once more emphasises being a team player.


The new Moon on February 1st and Saturn in your ‘scope’s midheaven are a major marking post in this year’s progress. Absolutely a good time for fresh starts, not least where property and career are concerned. This is likewise a time for a fearless discard of projects and partnerships that have not lived up to expectations. You likely need to be a more streamlined Taurean to take advantage of the fresh energy and faces signalled by Jupiter in Pisces this spring. Stay frisky.


Financial issues are unlikely to be straightforward when your ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograde and skulking in your eighth house. In particular, joint commitments call for discussion and accord. That aside, your ‘scope is a picture of promise and good cheer. Saturn offers the right sort of reality check – confirmation of your progress rather than shock – while Jupiter on your midheaven promises some welcome attention from those in high places.

cancer 2019Cancer

A re-evaluation of at least one close relationship has been signalled by January’s Venus retrograde; with the romance and relating planet moving forwards through February, you can straighten out misunderstandings and/or find someone new for your affections. With Mars also in opposition, however, there may be an element of conflict, not necessarily with a lover, a pal or partner is as likely. A compromised peace is better than a scrap in which you are likely outgunned, especially as money is involved.


A new Moon in your opposite and complementary sign of Aquarius can be a wonderful omen for a fresh start or a new relationship. However, only truly strong bonds will survive Saturn’s testing presence, and while lines of communication improve as February progresses, this is likely a time when you find out who your friends are. The annual full Moon in the Lion on February 16 deserves a celebration regardless.


The bottom line with the current lunation, in which Saturn is so strong, is that you are stuck on the work treadmill. As much is unlikely to phase a sign like your own, that puts duty first. More exciting is the Venus/Mars duo in fellow earth sign Capricorn all month, enabling you to set right misunderstandings with your belle/beau and live it up a little. Jupiter in opposition remains ambiguous; is that someone fabulous raising their hand in greeting? Or is it the big bye-bye?


The retrograde of your ruling planet, Venus, was always going to make January a time of reassessment and anxiety, but with Venus now moving forwards, and Mars alongside, you should be able to get your mojo back. Things are only as difficult as you make them. The new Moon in Aquarius will help you find your groove, both emotionally and in terms of getting your most favoured creative project back on track.


The new Moon of February 1st at the root of your ‘scope, putting duty and obligations first, whether those involve family, property or career. Bite the bullet and get on with what has to be done, keeping in mind that you are building for the long run. That said, both your Mars ruler and Jupiter are splendidly sited for some joyous times; maybe not party central as in the old days, but more than enough to raise your spirits and quite the planets for Valentines Day.

Sagittarius 2019Sagittarius

That ruler Jupiter is lodged at the root of your ‘scope lends spring a radiance centred on home, hearth and family but extending to your creative and romantic lives, even if you have to wait a little for the latter to bloom. February’s stars also call you to tick off the (very) long list of must-do tasks that has inexplicably built up, and with putting money matters in order. Recent confusion about cash flow should resolve now that Venus is out of retrograde,  but stemming the spending outflow is another matter.